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What Is A Manager’s Secret To Being Emotionally Intelligent?

It turns out that managers can become more likable if we learn how to ask questions Image Credit: Aritra Sen As managers, we are under a great deal of pressure to use our manager skills to find ways to get the most out of our teams. We can try a lot of different techniques; however, all too often we get the same results – nothing changes. The good news for us is that it turns out that if we want to create more open relationships with the members of our team all we have to do is to learn how...
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America’s Most And Least Trusted Professions

Source: Statista Some professions have a better reputation for honesty than others. Mistrust is pretty common in everyday life, whether its questioning a doctor’s honesty or ethics regarding a diagnosis or blaming the salesperson when your “new” used car breaks down after one day and 30 miles on the road. So that raises the question: what professions do Americans regard as the most honest and ethical today? Gallup examined the issue and released an interesting poll showing that nurses are the mo...
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Becoming a trusted company is an absolute requirement of a winning strategy

Edelman’s Trust Barometer has, for years, been warning that trust is on the wane and those companies that build the most trust with their customers will be the ones that are most likely to win. However, many firms have often struggled with the idea of building trust and how to do it. Particularly, when it has been unclear what the financial payoff of trust building efforts are. As a result, trust and trust building initiatives have often been dismissed as being too ethereal, wishy washy or touch...
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Facebook Trailing In Trust

Source: Statista When it comes to obeying laws protecting personal information, Americans have less faith in Facebook than other tech companies. That’s according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released at the weekend. Facebook has been engulfed in a storm of criticism after it emerged that political consultancy Cambridge Analytica harvested and exploited the personal information of 50 million of its users. The firm is trying to restore its badly tarnished image with CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently issuing...
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How To Avoid Killing Your IT Team’s Motivation

IT managers need to find ways to motivate their teams Image Credit: John Jewell As an IT manager, your performance is going to be judged by what your team is able to accomplish. What this means is that it is your responsibility to use you IT manager skills to motivate them to work hard to complete the tasks that you assign to them. This motivation thing turns out to be a bit tricky because we’ve never had IT manager training in how to do it: getting a group of people to all work towards t...
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Trusted launches tuition reimbursement program for its on-demand babysitters

Trusted wants the providers of its on-demand babysitting service to feel like they’re welcome. The company announced today the launch of a tuition reimbursement program for employees, helping them save $5,250 each calendar year as long as they meet specific criteria. In order to participate, employees must be enrolled in an accredited university and must have a GPA of 3.0 or better. It doesn’t matter if you’re an undergraduate or graduate student nor does it apply to a particular major or profes...
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Trusted Lets Parents Book Vetted Babysitters At The Last Minute

 Trusted is launching a new service for parents in search of high-quality babysitters — particularly parents who need to find someone ASAP. CEO Anand Iyer compared the startup’s approach to the recently launched senior care service Honor. When you’re looking for a babysitters, Trusted lets you browse the available providers and book them from within the mobile app… Read More
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