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Star Wars Bits: The High Republic, Lucasfilm Games, Ahsoka Tano’s Future, a Tribute to Boba Fett, and More!

In this edition of Star Wars Bits: Star Wars: The High Republic is Here A New Era of Star Wars Gaming with Lucasfilm Games Rosario Dawson on Bringing Ahsoka Tano to Live-Action Tribute to Jeremy Bulloch, the Original Boba Fett Star Wars Podcast & YouTube Round-Up Exclusive Star Wars Collectible Replica Box Sets from Zavvi And more! Star Wars: The High Republic is Here Star Wars: The High Republic, the multimedia initiative set about 200 years before Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, has offic...
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Lucasfilm Games and Ubisoft Announce Open-World Star Wars Game

Lucasfilm Games and Ubisoft Announce Open-World Star Wars Game The last few days have been memorable for Lucasfilm fans. A few hours after announcing a brand new Indiana Jones-centered video game, Lucasfilm Games Vice-President Douglas Reilly revealed in an extended interview their recent collaboration with Ubisoft to bring a new story-driven, open-world Star Wars game to life (via SuperHeroHype). The game will come from Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft’s studio based in Malmö, Sweden. ...
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Bethesda & MachineGames Developing Indiana Jones Video Game!

Bethesda & MachineGames developing Indiana Jones video game! Just a day after the announcement that Lucasfilm Games would begin to solely handle all video game adaptations of the Lucasfilm properties, Bethesda took to Twitter to announce that they are developing a new Indiana Jones title with their in-house developer MachineGames! RELATED: Lucasfilm Games Is the New Home for Star Wars Games & All Gaming Titles from Lucasfilm PB = PB || {};
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A New ‘Indiana Jones’ Video Game is Coming From Bethesda and Machine Games, the Developer of ‘Wolfenstein’

A new Indiana Jones video game is on its way. Bethesda, the video game developer and publisher behind such hit games as Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, has announced a new Indiana Jones being made by their studio Machine Games, whose recent Wolfenstein games brought punching Nazis back into the zeitgeist. Bethesda announced the development of a new untitled Indiana Jones video game from their studio Machine Games, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games. The game will feature an original story,...
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'To say, I saved the world – that's the magic of games': Bethesda's Todd Howard

With a background including Elder Scrolls, Fallout and forthcoming epic Starfield, how does the acclaimed developer see games in the next five years?When you’ve got a discography like Todd Howard’s, full of critically acclaimed games in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, it must be hard to pick a favourite. But there is one game he remembers more fondly than anyone else does: the first he ever worked on.“Terminator: Future Shock,” he says. “When [Bethesda] came to Fallout, people were saying,...
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Microsoft set to acquire Bethesda parent ZeniMax for $7.5B

Microsoft this morning announced plans to acquire ZeniMax Media Inc. for $7.5 billion in cash. The gaming holding company is the parent to a number of high profile publishers, including Bethesda Game Studios, id Software, ZeniMax Online Studios, Arkane, MachineGames, Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog and Roundhouse Studios. Once approved, the deal would bring some of the industry’s highest profile titles under the Microsoft banner, including Elder Scrolls, Doom, Fallout, Qyuake, Wolfenstein, Dish...
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16 major differences between successful and unsuccessful people

Mark Cuban is one of the world's most successful investors. Mike Windle / Getty Images Successful people and unsuccessful people often differ in key ways, says author and businessman Dave Kerpen.People who listen to others, ask questions, compliment others, and have a positive mindset tend to succeed.Unsuccessful people, meanwhile, blame others for their failure and talk too much.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In 2014, Dave Kerpen, the New York Times best-selling au...
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Amazon and the creators of "Westworld" are making a TV series based on "Fallout", the hit video-game series

Amazon announced it's making a new TV series based on the video-game franchise "Fallout." The series is being made with "Westworld" creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. So far we only have a teaser trailer, with no cast or release date. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Amazon is turning the hit video-game series "Fallout" into a TV show. Amazon Studios tweeted a short teaser for the series on Thursday, July 2, which shows an old TV set and the words "please stand by." ...
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'Fallout' TV Series From 'Westworld' Creators In the Works At Amazon

According to Hollywood Reporter, "Amazon Studios has licensed the rights to the best-selling video game franchise Fallout, with married writers and showrunners Joy and Nolan attached to oversee the potential TV series." From the report: The project is currently in development but has a series commitment penalty attached. That means that if Amazon execs like the script, Fallout would bypass the traditional pilot stage and go directly to series (or if it is passed over, all involved would be paid ...
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‘Westworld’ creators are developing a ‘Fallout’ TV series for Amazon

