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How The Milwaukee Bucks And A Former Wedding DJ Won The T-Shirt Cannon Arms Race

There’s an arms race of sorts now taking place in sports arenas. Hence, the Quad.
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The Night The Lights Went Out

“Pieces were stolen from meOr dare I say… given away?”
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Can Sports Show The Way To Smarter Voting?

Electoral reform is coming to America. This year in MLB, a simple first-past-the-post voting system will no longer determine all-star starters. Fans will instead select three finalists in a Primary Round and then vote from among those finalists on a single Election Day.
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Why Are Good Young Racehorses Ending Up As Meat 7,000 Miles Away?

Two years in the life and death of a racehorse:
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This software engineer didn't know how to figure out the value of her stock option grants, so she made this simple tool to help

As part of their compensation packages, most startups offer prospective employees shares in the company — but few, if any, can give any guidance on what that equity might be worth.  To help startups workers figure out an answer, software engineer Beth Andres-Beck helped create a tool called "TLDR Stock Options."  The tool is incredibly easy to use — only requiring people to enter in two pieces of information to understand their likelihood of either striking it rich or striking out.  It can't t...
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Voatz, the blockchain-based voting app, gets another vote of confidence as Denver agrees to try it

A blockchain-based mobile voting app called Voatz is getting put to the test again. The city of Denver revealed today that it has agreed to implement a mobile voting pilot in its May municipal election using the four-year-old, Boston-based startup’s technology. It will be offered exclusively to active-duty military, their eligible dependents and overseas voters using their smartphones. All were notified that they could use Voatz via a newsletter this morning, along with a link to sign up to par...
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Who's Killing The Soul Of Sneaker Culture?

PITTSBURGH — In East Liberty sits a store that never looks open. While nobody would ever admit it, it’s possible that this is a deliberate move. Tinted windows obscure the inside of the store until you’re up close, and those windows are adorned with decorative oak bars all giving the impression of an aesthetically…
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How to Build International Websites With WordPress

With pressure mounting on more and more brands to grow via international expansion, the demand for and importance of localized websites continues to grow. Countless hours of work will go into the planning, implementation, and localization of content for each language- or region-specific website — there’s simply no getting around that. And when it comes to localizing your website with WordPress there are really only two viable solutions. Importantly, those approaches for localization in WordPress...
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Sex, Steroids, And Arnold: The Story Of The Gym That Shaped America

When did the modern-day fitness movement really begin in the U.S.?
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Thinking Outside The Feed: Using DMs & Augmented Reality

Capturing an audiences attention for any meaningful amount of time has become the challenge of the age, with attention spans now at an all-time low. Here we explore how more recent technological developments like augmented reality or fan-focused direct messaging can be harnessed for just such a purpose. __________________________ Guest post by The Orchard's Senior Manager, Interactive Marketing Jenn Schwartz of The Daily Rind With attention spans at an all-time low and multi-tasking...
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The Legend Of Mitch Green

A note before starting: This piece contains a lot of conversations that took place many years ago. They’re not word-for-word quotes, but they are pretty motherfucking close. The phone answering machine messages are exactly what was spoken.
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The NCAA Is Running Out Of Excuses On Brain Injuries

When it was time to change her husband Greg’s diaper, Deb Ploetz followed a routine. First, she would lead him to the bathroom of their rental house in North Little Rock, Arkansas, where they had moved to in February of 2015—in part to be closer to Deb’s family, and in part because memory care facilities in Texas and…
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Univision Is A Fucking Mess

This is the story of how corporate raiding, complacency, excess, and incompetence are gutting a media company that matters to tens of millions of people. It’s not a novel story, and perhaps not even scandalous by the standards of corporate opulence: A shark-obsessed boss, millions wasted on consultants, and an…Read more...
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Did Kylie Jenner impact Snapchat?

TLDR: Kylie’s Tweet wasn’t that impactful and Snapchat isn’t (completely) dead. However, Snapchat is on a slippery slope following its highly unpopular redesign that has users, Citigroup, and Wall Street challenging its decision. Who’s really behind the decline? While the redesign backlash and Kylie’s tweet no doubt had a negative impact on Snapchat’s sentiment, the ephemeral platform still remains one of the Apple app store’s most popular apps in the UK. Additionally, a SimilarWeb spokesperson ...
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TLDR is what Linux man pages always should have been

If you get stuck using a Linux tool, the first port of call shouldn’t be to Stack Overflow, but rather its “man pages.” Man — which is short for manual — retrieves documentation for a given program. Unfortunately, this can often be dense, hard to understand, and lacking in practical examples to help you solve your problem. TLDR is another way of looking at documentation. Rather than being a comprehensive guide to a given tool, it instead focuses on offering practical example-driven instructions ...
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Teen Girl Posed For 8 Years As Married Man To Write About Baseball And Harass Women

