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Sotsugyou XX Densha Rife With Sexy Opportunities

Those devoting their time to the Sotsugyou XX Densha series will be curious as to what happens in the imminent fourth episode considering the happenings that took place in the third episode, with the male protagonist having the chance to breed two women at once. The PV implies that even more sex on the train […]
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Use This Map to Find Out About Bus and Train Travel Restrictions

Over the past six months, discussions surrounding COVID travel options have primarily focused on the safety of flying, and the return of the road trip. But where does that leave people who primarily travel via train or bus? We’re not talking about safety issues on mass transit (though that is important to consider),…Read more...
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New York announces $50 fine for anyone who rides the subway, bus, or train without a mask

Subway riders seen wearing face covering. Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images A new executive order, effective September 14, enables authorities to fine anyone riding public transit in New York without a mask. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he hopes this will help keep mask compliance high. New York is the first major city to enact a monetary fine for those who don't use masks on public transit. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  While masks have been mandatory on New York...
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Sotsugyou XX Densha’s Sad Protagonist Finally Takes Action

Sotsugyou XX Densha has continued to be unspeakably depressing as the male protagonist discloses more intimate memories from the past involving his teacher, his buildup of emotions reaching a peak as the sad individual finally takes his fantasies to the real world. Omake:
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Government offices and services closures on Sept. 7 for Labor Day in the LA area

  Mural “Industries of California” by Ralph Stackpole at Coit Tower, San Francisco. (Photo by DSdugan/Creative Commons CCO 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication)     Government offices – Los Angeles city and county, national and state – and courts, libraries and schools are normally closed for the Labor Day holiday. Here is a sampling of other services that are closed, have an altered service or are on a regular schedule on Sept. 7. Banks: Closed, as are New York Stock Exchange markets. Ma...
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What is a "Bomb Train" and why has the Trump administration legalized them?

From Rolling Stone: A new Trump administration rule relaxing guidelines that govern the transport of liquefied natural gas could create "bomb trains" with enough explosive power to level whole cities, environmental groups say. A coalition of organizations led by the nonprofit Earthjustice has sued the administration, challenging the rule, which is scheduled to go into effect on Monday.  Separately, 14 states and the District of Columbia are also suing the Trump administration to review the ru...
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Freeway gridlock is back and traffic is returning to pre-pandemic levels, new report shows

When the coronavirus pandemic hit in the spring, Southern Californians could point to a silver lining of free-flowing freeways and near-empty thoroughfares. Not anymore. A new study by the Southern California Association of Governments, a six-county planning agency, documented a massive drop in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) that since mid-May has nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels. Making matters worse, the matching plunge in bus and train ridership during the last two weeks of March and thro...
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Man in background of news segment misses train

I don't know what this fellow is saying, but I surmise that it's along the lines of "Unfortunately I have missed the train to Stockholm! Now I shall have to wait for the next departure."
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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Playing So Many Games

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! has spent more time playing with the charming Uzaki as she and her senpai play a Pokemon Go clone, try on some eyewear, get close and comfortable on a train, and even play a Minecraft parody; the creator of the series clearly having a distinct passion for video games. Omake:
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Sotsugyou XX Densha Constantly Using the Same Tricks

The monotonous formula of Sotsugyou XX Densha will likely be causing the interest of watchers to dissipate as the erotic animation’s third episode has once again followed the usual sequence of “molest teacher on train”, “remember past events”, repeat. Those tolerant of the lacking artstyle might find the repetitive nature of the show to be […]
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45-Year-Old Male Arrested for Bumping Into Women at Railway Station

A video that gained attention online two years ago for containing footage of a man purposefully bumping into women as he walked through a railway station has at long last led to his arrest. The male in the video could be seen walking towards women and bumping into them at a JR Shinjuku Station, which […]
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All about ekiben

“I think food , culture, people, and landscape are all absolutely inseparable,” said the late Anthony Bourdain. In Japan, those three inseparable qualities can be found in ekiben, the iconic packed lunch that has served as a trusted travel companion for almost two centuries. Ekiben is a popular quick meal that’s neatly packed in a beautiful box. While the food in an ekiben varies, generally each has a balanced combination of meat or fish, vegetables, and rice, and also comes with chopsticks. ...
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What government offices and other services are closed on July 3-4 for July 4th holiday in Los Angeles

  Rows of golf cart floats pass out packs of gum, beads and leis during a July Fourth Parade in Valley Village on Thursday, July 4, 2019. (Photo by Ed Crisostomo, Contributing Photographer)   Government offices – Los Angeles city and county, national and state – and courts and libraries are normally closed for the Fourth of July. Here is a sampling of other services that are closed, have altered service or are on a regular schedule on July 3-4. Banks: New York Stock Exchange markets are clo...
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Sotsugyou XX Densha Rapes & Remembers

Sotsugyou XX Densha has hounded the sexy sensei from the last episode as the male protagonist once again sexually assaults her in public on the train, recounting past memories of her in-between the act, such as when he copulated with her in a bathroom stall. Omake:
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Traintrackr is a light-up circuit-board map of the London Underground or Boston Metro

Traintrackr is a powered circuit board showing a map of the London Underground, lighting up in real time to show train positions on 333 stations on all 12 main lines. It connects to the tube's API for live location data every second. The board is 400mm x 300mm and sells for £249. (There's also the Boston Metro)
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Amtrak Plans to End Daily Service on Almost All Long-Distance Train Routes

Amtrak has announced its plan end daily train service of almost all its long-distance trains.  The service cut is scheduled to begin on October 1, 2020 and continue at least through until summer 2021.  Amtrak trains affected by service cut The excuse given by Amtrak Read More The post Amtrak Plans to End Daily Service on Almost All Long-Distance Train Routes appeared first on .
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Sotsugyou XX Densha Can’t Resist a Curvaceous Woman

