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Tomi Lahren Predicts Trump Can Forget About 2020 If He Signs Spending Deal

Another regular Trump-policy enthusiast Tomi Lahren, a host on Fox Nation, is not thrilled with the President’s hedging on whether he’ll support the spending compromise that allocates a fraction of the $5.7 billion he wanted for his border wall toward wall construction. I’m not gonna sugar coat it, if @realDonaldTrump takes this sham border deal from the Democrats, he loses in 2020 and we ALL lose for years to come. I’ll discuss on @foxandfriends in 10 mins! — Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren) Febr...
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The Game Drags Tomi Lahren All Over the Internet With Photo “B4 Plastic Surgery”

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj aren’t the only rappers who have a problem with Tomi Lahren.In response to Lahren tweet mocking 21 Savage’s ICE arrest—”I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ICE agents ready to deport ya,” she tweeted—the West Coast rapper took to Instagram, calling her a “cum gargling, microwaved, carrot skinned, 90 year old white man body havin slut” and telling her to “stay out the tanning salon” because she’s “starting to look like a sick tangerine.”Read his full post ...
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Nicki Minaj and Cardi B Team Up to Take Down Tomi Lahren for 21 Savage Slander

After initially claiming to have nothing but love and support between them, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj fell prey to the petty, pathetic bickering that stereotypically crops up between female rappers.While their falling out, which culminated in a physical confrontation at a NYFW event last year, wasn’t entirely surprising, it was disappointing nonetheless.Well, good news Barbs and Carbs: Nicki and Cardi have both teamed up against a common enemy: Tomi Lahren.The conservative social media troll drew ...
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Cardi B Warns Tomi Lahren After 21 Savage Comment: ‘Don’t Make Me Get My Leash’

The "Bartier Cardi" rapper previously told the Fox News commentator to leave her alone or she'd "dog walk" her.
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Elizabeth Warren Apologized To Cherokee Nation For Her Misguided DNA Test

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has privately apologized to the leadership of Cherokee Nation for the confusion created by her ill-advised decision to take a DNA test to prove she has Indigenous ancestry, The Intercept reports.Warren, who launched an exploratory committee in late December and is expected to officially announce her presidential bid next week, came under fire last fall after releasing the results of a DNA test performed by Stanford geneticist Carlos Bustamante. The Massachusetts senator ha...
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Stop Treating Cardi B Like She Doesn't Deserve A Voice In Politics.

There's a particular way some white people talk about artists like Cardi B getting political, especially when there are no Black people around. Both liberals and conservatives. It's condescending with a smirk, like, "Look, that former stripper from the Bronx who says 'Okurrr' all the time has political views! Isn't that hilarious!" And then everyone goes around the table congratulating each other for being smart and woke.In the middle of the government shutdown, Cardi B released a video in whic...
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Social Media Star Tomi Lahren Claims Rep. AOC Isn't Successful In Real Life

Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images. Tomi Lahren, the right-wing political commentator who rose to fame for her viral social media videos, says progressive darling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is only big on Twitter and not "successful in real life " — proving once again conservatives only like the "pull yourself by the bootstraps" narrative as long as it's theoretical.During a Fox & Friends segment Thursday morning, co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked Lahren what she thought of the Democratic presi...
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Cardi B, Tomi Lahren feud over shutdown

Rapper Cardi B and conservative commentator Tomi Lahren exchanged barbs on Twitter over the government shutdown.
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Cardi B lashes out at Fox Nation's Tomi Lahren in border wall spat: 'I will dog walk you'

Cardi B feels strongly about the government shutdown and Trump's border wall. So she wasn't having any of it when Fox Nation's Tomi Lahren mocked her.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Conservative Commentator Tomi Lahren Insulted Cardi B's Intelligence and Sparked an All-Out Twitter Feud

"Why do people think they can mess with Bronx women without getting roasted?"
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Conservative Commentator Tomi Lahren Insulted Cardi B’s Intelligence and Sparked an All-Out Twitter Feud

"Why do people think they can mess with Bronx women without getting roasted?"
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Cardi B and Tomi Lahren are feuding over the government shutdown

The Bronx rapper and conservative commentator are taking shots at each other on Twitter.
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Cardi B Claps Back at Tomi Lahren

Cardi B had social media buzzing and make headlines last week after an Instagram post where she spoke out on the partial U.S. government shut down. Clearly frustrated, the Grammy-nominated star was in support of the 800,000 workers, who were ordered back to work without pay. Along with over 14 million views, Cardi’s video post caught the attention of all the major media outlets like CNN and MSNBC. The viral moment appears to have triggered right-wing commentator Tomi Lahren, who took to Twitt...
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Bi Girl! Stormy Daniels comes out as bisexual in shocking Tomi Lahren Twitter feud

The famed porn star at the center of a Trump scandal came out in one of the oddest--and most hilarious--exchanges ever.
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Does Elizabeth Warren Have a Piece of Racist Memorabilia on Her Kitchen Shelf?

