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Law Student Throws Dance Party In The Airport And Twitter Goes Nuts

Something to try the next time you're stuck at the airport.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Travel / Vacation

The Best Bonus Of All? This Biglaw Firm Will Pay Associates To Take A Vacation

This firm will reward its associates with something that's even more exciting than a market-shattering bonus.
Tags: Law, Bonuses, Biglaw, Orrick, Work/Life Balance, Travel / Vacation, Orrick Unplug On Us

Decisions, Decisions: Why You Should Never Make Them While On Vacation

You're probably a piss-poor lawyer when you're on vacation, so leave your cell and laptop at home.
Tags: Law, Advice, In-House Counsel, Travel / Vacation, Kay Thrace

Vacationing For Dummies: An In-House Counsel Manual

If you don’t take your vacation that means there’s something your business person does better than you do. The business wins.
Tags: Law, Career Advice, In-House Counsel, Travel / Vacation, Kay Thrace

Unplugging On Vacation? Only In Your Cyber Dreams

In some ways, in-house lawyers have it harder than their Biglaw colleagues when it comes to vacation.
Tags: Law, Advice, Career Advice, In-House Counsel, Travel / Vacation, Stephen R. Williams, Out of Office Reply

The Times They Are A Changin’ For Employers and Employees

Some practical takeaways for employers and employees, from employment-law columnist Beth Robinson.
Tags: Law, Advice, Minimum Wage, Vacation, Sick Leave, FLSA, Sick Days, Paid Leave, Fair Labor Standards Act, Travel / Vacation, Labor / Employment, On The Job, Beth Robinson, Vacation Policies, Wage and Hour Laws

Travel Story Contest Champion

We know what travel story you find the craziest.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Travel / Vacation, Blade

Your Craziest Travel Tales: The Finalists

Time to vote for your favorite travel tale.
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REMINDER: Enter Our Travel Story Contest And Win!

It's not too late to enter our wild travel storytelling contest.
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Tell Us Your Craziest Travel Story, Win A Prize

You've got a crazy story, we just know it.
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The Smartest Trip You’ll Ever Take In Your Biglaw Career

Save yourself time and, possibly, save your clients' money.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Milbank Tweed, Travel / Vacation, Blade, Boies Schiller

Lowering Our Lawyer Shield

A harrowing experience while overseas puts in-house columnist Stephen Williams in the client's shoes.
Tags: Law, Empathy, Scary, Stephen Williams, In-House Counsel, Travel / Vacation, Health Care / Medicine

Airbnb Lawsuit Pits Poor New Yorkers Against Middle-Class New Yorkers As Hotels Laugh And Count Money

The lawsuit pits poor New Yorkers, and the hotel lobby, against middle-class New Yorkers, and the internet.
Tags: New York, Justice, Law, Hotels, New York City, Airbnb, Andrew Cuomo, Eric Schneiderman, Travel / Vacation

The Road Not Taken: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

If you are using a colleague’s absence to promote yourself, you are contributing to a culture of discouraging vacation, and in the end, that hurts you.
Tags: Law, In-House Counsel, The Road Not Taken, Celeste Harrison Forst, Travel / Vacation

Beyond Biglaw: Your Captain Speaking

What pilots can teach lawyers about shepherding clients through a particular unfamiliar legal experience.
Tags: Law, Advice, Communication, Communication Skills, Small Law Firms, Boutique Law Firms, Beyond Biglaw, Gaston Kroub, Travel / Vacation

Beyond Biglaw: Bundles Of Fees

Columnist Gaston Kroub shares some thoughts on pricing, inspired by "fee bundling" in the travel industry.
Tags: Money, Law, Fees, Pricing, Legal Fees, Small Law Firms, Boutique Law Firms, Beyond Biglaw, Gaston Kroub, Travel / Vacation

What Have You Done For Your Summer Vacation?

Time for sex on the beach! Whether it's the drink or the act...
Tags: Texas, Law, Work-life balance, Pictures, Vacation, Travel / Vacation

Why You Should Go On Vacation

Even if you love your work and love your city and love your neighbors, you need to break away every so often, and during the summer is the best time.
Tags: Law, Advice, Career Advice, Solo Practitioners, Gary J. Ross, Small Law Firms, Travel / Vacation

Road Trip Plannin’ – Maple Lake Ontario Summer 2016 #LakeLife

First few decades, a simple dirt and gravel road with no name, then after its creator’s death was named “Frank’s Way,” then inexplicably (or, maybe not?) the current “Frank’s Lane.” Who wants to remove the apostrophe and cause a commotion? CR: (1/5) Where I wish to be, now.  Maple Lake, I miss you so much! Time to make travel plans for summer 2016! My Mom, Dad and my son. CR: (2/5) I treasure Maple Lake memories but making new ones is my goal, too! I ...
Tags: Travel, Family, Photography, Dogs, Time, Personal, Nature, Canada, Son, Mom, Dad, Beach, Obi, Ontario, Dawn, Grandfather

Test Case: I Am A Bossy Lawyer—Can I Actually Go With The Flow On A Family Vacation?

New columnist Allison Peryea undertakes an experiment while in Hawaii.
Tags: Advice, Hawaii, Vacations, Vacation, Maui, Travel / Vacation, Allison Peryea, Test Case

Pigs Slaughter You

In-house columnist Mark Herrmann identifies the costs of piggishness.
Tags: Travel, Money, Advice, Career Advice, Selfishness, Business Travel, Biglaw, Greed, Mark Herrmann, In-House Counsel, Inside Straight, Perks / Fringe Benefits, Travel / Vacation

Vacations Or Staycations, You Need Them In Order To Be Truly Productive

Vacations will only improve your productivity and the quality of your work and personal life.
Tags: Solo Practitioners, Small Law Firms, Travel / Vacation, Susan Cartier Liebel

Another Firm Offers Unlimited Vacation For Associates

The new "take all the time you need" vacation model sounds great on paper, but is there a cynicism behind it?
Tags: Vacation, Hogan Lovells, Biglaw, Perks / Fringe Benefits, Travel / Vacation

Maple Lake Ontario – June 2015 Update (PHOTOS) #maplelakeontario #haliburtonhighlands

Here’s where we left off last American Labor Day weekend when R. and I closed up for the 2014 season at Maple Lake (in photos) in the few breaks between the rain and wind:   Maple Lake Ontario Canada Sept 2 The weather was bleak and so was my mood. Maple Lake Ontario Canada Sept 2014 – Credit:   How many more of these fog-on-the-lake-sunrise-reflected pics do you wish to see? I’ve deleted many, the point being sans cannabis, I’m an insomniac and so it is not hard to...
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