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All the new shows you can watch on Disney Plus - from 'The Mandalorian' to 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier'

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Disney+; Gilbert Espinoza/Business Insider Disney Plus has several new shows based on big franchises, like "Star Wars" and Marvel. The service also offers a lot of non-fiction shows and documentaries. Disney Plus costs $8/month or $80/year, and you can bundle it with Hulu and ESPN+ for $14/month. Monthly Subscription Service (small) Disney Plus has a lot of new shows to stream. There are spin-offs, s...
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Nat Geo’s The Right Stuff Series Cancelled at Disney+ After One Season

Nat Geo’s The Right Stuff series cancelled at Disney+ after one season Disney+ has officially decided not to renew National Geographic’s historical drama series adaptation of The Right Stuff for a second season. The cancellation comes six months after the Patrick J. Adams-led series had debuted its 8-episode first season last October. This also marks the first time that Disney+ has cancelled a scripted series. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. Television is currently trying to shop the ser...
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‘The Right Stuff’ Canceled at Disney+, But the Series May Find a New Home

The Right Stuff was the second original series to debut on Disney+ after The Mandalorian. Unfortunately, the series about the early days of the United States space program and the first team of astronauts known as the Mercury 7 appears to have run its course, because Disney+ has canceled the series after just one season. However, there’s still hope for the series to continue because Warner Bros. Television is shopping the project to other outlets. Loosely based on the 1979 book of the same n...
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Disney Plus’ ‘The Right Stuff’ Canceled After One Season But Warner Bros. TV Shopping Series Around

“The Right Stuff,” Nat Geo’s adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s 1979 nonfiction book of the same name, just didn’t have the, well, right stuff for Disney Plus. The series is not moving forward at the Disney streaming service, but Warner Bros. Television is looking for a new home for the Patrick J. Adams series, a source […]
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Disney Plus’ ‘The Right Stuff’ Canceled After One Season

“The Right Stuff,” Nat Geo’s adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s 1979 nonfiction book of the same name, just didn’t have the, well, right stuff for Disney Plus. The series is not moving forward at the Disney streaming service, but Warner Bros. Television is looking for a new home for the Patrick J. Adams series, a source […]
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Why did The Bonfire of the Vanities go from bestselling book to box-office bomb?

Thirty years on, why was Brian De Palma’s star-studded adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s novel such a flop?In the opening minutes of the film adaptation of The Bonfire of the Vanities, Bruce Willis’s journalist Peter Fallow arrives in an inebriated state to the launch of his new book. Through a glorious, unbroken tracking shot, Fallow indulges in the excesses of celebrity while being fawned over by the New York socialite and intellectual scene. His writing is said to be as vital to literature as Anna Ka...
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Rolling Stone seeks 'thought leaders' willing to pay $2,000 to write for them

Emails from the ‘best-known entertainment media outlet’ invite potential members to pay for the opportunity to publish original contentRolling Stone magazine is offering “thought leaders” the chance to write for its website if they are willing to pay $2,000 to “shape the future of culture”.The storied magazine, which has published journalism by writers including Hunter S Thompson, Patti Smith and Tom Wolfe, approached would-be members of its new “Culture Council” by email, telling them that they...
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"He is only twenty-three years old, for godsake, the first millionaire businessman to rise up out of the teen-age netherworld, king of the rock and roll record producers...."

"Spector walks into the inner office, gingerly, like a cowboy, because of the way the English boots lift him up off the floor. He is slight, five feet seven, 130 pounds. His hair shakes faintly behind. It is a big room, like a living room, all beige except for nine gold-plated rock and roll records on the wall, some of Phil Spector’s 'goldies,' one million sales each. 'He’s a Rebel,' by the Crystals, 'Zip-a-dee-doo-dah,' by Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans, 'Be My Baby,' by the Ronettes, 'Da Do Ro...
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Chuck Yeager, First Pilot To Break Sound Barrier, Dies At 97

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Chuck Yeager, 1st to break sound barrier, dies at 97

By The Associated Press Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Charles “Chuck” Yeager, the World War II fighter pilot ace and quintessential test pilot who showed he had the “right stuff” when in 1947 he became the first person to fly faster than sound, has died. He was 97. Yeager died Monday, his wife, Victoria Yeager, said on his Twitter account. “It is w/ profound sorrow, I must tell you that my life love General Chuck Yeager passed just before 9pm ET. An incredible life well lived, America’s greatest ...
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Gen. Chuck Yeager, 'The Right Stuff' test pilot who broke sound barrier, has died at 97

