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TOPS – “Direct Sunlight”

The Montreal pop dreamers TOPS are releasing a new album next week, I Feel Alive, the follow-up to 2017's satisfying Sugar At The Gate. They've shared a handful of songs from it already, including the title track, "Witching Hour," and "Colder & Closer." Today, they're back with … More »
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TOPS – “Colder & Closer”

Next month, the dreamy Montreal pop group TOPS will follow up their 2017 LP Sugar At The Gate with a new one called I Feel Alive. The new album is the first since the addition of TOPS' newest member, keybardist Marta Cikojevic. They've already shared the title track and "More »
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TOPS – “Witching Hour”

The witching hour, traditionally, is the point of the night where virtually everybody is asleep and where strange, supernatural events can quietly happen right under everyone's nose. It's the time of night when, if you do happen to be awake, the world takes on a certain hazy unreality. Roald Dahl in The BFG: "The witching … More »
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TOPS – “I Feel Alive”

Last year, Montreal dream-pop four-piece TOPS launched their very own Musique TOPS record label and christened it with two new singles, "Echo Of Dawn" and "Seven Minutes." And now, they're back in full force, with a new album all ready to go. I Feel Alive, the follow-up to 2017's Sugar At … More »
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Tops Dishes Up Premium Holiday Flavors

At a time of year when indulgence is the rule rather than the exception, Williamsville, N.Y. based grocer Tops has introduced several delicious seasonal premium private brand ice cream flavors perfect. Back by popular demand are two favorites – Peppermint Sleigh Ride and Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Swirl and new to the range Apple Crisp. Customers will delight in Peppermint Sleigh Ride. Crisp chocolate peppermint ice cream with white mint fudge swirls and peppermint bark pieces with no artificial ...
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TOPS – “Echo Of Dawn” & “Seven Minutes”

Two new TOPS bops are out today. The Montreal band have been pretty quiet since 2017's Sugar At The Gate -- one of our favorites of that year -- but they seem to be revving up for 2020. Or at least that's what one would assume based on the release of a new … More »
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Button-Down Shirts Are Gaining Momentum

The shirts I’m talking about today are not soft and silky button-down blouses. These button-downs — also referred to as button-through or button-up tops — are SHIRTS and there is a difference. They are more stiff than the silky blouse variety, and look more like a traditional menswear item. I know that some cotton, linen-blend, velvet and flannel shirts are soft and drapey, but when they’re in that typical menswear silhouette, they’re shirts and not blouses in my mind. This collection shows exam...
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5 Modern Fashion Basics You Need in Your Closet ASAP

Who says fashion basics have to be basic?!
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Puffy Sleeves: Yay or Nay

With the massive resurgence of ‘80s fashion, and hints of the ‘70s thrown in for good measure, puffy sleeves are on-trend. For the most part, without the shoulder pad. We saw puffy sleeves return in the early ‘00s, but not for long. This time I suspect they’ll gain more momentum because we’re living in a fashion era where almost anything goes. Puffy sleeves are gathered at the crown of the sleeve to create volume and interest. The crown of the sleeve is at the top where the armhole attaches to t...
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Four Alternatives to the Basic Knitted T-Shirt in Summer

If you enjoy wearing basic T-shirts under jackets, or with jeans, skirts or casual pants in the Summer, go for it. They are comfortable, affordable, robust, easy to launder, and very casual. Some are roomy and fluid, and others more fitted. Here’s a collection that shows what I mean when I talk about a basic T-shirt. If you don’t enjoy wearing a basic tee, but want a similar degree of ease, comfort and casualness in a knitted top, try one of these options. They are better than basic, and in som...
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3 Easy Ways to Wear Spring 2019’s Linen Trend

Easy-breezy linen is trending this year and we couldn't be more excited about it.
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The Good and Bad of Wrap Tops

