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Researchers Say Their 'Brain Glue' Could Someday Help People With Severe Brain Injuries

Scientists say they’re one step closer to showing that their experimental hydrogel technology—more plainly known as “brain glue”—can help people with traumatic brain injuries. In a recent study, they found that their brain glue helped prevent long-term damage and tissue loss in the injured brains of rats, while also…Read more...
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This Sledding Team Trained Hard for Gold in 2010. Some Members Regret It.

In skeleton, the headfirst Olympic sledding sport, the opportunity for unlimited training on the track can be a huge advantage. But Canadian Olympians who had such access believe it was bad for their brains.
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Brain Injuries Are Common in Battle. The Military Has No Reliable Test for Them.

Traumatic brain injury is a signature wound of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the military still has no objective way of diagnosing it in the field.
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Pentagon Now Says 50 U.S. Troops Sustained Brain Injuries in Iran Strike

President Trump last week dismissed the symptoms as “headaches.”
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34 Troops Have Brain Injuries From Iranian Missile Strike, Pentagon Says

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said that eight of the affected service members returned to the United States from an American military hospital in Germany.
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Trump Dismisses Troops’ Possible Brain Injuries as ‘Headaches’

The deputy commander of the American-led operation in Iraq said the Pentagon was putting service members through medical examinations to see if they had traumatic brain injuries.
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Pinteon Gets $17M to Tackle Tau in Alzheimer’s, Other Brain Diseases

Beta amyloid grabs most of the headlines and research dollars for Alzheimer’s disease, but efforts to develop drugs targeting that brain protein have largely come up short. Pinteon Therapeutics is trying for a better outcome with drugs that block tau, a different protein that, despite also being associated with Alzheimer’s, has garnered much less attention.Pinteon has spent the past two years quietly developing a tau-targeting drug. On Thursday, the Cambridge, MA-based company announced a $17 m...
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Helmet Maker Vicis Courts NFL QBs to Invest in Latest Funding Round

Aaron Rodgers has taken some trips to the Pacific Northwest he’d probably rather forget. Rodgers, who since 2008 has been the starting quarterback of the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers, has a career 1-4 record in regular season and playoff road games against the Seattle Seahawks, including an overtime loss in 2015 that sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.Those sour memories aside, Rodgers is among the many backers of the Emerald City’s early-stage business community. He was one of...
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Will Being around a Woman with TBI Be Risky for My Baby?

From the U.S.: My husband and I used to both be friends with some neighbors. One of them has a TBI. For a year, she was calm around us, although we knew that she screamed and berated her husband each day. Then, she turned the same volatile screaming on me one day because she didn’t like that I was doing my MBA homework. I have never returned. My husband still goes over to their house because he’s afraid of how she’d respond or act otherwise. Now, I am concerned because we are expecting our first...
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Concussions Can Be Detected With New Blood Test Approved by F.D.A.

The test may be able to quickly identify people with suspected brain injuries that could be widely used by the Pentagon and in sports.
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F.D.A. Approves First Blood Test to Detect Concussions

The test may be able to quickly identify people with suspected brain injuries that could be widely used by the Pentagon and in sports.
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First Blood Test to Detect Concussions Is Approved

The device may be able to quickly identify people with suspected brain injuries that could be widely used by the Pentagon and in sports.
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A Brain Implant Improved Memory, Scientists Report

Electrodes threaded into the brains of epilepsy patients enhanced their recall on word tests by about 15 percent.
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Why YOU Need to Motivate Yourself!

B'SD 2 Kislev, 5778 I've dried many tears in order to  share this message with you. Two hours ago, I returned home from a sophisticated vision exam in the hospital where I'd had life-saving surgery in 2005, to remove the benign Petroclival Tentorial Meningioma that had crushed my optic nerves plus part of my brain, and had almost killed me. Though surgery removed the tumor, I was left completely blind. I was so weak that I'd needed a wheelchair to get around.  I grad...
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Wrapping Up the Week and News that Brain Injured People Need to Know

B'SD 6 Cheshvan, 5778 I'm looking forward to my speaking engagement this afternoon, and relieved to have completed a month's worth of mental health articles for the E-counseling site. The weather has been gorgeous for days, and I'm appreciating the lower, non-humid temperatures. My indoor potted garden is growing nicely, enhancing the nutrition and flavor of my meals. I chanced upon an update about the things that medical professionals fail to inform brain injury survivors about. Lis...
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Smartphone Medicine: Detecting Concussions With Machine Learning

