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Ancient Greeks devised a way to fight disinformation

Sophists were more interested in arriving at practical truths through rhetoric than an absolute Truth (Sophia).Their techniques were heavily criticized by Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. Asha Rangappa and Jennifer Mercieca write that Sophist techniques are particularly useful for recognizing and fighting disinformation. Octavian had a bone to pick with Mark Antony. The latter claimed the Eastern Roman Empire as he moved in with his lover, Cleopatra. Octavian wasn't having it. He read Antony's ...
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Socially Dominant Narratives

Probably because of my past, I tend to be suspicious of socially dominant narratives. When I see popular stories telling me how life is or how it’s supposed to be, I often question them. I’m sure this is because I’ve been badly duped by such narratives before. Being raised inside a religion was a real ringer, and it took a serious effort to escape that bubble of falsehoods. Then there were false beliefs about how the world of business is supposed to work (not the same as how it actually does ...
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Stream 15 Audio Drama Podcasts & Get Through COVID-19: Features Rami Malek, Catherine Keener, Tim Robbins & More

At my home now, we constantly tell stories: to distract, soothe, entertain—telling and retelling, collaboratively authoring over meals, listening to a ton of story podcasts. These activities took up a good part of the day before all hell broke loose and schools shut down. Now they guide us from morning to night as we try to imagine other worlds, better worlds, than the one we’re living in at present. We are painting on the walls of our cave, so to speak, with brave and fearful images, while out...
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Stream 15 Audio Drama Podcasts & Let Stories Get You Through the Doldrums of COVID-19 Isolation

At my home now, we constantly tell stories: to distract, soothe, entertain—telling and retelling, collaboratively authoring over meals, listening to a ton of story podcasts. These activities took up a good part of the day before all hell broke loose and schools shut down. Now they guide us from morning to night as we try to imagine other worlds, better worlds, than the one we’re living in at present. We are painting on the walls of our cave, so to speak, with brave and fearful images, while out...
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A.J. Ayer and Logical Positivism

Alfred Jules Ayer (1910-89) was a philosopher and a leading English representative of Logical Positivism. He was responsible for introducing the doctrines of the movement as developed in the 1920s and 1930s by the Vienna Circle group of philosophers and scientists into British philosophy. Ayer’s philosophy was also influenced by empiricism of David Hume and the logic of Bertrand Russell.Although he was born and raised in London, Ayer’s father was a French Swiss national and his mother was a Dutc...
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21 Major Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

I’ve tried to provide you with as much information as possible about mistakes to avoid when you are interviewing. Mastering these elements can ensure your success when interviewing and make you more... By Harrison Barnes
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Have We Lost Our Trust in Words?

I’m currently reading a book by one of my favorite writers, Barbara Brown Taylor. The book is called When God is Silent, and it is made up of a series of lectures delivered at Yale Divinity School in 1997. Now, before you worry that this is a religious, end-of-the-world type blog, let me reassure you that it’s not. It’s simply a blog about words and our relationship with them. More than anything, Brown Taylor’s lectures center around what she views as a crisis facing speakers. And she asks an in...
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9/11 Truthers are still at it about Building 7

There will always be people who think the Moon landings were a hoax, that the Earth is flat, that vaccines cause autism, and that fire didn't cause the World Trade Center's buildings to collapse. This month, a group called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth published a report from researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks about a "four-year computer modeling study on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7," which was not hit by one of the jets piloted by al Qaeda terrorist...
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Tarotscopes That Slay: New moon in Aries

I am writing this to you from my at-home sanctuary that my husband and I lovingly call the “spirit room”. It’s just the second bedroom in our tiny two-bedroom Los Angeles bungalow but it’s also a vortex for healing and love. I am gazing out the window at the bougainvillea in full bloom, creeping along the dark green fence that separates me from my neighbor. If I lean a little to the left I can see the giant cactus that I planted from a trimming my friend Michelle gave me years ago. The sky is a...
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Let people change their minds

Everyone does it. Some people do it several times a day. Others, weekly, monthly, or even just a few times in their lives. We would be suspicious, and rightly so, of someone who claimed never to have done it. Some have even become famous for doing it. Making a public show of it can make or break a career. But how often is too often?I’m talking about changing one’s mind. As philosophers, we are often surprised when one of us reverses position on an issue. Hilary Putnam, for example, was famous fo...
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Conservatives are gunning for gay Trumpster Richard Grenell. Cue the eye rolls.

