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Coming Home - Thursday

Thursday was the day that had seemed so far away a week ago and the day that we dreaded.  Yep, it was the day we had to say goodbye to the South island and head home to mentally prepare for the return to work. I met Colin in Richmond and after a nice ride over the Whangamoa and Rai Saddles we had a quick stop in Havelock. Preparing for work... Next up was a trip through Queen Charlotte [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Coming Home - Wednesday

On Wednesday we stayed based in the Nelson/Tasman area with plans to do some exploring over the hill in Golden Bay. Around nineish I road across to Motueka to meet up with Colin and another mate of his, Mitch.  Mitch is (actually was now) a DR (Wee-strom now) rider who has been around a few more summers than both Colin and I and knows how to punt a knobbly shod DR... Our first little squirt was [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Coming Home - Tuesday

After our rest day (only around 385km) we had slightly bigger plans for Tuesday.  We had to be in Richmond/Motueka by the end of the day but we couldn't just ride straight there now, could we? Colin was dead keen to ride out to Karamea and then walk the Heaphy Track so that's how we kicked off the morning... The lady at the motel was good enough to allow us to leave our panniers at the motel so [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Coming home - Monday

After our big weekend of riding a decent sleep (in a cold motel) followed by a later start was in order.  We got away from the motel at around 10am and took a short ride up to Kaipoi to checkout Motomox and get Colin some flash new trou. We spent a fair bit of time there chatting to the owner, looking at all sorts of farkles and riding gear and checking out some of his photos.  The mapping [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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TT Write-up

Yup!  Finally finished the sucker.  What a ride - can't wait to do it all again! Cheers Colin! Last CP... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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#9 done and dusted

Yep, Colin and I have managed to wobble our way around the South Island and complete the required 2,000km and 100,000 points to qualify (subject to final check by the boss man) as finishers in the TT2000. Well, perhaps we're not that great at maths, cos we seem to have ended up with 216,000 points and 2,253kms... Ignore times - newbie Garmin 595 owner stuffed up resetting thing... For [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Inspiration for Brandy...

You can do eeit! [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Bling has arrived! Results [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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2018 TT2000 - Day 9

Day 9?  What happened to Day 8?Well...My plans had included a trip over to Golden Bay to explore a bit more gravel.  But that friendly little cyclone had hammered the stuffing out of the area.  The Takaka Hill Road was closed for a number of days due to slips (trapping my brother-in-law at his bach) and washed out a bridge on one of the roads I was going to go exploring on.By the time I hit Richmond the road had been cleared and Dan was home but the road was only being opened for essential traff...
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2018 TT2000 - Day 7

Day 7 was another decent sized run of about 600km from Christchurch to my sister's place in Richmond via a few little deteours here and there.I left my motel around 8am and pointed the Tenere West.  My first stop was for fuel in Springfield but I just made it a splash and dash and was soon back on the great West Coast Road.At one stage I caught some traffic (including a HP car) stuck behind a truck but he quickly pulled over.  The cop then did a dirty on me by pulling over, letting the 2 cars pa...
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2018 TT2000 - Day 6

The weather in Christchurch on Monday morning wasn't particularly inviting (wet and a little chilly) and after by little 2,300km ride over the weekend I wasn't exactly champing at the bit to head out into the dampness.But, I had made plans.  They involved riding the bike again so I geared up with my wets on and aimed the Tenere for Akaroa.After Stopping in Tai Tapu for fuel I rode on wet roads across to Akaroa.  It was fairly cold with a breeze cutting through my gear.  I had purposely not put t...
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TT write-up

Yes, the write-up is done!You can find it here on my website. Ready for more! [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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2018 TT2000 - Day 2

Day two of my trip was to get me down to Christchurch where the TT was starting.  I had deliberately crossed the straits the day before to give me the whole day to take in the Molesworth on my way South.  This ended out being a pretty good idea as the cyclone had brought down some more slips on SH1 near Kaikoura - again.My plans had also included inviting Al along as he now lives in Picton and is always keen for some good gravel exploring.  We agreed to meet up in Blenheim and when I got to the ...
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2018 TT2000 - Day 1

Ok, so now that I'm home I better get a bit more serious with my posts...Day one of this year's  TT assault was a short ride to the ferry, across the Straits, a little pootling and then staying the night in Blenheim.  But...In the days leading up to my departure Cyclone Gita was hammering the stuffing out of the islands and coming our way.  I kept an eagle eye on things and hoped for the best.  In the end the cyclone didn't really hit Palmy (we had some high winds the night before I left) but it...
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Yep, I got home last night and have been reunited with my little brown dog and a decent computer.  But, I have a lot of editing to do before any decent posts.So you'll just have to make do with some pics of a laden DR and rider dragging surfboard - yes, there is video... Oh, and maybe some nice shots of Picton... 4,100km of fun! [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Making my way North

Today I had to ignore my sore butt and start heading Northwards by first heading West... Somewhere near Arthur Pass Further up the road I stopped by a gold mine to see if they had any jobs going but there was nobody at reception... Out to lunch I think... Then after scaring some mountain bikers on a gravel track I stopped for a paddle in a lake. And finally after a 600km day I ended up in Richmond - nearly home... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Puddling about

Today the weather was a little bit average (rain and a brisk, cold wind) so I didn't quite do all the riding I had planned.  I still managed to do just over 200km puddling around on the peninsular. Looking down on Akaroa Lighthouse road - about as far out as you can go Up high looking back towards Akaroa Slightly better weather when I got back into Akaroa So, hopefully the weather will be a bit better tomorrow as I have a reasonably big day planned to g...
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2018 TT2000 done!

