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TripAdvisor rejects claims that 'one in three reviews is fake'

Website says study is inaccurate, misleading and unreliable
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‘There’s a rock on this beach!’ and other awful tourist complaints

An idyllic Cornish beach has been criticised for the placement of a rock out at sea. From Ben Nevis being ‘too high’ and the Louvre being ‘not very interesting’, finicky visitor reviews are now commonplaceLusty Glaze beach in Newquay, Cornwall, might have been 2017’s beach of the year, but it has a long way to go before it is beyond criticism. Representatives of the privately owned cove posted on its Facebook page this week to flag up a review from one visitor, who complained about hurting her l...
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Goat Yoga: How to Have A Joyful Experience in the Finger Lakes NY

I’m not completely sure as to why goat yoga is becoming a trendy thing to do. It feels like it defeats the point of yoga, which is to be one with body, mind, spirit. When you’re in warrior two and a Momma goat saunters between your legs and nearly topples you over, you aren’t really in that zone of Zen. You’re scrambling to tighten your core and stay in place, a task made  the more difficult by the fits of giggles that erupt from you. Whatever the science, philosophy or studies behind it that ...
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Colobus Monkey Cuteness Old Giant Tortoises and Excessive Tipping

Today is our last full day in ZanzibarTanzania and we'd left it free as a relaxation day only there's things to do and see. The question was how to fit it all into a day. So I went on TripAdvisor and searched out a driver to get us around and organised.
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TripAdvisor’s social network: Taking FB and Instagram head on?

The move has garnered positive response from many in the marketing industry, as it could shift Tripadvisor’s role in the traveler’s digital journey from that of research and intent, to that of discovery and inspiration.
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TripAdvisor evolution could benefit travel agents

TripAdvisor’s announcement that it intends to become the ‘Facebook of travel’ is being tipped as an opportunity for agents to establish themselves as influencers on the world’s most-used travel site.
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Opinion: Facebook will buy TripAdvisor

Facebook’s ever-expanding portfolio of digital services and brands will lead it towards purchasing a large tourism-focused business within the next five years - here's why TripAdvisor would be the perfect choice.
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What does TripAdvisor’s move to social mean for reviews?

TripAdvisor is creating a personalized social media feed that delivers Twitter and Facebook-like pages, and creates a new publishing platform for travel brands in the process.
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TripAdvisor on moving from user reviews toward professional content

Instead of relying on user review, the new TripAdvisor will add tips from publishers such as National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveler, the Travel Channel, Business Insider, and PopSugar, for example.
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TripAdvisor Is Turning Itself Into a Social Platform for Travel Lovers

These days, there's a social media app for everything. So of course TripAdvisor is making one for travel. On Monday, the company unveiled its plans for a redesigned website and mobile app that puts people and places front and center. The debut of Travel Feed, which will roll out later this year, moves away from...
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TripAdvisor unveils new site set to 'disrupt the travel industry'

It wants to be social media feed for travel
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TripAdvisor aims to become social media service for travel

TripAdvisor is planning a major upgrade to its website and mobile experience that will put a focus on planning and booking with social media-style influences.
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Planning a Memorable Debrecen Culture Trip – Details that Make a Difference 

Debrecen, the second largest city in Hungary, draws in thousands of tourists on a yearly basis, and if you have finally decided to get a glimpse of what this city has to offer, a bit of in-advance planning will be demanded. Although this location has more than enough attractions for you to discover, as well as exciting activities to engage in, to actually enjoy a pleasant vacation there, from start o finish, you’ll need to follow some clear travel tips. The following advice will allow you to le...
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New-style TripAdvisor aims to be the world's first ‘travel feed’

The site’s new web and mobile platforms will no longer be just about reviews – it will host content from major publishers, too Trip Advisor is to launch a new website and mobile-device platform later this year that it claims will make it “the most personalised and connected travel community” in the world. Related: Man jailed in Italy for selling fake TripAdvisor reviews Continue reading...
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TripAdvisor unveils major overhaul that aims to make it the Facebook and Instagram of travel

TripAdvisor is undergoing a major update that borrows from the pillars of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and FourSquare to create a social media platform for travel and makes restaurant critics, travel experts and influencers of every user. 
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TripAdvisor suspends reviews for 'Bude tunnel'

