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Lyft is seeking a $23 billion valuation as it officially launches its IPO — here’s where its executives are headed to court investors (LYFT)

Lyft filed an , targeting a $21 billion-$23 billion valuation when shares price as early next week.  Executives and bankers will begin the company's roadshow this week with stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Baltimore, Chicago and more. The company is expected to pitch its singular ride-hailing focus to investors, as opposed to Uber's multi-pronged bet on everything from self-driving cars to food delivery.  Lyft is going full-steam-ahead on its initial public offering. In an , t...
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Lyft is seeking a valuation of up to $23 billion as it embarks on its IPO road show (LYFT)

Lyft is seeking a valuation of up to $23 billion as it embarks on its initial-public-offering road show this week. The company wants to raise as much as $2 billion from the road show, it said in an updated filing.  Lyft is the first ride-hailing firm to go public and is expected to spark a slew of tech IPOs this year. Lyft will launch the investor road show for its initial public offering on Monday, seeking a valuation of up to $23 billion, the ride-hailing firm said Monday. The ride-hailing ...
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Transportation Weekly: Uber’s spending habits, Tesla Model Y, scooters and AVs in Austin

Welcome back to Transportation Weekly; I’m your host Kirsten Korosec, senior transportation reporter at TechCrunch. We love the reader feedback. Keep it coming. Never heard of TechCrunch’s Transportation Weekly? Catch up by reading the first edition here or check out , which offered the gamut of mobility news from Lyft and Bird to Waymo’s laser bears and cybersecurity. As I’ve written before, consider this a soft launch. Follow me on Twitter @kirstenkorosec to ensure you see it each week. An...
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Can there be too much competition between startups?

Competition is the core of capitalism. Competition between companies lowers prices — on average — and ensures that they are forced to innovate lest they lose their markets to others. Competition between workers ensures that people strive to do their best work lest their jobs go to more qualified or faster or cheaper replacements. Obviously, there is a spectrum here from lethargic monopoly to cutthroat competition that causes more problems than it’s worth (environmental damage in the hopes of cut...
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Uber’s self-driving car unit was burning $20 million a month

Uber thought it would have 75,000 autonomous vehicles on the roads this year and be operating driverless taxi services in 13 cities by 2022, according to court documents unsealed last week. To reach those ambitious goals, the ride-sharing company, which hopes to go public later this year, was spending $20 million a month on developing self-driving technologies.  The figures, dating back to 2016, paint a picture of a company desperate to meet over-ambitious autonomy targets and one that is w...
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Uber and Travis Kalanick Are in Business Again. This Time, as Competitors

The ride-hailing giant is testing a program where it rents out fully equipped, commercial-grade kitchens to serve businesses selling food on delivery apps like Uber Eats. Last year, Uber’s food delivery team began quietly leasing real estate in Paris, according to a person familiar with the project. While the “virtual restaurants” program is early, the undertaking would put Uber in direct competition with a business owned by its polarizing co-founder and board member, Travis Kalanick.
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Google paid $105 million to two executives accused of sexual harassment

Google paid a total of $105 million to Andy Rubin and Amit Singhal after they were accused of sexual harassment at the company, the Wall Street Journal first reported. This confirms the New York Times report that Google paid $90 million to Rubin and reveals Google also paid $15 million to Singhal, who left Uber after it was revealed that he did not disclose the sexual harassment allegation. The suit, filed by shareholder James Martin, confirms the board of directors approved a $90 million exi...
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Steering Lyft’s IPO: What Investors Will Weigh During the Roadshow

Much has been said about Lyft’s early lead over Uber in the “horserace” to become the first ride-hailing app company to go public. But now that San Francisco-based Lyft has filed its 276-page IPO prospectus with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, potential investors can focus on much more detailed considerations as they decide whether to make bets on the smaller of the two U.S. ride-hailing leaders. Lyft’s IPO roadshow, during which it will make pitches to stock market investors and a...
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Lyft says its business got a major boost from Uber's extremely scandalous 2017

Lyft says the #DeleteUber campaign from 2017 gave a boost to its business. The viral hashtag called on users to ditch the ride-hailing company, and Lyft says it saw its revenue per user grow significantly over the same time period. On Friday, Lyft filed S-1 paperwork to go public, providing an unprecedented window into the company's finances. In January 2017, the #DeleteUber social media urged people to delete their Uber accounts after the ride-hailing company was accused of exploiting a prot...
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As shared kitchens heat up, a China-based startup, Panda Selected, nabs $50 million led by Tiger Global

A few weeks ago, we told you that former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick looks to be partnering with the former COO of the bike-sharing startup Ofo, Yanqi Zhang, to bring his new L.A.-based company, CloudKitchens, to China. Kalanick didn’t respond to our request for more information, but according to the (SCMP), his plan is to provide local food businesses with real estate, facilities management, technology and marketing services. He might want to move quickly. Kitchens that invite restaurants to shar...
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Will the kitchen get Ubered out of existence?