General Chuck Yeager, the first person to break the sound barrier, speaks to a crowd December 16, 2003 during the weeklong First Flight Centennial Celebration that is taking place at the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. REUTERS/Ellen Ozier ELO/GAC/Files Gen. Chuck Yeager died on Monday at the age of 97.  He was the first person to break the sound barrier. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Chuck Yeager, the steely "Right Stuff" test pi...
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Gen. Chuck Yeager, First Pilot To Break Sound Barrier, Dies At 97

(CBS13) — Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier, has died at age 97. General Yeager’s death was announced in a tweet posted to his official Twitter account Monday night. “It is w/ profound sorrow, I must tell you that my life love General Chuck Yeager passed just before 9pm ET. An incredible life well lived, America’s greatest Pilot, & a legacy of strength, adventure, & patriotism will be remembered forever.” The tweet is attributed to Yeager’s wife, Victoria Scott D’Angelo. ...
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Chuck Yeager, Test Pilot Who Broke the Sound Barrier, Is Dead at 97

A World War II fighter ace and Air Force general, he was, according to Tom Wolfe, “the most righteous of all the possessors of the right stuff.”
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All the new shows you can watch on Disney Plus — from 'The Mandalorian' to 'The Right Stuff'

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Disney+/Business Insider Disney Plus has a ton of new shows based on big franchises, like Star Wars, Marvel, and High School Musical. The service also offers a lot of non-fiction shows and documentaries, including "The World According to Jeff Goldblum," "Encore!" with Kristen Bell, and a program all about Disney Imagineering.Disney Plus costs $69.99 a year for an annual subscription or $6.99 a mont...
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National Geographic’s ‘The Real Right Stuff’ Documentary to Premiere on Disney+ This November

Disney+ is all about the Mercury 7, America’s first team of NASA astronauts, with a new TV series remake of Philip Kaufman’s space drama classic The Right Stuff debuting on the platform. And a new documentary about the real men behind the Mercury program set to join it. The Real Right Stuff is a documentary about the Mercury 7 from National Geographic that has just set its premiere on Disney+ this November. Disney+ announced that National Geographic’s The Real Right Stuff documentary, which ...
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‘The Right Stuff’ is a Solid, Unremarkable Version of Space Stories Past: TV Review

Even if you haven’t seen the 1983 film or read Tom Wolfe’s 1979 book of the same name, chances are you’ve already seen something exactly like “The Right Stuff.” In its retelling of the true story of “The Mercury 7” (i.e. the intrepid group of American astronauts vying to be the country’s first space travelers), […]
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Disney+ Announces Premiere Dates for ‘Marvel’s 616’ & More, Promises ‘WandaVision’ is Coming This Year

Disney+ has unveiled its upcoming calendar of releases for the streaming platform, with legacy titles like the Tom Hanks classic Big and brand new shows like the anthology documentary series Marvel’s 616 locking down slots in the coming months. Find out what else is coming to the platform below, including the news that the original series WandaVision is still on track for 2020. We already knew that The Mandalorian season 2 would be arriving at the end of October, but this is the first conf...
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WandaVision Confirmed for 2020 in New Disney+ Promo

BEGIN SLIDESHOW WandaVision Confirmed for 2020 in New Disney+ Promo Disney has released a new promo revealing what fans can expect to see for the rest of this year on Disney+, including confirming that WandaVision will release in 2020! You can check out the video now in the player below to see what other movies and shows are headed your way on the streamer! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefre...
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Palantir's direct listing breaks with Spotify and Slack in one critical way that affects insiders' ability to cash in their shares

Palantir Technologies is reportedly adding a lockup period to its direct listing, limiting investors' ability to sell shares immediately after the company starts trading.  Through the plan, investors could sell about 20% of their shares immediately.  Spotify and Slack, the two companies that paved the way for direct listings, didn't have such a lockup period.  The lockup plan could limit insider trading, address investor expectations, and limit volatility, public offering experts said. Visit B...
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‘The Right Stuff’ Trailer: This October, Disney+ Tells the Story of Our First Journey into Space

Today we’re dealing with the threat of Russian interference with our government that threatens the foundation of our democracy. But back in 1959, we were just trying to beat them to space, and a new Disney+ series will tell the story of how NASA’s historic efforts turned some gifted pilots and engineers into American heroes. The Right Stuff is a new TV series adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s 1979 book of the same name, which was previously turned into a movie back in 1983. The first trailer for the se...
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How Los Angeles icons Angelyne and Joan Didion connect in ‘City at the Edge of Forever’