Wrap tops are a classic we see every season. This season they are abundant, because the waist definition works well with oh-so trendy wide cropped pants, culottes, flares, and fuller skirts. The versions that are defined at the waist complement the high rise trend because the waists are in the same place.  I think of the wrap top as a ‘70s star although it featured well before that decade too. There are four types of wrap tops, three of which define the waist: Classic wrap tops that are hip bon...
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Nvidia fires back at Tesla's claim that it created the world's best chip for self-driving cars (TSLA, NVDA)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Monday that the electric-car maker has created the world's best fully autonomous-driving computer. But Nvidia, which also makes hardware designed for self-driving cars, said on Tuesday that Tesla made an inaccurate comparison between the companies' technologies. Tesla compared its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Computer against Nvidia's Drive Xavier computer, saying the FSD Computer has more processing power. But Nvidia said in a blog post that Tesla used the wrong Nvidia ...
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Tie-Front Tops: Fab with Summer Skirts

This top is for skirt wearers who don’t want to wear fitted tops or tucked tops with skirts, culottes or wide crops. The tie-front top is a good solution, because you wear it over bottoms thereby covering some of the waist and midsection bits. The fluid fit is breezy on hot days, and will fit an assortment of body types. The tie provides structure by shortening the length of the top, and tapering the fit to showcase the contour of the body. Of course, you can wear tie-front tops with jeans, pan...
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Warm Weather, Long Tunic

I like warm-weather tunics worn over pants and jeans when they’re extra long with hems that finish just above the kneecap, or longer than that. Some long tunics have asymmetrical hemlines with shorter lengths on one side and ankle lengths on the other. Or they’re shorter in front and longer in the back.  This collection shows the look I’m describing. These extra long tunics can be woven or knitted, sleeved or sleeveless, and any colour or pattern. Fabrics are usually soft and drapey, but can al...
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Cropped Welted Sweaters Are Fab with High-Rise Bottoms and Skirts

High-rise jeans and pants are the new normal in fashion. The point is to showcase the length of the high rise by wearing tucked and semi-tucked tops, or wearing untucked cropped sweaters.  Cropped sweaters can be very short and midriff baring, which are hard to wear unless you’re confident exposing most of the midsection. A slightly longer cropped sweater with a fluid fit and tapered welt is a much easier silhouette to wear because it covers and camouflages most of the midsection, while exposing...
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We’re in awe of the TOPS Quickie Karambit’s slender, functional design

Form follows function, as the saying goes, right? The Quickie Karambit by TOPS exploits that adage in a way that gives it quite a visual advantage. Unlike most knives with thick, grippable grips and long, sharp blades, the Quickie keeps things short and sweet. The Quickie doesn’t give you a handle to grip onto, but rather fills the negative space of your hand when you close your fingers into a fist. This gives you a sense of comfort as you hold the blade, while also resulting in a karambit that’...
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The Fabulous V-Neck

V-necklines create a V-shape below the base of the neck and on the décolletage. Sometimes garments have back V-necklines, which is fun and unexpected. V-necklines can be deep or shallow. Front V-necks that are to deep are annoying when they showcase too much cleavage, or require a camisole that interferes with the shape of the V. Back V-necks are great when they’re high enough to cover the bra strap. A top or dress with a structured shirt collar creates a V-neckline when a few of the top buttons...
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Graphic Tee Club: 7 Indie T-Shirt Brands to Add to Your Etsy Favorites

When it comes to graphic t-shirts, I’m very picky. The last decade has been heavy on the t-shirt-based wordplay, and while I’m not opposed to the idea of words on a shirt, I feel strangely about broadcasting a full sentence to the world when that space could be taken up with awesome, simple, and clever designs like the ones from these excellent indie fashion brands. Graphic t-shirts are trending hard right now – and by “right now” I mean “the last decade.” Now, you can’t walk into any single clo...
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How to Wear Four of Spring 2019's Hottest Trends

These are about to become your new go-tos. Start thinking ahead! Although Spring still seems like a long way away, the fashion world has already introduced tons of new fashion trends for Spring 2019. With all of the options out there, though, you might be wondering which ones to pay extra attention to, and also how to wear them.So, with that in mind, I've rounded up the top four spring 2019 trends that I think will be some of the hottest of the season. I have also put together an outfit for ea...
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How vers guys ‘scratch the itch’ when dating strict tops or bottoms