Sotsugyou XX Densha’s obsession with the main thick heroine causes the male protagonist to sexually abuse her on the train yet again, though, watchers will likely be hoping that the twist from the first episode won’t make a reappearance… The PV also indicates that viewers will be further acquainted with the male protagonist’s past erotic […]
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Best train travel routes in the US

It’s time to mix up the classic US road trip or the flyover bypass blitz. Train travel is making a comeback. There’s the old school romance and allure of riding the rails. But there’s also ditching a driver, not having to pull over to use the bathroom, ample legroom, and no TSA. Train travel’s carbon footprint is minuscule compared to flying or driving, so there’s no green guilt. Best of all, the US rail routes hit craveable bucket-list destinations across the nation. So heed the whistle and ...
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TNT's Snowpiercer Is Like an Apocalyptic Law & Order Spin-Off Set on a Train

TNT’s adaptation of Snowpiercer chugs along similar narrative tracks as both Bong Joon-ho’s film of the same name and Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette’s graphic novel Le Transperceneige, which inspired both live-action stories. Within moments of the TV series’ premiere episode, though, you can see that it’s a train…Read more...
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When Can Tourists Visit Malaysia After Covid-19?

If you are planning to travel to Malaysia in the near future, you should take note that because of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, Malaysia has closed its borders since the 18th of March 2020. For those planning to travel here, you would want to know when can tourists visit Malaysia after the Covid-19 so you can start making your plans. When Can Tourists and Travelers Visit Malaysia After Covid-19? Update 7th June 2020 - The Prime Minister of Malaysia has issued an RMCO or Rec...
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Sotsugyou XX Densha Ravages a Train Woman With No Consequences

A graduated failure has tried to reminisce in the first episode of the erotic Sotsugyou XX Densha as he encounters a woman on the train that looks like a beloved teacher he would regularly copulate with, causing him to enact his lust on the unsuspecting woman – though, the ending may have watchers feeling rather […]
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Maimed Man Arrested for Smearing Blood All Over Train Seats

A panicked man said to have been injured before climbing onto a Shinkansen (bullet train) was arrested after intentionally smearing what was believed to be blood across several seats, which he did because he grew frustrated with the staff’s response to his plea for help. The 61-year-old Tokyo man complained to staff that he had […]
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A train engineer in California took the Trolley Problem way too literally and did it bad

Around 1pm on Tuesday, March 31, a 44-year-old train engineer named Eduardo Moreno allegedly derailed a train at full-speed, careening it towards the USNS Mercy, a Navy medical ship for COVID-19 patients that was anchored in the Port of Los Angeles. Fortunately, Moreno's train never actually reached the boat and no one was hurt, although did crash through some concrete barriers and leak a substantial amount of fuel into the parking lot. According to ABC News: Moreno allegedly told officers and F...
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Sotsugyou XX Densha Molests a Girl on the Train in Public

Those who favor trains for a reason that likely wouldn’t come up in normal conversation have found themselves catered to in the erotic animation Sotsugyou XX Densha, as the first episode has a particularly thick and bespectacled beauty being abused on a train in front of all the other passengers. A small sampling of the […]
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Erotic MMD Animation Making the Coronavirus Sexy

Likely failing to phase veterans of erotic content, a new MikuMikuDance animation seeking to relieve those in isolation due to the current dire times has comically made use of the Coronavirus plague itself, transforming it into a futanari girl of sorts only visible to people who have contracted the disease. The shameless animation depicts what […]
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Free rides help Southern California bus agencies combat coronavirus

For many transit agencies in Southern California, a free ride translates into a safer ride during the new coronavirus pandemic. What does one have to do with the other? It has to do with keeping your distance. Since fare boxes are always at the front of the bus next to the driver, requiring riders to deposit money or tap the electronic pad with a pass violates social distancing guidelines the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and county health agencies have issued to slow the spread of ...
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Metrolink to reduce service by 30% amid coronavirus outbreak

Experiencing a sharp reduction in ridership due to the coronavirus pandemic, Metrolink will cut its train service 30% beginning Thursday, March 26. Metrolink rider Patrick Jara, 55 of San Bernardino, watches as his train to Union Station pulls into the San Bernardino Depot Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Metrolink will be reducing service by 30 percent beginning Thursday amid the coronavirus outbreak and plummeting ridership as a result. Photo by Will Lester, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/SCNG) In a...
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Day Whatever: Reminiscing Over Cherry Blossoms, Tulips and Train Trips

With all the yakking on TV about how people seem to totally disregard reality and are flocking to Washington D.C. to view the beautiful cherry blossoms, tulips and other flowers, I thought I’d share a few photos from last year’s visit.  Amtrak’s Silver Meteor arrived Read More The post Day Whatever: Reminiscing Over Cherry Blossoms, Tulips and Train Trips appeared first on .
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Meet Italo - Italy's Other Train Line

I have long preferred Italy's sleek train line, TrenoItalo or Italo Treno (depending on their web master's viewpoint) to Italy's Trenitalia FrecciaRossa service. I still stand by this rave review (below), although I *wish* they would add to their groovy announcements to shoo people away from the doorways when they come into the station. The smokers stand - even on the steps - to cop a quick smoke, making you walk through their disgusting nicotine haze just to find your seat. Back in the day, I h...
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No coronavirus cases reported by LA Metro as ridership dips 60%

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority vowed to continue providing bus and train service during the coronavirus pandemic, despite a 60% drop in ridership this past week. “Our focus now is to keep the system open anyway we can,” LA Metro CEO Phil Washington said Friday, March 20, in a news briefing. “We have no plans to shut down our system.” In February, the system served about 30 million passengers via bus, rail and vanpools. It’s estimated that number will drop to about 1...
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