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Poet Ariana Reines wins the $100,000 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award for 2020 at Claremont Graduate University

Poet Ariana Reines has won the 2020 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award for her latest poetry collection, “A Sand Book,” Claremont Graduate University confirmed Monday. The $100,000 Tufts award, which is based at the university, is the largest annual cash prize for a single work of poetry, and Reines is the 28th poet to receive it, joining previous winners such as Ross Gay, Patricia Smith and Dawn Lundy Martin. “A Sand Book,” published by Tin House, is a 12-part collection that ranges from the personal ...
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From Elon Musk to Tim Cook, here's where the world's most influential tech founders and CEOs went to college — and what they studied

College is where many figure out what they're actually interested in and determine the career they want to pursue. We researched the degrees and schools attended by well-known tech CEOs, many of whom launched their companies or landed on the idea for their first startup while studying at college. Here's where 52 CEOs and founders in the tech industry went to school, and what they studied. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. For new college students, choosing a major can feel l...
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TechCrunch’s Top 10 investigative reports from 2019

Facebook spying on teens, Twitter accounts hijacked by terrorists, and sexual abuse imagery found on Bing and Giphy were amongst the ugly truths revealed by TechCrunch’s investigating reporting in 2019. The tech industry needs more watchdogs than ever as its size enlargens the impact of safety failures and the abuse of power. Whether through malice, naivety, or greed, there was plenty of wrongdoing to sniff out. Led by our security expert Zack Whittaker, TechCrunch undertook more long-form in...
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Scientists Use Stems Cells From Frogs To Build First Living Robots

Cy Guy writes: Having not learned the lessons of Jurassic Park and the Terminator, scientists from the University of Vermont and Tufts have created "reconfigurable organisms" using stem cells from frogs. But don't worry, the research was funded by the Department of Defense, so I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong this time. "The robots, which are less than 1mm long, are designed by an 'evolutionary algorithm' that runs on a supercomputer," reports The Guardian. "The program starts by generat...
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Sackler Family Members Fight Removal of Name at Tufts, Calling It a ‘Breach’

After Tufts took the Sackler name off one of its buildings over the family’s role in the opioid crisis, some family members are crying foul.
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How to Create a Social Media Policy for Employees

You can tell how long someone has worked in social media by asking about their biggest gaffe. The mis-tweet that was deleted as quickly as it was sent. The time Facebook went live from a phone inside a pocket. Accidents happen, sure. But as social media enters its second decade of being someone’s job, accidents can become major offenses. Even fireable ones. No one wants to lose their job because of social media, so employees and employers must align on the proper ways to use social media on com...
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New silk materials can wrinkle into detailed patterns, then unwrinkle to be 'reprinted'

Tufts engineers have developed silk materials that can wrinkle into highly detailed patterns -- including words, textures and images as intricate as a QR code or a fingerprint. The patterns are stable, but can be erased by flooding the surface of the silk with vapor, allowing the surface to be printed again. The researchers demonstrate multiple examples of the silk wrinkle patterns, and envision a wide range of potential applications for optical electronic devices.
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New study estimates preventable cancer burden linked to poor diet in the US

A new study from researchers at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts estimated the association between suboptimal consumption of seven types of foods and specific cancers. They found that poor diet is on par with alcohol, excessive body weight, and physical activity.
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Can the effects of the ketogenic diet help prevent epilepsy after traumatic brain injury?

Neuroscientists at Tufts prevented the development of epileptic activity in mice after traumatic brain injury by using a drug that mimics the metabolic effects of the ketogenic diet.
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Read a poem for Kate and Kingsley Tufts winners this Easter Sunday

It’s spring and so the poets, like swallows to Capistrano, make their return to Claremont. Except that unlike the mission down by Doheny where the birds can be fickle — some years they just fly somewhere else — the poets without fail come to the campus of Claremont Graduate University in April. That’s because the school administers (lovingly so) the Kingsley and Kate Tufts Poetry Awards every year, one of the rarest birds in the world, an event in which verse and money meet. The Kingsley annuall...
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Hacker dumps thousands of sensitive Mexican embassy documents online

A hacker stole thousands of documents from Mexico’s embassy in Guatemala and posted them online. The hacker, who goes by the online handle @0x55Taylor, tweeted a link to the data earlier this week. The data is no longer available for download after the cloud host pulled the data offline, but the hacker shared the document dump with TechCrunch to verify its contents. The hacker told TechCrunch in a message: “A vulnerable server in Guatemala related to the Mexican embassy was compromised and I dow...
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Dietary supplements don't reduce mortality rates, Tufts researchers say

A new study at Tufts University discovered that a variety of supplements do not extend life and can even be dangerous.High doses of vitamin D and calcium were linked to higher rates of cancer and all-cause mortality. Benefits of the vitamins and nutrients were discovered in eating whole foods, not taken in pill or powder form. None Sunlight: the cause of much consternation for skincare advocates, yet a necessary component of biological life. Not only needed for, well, everything on this planet,...
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Inside Tufts University’s grade-hacking case

Each week, Extra Crunch members have access to conference calls moderated by the TechCrunch writers you read every day. This week, security reporter Zack Whittaker discussed   his exclusive report about Tufts University veterinary student Tiffany Filler who was expelled on charges she hacked her grades. Being Canadian and therefore in the U.S. on a student visa, she had to immediately leave the country. From the transcript: Firstly, given the legal risks, the potential public relations nightmare...
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Tufts engineers develop new tool to identify metabolic signatures linked to disease

Metabolic changes in cells can occur at the earliest stages of disease. In most cases, knowledge of those signals is limited, since we usually detect disease only after it has done significant damage.
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The ups and downs of sit-stand desks

