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Overloaded and Undercooked: Juice WRLD's 'Death Race for Love'

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Silk Road Assassins Create a Wholly Original Genre-Defying Electronic Album with 'State of Ruin'

None Electronic music is all about fusing diverse and discordant elements to create something genuinely new. Genres and subgenres are born from these revelatory moments when artists are prepared to scatter the seeds and attentively tend to the roots of a genre to see what grows. However, there are always artists who modify those initial seeds in wholly unexpected ways to cultivate something unfamiliar and as a result, pull electronic music in a wholly unexpected direction.On their new album Sta...
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Find the hottest new dance music coming out on Vital EDM

The internet is a breeding ground for amazing music, which is why it’s so important that the cream of the crop has a home where you can easily find all of the best new tunes coming out. That’s exactly what Vital EDM offers. Established in 2011, Vital EDM is the proud home to the best in underground EDM. Helping dance music lovers around the world discover the best tunes old and new, the channel is updated all the time with amazing tunes from some of the hottest, unrecognised artists in the w...
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New Beretta DT11 Black PRO Over & Under Competition Shotgun

Beretta has introduced an advanced competition version of their D11 Black over and under shotgun. The new shotgun is called DT11 Black PRO. The main difference from the base model is the adjustable stock. Let’s go through the features of this shotgun. This shotgun features the Beretta B-Fast barrel balancing system. It consists of a set […] Read More … The post New Beretta DT11 Black PRO Over & Under Competition Shotgun appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Japanese Beauty Magazine: “Spot The Trap!”

In an act that would no doubt cause a firestorm of controversy in the West, Japanese magazine Kai Beauty Press has invited follows to play “spot the trap“, with a small prize going to 100 lucky winners. 100 sets of beauty products, which will allow their users to practice the dark arts of makeup, are […]
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Am I Under a Curse if I Don’t Tithe?

Here’s a question that I know my answer will have some people will be accusing me of  putting people under a curse. I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts and concerns. Question: I was raised to tithe.  I’ve tithed the better portion of my life. When my husband took over the finances he decided that we couldn’t […]
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Twerk like a Spectre with Ghostwerk’s Shadow Culture

Brainy beats and hyperactive microedits are back, with a new, digital-native ease. Meet the North Hollywood-born kid who’s making trackers fresh again. In his teens, Ghostwerk came into that love of MOD music and trackers – early forms of computer music sequencing that present an alternative version of the way most music software now works, and lending themselves to uniquely meticulous patterning of melody and rhythm. That scene peaked some time in the 90s, but its light has been kept alive. A...
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Zamor – ‘My Element’ (EP)

According to Zamor motivation behind his My Element EP came as a means to change the conversation around Hip Hop culture, making a conscious effort to shy away from the typical violent, “Drill” and “ Trap” tones prevalent in today music and instead focused on self-elevation and the process of gaining and giving respect. The 7-month long creation process was one Zamor took pride in thanking producers such as Mad Real, ShankzBeatz and Mr.Wolf for playing a major a part in his formative process, b...
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Listen to the New Single From AVALO

I like to help others with their dreams and passions. And when it comes to one of my children, I’m super passionate about helping them achieve their dreams and passions! Today I’m proud to tell you about this new single “Summer” by our 17 year old son, Jackson Gray. Summer feat jaylikethealphabet by AVALO  
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Shooting Down DRONES: Does the Future of War Look Like Terminator Skeet?

It’s no secret that the field of war is changing, and that fact is just as true for the infantryman as it is the F-35 Lightning II pilot. Increasingly, small, inexpensive, expendable drones are being used as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) assets, as well as delivery platforms for light ordnance as well as kamikaze weapons. Today, […] Read More … The post Shooting Down DRONES: Does the Future of War Look Like Terminator Skeet? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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U.S. Trap Women Bring Home Gold & Bronze from World Championship

U.S. Trap Women Bring Home Gold & Bronze from World Championship MOSCOW –-( For perhaps the first time ever, all the U.S. women Trap athletes at the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Championship for Shotgun will return home with a medal.The Open Women’s Team won gold – the first team medal for the U.S. in the event since the 1998 World Championship in Barcelona, Spain. The combined total over 75 targets for team members Ashley Carroll, Caitlin Weinheimer and C...
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Carroll, Weinheimer & Cogdell-Unrein Secure World Champs Tickets

Carroll, Weinheimer & Cogdell-Unrein Secure World Champs Tickets U.S.A. –-( Amid the marathon match that is the USA Shooting National Championships for Shotgun, a minor detail had to be worked out on Day 1 at the International Shooting Park just south of Colorado Springs: Women’s World Championship Selection.Nationals is serving as the final stage in a three-part Selection Match for open competitors and a two-part Selection Match for junior competitors for nomination to the 2017 ...
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Railway Disaster Lawsuits Are Dropped — Pending Settlement?

