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‘Beats’ Trailer: Netflix Steps Back Into the Hip-Hop Arena with an Inspirational Film

Netflix has released the first trailer for a new original film called Beats, which stars Anthony Anderson (black-ish) as a former music manager who’s working as a high school security guard when he discovers one of the school’s most troubled students is a hip-hop prodigy. You may be able to guess how this is going to play out, but check out the trailer anyway. Beats Trailer This is the first high-profile hip-hop story from Netflix since Baz Lurhmann’s incredibly expensive period piece T...
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Emma Thompson in Talks to Star in Disney’s Cruella

Emma Thompson in talks to star in Disney’s Cruella According to Variety, Academy Award-winning actress Emma Thompson (Howards End) is entereds talks to star in Walt Disney Pictures‘ forthcoming live-action Cruella which centers on one of the most iconic Disney villains from the 101 Dalmatians film franchise. Thompson would be joining Oscar winner Emma Stone (La La Land), who is set to portray the titular fur-obsessed antagonist. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlo...
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5 Tips To Overcome Creative Block

There was a time I had to take a break from blogging. I loved blogging and thought it was going to be so easy to start again. I thought I’d have a list of ideas to get right back into it. Even though I wanted to, my mind was stuttering. Thoughts went through my mind. How do I think of a post to start with? How do I get organized again? When the pictures for me to paint seemed to flow, it seemed as though nothing fit quite right enough to add words to them. Creative block is real. It can show ...
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How To Create Custom Procreate Color Palettes

Procreate comes with a few color palettes and a color wheel to slide around to choose a color. The color wheel is cool but it can be difficult to get the exact color you want over and over. When I learned it’s possible to create your own palettes I was thrilled, and even more so when I realized it was simple. What makes creating your own color palettes possible is the eye dropper tool. You hold your finger down over the color you want and the eye dropper with a circle holding the color picks up ...
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Color Harmony

Last Week, I posted about the basics of color theory. The next step in expanding is called color harmony. Color Harmony is arranging color schemes that look good together [Author: Tonya ]
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Wearing This Ugly Smart Necklace Helped Me Deal With My Most Traumatic Memory

Back in December 2017, I was innocently catching a late-night screening of I, Tonya when somebody in the theater screamed, “He has a gun!” What ensued was mass panic as the entire theater stampeded toward the exit. In the confusion, I lost my coat, backpack, shoes, and most devastatingly, my iPhone. Read more...
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When You Feel Like You’re Not Drawing Well

Some days no matter how much I want to or how hard I try, it feels like my drawing isn’t what I want. Sometimes it seems as these type days go on and on one after another and feelings of defeat set in. Can I really draw? What changed to make it so bad? Those feelings are all too common for me and it can become really frustrating. Over time I’ve learned a few things to help me get through it. [Author: Tonya ]
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Color Theory 101

Colors can create emotion, set a mood, or make a statement. Ideas over how to use color is called color theory. [Author: Tonya ]
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5 Tips To Improve Drawing In Procreate

As excited as I was to start learning Procreate, actually using it felt overwhelming. There were so many options and whenever I tried to draw anything it felt as though I had no control and, to me, everything looked bad. It was as though I was learning to draw all over again. I had learned the ins and outs of the app but actually creating something on it was a different story. [Author: Tonya ]
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Keeping A Sketchbook

A sketchbook isn’t always thought of as a journal but it can be. A sketchbook is a blank book to record your ideas through sketching. You don’t have to be an artist to keep a sketchbook, you just need a book and to start sketching or doodling whatever you feel. There are no rules! A sketchbook is my main use of journaling. I use my sketchbook to practice doing mostly figures and faces but every once in a while I throw in something different. I really should try new types of sketches more often...
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‘Cobra Kai’ Creators Talk New Characters and What Could Happen in Season 3 [Interview]

When Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald created Cobra Kai , they fulfilled the dream of their own Karate Kid fandom, and all the fans who didn’t know how much they needed Johnny and Daniel back in our lives. They also gave YouTube Premium its biggest hit, becoming the centerpiece of the streaming service’s original programming. With the return of John Kreese in the season finale, Cobra Kai kept fans waiting desperately for season two. Heald, Schlossberg and Hurwitz have ...
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Violence against women is overlooked in its role in opioid epidemic

One night, a woman I’ll call Tonya got a compliment from a guy when she was out with her boyfriend. Tonya’s boyfriend cursed her because another man had complimented her. He said: “You give it to everybody, I want it too.” In anticipation of his physical abuse, she reasoned, “I could go off to Wonder […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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USOC threatens USA Badminton with decertification

