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Best PC Games

Out of the massive offering of PC games available, we've rounded up the best of all time across genres.
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People may start opting out of the sharing economy as coronavirus fear grows

Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and Grubhub stocks are down amid the outbreak
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Hong Kong's government is giving $1,284 to every permanent resident over 18

Hong Kong announced it will give permanent residents 18 years and older a one-time payment of $1,284 as a result of coronavirus's economic damage. The payments to residents and subsidies for businesses sent Hong Kong into its first budget deficit in 15 years. Political tensions and the spread of the coronavirus has strained the region amid the third quarter of its recession. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Hong Kong's government announced it will give permanent residents 1...
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How to delete a listing on Airbnb, or snooze or temporarily unlist it instead

You can delete a listing on Airbnb if you no longer wish to rent out your property on the rental platform. If you deactivate a listing from Airbnb, it's still best practice to honor any bookings made before shuttering the property. Temporarily unlisting your property will remove it from Airbnb indefinitely, but allow you to relist the rental at any time. You can also opt to snooze listings for a set period of time, in case you want to use a property yourself or simply don't want to manage your...
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Some Uber drivers are refusing to pick up airport passengers because of coronavirus fears (UBER)

Some Uber drivers, anxious about the coronavirus outbreak, say they've taking matters into their own hands to avoid exposure to the illness. On web forums and in interviews with Business Insider, drivers said they're avoiding picking up passengers from airports, cutting down their hours, and cleaning their cars more frequently. US health officials have warned companies to operate under the assumption that an outbreak could occur in the United States in the near future. Drivers said they haven'...
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The most-subscribed-to YouTube channels in February 2020

Over 30 million people watch up to 5 billion YouTube videos daily. Here are today's most popular channels.
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Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III Review: Making impossible shots easy

With the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III, less is more
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The FCC will hit phone carriers with a $200 million fine over location sharing

AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile will have the chance to dispute their fines
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Coronavirus shakes GDC with numerous game company withdrawals

Fans will need to look elsewhere for news regarding Xbox Series X, PlayStation, Fortnite, and more during GDC.
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Fortnite season 2 challenge guide: Find Shadow safe houses

The Fortnite week 2 Brutus Briefing missions are now live. Here are all five Fortnite Shadow safe houses.
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YouTube TV, Sinclair swing and miss on contract negotiations

Fox Regional Sports Network, YES Network are both leaving the streaming service
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These are the best Nest smart thermostat deals for March 2020

Smart thermostats help homeowners save money and stay comfortable without the need for frequent adjustments.
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The best cameras for kids for 2020

The best cameras for kids mix durability, simplicity, and fun features to get kids hooked on photography
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Apple reportedly plans to release an iPad keyboard this year with a built-in trackpad, moving it one step closer to a true laptop alternative (AAPL)

Apple is planning to release an iPad keyboard later this year with a built-in trackpad, according to The Information. The built-in track pad would bring the iPad one step closer to becoming a true alternative to traditional laptops. Apple is looking to unveil the new accessory alongside its new iPad Pro model, which is also expected to launch in 2020, the report said. However, the company's supply chain has been significantly hit by the coronavirus outbreak, raising questions about whether it ...
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How to log into your Gmail account on a computer or mobile device

You can log into your Gmail account and set your computer or phone to automatically login whenever you open your browser or navigate to Gmail. If you're logged out of Gmail, getting back into your account is quick and easy, so long as you know your password. Logging in or out of Gmail on one device will not sign you in or out of your account on other devices, so be sure to log out when using shared or public computers. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Gmail makes it easy t...
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The company behind 'Fortnite' is skipping the biggest video game industry conference of the year because of the coronavirus outbreak

Epic Games, the company behind "Fortnite" and one of the world's most popular game development engines, will no longer attend the 2020 Game Developers Conference, the annual meeting of video game industry employees scheduled for March 16 to 20 in San Francisco's Moscone Center. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney was scheduled to make a keynote presentation, and Epic made plans to sponsor multiple panel discussions during the week. Facebook, Microsoft, Sony, and more than a dozen other companies have also an...
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How the coronavirus has impacted Hollywood movies like the next James Bond and 'Mission: Impossible,' and what could happen next

