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How to Make Her Squirt

Sexual pleasure is one of the most intriguing feelings that our body can ever experience. There are countless ways to achieve it. Depending on preference, all of them can make you smash the pleasure scale. For men, ejaculation signals climax, and for women, the true extent of pleasure is signaled by squirting. What is squirting? How do you make a woman squirt? That’s exactly what we will be talking about in this article. What Is Squirting? Before we talk about how to make a female squirt, we h...
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Rental Car Companies Reeling From Uptick in Travelers

Rental car companies are their own worst enemies, having sold off much of their fleets during the pandemic’s height. With travel restrictions easing in many places they find themselves with no inventory.   Consolidation is another aspect that hasn’t helped whatsoever. There’s Enterprise Holdings, which is Enterprise, National, and Alamo. Hertz and Advantage are one. […] The post Rental Car Companies Reeling From Uptick in Travelers appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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How to Simulate a Threesome

Having a threesome is a fetish that nearly everyone has. There is an excitement that comes with sharing sexual pleasure with not only one but two people. Most people would testify that having an extra set of balls or an extra vagina during sex can quadruple the pleasure of the entire encounter. It makes the threesome the gold standard of sex fetishes. If you felt like a threesome was what you needed in your sex life, but you were a little shy about it, you would be glad to know you are part of a...
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What Is Pegging and How to Do It Right?

Over the years, we have seen thousands of sex trends come, and some of them quickly leaving the sex scene. A few, though, have managed to withstand and are still pretty popular. We can talk of BDSM, golden showers, and a bunch of other sex trends that seem to have become a usual part of the sex conversations. There is a sex act that has been there for quite a while but has recently made it to the mainstream sex trend: pegging! Pegging has been there for a while. The practice dates back pretty mu...
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How to Get into BDSM? Beginner’s Guide to BDSM

Sex has evolved over the years, and one aspect of sex that has become increasingly popular is BDSM. The main reason why BDSM has become somewhat inseparable from anything sexual is mainly the pleasure that comes with BDSM. If you are not accustomed to BDSM, it is the article for you. We will be giving the perfect beginner’s guide to BDSM, and we can guarantee after this article, you will enjoy sex threefold. What Is BDSM? BDSM is an acronym for Bondage, Discipline, Submission, and Masochism. I...
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How to Have Hot Sex in a Car with Your Lover

If you want to know how to have sex in a car to enjoy it, buckle your seatbelt because we have a lot to talk about! First of all, I want you to know that almost 60% of Americans have had car sex and enjoyed it, according to the Journal of Sex Research. Men have orgasms in a car more often than women but we’re here to make the situation better for both. Also, it’s not a secret that cars are usually places where the majority of first sex among the U.S. youth happens. For this reason, it’s even mor...
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How to Clean Sex Toys: Definitive Guide

One thing that people tend to forget in their thirst for pleasure is that the tools they use to orgasm can lead to infections. There are dozens of cases where people have ended up in emergency rooms because of sex toys. The main problem emanates from the sex toys’ cleanliness, and that is what we will be addressing in this article. Why You Should Keep Your Sex Toys Clean There are dozens of reasons why a dirty sex toy is dangerous to you and your sexual partners. Sex toys are a source of pleas...
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Hot to Cum Twice: Men’s Edition

Do you want to surprise your partner by making him cum more than once in one night? Or maybe you’re a guy who wouldn’t mind the double sexual pleasure? In this guide, we’re going to share with you more about the male orgasm and look at ways to reach multiple sex peaks for men. Are you ready? You didn’t know this about the sexual function in men… We’re talking about the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. Yep, these are two separate things, and one doesn’t necessarily mean the other. The...
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Piecing Together the Winter Tire Puzzle

A good swath of the country is currently in the thick of winter’s frozen grasp, icy tentacles clutching deep into the heart of every gearhead who’d rather be enjoying a healthy round of burnouts in a deserted parking lot. OK, maybe that’s a tad dramatic. But our point stands. Nearly everyone reading this post is […] The post Piecing Together the Winter Tire Puzzle appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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How to Make Her Cum Fast and Hard: Tips and Tricks

Making her cum is an ultimate preserve for those who know how to go about their business in the bed. Making her cum hard and fast is a skill for sex gods. In this article, we give you the best tips and tricks that will help you make her cum hard – a gate pass to pleasure haven for both you and your partner. Misconceptions First, we need to address the popular myths about female orgasms before we talk about how you can give your partner one hard and fast. Female Orgasm Needs 15 Minutes If yo...
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How to Get Hard Fast: Tips and Tricks