The U.S. Olympic Committee in a thorough and damning rebuke of USA Badminton operations and culture said it would be appropriate to decertify the Anaheim-based national governing body because of the “severity” of its continued deficiencies regarding athlete safety, financial and accounting practices and governance, according to a letter obtained by the Orange County Register. Instead, USOC has given USA Badminton until July 15, 2019 to make a series of wide ranging reforms or the USOC will begin...
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Investigator: USA Swimming shut down probe into Sean Hutchison’s sexual misconduct before witness interviews

A former FBI agent hired by USA Swimming to investigate sexual misconduct allegations against U.S. Olympic and national team coach Sean Hutchison in 2011 said top officials and attorneys for the organization falsely characterized the findings and extent of the investigation, and shut down the probe before she could interview several key witnesses, according to documents obtained by the Southern California News Group. Olympic champion Dara Torres and her agent in sworn statements also contradict ...
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Wild animals get care at private Russian center

RAPPOLOVO, Russia (AP) — Gena the crocodile was left in a trash can. Elza the lion was roaming free in the cargo hold of a plane. As Tonya the bear grew up, the chain she wore dug so tightly into her skin that it started to cut through bone. Luckily for these wild animals, and […]
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‘Shrill’ Review: Hulu’s New Series is More Than Just a Plus-Size Comedy

While staring at an exercise advertisement in a coffee shop, Annie (Aidy Bryant) is confronted by “Toned Tonya,” the woman pictured in the ad. She speaks to Annie in a condescending manner, talking about her weight as if it’s a burden of some sort. “There’s a small person inside of you, dying to get out!” Tonya says with enthusiasm (and unknowing disrespect). Annie’s weight (and the conversation surrounding it) is something that many plus-size women experience. The first two episodes of Hul...
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‘The Devil All The Time’ Replaces Chris Evans with Sebastian Stan

When Chris Evans goes somewhere, Sebastian Stan usually isn’t far behind – at least in Marvel Studios movies. But that’s also turned out to be true today in the real world. Evans has just dropped out of an upcoming Netflix film called The Devil All The Time, but Stan has stepped in to replace him. Is this a precursor of what will happen with the Captain America franchise in the MCU in the wake of Avengers: Endgame? Who knows, but you can read more about The Devil All The Time cast below. Dead...
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‘Honey Boy’ Review: Shia LaBeouf is Astounding in This Deeply Personal, Autobiographical Drama [Sundance]

In recent years, Shia LaBeouf has become well-known for wild publicity stunts, tabloid-worthy behavior, perplexing performance art, and more. But with his autobiographical film Honey Boy that he scripted himself, the actor not only illustrates the struggles he dealt with as a child star thanks to his abusive, alcohol and drug addicted father, but also proves that he’s still an incredible actor. Honey Boy jumps back and forth in time. In 2005, we have Lucas Hedges (Ben Is Back, Manchester by t...
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Spike Lee on his first Oscar nomination for best director

NEW YORK (AP) — Spike Lee watched the Oscar nominations Tuesday morning on television from his bed, with his wife, Tonya, his two grown children, Satchel and Jackson, and their dog, Ginger. Screaming ensued . Lee landed his first directing nomination to the Academy Award nomination for “BlacKkKlansman,” his comic and furious send-up of white […]
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These Movies That Will Remind You What It Truly Means To Be Cold

Photo: Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures Distribution; Illustrated by Mallory Heyer. The Weeknd can't feel his face. You can't feel your face, your toes, or your fingers, and you're fairly certain that your ears now resemble two frozen Jimmy Dean sausage patties. Welcome to winter, everyone!Unless you're off to Gstaad for a spot of skiing with Mitzi and Lance, there's really only way to get through the sub-zero temps and slippery surfaces: a good old-fashioned movie night, served up with a ro...
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Sebastian Stan talks about working opposite Nicole Kidman in 'Destroyer' and playfully dodges some Marvel questions

Sebastian Stan talked to Business Insider about playing opposite Nicole Kidman in the crime thriller, "Destroyer." This follows the strong supporting role he did in last year's Oscar-winning movie, "I, Tonya." Stan opened up about the challenge of finding good leading-man roles. And he had some fun with us when we brought up his Marvel Cinematic Universe character, Bucky Barnes.   You know him best as Bucky Barnes (aka the Winter Soldier) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Sebastian Stan h...
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Live-Action Kim Possible Trailer and Premiere Date Released