Just days after the appointment of openly-gay former ambassador Richard Grenell to the role of acting head of national intelligence, conservative critics have gone on the attack. Though openly gay, Grenell has a long history of defending Trump and conversion therapy proponent Mike Pence. That record had done little to assuage far-right homophobes who see Grenell as a “gay activist.” Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, a group which once said Washington was under the control of ga...
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Do You Live a True Religion?

“Why have we fasted, but you have not seen? We have denied ourselves, but you haven’t noticed!” “Look, you do as you please on the day of your fast, and oppress all your workers. You fast with contention and strife to strike viciously with your fist. You cannot fast as you do today, hoping to make your voice heard on high. Will the fast I choose be like this: A day for a person to deny himself, to bow his head like a reed, and to spread out sackcloth and ashes? Will you call this a fast and a da...
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A Sad Fact: Leaders Who Lie Can Still Be Trusted by Their Followers

Being truthful and being trustworthy aren’t the same, which poses a problem for both society and the practice of leadership itself In today’s world, it’s hard to know who to listen to and what to believe. Who’s the best Presidential candidate? Is Brexit good or bad? Which college is best for my child? Usually there’s ...
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How Real People Make (Real) Love

S o yeah—- yeah, our mattress sags in the middle. You can see it, even when the sheets are pulled up taut, how the springs at the centre have been flattened by the sheer weight of glory. This is a man and a woman becoming one.  Some would say this has been boring, this every day love of us. Joy Prouty It’s been decades of this, happening after the days, us there in the dark: We roll to the middle of the mattress, you and I, finding each other in the valleys. Who knew that every valley...
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How to Move Through (Not Stuff Down) Your Anxiety

I recently felt the familiar rise of anxiety. Tension crawling up the back up my neck. Mind racing. Hands slightly shaky. I couldn’t catch a deep breath no matter how much air I filled my lungs with. I don’t know if you’ve ever had this experience, but it’s like coffee jitters in your heart even when there’s zero caffeine pulsing through your veins. My mind and spirit were overloaded by deep concern for people I love who were going through really hard things. Things like cancer and chronic illne...
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Inspiring rules for journalists by PBS NewsHour's Jim Lehrer (RIP)

In the Aspen Institute's 1997 report on "Journalism and Society," PBS NewsHour co-founder Jim Lehrer, who died last week at 85-years-old, contributed the following wisdom: I practice journalism in accordance with the following guidelines: Do nothing I cannot defend. Do not distort, lie, slant, or hype. Do not falsify facts or make up quotes. Cover, write, and present every story with the care I would want if the story were about me. Assume there is at least one other side or version to ev...
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Lament Gives Way to Freedom

Over one-third of the book of Psalms are filled with psalms of lament, crying out to God to help us. In fact, the word lament connotes raw, honest emotion with no pretense and literally means “to tear the hair and beat the breast.” When you lament you let it all out; you wail from a deep, guttural place. When I think of lament, I can’t help but think of the people who were the first lamenters, Adam and Eve. Imagine with me for a moment that you’re happy and free, living in a beautiful place with...
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2020 GRAMMYs Winners List

Music’s Biggest Night is under way from the Staples Center in Los Angeles and we are well on our way to handing out some hardware. Check out the list before for a full list of winners updated throughout the night as we wind our way through the 62nd annual GRAMMY Awards, only on CBS and streaming live on CBS All Access. Record of the Year “Hey, Ma” — Bon Iver “Bad Guy” — Billie Eilish “7 Rings” — Ariana Grande “Hard Place” — H.E.R. “Talk” — Khalid “Old Town Road” — Lil Nas X Featuring Billy Ray C...
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The Value of Pushback in Friendship

I do not really know anyone who would say they like the feeling of being challenged or criticized. But the reality is we often gain more from honest relationships and constructive criticism that will tell us the truth, even when it hurts. A friend that always agrees with you, never questions your motives or decisions, or praises you for even the most basic expectation of behavior, is not really a friend. That is called an enabler.  You may be familiar with the term “enabler” as it pertain...
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The Overlooked History of Women at Work