“Fallout,” the post-apocalyptic video game franchise published by Bethesda Softworks, is being turned into a TV series by Kilter Films, the production company of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The series, which began in 1997, takes place in an alternate future with a retro tone, after a nuclear war has turned most of the world into a wasteland. The games have continued in the two decades since, most recently with the release of “Fallout 76.” The show — currently in development, with a series co...
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Amazon is making a Fallout TV show with Westworld’s creators

Amazon today revealed it has a series in the works based on Fallout, Bethesda‘s open-world post-apocalyptic survival series. It’ll be helmed by the same people behind Westworld, so we can only hope it’ll be a fun adaptation. Broadcast received: — Fallout (@Fallout) July 2, 2020 According to the announcement from Bethesda, this is the culmination of a years-long effort to get Fallout adapted into a series. Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios (and my et...
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‘Fallout’ TV Series Coming to Amazon From ‘Westworld’ Creators

War. War never changes. But the television landscape sure does, because the thought of a show based on the Fallout video game series seemed downright impossible when the franchise debuted in 1997. But here we are: it’s 2020 and Amazon is bringing the post-apocalyptic science fiction story to the small screen, with Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy heading up the project. The news was initially teased with a short teaser on Amazon Studios’ official Twitter feed. Utilizing the gam...
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Westworld Creators Adapting Fallout TV Series for Amazon

Westworld Creators Adapting Fallout TV Series for Amazon Deadline is reporting that Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are developing a Fallout TV series adaptation for Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Studios acquired the rights to the game and have given a series commitment to the project. You can check out a short teaser below! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptS...
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‘Fallout Shelter’ joins Tesla arcade in latest software update

Nearly a year ago, Todd Howard, the director of Bethesda Games, said that the company’s “Fallout Shelter” game would be coming to Tesla displays. It arrived, via the 2020.20 software update, this week, which was first noted at driver’s platform Teslascope. Fallout Shelter is the latest — and one of the more modern games — to join Tesla’s Arcade, an in-car feature that lets drivers play video games while the vehicle is parked. It joins 2048, Atari’s Super Breakout, Cuphead, Stardew Valley, Missil...
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Kane Brown delivers emotional concert during rescheduled Staples Center show

Country music singer-songwriter Kane Brown has such an inspiring story. He went from being homeless and living in a car with his mother as a kid in Tennessee to an international superstar with a slew of hit singles that sold-out the Staples Center in Los Angeles Thursday night. Brown was tapped to commemorate the Los Angeles arena’s 20th anniversary, which was originally scheduled for Oct. 18 last year. Tragically, his longtime friend and drummer, Kenny Dixon, died in a car accident just six day...
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Bethesda’s Fallout 76 subscription plan costs an eyebrow-raising $100 per year

Bethesda has announced a new service called Fallout 1st coming to Fallout 76 that includes access to private servers. The service's high price is not being received well by players.
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Salty Fallout 76 player sends sassiest message ever to Bethesda

If you’ve ever wished to communicate with a game developer, either to praise them or to complain about something, but chickened out because you assumed they’d never bother to read your message — you just have to get creative about it, apparently. One particular item sent to Fallout developer Bethesda got a particular point across in a way no Reddit thread or tweet ever could. At a recent Bethesda Game Days panel, executive director (and my eternal nemesis) Todd Howard was asked about fan mail. A...
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Apple Reveals First Look at ‘Elder Scrolls: Blades’

Bethesda’s Todd Howard was on hand during Apple’s latest presentation to discuss some of the new features players can expect out of “The Elder Scrolls: Blades.” Howard took the stage, describing “The Elder Scrolls: Blades” as a “massive, first-person role-playing game filled with stories, quests, and an incredible world to explore.” Footage of melee and […]
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Bethesda Grants Wish of Cancer Patient to Play ‘Fallout 76’

Bethesda granted the last wish of a young boy battling a rare form of cancer by letting him play “Fallout 76” ahead of the game’s November release, according to the family’s Facebook post via Eurogamer. 12-year-old Wes of Hampton Roads, VA was battling stage four neuroblastoma when doctors informed his family that they decided to […]
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‘Fallout 76’ Turns Griefers Into Wanted Murderers and ‘Interesting Content’