Live-action Kim Possible trailer and premiere date released Disney has released the official trailer for their upcoming live-action movie based on the animated hit series Kim Possible starring Sadie Stanley (The Goldbergs). The movie will premiere on Friday, February 15 at 8:00 ET/PT on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW. Check out the trailer below as well as the synopsis for the film (via Deadline). PB = PB || {}; gptAds = PB.gptAds || {}; var op...
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Netflix Wins Bidding War for Horror-Thriller The Watcher

Netflix wins bidding war for horror-thriller The Watcher Deadline reports that streaming service Netflix has won an intense bidding war amongst six studios for the rights to The Watcher, an adaptation of an article  published in The Cut section of New York magazine by Reeves Wiedeman. The Watcher told the story of a stalker terrorizing a family who move into their dream home. PB = PB || {}; gptAds = PB.gptAds || {}; var opts = {"asBool":false,"adUn...
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The Morning Watch: ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Easter Eggs, The Lack of Smartphones in Movies & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. In this edition, see if you noticed a bunch of Easter eggs, comic references and clues from the latest Captain Marvel trailer. Plus, a video essay takes notice of the lack of smartphones in some of the most successful movies...
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Disney Recruiting I,Tonya Director for Cruella de Vil Film Starring Emma Stone

Disney recruiting I,Tonya director for Cruella de Vil film starring Emma Stone According to The Hollywood Reporter, I, Tonya director Craig Gillespie is in talks to direct the long in development Cruella de Vil film for Disney, with Emma Stone set to star as the titular fur-coat loving baddie. PB = PB || {}; gptAds = PB.gptAds || {}; var opts = {"asBool":false,"adUnit":"\/4403\/cr\/comingsoon\/ros","adDiv":"pb_prebidjs_300x250_a","sizeStr":"[[300, ...
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Margot Robbie to Produce Barbed Wire Heart for Warner Bros.

Margot Robbie to produce Barbed Wire Heart for Warner Bros. Margot Robbie’s production company Luckychap has teamed with Dan Lin’s Rideback to adapt the gritty crime novel Barbed Wire Heart for Warner Bros., according to The Hollywood Reporter. Robbie is not expected to star in the adaptation. Here is the Amazon description of the novel written by Tess Sharpe: “Harley McKenna is the only child of North County’s biggest criminal. Duke McKenna’s run more guns, cooked more meth, and killed more...
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NEON Sets Bong Joon-Ho’s Parasite for North American Release

NEON sets Bong Joon-Ho’s Parasite for North American release Bong Joon-Ho’s newest film, Parasite, has been set for a North American release, according to /Film. The film studio NEON has purchased the rights to Parasite and has set the film for a North American release sometime in 2019. Parasite is a peculiar tale about two families who are worlds apart yet somewhat alike, portraying a striking reality of the world we live in. The film stars Lee Sun-Kyun (A Hard Day) Cho Yeo-Jeong (Obsessed)...
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The Best Margot Robbie Movies

The best Margot Robbie movies Margot Robbie is exploding in Hollywood.  Over the past few years, the ethereally gorgeous actress has worked with Martin Scorsese, been nominated for an Oscar, and immortalized a comic book villain.  In the near future, Robbie will be starring as Sharon Tate in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood .  It is a testament to how talented she is.  Also, rumor has it that Sony is courting her to play their live-action Barbie.  This is a testament to how beautif...
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These Pop Culture Halloween Costumes Are Trending On Pinterest — & Very Easy To DIY

Witches may be one of the most popular Halloween costumes of all time, but we're here to say there's a new winner — in fact, a few — and they live in Riverdale, Wakanda, and Greece. Yes, it's time to trade in your pointed hat and broomstick for ponytails, warpaint, and perhaps... a scrunchie?According to Pinterest, a lot of new costume trends have hit search bars, but you'll find that most have been on your radar for a lot longer than the month of October. From troublemaking teenagers in Riverd...
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Voting rights groups sue Georgia & Brian Kemp to reinstate 53,000 blocked registrations, 70% are Black

Voting rights advocacy groups are suing the state of Georgia to reinstate 53,000 blocked voter registrations, 70% of which are from African American voters, saying the current policy violates the U.S. Voting Rights Act and The National Voter Registration Act. BREAKING: We have just filed a lawsuit against Brian Kemp to end #Georgia’s exact match law, which has put as many as 53K voter registrations on hold ahead of the #MidtermElections. Joining us in this suit: @CampaignLegal @AAAJ_Atlant...
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