Versatility in the bedroom can be a selling point “like a six-figure income or well-defined lats."
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Moschino x H&M Designer Collab for Spring 2019

Some might call it cheeky, some might call it gaudy, go as far as to call it gauche – all of which would be accurate assessments of the H&M x MOSCHINO fashion collaboration. The ’90s have been en vogue for a while now, but this part of the ’90s (think Kriss Kross and Versace track suits) hasn’t exactly been represented in the fashion cycle. Until now. For those of you who grew up digesting your fashion through magazines and America’s Next Top Model, you might recognize the work of Jeremy Sco...
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Back to Body-Con Tops

Body-con tops are very fitted and a little tighter than tailored fits. They’re usually made of a knitted jersey or yarn across natural and man-made fibers. Although knitted tops and knitwear are stretchy by nature, many have a Spandex or elastane content for extra soft and comfy stretch.   Body-con tops are very tight. They cling onto the body and showcase the natural silhouette of your figure creating maximal structure. This creates the opposite effect of a fluid or oversized fit that hides you...
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Florals for Fields: Affordable Looks for Late Summer Frolics

The cusp of summer and fall is the hands-down best part of the year if you’re a fashionable farmer. Have you ever noticed how much fall fashion inspo revolves solely around beautiful women wearing wispy floral dresses in fields for seemingly no reason? I’m not sure there would even be F/W fashion editorials without your local barley farms. But hey, I’m not complaining. My Pinterest is chock-full of that crap! While I’m not a PSL person, I’m every other basic white girl stereotype when it comes t...
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Another Wallpaper Designer Collab for H&M’s Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Recently, H&M has been on an home-interior-meets-human-exterior kick. Inviting wallpaper designers to help create affordable fashion is one deep, relatively untapped well, and H&M is here with their buckets. Previously, H&M worked with Anna Glover, a wallpaper and textile designer, on a beautiful collection of bold floral prints in classic shapes. Now, they’ve tapped GP & J Baker, another Britain-based wallpaper and textile designer, for a pre-fall 2018 collection. The Nitty Gritty on the H...
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Buy: Soft Pocket Shirt

The guayabera shirt (aka Camisa de Yucatán) is a traditional Caribbean-style button-down, usually made from linen or cotton for breathability in warmer climates. This lovely take on the classic offers a streamlined silhouette that's perfect for all...... Continue Reading...
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Summer Shell to Buy, Like, Now

This jersey shell is so major!  This is how a wear-to-work shell top should be – elegant and comfortable.  The faux wrap design is chic yet practical while jersey fabric will give you a relaxed feel throughout the day at the office.  It’s a must-have top this summer as well as for coming fall to layer under your favorite jacket. Related posts: Brigitte Bardot’s Inspiring Summer-to-Fall Styles Machine Washable Summer Blazers Vacation in Style and Comfort This Summer
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Get Summer Adventure Staples During the Columbia Sportswear Spring Sale

Yeah, it’s not really spring anymore, is it? Well, regardless, we’re about to take advantage of some spring deals, and if it means I’m getting 60% off of Columbia Sportswear clothes & gear, then I will be the first in line to buy some baby chicks, get out my Easter basket, and harvest some asparagus because SPRINGTIME IS MY FAVORITE. Really all they mean by “spring deals” is that they’re putting their warm-weather gear on bigtime sale. After all, they’ll be loaded up with cold-weather fall gear ...
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21 Statement Tops Guaranteed To Turn Heads

So it looks like this summer is going to be a great one! With a three month heatwave promised, it’s said this will be the hottest summer in 12 years. Yay! We definitely deserve it after the horror that was the Beast from the East. But what does this mean for our wardrobes? Well, we’ll have 3 months to shine in statement making outfits. And what better way to turn heads than in a standout top? Whether you opt for a one-shoulder, strapless, cropped or sleeveless, let your top do the talking this ...
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