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Q&A: Rep. Jamie Raskin discusses his son's death, his work on the January 6 committee, and the rioters who tried to claim their belongings after breaking into Pelosi's office

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md.Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland joined Insider to discuss his new book. In "Unthinkable: Trauma, Truth, and the Trials of American Democracy," he meditates on two major events. One is the January 6 insurrection, and the other is the death of his son, Tommy. The day after Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland laid his 25-year-old son to rest, he was sheltering in place as the Capitol riot was unfolding.Later that night, he would begin draft...
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1/14/2022 WMC WEEK 2 – 1/14/2022~GREELY-CAPE-NYA-ST DOM-TRAIP~USM Meet 2 of 2

Girls 55 Meter Dash JR DIVISION Name Year School Seed Finals Points Finals1 Rickman, Piper CAPE 8.21 8.46 62 Noble, Emily CAPE 8.36 9.07 43 Koontz, Rachel Traip 9.27 34 Bonfiglio-Eaves, Samanth Traip 9.35 25 McGuffin, Taryn Traip 9.61 16 Bouman, Ellie NYA 9.697 Hemphill, Nizzie NYA 9.758 Hegarty, Haley NYA 10.51 Girls 200 Meter Dash JR DIVISION Name Year School Seed Finals H# Points 1 Rickman, Piper CAPE 30.91 31.46 1 62 Reeve, Siobhan Traip 32.73 1 43 Schroeck, Ad...
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The ultimate sex tape scandal: how Pam and Tommy’s stolen video shook the world

She was a cartoon beach beauty. He was a tattooed drummer. As the story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s stolen sex tape is turned into tense TV, we remember the events that changed celebrity culture for everBy Christmas 1995, it was moderately common knowledge that a “sex tape” existed of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, privately filmed on their honeymoon that year, after a whirlwind 96-hour romance. As the star of Baywatch, Anderson was so globally famous that other, also famous TV shows had ...
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Cats on TV: Top 18 Felines in Cartoon Television

Cats on TV: Cat ownership is more popular than ever, with the number of households owning a cat at an all-time high. A new study ranked 18 cartoon cats from different eras of television programming to determine which characters were most beloved among feline fans. The “famous cartoon cats names” is a list of the top 18 felines in cartoon television. The list includes such popular characters as Garfield, Snoopy, and Puss in Boots. Long before television, cats were anthropomorphized. However, the...
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Power Book IV: Force: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)Starz scored a bit of an unexpected hit with "Power" when the show debuted on the premium cable network back in 2014. At the time, it certainly didn't seem like the kind of series that would run for as long as it did, and it certainly didn't appear as though it would generate a healthy franchise. And yet, here we are eight years ...
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Tom Hardy And Cillian Murphy's Peaky Blinders Audio Stories Explained

Steven Knight's period crime drama "Peaky Blinders" showcases the criminal escapades of the Shelby family in the aftermath of the First World War through five seasons. The show resurrects 1920s Birmingham, a city grappling with the repercussion of warfare when a dangerous man named Tommy Shelby (led by an enigmatic Cillian Murphy) begins rising through the ranks to become the biggest name in the world of organized crime.Since premiering in 2013, "Peaky Blinders" has featured an ensemble cast inc...
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Winter TV preview: 9 new shows to watch, from 'Pam & Tommy' to 'The Afterparty'

Cold weather and coronavirus got you down? We have you covered with plenty of TV shows to keep you warm, cozy and busy this winter.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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'Pam & Tommy' official trailer depicts couple's whirlwind romance, impact of sex-tape scandal

The official trailer for the Hulu drama "Pam & Tommy" dropped Wednesday, offering another look at how the story of the sex tape scandal will be told.        [Author: USA TODAY]
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Lily James Revisits Pamela Anderson’s Sex Tape Scandal In New ‘Pam & Tommy’ Trailer