Since its debut at E3 2018 in June, “Fallout 76” has mystified some fans of Bethesda Game Studios’ post-apocalyptic role-playing series. It’s not a purely single-player affair like past entries, but also not an online game that’s solely focused on aggressive player vs. player combat. In Bethesda’s view, “Fallout 76” finds an ideal middle ground […]
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Escalation Studios Is Now Bethesda Game Studios Dallas

Texas-based developer Escalation Studios is now Bethesda Game Studios Dallas, Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard revealed during the QuakeCon 2018 keynote address on Friday. Escalation was founded in 2007 by former Ritual Entertainment developers Tom Mustaine and Marc Tardif. It was acquired by ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company, in 2017. It’s worked with Bethesda […]
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The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield and the future of video game giant Bethesda

After announcing three huge games at E3 expo – Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield – Bethesda stalwarts Todd Howard and Pete Hines explain the importance of staying relevantIn the early 2000s, game publisher Bethesda was best known for its Elder Scrolls series of technologically ambitious fantasy games. In the last 15 years, however, it has expanded greatly, snapping up several legendary video game franchises as well as starting an original series of its own. The company now produces ...
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Fallout 76: what you need to know about one of the biggest games of the year

Bethesda’s Todd Howard explains why post-apocalypse simulator Fallout is becoming an online multiplayer game, and why he is just as scared of it as the playersWhile billionaires buy up property in New Zealand and pay technologists huge sums of money for advice on how to keep their staff in check after “the event” – that is, whatever it is that wipes out enough of the planet to justify living in bunkers – the rest of us are left to deal with the looming threat of catastrophe by playing video game...
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Bethesda exec says he’ll stop selling Skyrim ports when we stop buying them

Well, it seems the person behind the perpetually re-released Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has my number. In an interview with GamesIndustry, Bethesda top dog Todd Howard addressed the common complaint that the company is perhaps a little eager to re-release Skyrim, and I have to admit the point is a good one: Even now, the amount of people who play Skyrim seven years later; millions of people every month are playing that game. That’s why we keep releasing it. If you want us to stop releasing it, stop...
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‘Skyrim’ director Todd Howard: We’ll stop porting it when you stop buying it

Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been wildly successful for the company, and it has been ported to nearly every console. Director Todd Howard said these ports will stop releasing when you stop buying them. The post ‘Skyrim’ director Todd Howard: We’ll stop porting it when you stop buying it appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Sony’s lonely approach to console gaming is pissing everyone off

Where money and pleading won’t work, the gaming industry appears to be trying passive aggression to convince Sony to open itself to crossplay. In this case, I think it might actually work. The details: In this case, the person trying the tactic is Todd Howard of Bethesda. While describing Fallout 76‘s crossplay capabilities to German site GameStar this week, Howard explicitly said it was Sony’s who’s gumming up the works: “You cannot do cross-play in ’76. We’d really love that but right now we c...
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The exec behind the blockbuster 'Fallout 76' says PlayStation and Xbox gamers won't be able to play together because Sony is 'not as helpful as everyone would like it' (MSFT, SNE)

In an interview with, Bethesda's Todd Howard said the team would "love" to let Xbox and PlayStation gamers play together in the forthcoming "Fallout 76," but Sony is  “not as helpful as everyone would like it.” Sony has already been the subject of similar backlash — a few weeks ago players discovered that if they had ever logged in to their Fortnite account on a PlayStation 4, they were unable to use that account on an Xbox or Nintendo Switch. "Fallout 76" will be released in ...
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The Elder Scrolls 6 Trailer Showed Where The Game Is Set, But Can We Figure It Out?

Creative director Todd Howard finally broke his silence about The Elder Scrolls 6's teaser, revealing that what was on display in the trailer was actually part of where the game would be set, which has resulted in plenty of gamers now dissecting and discussing trying to figure out where...
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Todd Howard Explains Why There’s No ‘Fallout 76’ Cross-Play (Spoiler: It’s Sony)

There won’t be cross-play in the upcoming online role-playing game “Fallout 76,” and Bethesda Game Studios director and executive producer Todd Howard blames a familiar culprit: Sony. “You cannot do cross-play in ’76,'” Howard told German publication (via CNET) in a recent interview. “We’d really love that but right now we can’t. Sony is […]
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Bethesda knows where ‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ will take place, but it’s a secret

Bethesda Game Studios and director Todd Howard have nailed down the location for the upcoming role-playing game The Elder Scrolls 6, but the studio won't say where we'll be heading yet. The post Bethesda knows where ‘The Elder Scrolls 6’ will take place, but it’s a secret appeared first on Digital Trends.
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