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Stranded commuters say Ramaphosa’s rail promises ring hollow

Cape Town’s largest passenger rail line has been closed for months, hitting people’s pockets and adding to road traffic congestion The post Stranded commuters say Ramaphosa’s rail promises ring hollow appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Amtrak Tickets Are Buy One Get One Free This Weekend

Train travel can be a relaxing, low-stress way to get around the country while also catching some of it out your window during your journey.Read more...
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The most remote train journeys

Train travel has a fresh spotlight on the tourism stage thanks to movements in slow and sustainable travel. One of our greenest choices, trains make us nomads back on the ground level. It’s a strange, meditative speed with ample time to process and daydream. Trains also allow us to roam where roads don’t go and gaze on things planes don’t see. These epic train adventures epitomize this spirit, giving us the best of both journey and destination. 1. Trans-Siberian Railway — Russia, Mongolia, a...
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Amtrak is returning to Gulf Coast

Amtrak hasn’t visited the Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina hit the area 15 years ago. Given the abundance of alternative transportation options like highways and cheap flights, Amtrak’s return to the area seemed unlikely. But City Council members in Mobile, Alabama, just voted for the return of the Sunset Limited — the train that once traveled along the Gulf Coast — and those who frequently traveled on the old route are sure to feel a bit nostalgic. The vote would bring back a portion of th...
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Bizarre Vintage Photos Of Steam Engines After A Boiler Explosion From The Late 19th And Early 20th Centuries

There are many causes for boiler explosions such as poor water treatment causing scaling and over heating of the plates, low water level, a stuck safety valve, or even a furnace explosion that in turn, if severe enough, can cause a boiler explosion. Poor operator training resulting in neglect or other mishandling of the boiler has been a frequent cause of explosions since the beginning of the... Source
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Beware: Polaroids of You in the 70s Could Now Be Made Hi-Def

Reddit user Shir_man has posted this video, in which he says he’s used neural networks to “upgrade” the classic Lumière Brothers film L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat (translated into English as Oh Look, Train’s Here) to 4K and 60 FPS. (If the YouTube thumbnail didn’t give that last part away.) I tried to find the original resolution and frame rate, but I couldn’t find it documented. I assume it was 0.0001K and 5.5 FPS or something. See for yourself: Now the rea...
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New Shinkansen will travel at 311mph

Getting from Tokyo to Osaka is a two and a half hour journey, but soon — well, in 17 years — it might take just 67 minutes. A new initiative called the Linear Project is being developed by the Japan Railways Group to facilitate travel across Japan at record-breaking speeds. The project would revolve around the Linear bullet train, which initially runs on wheels before gathering enough speed to retract its wheels and continue running while levitating four inches above the ground. The eliminati...
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Incredible aerial video of a Bangkok market set up on a railway track

This video of Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok was shot in time-lapse but it's clear that people have to shake a leg when a train comes chugging through. View this post on Instagram Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok By @demas . Follow @outofmind #bangkokthailand #railwaystation #foodmarket #trainride #aerialview #transporter A post shared by OutofMind (@outofmind) on Jan 9, 2020 at 1:23pm PST ...
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Streamliners: Locomotives And Bullet Trains In The Age Of Speed And Style

A streamliner is a vehicle incorporating streamlining in a shape providing reduced air resistance. The term is applied to high-speed railway trainsets of the 1930s to 1950s, and to their successor “bullet trains”. Less commonly, the term is applied to fully faired recumbent bicycles. As part of the Streamline Moderne trend, the term was applied to passenger cars, trucks... Source
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 24 January 2020

Magnificent Dunrobin Castle also features a wonderful falconry demonstration in its lovely gardens. Come on this year’s Scotland Tour and enjoy this with us. Good morningIt has been a terrible week on two fronts.  Boeing announced a massive delay in when they are guessing the 737 MAX might be recertified to fly again, with the earlier February hope now being shifted to “mid-year” with nothing more than a fingers-crossed belief that this means June or July.  That’s another four or five months o...
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Male University Student Arrested For Reaching Into Schoolgirl’s Skirt

