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Amazon Black Friday Deals 2019: Everything you need to know

Amazon leads the pack of on-line retailers participating in Black Friday. Retail stores still have Black Friday sales, but Amazon has epic Black Friday deals followed with nearly equal deals during Cyber Monday.
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The best wildlife photos taken this year reveal a horde of interlocked ants and a vicious stand-off between a fox and a marmot

The London Natural History Museum's annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition awards photographers whose work inspires us to consider our place in the natural world and our responsibility to protect it. This year, the contest received 48,000 entries from photographers in 100 countries. The winning set of images includes snapshots of an interlocked army of ants, a stand-off between a surly fox and a shocked marmot, and a puma ambushing a guanaco.  Here are 14 award-winning photograph...

A Porsche Taycan crushed a Tesla Model S in a drag race (TSLA)

A Porsche Taycan sports car beat a Tesla Model S sedan in a drag race filmed by the German television show Auto Mobil. A clip of the episode posted to YouTube shows what appear to be two separate races between the vehicles. The Taycan is in the lead when the show cuts away from the first race, and during the second race, it beats the Model S by a wide margin. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A Porsche Taycan sports car beat a Tesla Model S sedan in a drag race filmed by the...

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Digital Trends Live: Made By Google wrap-up, Fortnite Chapter 2, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we break down the biggest trending tech topics of the day, including a recap of the Made By Google event, Fortnite Chapter 2, Ford’s trunk drone, Gita the grocery-carrying robot, and more.
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Forget nut milk: Fungus-based dairy is real milk without the cow

Perfect Day promises ice cream and other dairy products that tastes like they're made with cow's milk, only without using any animal-based products.
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Flo by Moen review: Plug leaks and save money

The Flo by Moen is a smart home water monitor that aims to protect users from catastrophic water damage, encourage conservation, and save money. We rigorously tested the device to see how well it works.
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Google Pixel Buds 2 hands-on review: All about the assistant

The new Pixel Buds are lightweight, comfortable, and fit securely. They're far more svelte than Microsoft's Surface Earbuds or Apple's AirPods, but they won't hit store shelves until Spring 2020.
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Polar’s Vantage V and M watch update improves your sleep, reduces your stress

Polar Vantage V and M fitness watches are now even better at helping you train at your optimal level thanks to a recent update that brings new recovery and sleep metrics.
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HBO's 'Watchmen' director thinks there's enough story to tell for season 2 and beyond

Nicole Kassell, a director and executive producer on HBO's "Watchmen," told Business Insider that she thinks there is "content for a season two, if not more." Series creator Damon Lindelof said during a New York Comic Con panel this month that every question and mystery of the season will be resolved. He added that a second season could be determined by how the audience responds to season one. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. HBO's "Watchmen" is off to a hot start even befo...

How to forget a Wi-Fi network on your Mac, so your computer stops automatically connecting to it

You can easily forget a Wi-Fi network on a Mac through your Network Preferences. This is useful when you no longer want to automatically connect to a network, need to enter a new password, or just want to tidy things up. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Your Mac has a great feature that saves Wi-Fi networks that you've previously signed into, automatically joining the network whenever you're in range of it. However, there are a few scenarios where this may be a burden. Perh...

Jitters in digital media, ad tech's savior, and the Army's plan to win Gen Z

Hello! It's a panicky time for media, with consolidation sweeping up digital publishers, reports of layoffs at Splinter, Bustle, and Sports Illustrated, and remaining players scooping up the spoils. At some of these companies, the tensions are reaching a boiling point. My colleague Ben Goggin reported that this is playing out in the form of fear and falling morale at Bustle Digital Group, based on his interviews with 24 current and former employees. Why it matters: Bustle Digital Group has been...

Hackers stole 26 million credit cards, but vigilantes just rescued them

BriansClub, a black market site that contains stolen credit cards, was hacked to rescue the data of more than 26 million credit and debit cards.
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Google kills Daydream with a lack of support on the Google Pixel 4

Google announced that the Pixel 4 will not support the Daydream virtual reality platform, and it will no longer sell the Daydream View mobile VR headset.
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Facebook is acting like a broadcast station when it comes to running ads from politicans. What if the FCC regulated it like one? (FB)

Facebook said it agreed with the Federal Communications Commission's rules for broadcast stations — which are required to run all ads from political candidates — in a with Elizabeth Warren over from Donald Trump.  The FCC regulates broadcast stations in the public interest, and these networks have certain provisions against issuing false information.  Facebook is under no such regulations, and it is not liable for posted content, as protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Ac...

Neil Patrick Harris has joined the cast of The Matrix 4

Neil Patrick Harris will join Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Aquaman's Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Lana Wachowski's upcoming Matrix sequel.
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How to restore your Mac computer using Time Machine and an external hard drive

You can restore your Mac using Time Machine and an external hard drive.  Time Machine comes with your Mac, and allows you to restore things like photos, music, apps, and other data.  Although restoring your Mac with Time Machine can be done in a few steps, it could take hours to complete a restoration depending on how much information you're trying to transfer. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. There are many ways to backup your Mac computer and restore all of its data: cl...