As the coronavirus spreads through various countries, Hollywood is already feeling the effects. The China premiere of the next James Bond movie, "No Time to Die," was canceled and production on the seventh "Mission: Impossible" installment was postponed because of coronavirus concerns. Disney's $200 million "Mulan" remake may not even be released in China, which one box-office expert said is likely its biggest theatrical market. It remains to be seen whether moviegoing in the US could be signi...
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How to join a Slack channel on desktop or mobile, whether it's public or private

There are several ways to join a Slack channel, but the easiest way to do so is to go through the "Browse Channels" menu. Every Slack workspace is divided into channels, which is where the majority of chatting and file sharing takes place. If you're trying to join a private Slack channel, you'll need to be added by someone who's already in the channel. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. You can think of a Slack channel as a group of people seated around a table, having a focu...
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How to block emails on Gmail and report them to avoid spam and potential phishing

You can block emails on Gmail manually if your spam folder isn't catching all of the junk emails in your inbox. You can also report emails as spam to help Google learn — or, if you're on your desktop, as phishing — if emails seem like a scam to get your money or information. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Perhaps the greatest plague of having an email address is the ridiculous numbers of spam emails that are sent out every day. Your spam folder is supposed to catch them,...
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Digital Trends Live: Clearview AI’s stolen customer list, Xbox Series X

On Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top tech topics, including the theft of Clearview AI’s customer list.
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PlatinumGames’ new Tokyo studio will work on live service games

It's the latest milestone in an already busy year for the developer
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The best Microsoft Surface Pro deals and bundles for March 2020

The Microsoft Surface Pro is the best 2-in-1 you can buy, and we have the best deals available right here.
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The Witcher season 2: Battlefield photos and more cast members confirmed

Another important witcher has been cast for the Netflix series
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The best energy-efficient space heaters to keep you warm for March 2020

Stay warm during the cold months without breaking the bank.
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Astronomers discover the biggest explosion in space since the Big Bang

It punched a cavity in the gas surrounding the black hole to fit 15 galaxies
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The best soundbar deals for March 2020: Vizio, Samsung, and Polk Audio

We've rounded up all of the best deals on the top soundbars that the leading manufacturers have to offer.
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How to change Alexa's voice on your Amazon Echo speaker by changing her accent or language

You can change Alexa's voice on an Amazon Echo speaker by changing her accent or selecting a different language. Keep in mind that changing Alexa's accent to one other than yours might make it harder for her to understand your commands. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. If you're not a native English speaker, or even if you're from a certain part of the United States or the UK, then Alexa might not sound like you.   The good news is that you can change Alexa's voice to vari...
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Microsoft analysts refuse to flinch after the company's surprise coronavirus sales miss, but investors don't seem so brave (MSFT)

Microsoft announced it will miss a sales forecast for the upcoming quarter due to supply chain constraint caused by the Wuhan coronavirus. The affected part of its business is the segment that includes in its PC licensing and Surface hardware businesses. Revenue projects from other segments, such as its all-important cloud business, will remain unchanged. As is often the consensus among Wall Street analysts, those who penned research notes about Microsoft's announcement said all is well as lon...
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How the buzzy biotech upstart Moderna sped past Big Pharma to develop the first potential coronavirus vaccine in just 42 days

In the sprint to develop vaccines for the coronavirus outbreak, the world's largest drugmakers have been lapped by a startup biotech.  It took 42 days for Moderna to turn the genomic sequence of the virus into a vaccine candidate and ship it to US health officials.  The National Institutes of Health will now start the first human trial in a matter of weeks, focused on safety. It will require months of additional study to know if the vaccine is safe and effective in protecting people against th...
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Reel News: The Invisible Man, Wendy, Guns Akimbo

Reel News is our weekly preview of new films. This week, we look at The Invisible Man, Wendy, and Guns Akimbo.
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