The Hulu series, due out Feb. 2, offers a redemptive take on the "Baywatch" star's tumultuous marriage to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.
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Lily James Revisits Pamela Anderson’s Sex Tape Scandal In ‘Pam & Tommy’ Trailer

The Hulu series, due out Feb. 2, offers a redemptive take on the "Baywatch" star's tumultuous marriage to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.
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New Pam & Tommy trailer depicts couple’s whirlwind love story, sex tape fallout

Hulu's new trailer for Pam & Tommy promises the greatest love story ever sold as the infamous sex tape threatens to destroy their lives and marriage.
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Full Trailer for Hulu's 'Pam & Tommy' with Lily James & Sebastian Stan

"How many copies of this are out there?! Could be dozens!!" This is going to be a treat! Hulu has debuted the full official trailer for Pam & Tommy, the mini-series about the marriage between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. This already deserves compliments for how the two leads completely transformed to play Pam & Tommy, the infamous couple known worldwide for their leaked sex tape. The show will focus on their time following the release of their infamous unauthorized sex tape which was reco...
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New 'Pam & Tommy' trailer drops

The latest "Pam & Tommy" trailer is here.
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SPOTTED – 1/5/2022

Here are some interesting new products found on store shelves by your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of the products, share your thoughts about them in the comments. Plentifull Peanut Butter Cereal Plentifull Cinnamon Almond Butter Cereal (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.) Baskin Robbins Triple Mango (Spotted by Robbie at H-E-B.) Walmart Freshness Guaranteed Red Velvet Cake Bites Marketside White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Cake Marketside Triple Citrus Swirl Cake (Spotte...
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Pam & Tommy Trailer: The Sordid '90s Legend Becomes A Hulu Series

Come for the scandalous story behind the world's most infamous sex tape, and stay for the Meat Loaf needle drops! One of 2022's most anticipated series is quickly approaching its release, meaning it's finally time to get a closer look at "Pam & Tommy." The series tagline dubs the show "the greatest love story ever sold," and those familiar with this sordid tale are hard-pressed to disagree. The '90s sex tape fiasco kickstarted an absolute storm of media coverage, which clearly hasn't faded since...
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‘Pam and Tommy’ Trailer: Watch Seth Rogen and Nick Offerman Steal the Infamous Sex Tape

Hulu’s upcoming eight-part limited series “Pam & Tommy” tells the true story of how Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, early in their relationship, made a sex tape that no one was ever meant to see. Instead, the video was stolen by a disgruntled contractor, and eventually dubbed thousands of times. And even when Anderson and […]
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Molly-Mae Hague's £2k coat worn in New York with Tommy is yours for just £50 on ASOS

Molly-Mae Hague is living the dream after being whisked away to New York on a surprise trip...
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Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending Explained: Rivalries Don't Need To Last Forever

"Cobra Kai" has had some epic endings in the first three seasons, but the fourth season finale was particularly huge! There are going to be some major changes coming in season 5, from Cobra Kai's leadership and rivalries to a face from the past that is going to shake up Miyagi-Do forever. I'm breaking down the biggest revelations from the "Cobra Kai" season 4 finale, so there are absolutely SPOILERS ahead. There will be no further warnings and no mercy! Before I jump into the big events that wil...
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Peaky Blinders Season 6 Trailer: The Shelby Gang Returns For One Last Fight

Take a little walk to the edge of town, go across the tracks...Now that the "Peaky Blinders" opening credits song (that would be "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, for those with itchy YouTube trigger fingers) is permanently stuck in your head again, I've hopefully set the perfect mood for everyone reading this to jump right in to the smoggy, filthy, cigarette-choked streets of Prohibition-era Birmingham. When last we left our indefatigable gang of criminals, killers, bootleggers, an...
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SPOTTED – 12/31/2021