I dropped my laptop and accidentally drenched it in coffee, but this neoprene sleeve made it look like nothing ever happened

I'd been using a purely functional $20 laptop case for two or three years before I started using one of Dagne Dover's new laptop sleeves — and I'm so annoyed with myself for being too practical. The Dagne Dover laptop sleeves are functional but sleeker, slimmer, and more stylish than my previous case. It's also water-resistant, well-padded, and comes with a detachable shoulder strap in case you want to carry it without a tote bag. Knowing how long I used my previous case, the $90 price tag is...

Disney just shook up its $2 billion ad business as it prepares to battle Apple, Netflix, and Amazon for streaming audiences

This week, Disney awarded its advertising business to rival holding companies Omnicom and Publicis after a five-month review. Omnicom retained movie studios and most media properties in the U.S. while Publicis won parks and Disney+. A knowledgeable source said Disney would spend about $375 million to promote Disney+. The outcome shows Disney plans to further wall itself off from rivals Netflix, Apple, and Amazon ahead of next month's launches of Disney+ and Apple TV+. Disney is moving toward...

Disney just shook up its $2-plus billion ad business as it prepares to battle Apple, Netflix, and Amazon for streaming audiences

This week, Disney awarded its advertising business to rival holding companies Omnicom and Publicis after a five-month review. Omnicom won a slight majority of the business, retaining movie studios and most media properties while Publicis won parks and Disney+. A knowledgeable source said Disney would spend about $375 million to promote Disney+. The outcome shows Disney plans to further wall itself off from rivals Netflix, Apple, and Amazon ahead of next month's launches of Disney+ and Apple ...

You can connect Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch with a special transmitter — here's how

You can't connect Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch without a special accessory. If you want to connect headphones to the Switch, you'll need to use a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the Switch's headphone jack. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. One would think that with all the features built into a Nintendo Switch console, it would be possible to connect a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones. However, you can't — at least, not without special equipment. W...

A new radar system will track 250,000 tiny pieces of space junk. It may help prevent snowballing collisions that could cut off our access to orbit.

A new radar array in New Zealand will track an estimated 250,000 tiny objects that orbit Earth at high speeds and could threaten satellites and astronauts. It will be the first commercial system to track bits of space debris smaller than 10 centimeters wide, and as small as 2 centimeters. Tracking these objects can help prevent catastrophic collisions and stave off a potential series of snowballing crashes known as a Kessler event. Such a disaster could cut off human access to space for hundre...
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Google just laid out its vision for the future of the smartphone with its new Pixel 4 — here's how it compares to the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro (GOOGL, GOOG, AAPL)

Google unveiled the Pixel 4 on Tuesday, its newest flagship smartphone. The phone comes with new motion sensors for unlocking the device more quickly and performing tasks using touchless gestures as well as an improved camera. Starting at $800, the Pixel 4 is a direct competitor to Apple's iPhone 11 — which also boasts noteworthy camera upgrades over its predecessor. Here's a look at how the Google Pixel 4's specifications compare to those of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Visit Business Ins...

Apple and Goldman Sachs are being picky about who gets an Apple Card

Apple and Goldman Sachs are being picky about who they approve for Apple Card, the new credit card they launched in August. "The approval rates early on have been lower," Goldman CEO David Solomon said on the bank's third-quarter earnings call, adding that the bank is favoring applicants with excellent credit scores. "Keeping approval rates low suggests that at least initially Apple wants to focus on low-risk (higher credit score) customers, rather than catering to higher-risk customers," a Wh...

Tesla solar panels have become a nightmare for some homeowners, especially for one Colorado woman whose roof went up in flames (TSLA)

Some homeowners with Tesla solar panels said they had been left frustrated as they wait for the company to fixed damaged panels on their roof. On August 1, the roof of Briana Greer's home in Colorado caught fire as she waited for Tesla to send a crew to look at her panels. The company has yet to investigate the situation, she said. Greer said that Tesla didn't properly maintain the panels. Homeowners in states from Maryland to Arizona with Tesla solar panels have also found dealing with Tesla ...

Mable snaps up $3.1 mln seed

Boston-based startup Mable, a mobile and web-based B2B wholesale platform, has raised $3.1 million in seed funding. Venrock, Accomplice and Founder Collective led the round. Source: Press Release
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Older Roku devices won’t play Netflix after December 1

If you're the owner of one of Roku's first-generation devices made before 2011, you might be losing access to Netflix content on December 1.
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Best Buy cuts price of 2019 MacBook Air, saving you $100 plus 1 year of Apple TV

The retailer's sale on select 2019 MacBook Air models brings the price down to the lowest we've seen from any retailer, and with in-store pickup it could be in your hands today.
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Amazon slashes the price of the Instant Pot Duo Mini with a $20 discount

Amazon has a deal on the Instant Pot Duo Mini that slashes its typical $80 list price with a $20 discount that makes it available at just $60. 
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Twitter has published its rules for world leaders, including what types of tweets won't be allowed (TW)

Twitter has published its moderation policies for world leaders. The post from Twitter doesn't discuss the actions of any specific world leader, but the company said it wanted to better explain why it makes moderation decisions when reviewing controversial posts from political figures. "The actions we take and policies we develop will set precedent around online speech and we owe it to the people we serve to be deliberate and considered in what we do," Twitter said. Visit Business Insider's ho...