Uber founder Travis Kalanick's new company runs "CloudKitchens" for cooks without restaurants. This will be big.
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8 tech execs who were ousted from companies they helped to build (AAPL, TSLA, GRPN)

Just because you founded a high-flying tech company doesn't mean you can't be asked to leave. Steve Jobs himself was once ousted by Apple (or left voluntarily, depending on who you believe), and spent years running his own company before coming back into the fold as CEO.  More recently, Uber founder Travis Kalanick was ousted as CEO, following a year of scandals for the company.   Here are 8 tech executives who were once ousted from the companies they helped to build.  Just because you founde...
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday. Amazon cancelled its plans to move its new HQ2 headquarters to New York. The company said it would not reopen its search for HQ2 but would proceed as planned in Virginia and Nashville, Tennessee. Politicians and tech execs reacted to the surprise news of Amazon pulling HQ2 from New York City. The decision to bring HQ2 to New York was met with fierce backlash from many politicians, local residents, and tech leaders who took aim a...
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Uber Freight co-founders and top dealmakers join logistics startup Turvo

Last year, Charlie Bergevin and Brian Cristol, co-founders of Uber’s trucking logistics business Uber Freight, heard Reid Hoffman say Turvo had some of the best technology he had ever seen. Frustrated with the direction Uber Freight had taken, they called up Turvo’s founder and chief executive officer Eric Gilmore. It wasn’t long before offers were on the table and now, they’ve joined Turvo full-time. Cristol as  head of enterprise partnerships and Bergevin as an  enterprise partnerships exe...
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The next big bet for former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick may be cloud kitchens — in China

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick may have been nudged out of one of the world’s most highly valuable private companies by investors frustrated over its troubled culture, but his moves remain of great interest given how far he’d driven the ride-share giant. One such move, according to a in the South China Morning Post, looks to be to help foster the growing concept of cloud kitchens to China. We’ve reached out to Kalanick for more information, but per the SCMP’s report, Kalanick is partnering...
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Here’s the Uber Investor Letter That Forced Travis Kalanick Out

(Bloomberg) -- On June 20, 2017, two venture capitalists arrived at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Chicago to hand-deliver a letter to Travis Kalanick. The memo helped convince the Uber Technologies Inc. co-founder to step down as chief executive officer.
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Employees at some of Silicon Valley's most valuable startups tell us that fears of a recession are throwing ice water on their IPO dreams

2019 was supposed to be a blockbuster year for tech companies going public — but the volatility of the public markets is making some employees at IPO-bound tech companies nervous.  We spoke to a current employee at Uber and a current employee at Airbnb. Both companies are expected to hold their long-awaited IPOs this year.  The Uber employee says that there's a lot of anxiety within the company over the company's valuation — conflicting reports have said that Uber could go public with a market...
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Whatever Happened to ‘Don't Get in a Car With Strangers?’

Within hours, she was lying in hospital with a fractured vertebrae and a vertebral artery dissection. Uber Technogies Inc. co-founder Travis Kalanick became famous for ignoring regulations in order to plow head first into new markets.
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Amid fears of an impending recession, some employees at Silicon Valley's IPO-bound startups say they're starting to get anxious

2019 was supposed to be a blockbuster year for tech companies going public — but the volatility of the public markets is making some employees at IPO-bound tech companies nervous.  We spoke to a current employee at Uber and a current employee at Airbnb. Both companies are expected to hold their long-awaited IPOs this year.  The Uber employee says that there's a lot of anxiety within the company over the company's valuation — conflicting reports have said that Uber could go public with a market...
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Uber’s IPO may not be as eye-popping as we expected

Uber is expected to raise $10 billion later this year in one of the largest U.S. initial public offerings in history. The float will value the ride-hailing giant somewhere between $76 billion — the valuation it garnered with its last private financing — and $120 billion — a sky-high figure assigned by Wall Street bankers that’s had even early Uber investors scratching their heads. A new report from The Information pegs Uber’s initial market cap at $90 billion. To develop the estimate, the sit...
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Political ‘fixer’ Bradley Tusk seeks $70M for Tusk Ventures’ sophomore fund