For the last eight years, baseball fan-turned-writer Becca Schultz has presented herself online as Ryan Schultz, a false identity she assumed when she was 13 years old, duping and harassing women on Twitter along the way.
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Benefits for Injured Workers: How to Get Back TTD Pay

My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: California I had an injury almost 5 years ago. In 2015 I quit my job because I could no longer work due to the pain. In the meantime, I ended up moving out of state. To this day, I still have not received a new doctor or any money from TTD because I didn't go to a new doctor. When I moved to the new state I called my attorney, emailed my attorney and he never got back to me in regards to an MPN list. I have been out of work for ove...
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Benefits for Injured Workers: Back TTD Pay

My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: California I had an injury almost 5 years ago. In 2015 I quit my job because I could no longer work due to the pain. In the meantime, I ended up moving out of state. To this day, I still have not received a new doctor or any money from TTD because I didn't go to a new doctor. When I moved to the new state I called my attorney, emailed my attorney and he never got back to me in regards to an MPN list. I have been out of work for ove...
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Glassdoor Pricing: How it Really Works

TLDR: We crowdsourced what others are paying for Glassdoor so that everyone can benefit from increased transparency around Glassdoor Pricing. Enterprise SaaS pricing is opaque by nature, and this isn’t a knock on Glassdoor or their pricing practices! Please contribute your data so that others can benefit (and signup for our blog to stay up to date on further analysis). We hope you find this useful. We all know Glassdoor, the review site where employees can anonymously comment on the pros and con...
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The U.S. Gymnastics System Wanted More Medals, And Created A Culture of Abuse To Get Them

Seventeen years ago, the U.S. women’s gymnastics team placed fourth at the Sydney Olympics, finishing behind Romania, Russia, and China. Coming four years after the gold medal from the Magnificent Seven, this placement was seen—both inside and outside the sport, by the press and by coaches like the famed Bela…
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Why Is This Wearable-Tech Company Helping College Teams Track How Often Athletes Sleep, Drink, And Have Sex? 

Sometime between putting on his Halloween outfit—a cowboy ensemble, complete with the requisite hat, plaid shirt, cutoff jean shorts, and expensive leather boots borrowed from his Texan roommate—and this exact moment on the college-dorm dance floor, with the becostumed masses sweating to Fetty Wap, Ben Huffman…
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Where Does The NWHL Go From Here?

The inaugural season of the National Women’s Hockey League was touted by the press as a rousing success. It provided an outlet for North America’s talented female hockey players to continue on with the game post-grad and in between Olympic years, and the salaries, although low, made professional athletes of the women…
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"I Make Women Bud And Bloom": An Afternoon With Jane Fonda's Lousy First Husband

This piece was originally published in The Chicago Tribune in the late 1960s and can be found in the collection, Latins Are Still Lousy Lovers. It appears here with permission from the author’s estate.
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Spacious Pac Heights Master Suite (pacific heights) $2100

TLDR; Master suite in a 2 bed/2 bath condo available for $2100. Additional features of night time security, and rooftop views of the entire city. On site parking available for an additional $300. My roommate is moving out of his master suite in Febr [...]
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Betsy DeVos Is Coming For Your Children

Even among all the billionaires, ideologues, and straight-up racist goons Donald Trump has nominated for his cabinet, Betsy DeVos, who was confirmed earlier this week as the Secretary of Education, stands out for how seemingly unqualified she is. As the doomed critics of her nomination were quick to say, she has never…
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/Master suite in Pac Heights 2 bed/2 bath (pacific heights) $2400

TLDR; Master suite in a 2 bed/2 bath condo available for $2400. Comes with on-site parking, security guard at night, and rooftop views of the entire city. My roommate is moving out of his master suite in February and I am looking for someone to take [...]
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24 hours of the BBC's Radio Four, in four minutes Jake Yapp is a British comedian who specialises in doing high-speed summaries of pop culture phenomena, like this Radio Four in 4 Minutes sketch, which is a work of genuine genius, especially the radio drama bits.
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TLDR: All the Paleofuture Stories From 2016 You Swore You'd Read Later

Here at Gizmodo’s Paleofuture blog, we churned out tens of thousands of words in 2016. But who’s got time to read all that? Not you, I know. But was there a story that looked interesting, and you swore you’d read it later? You never did read it, did you? Well, here’s your second chance.Read more...
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The Writer Who Was Too Strong To Live

Jennifer Frey drank herself to death.
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Starbucks Proves That Mobile Apps Work... To The Tune Of $1.2 Billion

Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It's not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. The good folks at CHOM 97.7 FM are posting these segments weekly to SoundCloud, if you're interested in hearing more of me blathering away. I'm really excited about this opportunity, because this is the radio station that I grew up on l...
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