The tunnel amassed more than 160 comments, becoming the top attraction in the Cornish town of Bude.
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Man Jailed For Hundreds of Fake TripAdvisor Reviews

An Italian man was sentenced to nine months in jail for selling fake reviews on TripAdvisor to several hundred businesses. He'll also be fined 8,000 euros (about $9,300). TripAdvisor had threatened businesses with a red badge icon warning travelers thatreviews had been manipulated, after which "several businesses were willing to share information to support TripAdvisor's investigations." From TripAdvisor's Insights blog: Back in 2015, our dedicated team of fraud investigators identified a ne...
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TripAdvisor suspends comments for Bude supermarket tunnel after glowing reviews

Structure heralded as 'architectural masterpiece' [Author: Cathy Adams]
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Man jailed in Italy for selling fake TripAdvisor reviews

A TripAdvisor reviewer has been sentenced to nine months in prison in a landmark fraud ruling by an Italian court.
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Why I Don’t Trust User-Generated Hotel Reviews

Can you trust the hotel reviews on TripAdvisor or other "user-generated content" sites? Since I'm a travel editor, people are always telling me about their own vacation experiences, about resorts that went above the call of duty and hotels that failed miserably. At least once a month, someone will bring up how they were duped by the reviews on TripAdvisor or, even more worrisome, they'll tell me about a hotel manager who pushed them to post a good review. In one case (a competitor to a hotel w...
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TripAdvisor tells businesses of 'landmark' prosecution

Owner of fake review company gets nine-month prison sentence
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Travel News: September 13, 2018

Fake TripAdvisor Reviewer Sentenced to Jail in Italy Travel Pulse In a landmark decision, a TripAdvisor reviewer from Italy was sentenced to nine months in prison for fraud after selling fake reviews. According to The Guardian, the court convicted the owner of Italian tourism promoter Promo Salento of selling fake reviews to hundreds of hospitality companies. The judge found that writing fake reviews under a false identity was a crime under Italian law. The court also ordered the unnamed fraudu...
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Man jailed in Italy for selling fake TripAdvisor reviews

Sentence over false reviews sold to hundreds of hospitality firms is landmark fraud rulingA TripAdvisor reviewer has been sentenced to nine months in prison in a landmark fraud ruling by an Italian court.The owner of Promo Salento, a tourism promoter in the southern region of Puglia, was convicted of selling fake reviews to hundreds of hospitality businesses across Italy in order to raise its profile on the website. He was also ordered to pay €8,000 (£7,100). Continue reading...
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Fraudulent TripAdvisor reviews could result in jail time for culprits

New ruling sees internet fraudster sentenced to prison [Author: Helen Coffey]
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San Francisco hotels: TripAdvisor's best value picks for September

San Francisco hotels are some of the most expensive in the USA. Here are TripAdvisor's picks for the best affordable hotels.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Travel ads ensure that we'll never get honest articles about travel.

I was already skeptical about this NYT article, "Five Tips to Give Kids Some Culture and a Vacation at the Same Time/Traveling with the whole family is a great way to open your children's eyes to a world beyond their front door — but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, too. Here’s how." But my bullshit meter shot up when I got to paragraph 4:If you’re in Thailand, for example, try making and flying traditional chula or pakpao kites. Other activities include creating clay sculptures modeled on ...
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How to drink at Albatross Bar

You don’t need to join some secret society or pledge your first born to get to the most remote bar in the world. But you do need to find yourself a fishing boat a year or more in advance that will take you on a six-day journey to Tristan da Cunha island, which is located nearly 1,800 miles from Cape Town in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Before that, though, you’ll need to contact the local government and ask for permission to visit — without it, you’ll be turned away. Only then can you ha...
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TripAdvisor hints at its growing interest in vacation package search

TripAdvisor offers a tiny number of flight-and-hotel deals bundled together. There are signs it wants to display more travel packages.
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The best museums in the world, according to TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has announced the winners of its 2018 Travelers’ Choice awards for museums.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Australia: No merit in manipulating TripAdvisor reviews: $3 million fine issued by court - Holding Redlich

The fine issued to Meriton might be a wake-up call to re-consider management and interaction with online review websites.
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