A fourth year university student was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault after allegedly putting his hand inside the skirt of a high school girl while riding a train, an act that will no doubt ruin his college career. The 22-year-old male student was attending the University of Tokyo and was accused of inserting his […]
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How Amtrak Trains Have Changed

Read the full article on at - How Amtrak Trains Have Changed I remain a huge proponent of train travel, but Amtrak is still having problems making money.   On long-haul routes, Amtrak has now begun jettisoning its dining cars, one of the oldest traditions of the American railroad.   And sleeper cars on some unprofitable routes may be next to go. Amtrak is also considering ending... The post How Amtrak Trains Have Changed appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 10 January 2020

What are these amazing and enormous creatures (not horses)? They’re something we’ll see on one of this year’s Travel Insider Tours. See the following article for details on the tours and what they feature. Good morningWe’re now definitely into the third decade of the 21st century, but I’m still captivated by the special feeling that the number 2020 gives me.  I hope your special year is shaping up to indeed be special, in the most positive meaning of the term.Talking about special, I am trying...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 3 January 2020

Only on a Travel Insider tour do you see a deluxe motor-coach traveling on dirt tracks, taking us to special places well off the beaten path! Good morningI’m loving typing “2020”.  It seems such a “special” number, compared to 2019 and 2021, and most other years too.  I’ve decided to consider it as “a year of clarity”, because of its link to the concept of 20:20 vision.  Let’s hope that some of our political leaders and other public policy promoters may be blessed with an iota more clarity tha...
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Pedestrian fatally struck by train in North Hollywood

A train fatally struck a pedestrian in North Hollywood on Monday, Dec. 30. The collision happened at about 7:53 p.m. near Sherman Way, between Whitsett Avenue and Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Los Angeles Fire Department officials said in a Tweet. Further details regarding the circumstances of the crash or the identity of the person who died were not immediately released. #CardiacArrest; INC#1415; 7:53PM; 12323 W Sherman Wy;; #NorthHollywood; Train (reported as Amtrak) versus...
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Japanese Man Questioned For Bringing a Concealed Knife on the Train

An innocent man riding on the JR Keiyou Line in Japan was questioned by both staff and the police for bringing a knife with him onto the public transport, despite the fact that the kitchen tool was hidden from sight in a case. According to the JR East Chiba branch office, train staff were informed […]
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Metrolink’s rail-building program would add 1.3 million jobs, $684 billion to economy in next 30 years

While the state is pouring money into ways to free up the freeways and clean the air in time for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, there are two other likely benefits: jobs and economic growth. Metrolink, the five-county Southern California commuter rail service, will add 1.3 million jobs and inject about $684 billion into the local economy through 2050 as a result of its rail improvement program, according to a report from the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation released ...
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Tennessee Valley Christmas train

It’s not exactly the real Polar Express to the North Pole, but it’s probably the closest you’ll get outside of an animated movie. To ring in the Christmas season, the Tennessee Valley Railroad is having a special Christmas-themed round-trip train ride from Chattanooga, where you’ll get more than your dose of holiday cheer (and alcoholic beverages). Photo: Tennessee Valley Railroad The Nightcaps with St. Nick experience departs from Chattanooga’s Grand Junction Depot, and takes guests on a 7...
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Book Review : London’s Underground

The cover artwork for the hardcover book “London’s Underground”. Many of us – particularly men – are fascinated by transportation technology and enjoy some of the backstory to the travel and transportation services that otherwise can be taken for granted, and to glimpse the original glamor and excitement that surrounds things that have become, through familiarity and overuse, drab and mundane.Here’s a book that is sure to delight such people (myself included).  It is a beautifully designed and...
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A freight train's emergency brake is applied at 40 MPH. How long does it take to stop?