Here are some interesting new products found on store shelves by your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of the products, share your thoughts about them in the comments. Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Chocolatey Banana Bites (Spotted by Chris B at Kroger.) Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics Birthday Cake White Chocolate Cocoa Mix (Spotted by Tommy at Hannaford.) Campbell’s Well Yes! Plant-Based Chicken Chick’n Noodle and Chick’n with Rice (Spotted by Tommy at Hannaford.) Trolli Berry Lemonade Sour...
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SPOTTED: Pringles Scorchin’ Wavy Loaded Nachos

If only Pringles had tortilla chips crisps. They would’ve been the perfect vessel for a loaded nachos flavor. (Spotted by Tommy at Dollar General.) The post SPOTTED: Pringles Scorchin’ Wavy Loaded Nachos appeared first on The Impulsive Buy.
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  Originally posted in 2007 You know that part of the movie A Christmas Story where the family goes out to buy the tree and the parents have a little argument over it? Well, I laugh every time I see it because like so much in that film it echoes my childhood. Every Christmas when I was younger either we’d go shopping for a tree or Dad would buy one on his way home from work. Now as regular readers of this blog know by now, my Dad was from Maine. But even more than that, he had experien...
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'Wonky' donkey gets prosthetic leg for Christmas

Tommy is said to be making "amazing" progress after the artificial leg was fitted in Ringwood.
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Here's how you can watch Lily James' scandalous new series Pam & Tommy in the UK

Lily James' new drama Pam & Tommy has finally found a home in the UK –...
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European Shares Gain as 'Buy the Dip' Trumps Omicron Fears

By Tommy WilkesLONDON (Reuters) - European shares rose on Tuesday, bucking the weakness in Asia and on Wall Street, as investors looked beyond the...
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Chippendales Movie Adds Seth Rogen And Elle Fanning Alongside Dev Patel

Get your singles out, the Chippendales movie is getting into a groove. The new feature from Regency, Bold Films, and Permut Productions will be directed by Craig Gillespie centers on the amazing story of the male exotic dance troupe, and now Seth Rogen and Elle Fanning are in negotiations to join the enterprise, bringing the former and Gillespie together for the first time since the "Pam and Tommy" Hulu series (about THAT tape, you know the one) that arrives next month. Craig Williams and Issac ...
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Indonesian Clowns Bring Some Cheer to Children Displaced by Eruption

By Tommy ArdiansyahLUMAJANG, Indonesia (Reuters) - Clowns brought a few moments of cheer to displaced children in Indonesia on Thursday, putting on...
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‘The Wizard of Oz of entertainment’: the incredible career of Robert Stigwood

He managed the Bee Gees and created Saturday Night Fever but the closeted impressario ‘never felt that sense of success’ according to a new documentaryAccording to film director Joe Maggio, two types of executives run the entertainment industry – one far rarer than the other. “The vast majority of them don’t know what’s good, or what will be a hit, until ten other people tell them,” he said. “But a few can tell you right away. They’re the visionaries.”For an extended time, one of the most clairv...
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The Last Of Us TV Series May Have Quietly Cast Nick Offerman

HBO's "The Last of Us" series adapts the acclaimed post-apocalyptic video games developed by Naughty Dog, with the games' creative director, Neil Druckmann, serving as co-showrunner alongside writer-producer Craig Mazin ("Chernobyl"). Yet, as visually faithful as the show is shaping up to be, it's also clear this won't be a beat-for-beat re-telling in terms of story. Season 1 alone will feature such original additions as Perry, a rebel played by Tommy's voice actor from the games, Jeffrey Pierce...
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Congressman Jamie Raskin: ‘I’ll never forget the terrible sound of them trying to barrel into the chamber’

The congressman was in the Capitol the day it was stormed by Trump supporters, and led the impeachment prosecution. The fight, he says, is far from overChris Bryant: ‘Nearly everyone I meet says: “I wouldn’t want your job”’See more of the Observer’s faces behind the 2021 headlinesHe spent 5 January at a graveside service for his son, Tommy, who had taken his own life after years shadowed by depression. He spent 6 January under siege at the US Capitol as a mob of Donald Trump supporters staged a ...
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