For some people, getting an erection is light work, but certainly not for all of us. In fact, for most sexually-active men, getting that raging boner is a lit bit more difficult than they would like to admit. The truth, therefore, is that most guys struggle to get an erection. And while it might not be easy to admit, it kind of weighs down on your sex life. In this article, we will quickly explore how best to get an erection – and get it fast! Why It Might Be Difficult to Get Hard Struggling ...
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Five books to give you a New Year buzz

I always use this time to catch up on reading the books I have collected through the season. Some are a good read and some are coaching plans or development advice and one is my own! The thing they have in common is they all have something to offer to any coach during the break and are a great educational way to spend your time. MORE
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Goalkeeper angles

This session is all about movement around the goal so keepers have the best chance of reacting to danger. It forces shot stoppers to think about how they stand and the positions they MORE
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Learning at home is key to development

Tom Byer is out to revolutionise the way children play soccer. His approach is to reach out to soccer parents before their youngsters start playing in a team – learning at home is key to creating great players. He spoke to Soccer Coach Weekly about his book Soccer Starts at Home®. MORE
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WEEKLY DEBATE Do You Drop A Player If Other Sports Take Up Their Time?

THIS WEEK’S DEBATE: I encourage players to try other sports but one of my lads is now playing county rugby and his commitments interfere with soccer training. Is it fair he should miss our matches because he hasn't trained? MORE
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WEEKLY DEBATE Should You Raise Your Voice To Raise The Standard?

Good coaching relies on ensuring instructions are thought out and well delivered, but does that mean we should raise our voices? Is shouting at players a necessary part of youth soccer, just as it is the professional game? MORE
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What can Rondos do for your players?

Rondos are ideal for training, for warm-ups, for pre-season and to get players in the mood for working hard. They are directly related to the principles of play and link into systems of play – so 2v1 3v2 – and that works into practising formations at all age groups. MORE
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The playground game

Add a bit of flair and spontaneity to your coaching sessions by getting your young players to do what they do in the playground. MORE
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Top tips for defenders

Top tips from former Torquay United defender Aaron Downes, now the assistant manager at Torquay, on how to be better at the back MORE
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Changing face of youth coaching

I grew up in Australia before moving to the UK, so it is always interesting to compare the differences in how soccer was coached in my day. Obviously in Oz, football is still developing but they are intent on catching up fast - from those at the top of the game right the way down to grassroots level. MORE
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Parents and players… a heady mix

When parents and players cause problems it can sometimes be a daunting task dealing with them. Parents especially can be a demotivating experience for many coaches and often causes a lot of anxiety when they are faced with a parent that does not agree with your outlook on the game, where you played their child or the tactics that you use. MORE
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One nil up, two men down

Your team is 1-0 up but your opponents have a two-man advantage. A game to teach each team the importance of setting out the tactics to hold on to a lead. MORE
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PRE-SEASON | WEEK 4: Focus on the first game

Your players have made it to week 4 with the first whistle of the new season not far away. But before it blows you've got one final week to get your players through so they are ready and focused for that first match of the season. MORE
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Develop a style of play

Pre-season and the weeks leading up to the start of the new season are the right time to start thinking about how the team will play - do you have new players to bed into the team or do you have positions that need one of your players to step up and fill? You need to get to know any new player in your team and think about how you rotate players in positions and accelerate their match development. MORE
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PRE-SEASON | WEEK 3: Create a match strategy

The basics have been taken care of with passing, possession and fitness, and there has been plenty of small-sided game-play thrown into the mix as well, but now you want to delve down into what your players are going to produce this coming season on the pitch. MORE
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PRE-SEASON | WEEK 2: tactics and techniques

The second week of pre-season is a lot more than just shaking off the cobwebs. Now it's the real thing! Some of your players may not be ready to move up the gears so it is up to you to motivate them using the activities and advice in the Soccer Coach Weekly Pre-season Guide. MORE
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How to survive hot weather at training

The temperature at training yesterday was 35°C – I worked with Leatherhead U18 girls for 3 hours. So how do you cope when it is so hot? I answer a question from a coach about how to prevent overheating in players MORE
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What started the move for a goal?

I've been reviewing the season before the suspension of games and I was thinking about a couple of the moves that led to goals. I am always looking beyond the final pass or shot to the move that resulted in a goal. You can learn a lot from just recalling what went on for the goal. MORE
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Win the game when you’re ahead

Losing games at the death is something that happens ... often players lose concentration or just panic! They can accept losing as part of the game but when a win is in their grasp they don't know what to do. Try these sessions to help MORE
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Tired of battles over home schooling? Use our reward charts to ease the pain

Reward charts are a tried and tested way to improve behaviour. Not because of the reward. Instead the framework, shared goals and targets allow kids to develop long-lasting good habits. MORE
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