Accusations of racism were based solely on a blurry and obscured glimpse of an object on Sen. Elizabeth Warren's shelf.
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Tomi Lahren Becomes Latest To Fear Monger About ‘Caravan Of Diseases’

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren has become yet another commentator for the network to fear monger about migrants and asylum seekers south of the border based on the supposed threat of communicable diseases. “Do you want [tuberculosis], HIV/AIDS, chickenpox and hepatitis in your communities? At your children’s schools? Because I have a feeling the warm and fuzzy spirit of compassion doesn’t treat or prevent diseases like those,” Lahren said on Fox Nation, the new streaming platform “for  Fox News’...
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Fox News Goes Over the Top With Streaming ‘Fox Nation’

Tomi Lahren, a rising presence on Fox News Channel, has ambitious plans — but Fox News viewers might not get to see any of them. The conservative commentator will soon deliver twice-daily takes on national issues that move her. She is making visits to the U.S. border, the better to tell real-life stories on video of the […]
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Did Tomi Lahren Say Children Getting Tear Gassed Was the “Highlight” of Her Thanksgiving?

A tear-gassing shouldn't be the highlight of anyone's day, victim or otherwise.
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Fox News Launches Its Digital Streaming Service

NEW YORK (AP) — The new streaming service Fox Nation that launches Tuesday is aimed at people who don’t think Fox News Channel offers enough opinion. Fox is becoming the latest television news operation to stake out digital turf. Its new subscription-based service is designed to roll out most of its new offerings in daytime hours, after “Fox & Friends” and before the prime-time lineup of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. Besides the known Fox personalities, Fox Nation will featu...
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Tomi Lahren Accidentally Calls Trump a Clown In Huge Halloween Fail

Unfortunately, she seemed to miss the point of her own costume entirely.
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Tomi Lahren Dresses Up As Kathy Griffin, And The Comedian Is Not Amused

"I’m busy on tour right now or I’d dress up as you: a dumb, racist, and talentless hack,” Griffin replied.
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Comedians React To Megyn Kelly’s Dumb Comments Defending Blackface

She’s done it again, folks! This morning, Megyn Kelly had an extremely bad and terrible opinion while discussing Halloween costumes on her NBC morning show. What a huge surprise, folks! While speaking to a panel of white people only, Kelly made excuses for wearing blackface on Halloween. “But what is racist?” Kelly asked the panel, “Because you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween.” She then ...
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Political, star-studded, ever-geeky Politicon draws thousands ahead of midterm elections

The Baby Trump balloon, which made its debut at a protest in London during President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom, was on display on the show floor during the fourth annual Politicon at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, Calif., on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. (Photo by Trevor Stamp, Contributing Photographer) Political enthusiasts gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the fourth annual Politicon in Los Angeles, Calif., on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. (Photo by Trevo...
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Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity Prepare Programs for Streaming-Video Fox Nation

Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, two of the most-watched personalities on Fox News Channel, will hold programming roosts on Fox Nation, the streaming-video service slated to debut in fall from the 21st Century Fox-owned news outlet. Ingraham is slated to co-host the new show “Laura & Raymond” with Raymond Arroyo, a regular guest on her […]
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‘Drag Race’ queen suspended from Twitter for calling out a Trump supporter

The noted drag star found herself in "Twitter jail."
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Kathy Griffin Slams ‘Dime Store Barbie’ Tomi Lahren For Michelle Obama Remarks

The conservative pundit told the former first lady to "sit down" after Obama called her husband a "great president."
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Why Survivors Of Sexual Assault Often Wait To Come Forward

Yesterday, The Washington Post reported that Christine Blasey Ford is the author of the confidential letter accusing Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, of sexual assault. In the '80s, when Ford andKavanaugh were teens, she alleges that he pinned her to a bed at a house party, groped her over her clothing, and tried to remove her bathing suit and clothes. At one point, she alleges he put his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream. "I thought he might inadvertently ki...
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Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson to Take Part in ‘Fox Nation’ Streaming Service

Fox Nation will be Fox News Channel’s stand-alone streaming service. But it will feature many of the personalities that already draw fans to the company’s flagship cable operation. All of Fox News’ most popular personalities – including hosts from the 21st Century Fox-owned network’s primetime lineup and its “Fox & Friends” morning show – are […]
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