Longtime political operative Bradley Tusk got his start in Silicon Valley in 2011, when a little-known founder of a transportation startup requested his help surmounting regulatory barriers. That founder, Travis Kalanick, couldn’t afford Tusk’s $25,000 fee, so Tusk agreed to accept half of his payment in equity. As you can imagine, that deal worked out pretty well for Tusk, whose shares in Uber are now said to be worth $100 million. Tusk (pictured) spent several years advising Uber’s expan...
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Leaked Uber employee survey shows what it's really like to work at the company ahead of its massive IPO: Read the full survey results here

Uber asks employees to take a survey to gauge job satisfaction every six months. Business Insider recently viewed the results of the latest survey, conducted in October. The ride-sharing company, slated to hold a massive IPO in 2019, asked employees some tough questions and received interesting feedback. There's no doubt that ride-sharing service Uber has changed lives. Thanks to Uber and other companies like it, it's never been easier to catch a ride or to earn a few bucks from owning a car....
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From a hush-hush Apple meeting to mysterious executive departures, 9 of the most important tech stories Business Insider reported in 2018

Business Insider's team of tech journalists was first to report some of the most important developments in tech in 2018. From the surprise departure of Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene to the internal turmoil at AR pioneer Magic Leap and the problems leading up to Uber's fatal autonomous-car crash, the industry has had an eventful year. Check out the list below for some great reads you may have missed, or to refresh your perspective and challenge your assumptions as you prepare for the new year i...
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The 10 largest US venture rounds of 2018

Three U.S. companies raised more than $1 billion in just one funding round in 2018, a year in which total deal value for U.S. startups is expected to surpass $100 billion for the first time. For the most part, it was the usual suspects, and yes, SoftBank was an accessory in many of these rounds. Here’s a look at the 10 largest venture rounds of 2018. Epic Games: $1.25 billion The video game Fortnite Battle Royale was the star of the year 2018; more than 200 million players worldwide are regis...
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Did unicorns like Lyft and Uber wait too long?

It was several years ago, at a tech conference in Laguna Beach, Ca., that the venture capitalist Bill Gurley issued one of what would become repeated warnings that startups were staying private too long. Comparing companies that refuse to go public to undergrads whose college careers extend several years past the point that they should, Gurley suggested they should be embarrassed, not proud, for keeping their shares in private hands. “Until you get liquid, you really haven’t accomplished anythi...
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Uber makes confidential filing for long-awaited IPO: Reuters

NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO, (Reuters) – Uber Technologies Inc has filed paperwork for an initial public offering, according to three people with knowledge of the matter, taking a step closer to a key milestone for one of the most closely watched and controversial companies in Silicon Valley. The ride-hailing company filed the confidential paperwork on Thursday, one of the sources said, in lock-step with its smaller U.S. rival, Lyft Inc, which also announced on Thursday it had filed for an IPO. The s...
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Ridesharing gone wrong: Gay Uber horror stories you’ll be glad didn’t happen to you

Ride sharing services have revolutionized how we commute, but every now and then things go awry.
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Uber has confidentially filed to go public

Uber has confidentially filed paperwork for its long-awaited IPO. The WSJ reports that the ride-hailing giant has quietly started the process of going public in 2019. Uber's filing comes just a day after rival Lyft filed to go public. 2019 is going to be a big year for tech IPOs. Uber has confidentially filed an S-1 document in preparation to hold its long-awaited IPO, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The report comes one day after Uber's arch-rival, Lyft, also filed its in...
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Paranoid, miserable Facebook employees have started using burner phones to complain about the company to each other and the press

What do you do if you want to complain about your job but your employer is the poster-child for surveillance capitalism? Buy a burner phone. As Facebook's internal tensions "boil over," Buzzfeed reports that the employees feel "under siege" after 600 days of bad news, and have resorted to using burner phones to talk to each other -- and the press. People are “hoping for a Sundar or Dara moment,” one former senior Facebook employee told BuzzFeed News, referring to past leadership changes...
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Ride-hailing firm Lyft Inc files for IPO: Reuters

Ride-hailing company Lyft Inc beat bigger rival Uber Technologies UBER.UL in filing for an initial public offering that will test investor appetite for high-profile but loss-making technology companies. The company, which was last valued at about $15 billion, did not specify the number of shares it was selling or the price range for the offering in a confidential filing with the SEC. The IPO is slated for the first half of 2019, sources have told Reuters. Uber is expected to pursue an IPO next y...
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