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Australia Has Venomous Snakes, Spiders, and… Trees

Notorious stinging trees from Australia cause agonizing pain that can linger for weeks and even months. New research suggests this nettle relative is actually venomous, producing a toxin not unlike the venom of spiders.Read more...
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Herbicide, Lead, and Other Poisons Found in Bodies of Stranded Dolphins and Whales

New research shows the startling degree to which stranded dolphins and whales found along the southeastern U.S. coast are contaminated with pollutants.Read more...
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More Toxic Lead Fell From Notre Dame Fire Than Originally Reported

The tragic Notre Dame cathedral fire last year produced more lead fallout than was initially reported by French authorities, potentially putting nearby residents at risk, new research suggests.Read more...
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This Snake-Like Amphibian Might Actually Pack a Venomous Bite

Scientists have detected snake-like dental glands in caecilians, which means these serpentine creatures might actually be venomous—an unheard of trait among amphibians.Read more...
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UN special rapporteur on the environment joins local air pollution case

The state is facing a court battle about big industry’s emissions and their link to poor health. This is a public health concern and the government must take action to save lives The post UN special rapporteur on the environment joins local air pollution case appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Snake Venom Didn't Evolve for Self-Defense, New Study Finds

Snakes use their venom for both offensive and defensive purposes, but new research suggests this ability initially appeared as a strategy for attacking prey, not for self-defense.Read more...
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USDA mushroom test strips

Foraging for mushrooms in the woods is fun and all, until you accidentally ingest a poisonous mushroom and need an emergency trip to the hospital. According to the Mycological Association, of the 10,000 different large fungi in North America, fewer than 100 are “dangerously poisonous,” but those can prove fatal to both humans and animals. To help identify toxic mushrooms, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) has developed a portable test strip that...
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Upside-Down Jellyfish Release Weaponized Goo Packed With Toxic ‘Grenades’

Swimmers in warm coastal regions often exhibit sting-like symptoms despite not coming into direct contact with venomous animals such as jellyfish. Scientists have now pinpointed the cause of these “stinging waters” to a particular jellyfish equipped with its own weaponized mucus.Read more...
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How to properly and safely dispose of these 10 items in your home

Toxic chemicals, e-waste, light bulbs and batteries are just a few common household items that exit our homes and can end up in the landfill, where they may or may not break down or leach into the soil and water. Equally concerning is the potential for broken glass and chemicals to cause problems to sanitation workers, the water system and wildlife. Even when you make the best purchasing decisions upfront, you will eventually find yourself with toxic household waste. Before tossing items in the ...
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Here Are the Safest and Most Effective Sunscreens

The Environmental Working Group released its annual ranking of the safest and most effective sunscreens, just as the Food and Drug Administration is finalizing its sunscreen rules
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E-Cigarettes May Be Contaminated With Microbial Toxins, Study Finds

E-cigarette fans at this point might be getting used to bad news about the chemicals found in their products. A new study out Wednesday adds another potential, if still very unclear, risk to the list. It suggests that many e-cigarette cartridges and refilling e-liquids are contaminated with toxins spewed out by…Read more...
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Are you accidentally eating the toxic parts of fruits and veggies?

Nearly every reference to healthy eating will list fresh fruits and vegetables at the top of the must-eat list. That’s no surprise, considering that together, they can provide nearly every vitamin and mineral a body needs. While some produce options can be gobbled up from the outer skin to the inner seed, there are parts of certain fruits and vegetables that contain dangerous substances. While most of these substances are not toxic in small doses, they can definitely make you sick, especially i...
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Desperately Horny Australian Cane Toads Ride Snake Train to Sex Town

Are these invasive cane toads waterlogged, or just really, really thirsty? The below photo, captured by one Andrew Mock of Kununurra in northern Australia, shows 10 cane toads riding out a storm that dumped nearly 70mm of rain by hitching themselves to the back of an approximately 3.5-meter python,
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New Study Details All the Toxic Shit Spewed Out by 3D Printers