A Grolier Club exhibition explores 500 years of women as scientists, midwives, writers, activists, undertakers and more.
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Working More Of You Into Your Next Speech

You can be so familiar to yourself that you become invisible Image Credit: Teeejayy As speakers we’d all like to be able to give speeches that captivate and interest our audiences – that’s what the importance of public speaking is all about. However, the challenge that we have every time that we sit down to write a speech is coming up with something to say that will be interesting. As hard as this may seem to be to do, it turns out that we all have the answer to this problem. It turns out t...
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turmoil and experimentation

Renee DiResta discusses the challenges brought about by the printing press — invented in Europe in 1450 —  and compares these with the current effects of digital networks in — Mediating Consent. The printing press, invented approximately 50 years before the 95 Theses, extended Luther’s reach from the door of the cathedral to the entirety of Europe. His criticisms of the Church were the first use of mass media: critiques of Catholic doctrine in pithy, irreverent pamphlets, produced at scale and w...
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Two New Saints Give New Hope for Philosophy

The canonization of Cardinal Newman on October 13, 2019 and the approval of the beatification of Bishop Sheen within the same calendar year offers new and needed hope for philosophy.*  These two luminaries, are like proximate stars reinforcing each other’s light.  Among their many gifts is a philosophical outlook that includes realism, clarity of thought, and a grasp of the paradoxical nature of truth. Philosophy in the modern world is in disarray.  Alfred North Whitehead has observed that t...
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When we teach a child to be truthful we offer them the gift of an ethical life.

This post was originally published on Leave a comment or share this post by visiting When we teach a child to be truthful we offer them the gift of an ethical life..
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#TwistedTropes 27. Washington's wooden teeth

I don't know where this image came from. Bite me. Here's something to get your teeth into: It's well known that the first president of the United States of America had a mouthful of rotten teeth. It's also common knowledge that he wore false teeth. What is less well known is that George Washington had several different sets of dentures, each made from various kinds of materials.Surprisingly, these included gold, brass and human teeth, and bizarrely, one set made from hippopotamus ivory ...
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Need a Miracle? Look Within!

The most basic and fundamental truth of our existence is a miracle… Our very reality is founded upon goodness, love, peace, and joy… This is what we are to our core. The very source of our existence has come from this goodness, and this is truly all that exists. This also means that the negativity we experience in life, whether it be fear, anxiety, sorrow, or anger, is only an illusion. Though this may seem far removed from the experience that most people are having in their life right now, it i...
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What I’ve Learned Along the Road

It will be a life-long journey to try to get it right, but here are some things I feel were important to have learned so far: It is better to try and fail, than not to have tried. Be consistent and fair in all your dealings with people in all situations, not just family and work. Honestly is always the best policy. Truth is the truth, so easy to remember. Consider the opinions of others as they may be the ones with the right answers. It is OK to be wrong, but also important to admit it. There is...
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Fiona Hill Calls Ukrainian 2016 Election Interference ‘Fictional Narrative’ in Opening Statement

Former National Security Council staffer Fiona Hill will call Ukrainian 2016 election interference “a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services themselves” in her testimony Wednesday, according to a pre-released copy of her opening statement.“The unfortunate truth is that Russia was the foreign power that systematically attacked our democratic institutions in 2016,” Hill’s statement reads. “This is the public conclusion of our intelligence agen...
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Impeachment hearings: key witness to reject claim Ukraine meddled in US election – live

Fiona Hill, ex-senior director for Europe and Russia on the national security council, and David Holmes, a state department aide in Kyiv, to testifyIn this defining moment for America, support the Guardian’s independent journalism. Make a contribution 1.27pm GMT Fiona Hill will seek to correct Republicans on the intelligence committee who have been saying for weeks that Ukraine colluded with Democrats to tamper the 2016 election, according to her opening statement just released – .“This is ...
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A Truth to Combat the Lies

I’m a failure. It’s all my fault. I’m not good enough. People will resent me. I’m not really forgiven. I’m not a good mom. I talk too much when I should shut up. I stay silent when I should speak up. God is disappointed in me. Have you ever said one of these lines? I have a growing list in my journal of lies I’ve repeated and believed over the last year. But sometimes the lies we believe are true, aren’t they? Sometimes it is my fault. I have failed. I’m not always a good mom. I don’t listen wel...
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