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34% Off Qwixx – A Fast Family Dice Game {Amazon}

This Amazon Choice looks like a fun game to keep the family entertained! Get this Qwixx – A Fast Family Dice Game for 34% off the regular price! Ships free with Prime or orders $25+ Description: This quick-playing dice game will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end! Qwixx is... Read More
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Transformers XL ReAction Devastator Figure Images and Details

The evil Decepticon combiner known as Devastator, towers over his foes as the first 6 inch tall ReAction figure! Devastator comes armed with his magma laser on a matching larger card back featuring new retro-style art!From Super7, the Transformers are joining the ReAction retro figure line. Based on the classic G1 animation, the Devastator XL ReAction figure is deluxe sized and features five points of articulation.
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TruJump 12′ Trampoline, with Water Anchors, Spin-N-Light, and Enclosure, only $249.99 Delivered from Walmart (reg. $399.99)

  Looking for a trampoline? Walmart has a deal for you, so get the kids some more outdoor play time! Get this TruJump 12′ Trampoline, with Water Anchors, Spin-N-Light, and Enclosure, for only $249.99 Delivered from Walmart (reg. $399.99) Free delivery by August 28 or free in store pickup. Description: TruJump wanted to design an... Read More
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Takara Transformers New Cybertronian Tetra Jet Coming Soon? Who Could it Be?

Takara's social channel TF_pr are teasing another Cybertronian seeker mold, but this may actually be a new color instead of just a Japan release of a Hasbro toy. Judging from their comments that this is a character we have been waiting for, it is hopefully one of the few other colors we've not seen yet.
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Fans Hobby MB-16A Machine Eagle Production Images Compare with

Fans Hobby has shared what look like final production images of their MB-16A Machine Eagle figure that is their unofficial Machine Wars Optimus Prime colors edition. This is a recolor the previously released Master Builder MB-16 Lightning Eagle that came in the G2 Thunderclash theme colors. See more details in images from Fans Hobby here.
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Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Vol 3 Japanese Edition Cover Released

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Dr Wu Workshop DW-P51 Chatter New Tape Bots Duo Images

Dr Wu Workshop have released new images of their DW-P51 Chatter set that are a pair of unofficial tape bots made after Beastbox and Sqauktalk. The prototype images show the different modes and the compatibility with the SIEGE Soundwave tape compartment. These should be available in January 2021 for about $16 USD.
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TF Collector Cyberverse Seekers Sinister Strikeforce Review!

The Cyberverse seekers are out in force!
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Transformers / Marvel Incredible Hulk Crossover Figure Review by Rodimusbill

Since all the talk of Transformers crossovers I though I'd look back to 2010 with Marvel. A bulldozer that transforms into the Incredible Hulk and back.

Transformers / Marvel Incredible Hulk Crossover Figure by Rodimusbill

Since all the talk of Transformers crossovers I though I'd look back to 2010 with Marvel. A bulldozer that transforms into the Incredible Hulk and back.
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It's Beginning to look a lot like..Jazz? : Hallmark Keepsake 2020 Jazz By GotBot

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Transformers War For Cybertron Earthrise Doubledealer Review By Kato's Kollection

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APC Toys APC-02 Dark Master TFP Megatron In-Hand Review by PrimeVsPrime

I have been eyeing this figure ever since it was announced by APC Toys. APC-02 Dark Master TFP Megatron is so shiny and dripping with Energon goodness its a real eye catcher. Thanks to this timely review by PrimeVsPrime, we have an in-hand review of this toy to give us the scoop on it on in the review below.
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TFNation The Big Broadcast of 2020 Digital Attendee Pack Update

The shows must go on, as strange as it has been having to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The many canceled conventions have made it a more more fun by hosting their own virtual events for fans to stay engaged. TFNation have just posted an update about precisely that with their special 2020 Digital Attendee that even includes a wrist band and name badge to make fans feel more at home.
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CS Collectibles: DC Direct, Plus Batman Animated & More!

CS Collectibles: DC Direct, Plus Batman Animated & More! Hello and welcome to the latest edition of CS Collectibles ,’s newest weekly column that brings you the best in premium collectibles! Find out all the latest on statues, figures, posters, cards, eBay deals, Amazon deals & much more below! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admira...
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Daily Prime - Optimus Prime Magic Action Picture Wallet

The Transformers was such a big hit in 1984 that became a huge licensing opportunity for Hasbro who worked with probably hundreds of companies to make everything else beyond the toys. From Apparel to tents, I am always amazed at what was officially produced by companies in partnership with Hasbro in the boom times after the cartoon debuted.
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Back in Stock! Nintendo – Switch 32GB Console – Neon Red/Neon Blue Joy-Con $299.99 Shipped at Best Buy!