This video captures a freight train engaging its emergency brake (about 2m in) and grinding slowly to a stop. Momentum is everything... until it's nothing.
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VIDEO: Riding Norway’s Spectacular Flam Railway

I’m in love with train travel. I never miss an opportunity to ride the rails. During my many years as a travel writer and photographer, I’ve been blessed to take some of the world’s most spectacular train rides. I rode the El Chepe train through Mexico’s Copper Canyon, enjoyed magnificent scenery on the TranzAlpine Express route between Christchurch and Greymouth on New Zealand’s South Island, took the train from Cusco, Ecuador to Machu Picchu, and rode the Bernina Express train over the Swiss A...
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High-speed railway in Tallinn

Estonia is soon to be super connected to its neighbors (Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland) thanks to a new high-speed rail system: Rail Baltica. Getting from Tallinn to Vilnius will be as swift as can be (three hours and 38 minutes) and cost just 38 euros (about 42 USD). And to make sure the many passengers that will arrive in Tallinn via train understand how cool a city the Estonian capital is, it’s getting a cutting-edge train station designed by none other than Zaha Hadid Architects. Photo:...
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Fire near Metrolink tracks in El Monte temporarily halts trains

A fire that scorched a pile of railroad ties near Metrolink tracks in El Monte forced several trains to halt their travel Tuesday evening, briefly stranding hundreds of riders, authorities said. The Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to a call about an outdoor fire at about 6:20 p.m. and found a pile of railroad ties burning north of the tracks in the area of Central Avenue and Valley Boulevard, said Melinda Choi, a supervising dispatcher with the department. Firefighters extinguished ...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 15 November, 2019

Can you spot the error in this photo? Hint : Your life might depend on it. The answer is in the article about flight safety briefings, below. Good morningHappy birthdays this week to two of our favorite airlines.  Hawaiian Airlines turned 90, and Qantas turned 99.The relentless buildup of anticipation prior to Black Friday has been continuing apace this week, including most of the major online and bricks and mortar retailers already pre-releasing details of what they’ll be discounting.I’ve bee...
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The best winter train trips

Winter is one of those things best viewed from afar. Like, as long as you can just sit back with a hot cocoa and enjoy soft falling snow, it’s pretty darned charming. But once you have to go outside and shovel your car out from under a few feet of snow in a driving ice storm, it loses a little of that romantic luster. So what better way to experience winter than a soothing train ride through alpine wonderlands? Where you can step into a heated dome car, take in all that snowy beauty, and neve...
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Train driver’s view

Probably because I associate trains with holidays when we were growing up I love trains. One time many years ago I even got to ride a diesel-electric locomotive hauling a passenger train in India — a rare treat. Thanks to YouTube, these days you can get a virtual ride in a locomotive. My favorite train-driver’s … Continue reading "Train driver’s view"
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Emissions-free cement, a women-only spacewalk, Soviet-era train stations, a very rare diamond and more from around the web Google Maps Adds Vocal Guidance for Visually Impaired Users Now available on Google Maps iOS and Android apps (one day after World Sight Day), a more detailed voice feature will now update and guide visually impaired people more effectively. To turn on the feature, access the settings …
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Christopher Herwig’s Photographs of Soviet Train Stations

From Kyivska’s Kharkiv Metro to Moscow’s Tulskaya stop, Christopher Herwig photographs Soviet-era train stations all over Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and beyond. The project (and now book) follows his previous endeavor photographing bus stations, and the result is quite stunning. Whether featuring opulent chandeliers and luxurious marble or mosaics celebrating hard work, each subterranean scene is a peek behind what was the Iron Curtain. See more …
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Scores of rail fanatics welcome Union Pacific’s historic Big Boy locomotive to Colton

Like most his age, Steve McFerson is a little too young to recall the time when passenger train travel was king. But at 55, he’s old enough to appreciate the era. Now treasurer of the Southern California Chapter of The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, a rail preservation group that operates the RailGiants Train Museum at Fairplex in Pomona, McFerson meets scores of people enamored with vintage engines. Train enthusiasts Isaiah Maynard, 30, from Santa Paula, gets a close up look at ...
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Maitetsu: Pure Station Trailer Glowing With Charm

The impending PS4 and Nintendo Switch ports of train-centric visual novel Maitetsu: Pure Station have led to the release of a new trailer, sure to have many wondering why consumers would want to play an eroge stripped of all its sex scenes (and on console as well). The musical trailer introducing all of the delightful […]
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