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Read this wonderfully surreal webcomic about intergalactic orgasms and the moon landing.

This is one of the things where you go "What the fuck did I just read and why am I feeling so incredibly moved by it." It's by Mads Horwath, who has also worked as a cartoonist for the New Yorker and . — Read the rest
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The moon is mysteriously rusting, and scientists think it's our fault

The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology reports that the moon is rusting. Which sounds weird enough on the surface, but gets even stranger when you consider that the moon doesn't have any oxygen or liquid water—the two things typically required to turn iron and iron-rich rocks into rust. — Read the rest
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Bitcoin Blows Past $20,000 Milestone

It’s been almost three years to the day since the price of Bitcoin was close to breaking the $20,000 ceiling and came crashing down. On Wednesday, the arbitrary milestone of hodlers’ dreams was finally achieved. Read more...
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Trump administration is drafting plans for corporate moon mining

Moonward Expansion has always been the inevitable future of the map-making Western world. And now that unsustainable extraction of natural resources is closer than ever to reality. As Reuters reports, the Trump administration has begun drafting the Artemis Accords (named after NASA's moon program and definitely not the kind of thing a comic book supervillain would come up with) to strategize internationals drilling and colonization efforts on our lunar neighbor: The Trump administration and othe...
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#BlueMoon: Jeff Bezos says Blue Origin will land on Moon by 2024

Jeff Bezos gathered press, government officials, and aerospace execs in Washington, DC today to showcase the details of Blue Origin's plan to place a lander on the Moon by 2024. “My generation’s job is to build the infrastructure,” said the Amazon founder and CEO. “We’re going to build the road to space.” TechCrunch: Blue Origin is going to send humans to space on New Shepard later this year and has unveiled a lunar lander, called “Blue Moon,” to access the resource-rich lunar surface, Bezo...
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Feds look to cash in seized bitcoins at record prices

 Federal prosecutors are looking to unload 513 bitcoins seized as part of a drug case in Salt Lake City. Worth about $500,000 when they were seized, their worth has now ballooned to over $8.5 million — and there’s no way the feds are letting that get away. Read More
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