Railway Disaster Lawsuits Are Dropped The post Railway Disaster Lawsuits Are Dropped — Pending Settlement? appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Sound Oracle launch awesome new percussion pack from their Grammy-winning collection

Oracle Percussion Loops is the newest sound library from Sound Oracle, whose sounds have featured in tracks by Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and more. Oracle Percussion Loops is a pack full of great sounding percussion that opens up new sounds and possibilities within your mixes. The emphasis on Sound Oracle’s latest pack is on refining the “groove or bounce” that gives your track it’s own unique swing and helps avoid boxing yourself into plain, drudging beats. The groove or “...
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POTD: Fancy Trap Shooter

I saw this the other day when I helped out some friends set up stages for a Steel Challenge match. This shooter was shooting Trap by himself and he was wearing a Top Hat. One of my friends said some people are starting to wear elaborate hats when shooting Trap. He has seen some people […] Read More … The post POTD: Fancy Trap Shooter appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Shit Bougie Black People Love: 32. Adding “Trap” To Regular-Ass Things They Were Already Doing

Although Black skin and student loans they’ll never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever pay off ensure that Bougie Black People are, in fact, authentically Black, sometimes BBP get self-conscious about how Black they’re seen by other people. While they don’t doubt their own Blackness, they’re aware that the perception of racial authenticity is arbitrary, and they’re hyper-sensitive to anyone else doubting their Blackness, fearing that a brunch-related Facebook status message is all it would take for a...
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10 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid of Rats

Source We have come a long way from the Tom and Jerry methods of catching rats. Scientists and pest control experts have devised ways of exterminating and humanely capturing rodents. There are many traps and quick remedies to get these pesky critters out of your home. If you have a large infestation of rats then you should click here  to be connected with a professional pest expert. Here are 10 of the most effective remedies to rid your house of rats: 10) Make sure all entrances are comple...
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2017-01-20 WMC Meet 1 & 2

1/20 WMC: Wells, PRHS, Trap, Falm, Frye, NYA,, SV, York, St Doms Gorham, ME   Video pay to view MMS Photos & Video Set 1 courtesy of David Colby Young Video courtesy of David Colby Young ~ selective cuts ending at the mile Race Meet 2 1/20 WMC: Cape, Lake , Freeport, Yarmouth, GNG, Greely, Lisbon Gorham, ME  Video pay to view MRP was not at the 2nd Meet
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Ghost, the beat master - Trap, set & match

The SoundCloud account of Ghost, the beat master — that’s the account name: “Ghost, the beat master” — is fairly new. There have been four tracks posted in the last few weeks since it opened for business. It… (in post Beats Fill the Void from Disquiet. More by this artist at )
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The Bright Side

More optimism. [Author: Doug]
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Lono Bristol – Artist of the Week November 9th

Lono Bristol is this weeks RouteNote artist of the week for his great trap songs full of masterful production and smooth, lush vocals reminiscent of Drake. Lono Bristol caught our eye when he began using RouteNote with his music that blends the best elements of R&B and trap for songs full of soul that you can lean back and vibe to. We were particularly impressed with Lono Bristol’s music video for his new track Used To Do which tells a beautifully shot story of drug addiction, love, heartbreak...
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Felix Argyle Trap Cosplay “Cuter Than Most Girls”

Re:Zero’s cross-dressing cat-boy Felix Argyle has steadily risen in popularity due to his “dangerously” cute appeal, a fact that has been demonstrated by the emergence of this new cosplay, which features an actual cross-dressing male for once, not that anyone…
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Harmony Korine Might Direct ‘Tampa’ After His Cheech & Chong-Esque Comedy

Harmony Korine‘s The Trap is on pause. Al Pacino, Benicio Del Toro, Idris Elba, Robert Pattinson, and James Franco were set to star in the film, which is about an insane-sounding feud between a musician (Elba) and his old, ex-convict buddy (Del Toro). The project was financed and ready to go, but after Korine had some personal problems with an actor who was initially attached to the project, a delay occurred. Until The Trap goes before cameras, Korine has been considering other films, including...
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Critical Hit Delectably Damaging

TsukiWare have made their arrival onto the eroge scene with their English debut title “Critical Hit“, sure to leave a memorable impression on players due to its surplus of sexy trap abuse and rather colorful sense of humor. The effeminate…
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Kim Rhode Has Won A Medal For Six Consecutive Olympics

Everyone is amazed at Michael Phelps’ staggering medal count in just 4 consecutive Olympics. From 2004 to 2016. However there is another US Olympian who has gone to 6 straight Olympics and has won a medal every time. Since 1996 and on to the current 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Kim Rhode has won […] Read More … The post Kim Rhode Has Won A Medal For Six Consecutive Olympics appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Free trap & dubstep sample pack download – royalty free samples

Download this sample pack filled with 90 new unique trap and dubstep sounds and presets, 100% free from Ghosthack. This one is especially interesting for our trap producing friends, because of some heavy 808 basses and kicks and also some 808 sounding processed snares. Furthermore, this package contains a few Massive and Serum bass patches and 10 deep and heavy one-shot basslines. For the drums, we got hihats, percussions and clicks. 15 ambient pads ensure some background atmosphere in your tr...
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Resting Your Barrel On Your Shoe? We Have An Accessory For That

There are plenty of accessories that make us scratch our head. Rail mounted tactical testicles comes to mind. But then there are some accessories that are just plain dangerous. This would be one of them. The premise behind this accessory is for the gentleperson shooter using a single shot break action or double barreled shotgun […] Read More … The post Resting Your Barrel On Your Shoe? We Have An Accessory For That appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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International Scholastic Clay Target Program Nationals Set for Colorado

International Scholastic Clay Target Program Nationals Set for Colorado USA Shooting Colorado Springs, CO -( The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation will be coming to USA Shooting’s International range in Colorado Springs, Colorado this week ( August 3-7 ) for the Scholastic Clay Target Program International-Style National Championships.Skeet will begin the competition Wednesday and Thursday . Double Trap will be Friday , and the event concludes with Trap on S...
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Illinois Teams Go 1, 2 In SCTP Rookie Div. Trap National Championship

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Hazleton Area H.S. Claims High School Div. Trap National Title

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