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Identifying vulnerabilities and protecting you from phishing

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) works to counter targeted and government-backed hacking against Google and the people who use our products. Following our November update, today we’re sharing the latest insights to fight phishing, and for security teams, providing more details about our work identifying attacks against zero-day vulnerabilities.  Protecting you from phishing We have a long-standing policy to send you a warning if we detect that your account is a target of government-backe...
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Russia Appeared To Target Wisconsin's Elections Body Via A Banner Or Popup Ad

It appears Russia didn’t attempt to disrupt the 2016 election through ads only on social media. Nearly lost amid the deluge of reports about Kremlin-run Facebook and Twitter campaigns designed to influence the American electorate, the Department of Homeland Security last week messily notified 21 states, including Wisconsin, that Russia had targeted their election systems. The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) then quietly issued a press release describing an unsuccessful August 2016 cyberatta...
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United States Of Paranoia: Why The Specter Of Russian Meddling Won't Go Away

As experts try to determine the depth of foreign espionage operations during the 2016 race, everything is starting to look like a cyberattack—and that’s by design. For months on Twitter, in digital news and on cable TV, self-appointed pundits have been jumping at the shadows of the Russian hacking attacks on several components of the 2016 election. Experts say that paranoia is not merely a devastatingly effective side effect, but often the entire point of an intelligence operation: It causes the...
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