If you’re rolled into the emergency room of Harborview Medical Center with a head injury, doctors there might use an $8,000 infrared camera to track how your pupils respond to light. The digital pupilometer can measure the pupillary light reflex with more precision than even an expert clinician can, using a pen light and his or her naked eye. Taken each hour, the pupillary light reflex can indicate when a patient’s brain injury is worsening, telling doctors when an early intervention may ...
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Degenerative Brain Disease Found In 87% of Former Football Players: Study

The link between football and traumatic brain injury continues to strengthen. Now, one of the largest studies on the subject to date finds that 110 out of 111 deceased NFL players had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disorder associated with repetitive head trauma. Several studies have linked CTE to suicidal behavior, dementia and…
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Wounded Troops Discharged for Misconduct Often Had PTSD or T.B.I.

The Government Accountability Office found that thousands of soldiers were ousted, and cut off from benefits, despite diagnoses of traumatic brain injury or mental disorders.
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Sonam Technologies Wants to Reduce Risk of Playground Brain Injuries

In the past few years, we’ve heard a lot about the dangers of traumatic brain injuries. While we usually hear about these injuries in the context of high-impact sports like football or boxing, traumatic brain injuries are also a risk for kids that fall off playground equipment. These kinds of accidents are more prevalent and serious than many people realize. According to a recent study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 70 percent of playground injuries seve...
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Traumatic Brain Injury Case Results In $33.8M Verdict

A tragedy occurred at the federally funded Jessie Trice Community Health Center when baby Earl Reese-Thornton was born with a severe brain injury after Dr. Atogho failed to offer and perform a C-section and “continued the administration of the contraindicated delivery drug Pitocin.” Fortunately, the law firm, Mallard & Sharp, P.A., that represented the heartbroken parents, won a “$33.8 million verdict on behalf of a brain damaged baby,” and the Court found that “Dr. Atogho’s failure to offer and...
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‘Pacemaker’ for the Brain Can Help Memory, Study Finds

The timing of stimulation to the brain was determined to be crucial in research published on Thursday, and it might help treat dementia, head injuries and other conditions.
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Overcoming TBI – A Documentary

Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”) can happen to anyone at any time. The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (“CDC”) reports that an estimated 1.7 million people sustain TBI annually in the United States. Of those people sustaining TBI, 52,000 die and 275,000 are hospitalized. Nearly 80 percent of those injured (1.365 million people) are treated and released from an emergency department. The documentary “OVERCOMING” exposes how individuals cope with the consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury....
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The State of Air Force Medicine

Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Mark A. Ediger discusses a wide range of medical issues affecting today’s Airmen. (U.S. Air Force video by: Peter Ising) CLICK TO VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Airman Magazine: What is the state of the Air Force Medical Service in terms of the current mission and what are your priorities? Lt. Gen. Ediger: The Air Force Medical Service is strong. The men and women who serve our Air Force as medical professionals are actively engaged in the three main components of our mission and they are...
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Brain cells, beware: Researchers have created the world smallest hammer

The world’s smallest hammer has been created to study what happens to brain cells when we hit our head. The goal is to uncover the physical underpinnings of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in order to develop better treatment methods. The post Brain cells, beware: Researchers have created the world smallest hammer appeared first on Digital Trends.
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A car accident almost took my brother away, but Facetime brought him closer

In February, my brother suffered a traumatic brain injury. Living over 2,000 miles away means I rarely get to visit, but Facetime lets me keep connected during his recovery. The post A car accident almost took my brother away, but Facetime brought him closer appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Finding the imposter: understanding a rare delusional disorder using brain connectivity

In residency, I met a patient who told me a peculiar story about an encounter with his pet cat. He began to feel that his world was strange and unfamiliar. He became scared, paranoid, convinced that he was being tracked by federal agents. But the most distressing and bizarre change occurred in his pet cat. He told me he recognized his cat, that the cat had the same color and type of fur, ate the same food from the same bowl, walked and jumped and played with the same idiosyncrasies as his cat. B...
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Conversation starters in music therapy research

Conversation starters are questions and prompts intended to get people talking. Although often thought of in the context of a dinner party or professional meeting as a way to initiate dialogue with a stranger, conversation starters can also be thought of as ideas that stimulate discussions or impact you in a way that helps you grow both personally and professionally. Conversation starters are, at times, explicit in their intention and impact, but other times more subtle in their influence. To st...
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