Yep, back in Christchurch after 2,300+km of tickee-touring a chunk of the Southern end of the South Island.  No rain, no tickets and only a few GPS issues... Even time for a coffee break this morning - cost me 15mins though... Add caption I did manage to sleep more than 2 hours... Happy with my moving average - there was gravel... So, now it's time to kick back for a bit before some more tickee-touring.... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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Proper fun

Another quick blog from the road...Today I met up with Al in Blenheim to tackle the Molesworth again.  He must have been a little keen as he was early! Blenheim Our first leg took us up over Taylor's Pass (first time for me).  There had been quite a bit of rain overnight so this first ford had a reasonable amount of fast flowing water in it.  It only took us about 20mins to cross over and onto Acheron Road and 200km of fantastic riding.  I have a lot of pics hiding on my camera and...
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It has begun...

And my USB card reader has died so I can't get pictures off my good camera - only the phone... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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TT2000 Write-up - Day 15

Fifteen days on the road and I 'spose it was time I should think about heading home...With a 2pm sailing I had plenty of time to get to Picton so I decided to take my time and get in one last dose of gravel around Port Underwood.After my last fill of South Island Super I cruised across Nelson and found myself at the bottom of the Whangamoa's.  This and the Rai Saddle are always a favourite and although there were a few sections of roadworks to get through it was just as good as I'd remembered.In...
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TT2000 Write-up - Day 14

Day Fourteen was intended to be a very relaxed day spent in Richmond with perhaps a little pootle somewhere to see if there was any gravel to be found.  It still was, although there was some slight excitement towards the end of the day...Overnight it had actually rained and I was disappointed that the rain had got in on the bike for a wee while and washed some of the dirt off the bike - the rego plate was readable again...In the morning I did take it easy.  I spent some time uploading some photo...
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TT2000 Write-up - Day 13

Day thirteen (a Monday, so not unlucky) was set to be a bit of an adventure.  I was riding through to Richmond to stay with my sister but the route involved taking the Rainbow Road from Hamner Springs to St Arnaud.I was a little nervous of the Rainbow, having heard that there were "river" crossings and the odd other dodgy patch.  Prior to heading South I was able to talk to a couple of guys (one having ridden the road just a few days before I left home) about the road and they both were certain ...
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TT2000 Write-up - Day 12

With being caught out by finishing shorter days early on the previous two days and only 350km to do on Sunday, I decided not to be in too much of a hurry to leave Geraldine.  I fluffed around for a bit and looked out at a slightly drizzly looking morning as I got ready, but by the time I was organised the day had cleared and was warming up fast.  A quick fuel up and I was on the road up the Inland Scenic Route.Even though the big long straights could be tempting, I kept the speed down and just t...
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TT2000 Write-up - Day 11

Saturday's ride started off early with the topping up of the Tenere in Kurow just before 8 and then pointing her up the Hakataramea Valley.The road started off sealed before narrowing up a little and eventually turning to some nice fast gravel.  I had the camera on for a lot of it but there was plenty of fog around to spoil the view. Soup's up Some braking was involved when this poked up outta the fog Sign has made a few enemies in the past Towards the middle of t...
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TT2000 Write-up - Day 10

Wow!  Ten days on the road.  Best take it easy then...Days ten and eleven were planned as shorter days.  This was because I was a little unsure of how tough the gravel sections were.  In the end I need not have worried as there were no difficult bits and I could have easily combined the days - oh well, now I know.So, with only around 330km to do I was in no hurry to get going so I started off with a leisurely pootle along the Clutha River to Clyde where I stopped for some brekkie. After filling...
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Special day...

[Author: Andrew Thomson]
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What to do with those stickers... [Author: Andrew Thomson]
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TT2000 Write-up - Day 9

Day 9 had me starting off pretty early and following Lake Wakatipu around to Queenstown for fuel and then onto Glenorchy to go in search of more gravel.  If only the weather would play ball... Had to take this as I have one of the Connie parked there too. Yes, that is a bride and her 9ish in the morning... From Glenorchy the plan was to go and get lost up some nifty looking valleys - well, they looked interesting when planning my ride.  I started off by missin...
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TT2000 Write-up - Day 8

Righto, enough stuffing around town, time for some more riding...The morning was fine and clear (if a little chilly) as I left Invercargill and headed West.  The first 60km or so was nice, easy and traffic free tar as I took a new to me (except for a few km I did on the TT) road through Otautau and Orawia before rejoining the Southern Scenic Route once more.Today my plans including visiting 4 different Southern lakes as I had discovered in my planning that this involved gravel...The first on the...
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