Researchers have that found that 3D printers spew tiny particles into the air as they operate, though the quantity and nature of these potentially toxic aerosols are poorly understood. A new study identifies a startling variety of these emissions, and the conditions under which they’re produced. Read more...
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New Study Details Toxic Particles Spewed by 3D Printers

Researchers have that found that 3D printers spew tiny particles into the air as they operate, though the quantity and nature of these potentially toxic aerosols are poorly understood. A new study identifies a startling variety of these emissions, and the conditions under which they’re produced.Read more...
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Win $2 Million to Solve Alzheimer’s: New Prize Will Reward Fresh Ideas

San Antonio — A Texas billionaire is funding a new competition that will give $4 million to seven individuals who present promising ideas about the cause of Alzheimer’s disease and say they’ll work to prove it.Called the Oskar Fischer Project, the program will give the grand prize winner $2 million of the total, while two others receive $500,000 each, and four more get $250,000 apiece. To top it off, the money comes without requirements to complete the project or to make specific determinations...
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Peanut Butter artificially sweetened with Xylitol is dangerous for your dog

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is relatively well tolerated by most people.  It is in lots of "sugar-free" or artificially sweetened products, from candy to gum to nutritional supplements like melatonin. Now there are a few brands of peanut butter that contain it.  Xylitol in pets can cause life-threatening episodes of low blood sugar, and can cause severe, even fatal liver damage. Here's a link to more about the Xylitol in some peanut butter:
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Even ‘Non-Toxic’ Nail Polish May Contain Harmful Chemicals, Study Says

You might not know what's in your bottle
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Does the Air We Breathe Affect Our Brains?

Many of us are aware that pollution can have detrimental effects on our health, specifically in relation to respiratory and cardiovascular issues. Studies have shown that living in an area of bad air quality significantly raises our risk of developing heart disease, having a stroke, and being affected by breathing problems. In fact, when the World Health Organization delved into the issue of air pollution in 2016 , they found that 92% of the world’s population breathes unhealthy air — a ...
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Toxins In The Home: What You Don’t Know Might Kill You

You're reading Toxins In The Home: What You Don’t Know Might Kill You, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Poisoning is the number one cause of injury-related deaths in the United States, and 91% of incidents occur in our very own homes. Unintentional poisoning can occur in a number of ways, potentially harming our health as well as our loved ones. In an effort to reduce the numbe...
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Poisonous Books Discovered in Danish University Library

Something is toxic in the state of Denmark, as a pair of researchers recently discovered while archiving books at a university library.Read more...
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Senator Dianne Feinstein Proposes Bill to Get Hormone-Disrupting Phthalates Out of Food Packaging

Noted GMG fave Senator Feinstein (D-CA) is set to wage a new crusade in a wake of a sobering study published this week: She wants to get hormone-disrupting chemicals known as phthalates out of our food packaging.Read more...
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Many Restaurant Meals Come With a Side of Hormone-Disrupting Phthalates

The more you dine out, the more you’re getting exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals known as phthalates, suggests a new study published Wednesday in the journal Environment International.Read more...
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UK Authorities to People Who Came Near Suspected Russian Nerve Agent: Please Wash Your Clothes

British authorities have advised members of the public who may have been in attendance at a pub or a restaurant in Salisbury, England to wash their clothes and clean personal items with wet wipes after a former Russian spy, his daughter, and a police officer were found poisoned with a nerve agent.Read more...
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Coffee in California May Soon Come with a Cancer Warning

It contains acrylamide, a possible carcinogen
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YouTube Is Taking Down ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ Videos

At least 39 people have eaten the colorful laundry detergent pods
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Japanese City Triggers Emergency Broadcast System After Supermarket Accidentally Sells Deadly Blowfish

The Japanese city of Gamagori in the Aichi Prefecture went into full alert mode earlier today after a batch of potentially deadly fugu fish was sold to customers at a local supermarket.Read more...
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