In “California Rolls,” one of the 11 essays in Peter Lunenfeld’s engaging new book about Los Angeles, “City at the Edge of Forever,” the author merges his thoughts on Joan Didion, Angelyne, Corvettes and sushi like a series of seamless lane changes through LA’s streets. In these essays, Lunenfeld, vice chair of UCLA’s Design Media Arts department, takes a deep look into the sprawling city’s history, lore, literature, architecture and design. And, of course, its transportation. “I really was inte...
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Palantir Technologies could be the next company to go public in a direct listing. Spotify and Slack give clues to what that could look like. (WORK, SPOT)

Palantir Technologies plans to go public using a direct listing in late September, according to Bloomberg.  It would make Palantir the third technology company to do a direct listing, a alternative public listing process pioneered in the industry by Spotify in 2018 and Slack in 2019. Spotify and Slack both hired Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Allen & Company as financial advisors on their direct listings. It's unclear who Palantir will work with. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more ...
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Can you tell whether it's elevating and not racist to compare Black Lives Matter artists to cavemen?

I'm trying to read "New York’s Sidewalk Prophets Are Heirs of the Lascaux Cave Artisans/What street art adorning boarded-up storefronts tells us about our shared political realities and the ways our stories are connected. A critic’s tour deciphers the signs and symbols" in the New York Times.Maybe to answer my question you need to know more about the racial identification of the writer, whose name is Seph Rodney. I'm just going to give you a sample of the prose:What became apparent to me is that...
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‘The Right Stuff’ Cast and Creatives Reveal Clip From Season 1, Talks Plans for Season 2, and More [Comic-Con 2020]

A couple of months ago, we learned that National Geographic was teaming with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company to make NatGeo’s first Disney+ original series: a new adaptation of The Right Stuff, which is based on Tom Wolfe’s bestselling book. We watched the show’s Comic-Con 2020 panel to hear the cast and creative team talk about their new iteration and reveal the first clip from the series. Here’s what you need to know. The Right Stuff Comic-Con 2020 Panel The Right Stu...
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That last post finally pushed me over the line to create a tag I've been thinking about for a while...

... "the attack on individualism."The pressure was building after yesterday's post about Seattle's effort to teach its employees about their own "Internalized Racial Superiority," which is "defined by" — among other things — "individualism."What pushed me over the line into new tag creation this morning was a criticism of women who fall into the "trap" of talking about their individual struggle with motherhood. I went back into the archive and added the tag to a few old things:June 19, 2020 — Th...
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Should you hire a marketing agency or a marketing person? [2020]

'No bucks, no Buck Rogers' as the astronauts say in Tom Wolfe's The Right Stuff. [Author: [email protected] (Matthew Stibbe)]
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Palantir's latest controversy is on its board: a Wall Street Journal reporter who is friends with Peter Thiel and whose father is the novelist Tom Wolfe

Wall Street Journal reporter Alexandra Wolfe quit the newspaper on Tuesday following a Bloomberg report that she would join the board of directors at Palantir, a controversial data analytics startup founded by Peter Thiel.  Wolfe is one of three new board members, and the first-ever female director at the 17-year-old company, which has its eyes on a potential fall IPO. California, where Palantir is headquartered, requires public companies to have at least one female director. Wolfe is friends ...
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How many protesters does it take to "pack" Washington D.C.?

According to The Washington Post, the city is "packed" when there are "more than 10,000."That's the WaPo headline as displayed at Memeorandum. The headline is no longer written like that. Now, it is "'Defund The Police' painted on D.C. street as tensions among protesters flare." Now, my question is: How bad did it get for WaPo to write "tensions... flare"?More than 10,000 people poured into the nation’s capital on the ninth day of protests over police brutality.... The cause even led to flares ...
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"Presumably [Andrew] Sullivan’s editors are frightened that he might make the radically bourgeois point that looting and violence are wrong."

"Cockburn understands that Sullivan is not just forbidden from writing for the New York magazine about the riots; his contract means he cannot write on the topic for another publication. He is therefore legally unable to write anything about the protests without losing his job — at the magazine that, in 1970, published Radical Chic, Tom Wolfe’s brilliant and controversial excoriation of progressive piety. It’s the bonfire of the liberals!... Sullivan, a source close to New York magazine reveals...
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Howard Luck Gossage, Ad Legend

Howard Luck Gossage is a cult figure. He is considered by some of today’s practitioners, myself included, as one of the greatest of all time. He converted an old firehouse in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco and began to “hold court” therein. Gossage was friends with Marshall McLuhan, Buckminster Fuller, and Tom Wolfe […] The post Howard Luck Gossage, Ad Legend appeared first on Adpulp.
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