  These have been sold out everywhere!  Get a Switch now at Best Buy! Get a Nintendo – Switch 32GB Console – Neon Red/Neon Blue Joy-Con for $299.99 Shipped today. Don’t wait! These will SELL OUT! Ships free $35+ or pick it up free (Not available for pick up everywhere, may only be shipped, depending on... Read More
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After 22 Years, DC Direct/DC Collectibles is No More

After 22 years, DC Direct/DC Collectibles is no more Just two weeks ahead of DC Comics’ big online Fandome event, mass layoffs at Warner Bros decimated the entire company. As a result, it looks like streaming service DC Universe’s days are numbered. And collectibles division DC Direct, previously also known as DC Collectibles, is done altogether, per The Hollywood Reporter. The company’s recent most popular lines included a 6-inch series of Batman animated figures, and 7-inch DC Comics based ...
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Transformers vs Terminator Issue 3 Arcee and Velocity Designs by Alex Milne

Hasbro and Takara has been delivering the Arcee products this year in MasterPiece, Cyberverse and Earthrise. Now we're getting a fourth treat that may be the best looking of the lot. Behold the Transformers vs Terminator Issue #3 Arcee as a 1983 Ford Mustang, designed by Alex Milne. This may be the most sporty of the three with a really slick design that I would love to see as an Alternators toy.
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Toy Fair 1995 Transformers G2 Toy Showcase with Unreleased Optimus Prime and Megatrons!

We're going back in time to Toy Fair 1995 where Hasbro was showing off their latest products for the Transformers Generation 2 series. Get a retro look at Go-Bots, Cyberjets, Laser Cycles, Auto Rollers, unreleased Combat Heroes Optimus Prime and Megatron, Triple Changer Megatron, Laser Optimus Prime, and finally the Combat Heroes Optimus Prime and Megatron TV commercial.
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Transformers Vs The Terminator Issue 3 Comic Book Preview

Transformers vs. The Terminator #3The T-800’s mission is simple: Exterminate the Cybertronians and ensure the future belongs to SKYNET. When Optimus Prime offers his aid, suggesting they go after Megatron together, the T-800 faces his toughest decision yet. Is the enemy of his enemy his friend, or just another threat to the mission?AUTHORS - David Mariotte and OthersGENRE - Comics & Graphic NovelsAVAILABLE - August 19, 2020LANGUAGE - EnglishLENGTH - 35 PagesPUBLISHER - IDW PublishingSIZE - 3...
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Takara Transformers Earthrise Battle Master Doublecrosser Official In-Hand Images

Takara social channel TF_pr has posted new in-hand images of their Transformers Earthrise Battle Master Doublecrosser figures.
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Dr Wu's Workshop Iron Eater Figures in Black and White

Dr Wu's Workshop have shared images of a hungry new accessory for your transforming fun. The Iron Eater Figures DW-P10 White and DW-P10B Black look a lot like the Cyberverse Scraplets. These will be available in September 2020 for $ 9.
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K’NEX Thrill Rides 438 Piece Space Invasion Roller Coaster Building Set With Ride It App For Just $16.52 From Amazon!

K’NEX Thrill Rides 438 Piece Space Invasion Roller Coaster Building Set With Ride It App For Just $16.52 From Amazon! This was selling for $37.61 before the price started to drop and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.   Contains 438 Parts & Pieces App Integration Motorized Chain Lift HT: jack6941.
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Save up to 70% on Select Dolls & Accessories Disney, L.O.L, Puppy Surprise, & More!

Check out these toy gift ideas at Amazon. Save up to 70% on Select Dolls & Accessories   For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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Transformers Earthrise Micromasters Fuzer & Blast Master In-Hand Review by PrimeVsPrime

PrimeVsPrime is ready for lift-off with his latest timely in-hand review of the Transformers Earthrise Micromaster Fuzer & Blast Master set. We all love the Space Shuttle, so the Astro Squad is definitely a must-have pack. Watch the video to learn more about the good and bad of the latest addition to the Earthrise line.
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TransArt Toys Skateboard Gorilla More Than Meets the Scale

Being an Optimus Prime collector, I have mad respect for ShentuToybox who's always posting fabulous images of his Optimus Prime and Primal collection. His latest batch of images give us a retrospective look at the TransArt Toys Skateboard Gorilla on its own and compared with the original and previous Transmetal Optimus Prime releases.
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Transformers Earthrise Bluestreak Stock In-Box Image

Thanks to In-Demand toys, we have another image of the Transformers Earthrise Bluestreak figure. This one is in the box and in robot mode of what looks like the retail production image, not another rendering. We also can see this is the Prowl mold being used, not the Smokescreen one shown in the rendering.
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