With researchers suggesting that 'sitting is the new smoking,' sit-stand desks (SSD) have become a common tool to quell sedentary behavior in an office environment. As this furniture becomes ubiquitous, conflicting opinions have arisen on its effectiveness. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Tufts gathered data from 53 studies and published a scoping review article detailing current information on the benefits of SSDs.
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Daily Crunch: NVIDIA is buying Mellanox for $6.9B

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. NVIDIA to buy supercomputer chipmaker Mellanox for $6.9B, beating out Intel and Microsoft The news caps off what the media had reported as a bidding war between NVIDIA, Intel and Microsoft for the chipmaker now based out of San Jose but originally founded in Israel. The deal underscores ongoing consoli...
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Tufts Expelled a Student For Grade Hacking. She Claims Innocence

An anonymous reader quotes TechCrunch: As she sat in the airport with a one-way ticket in her hand, Tiffany Filler wondered how she would pick up the pieces of her life, with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt and nothing to show for it. A day earlier, she was expelled from Tufts University veterinary school. As a Canadian, her visa was no longer valid and she was told by the school to leave the U.S. 'as soon as possible.' That night, her plane departed the U.S. for her native Toronto,...
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Tufts expelled a student for grade hacking. She claims innocence

As she sat in the airport with a one-way ticket in her hand, Tiffany Filler wondered how she would pick up the pieces of her life, with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt and nothing to show for it. A day earlier, she was expelled from Tufts University veterinary school. As a Canadian, her visa was no longer valid and she was told by the school to leave the U.S. “as soon as possible.” That night, her plane departed the U.S. for her native Toronto, leaving any prospect of her becomin...
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CTA Construction Managers awarded contract for $24.1 million Weymouth’s Tufts Library project

Weymouth, MA CTA Construction Managers has been awarded a contract for the new $24.1 million 50,000 s/f Tufts Library. The...
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Calculating Facebook's value by figuring out how much you'd have to pay users to quit

A group of academics from economics, business, and policy schools at Kenyon, MSU, Susquehanna and Tufts performed a series of ingenious experiments to determine how much typical Facebook users value the service, by getting experimental subjects to participate in sealed-bid auctions for payments in exchange for quitting the service. They found that "the average Facebook user would require more than $1000 to deactivate their account for one year." Multiply this by Facebook's user-base, and yo...
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Front and center: Food labels have effects on consumption and product formulation

A new Food-PRICE systematic review and meta-analysis led by researchers at Tufts assessed the effectiveness of food package and menu labeling in interventional studies and found that these approaches can impact consumer and industry behavior for some targets, but not others.
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Tufts’ Peter Neumann and cost-effectiveness analysis – Better health through better measurement – Harlow On Healthcare

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Weekly Primer: How Trump Puts His Deputies To Work Pushing Politically Useful Lies

A New York Judge on Thursday told lawyers for President Donald Trump that allegations from New York’s attorney general — that Trump illegally used his foundation as a piggy bank — “are what they are,” and that “until you deny them, I accept them.” Judge Saliann Scarpulla acknowledged that Summer Zervos’ case would impact the foundation case inasmuch as it determines whether a sitting president can be sued. If the appeals court in Zervos’ case “says that Clinton versus Jones is still good law,...
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HUD Official Caught Up In Email Fiasco With Interior Dept. Resigns

WASHINGTON (AP) — A political appointee who was caught up in a dispute between the departments of Interior and Housing and Urban Development has resigned. Assistant HUD secretary Suzanne Israel Tufts was tapped to lead an internal watchdog agency at Interior, but instead has left government. A HUD official announced her resignation Friday, a week after HUD Secretary Ben Carson said in an email to staff that she would take over as Interior’s acting inspector general. Tufts would’ve replaced lon...
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Ben Carson Is Our Duke Of The Week

Last week, Housing and Urban Development secretary Ben Carson used his gifted hands to send out an email that threw multiple departments into turmoil, made it unclear whether a ten-year veteran of the Interior Department still had a job and garnered widespread accusations of an unethical coverup. He unleashed this bureaucratic turmoil either because a) he oafishly advertised a secret, sneaky plot b) he was tasked with sending out a trial balloon in the hopes that news outlets/watchdogs would ...
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Curiouser and Curiouser

WHAT'S UP ? H.U.D. vs. Interior misdirection -------    .. The fake news and misdirection tango is alive and well at the Department of Housing and Urban Development . It's also thriving at the Interior Department ... Yesterday we followed the bouncing ball and noted the cagey play being employed by "Binky Zinke." BEN CARSON ..On October 16, 2018 HUD Secretary Ben Carson bid assistant secretary at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Suzanne Israel Tuf...
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Weekly Primer: Docs Show Trump Ordered Gov’t To Keep FBI Building Near His Hotel

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson may have inadvertently spilled the beans on the White House’s attempt to help Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke avoid accountability for rule-breaking. On Friday, Carson sent a “fond farewell” email to department staff announcing that Trump administration political appointee Suzanne Israel Tufts — who in her role at HUD replaced the whistleblower who called out Carson’s since-cancelled $31,000 furniture order — would now take over as the Depar...
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Interior Inspector General Emerges From Email Kerfuffle With Job Intact

Mary Kendall, the longtime acting inspector general for the Interior Department, has emerged from the dust-up catalyzed by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson’s preemptory email with her job intact, according to a Thursday Bloomberg report.  In an October 12 email, Carson sent out a farewell email for Suzanne Tufts, a political appointee working at HUD, saying that she would be replacing Kendall, who has aggressively investigated alleged ethics breaches by Interior Secretary Ry...
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Political Appointee Will Replace Interior Dept’s Top Watchdog … Ben Carson Says

The Department of the Interior (DOI) is apparently replacing its acting inspector general with a Trump administration political appointee. The more you dig into this story, the fishier it gets. For one thing, the news first broke in an internal email on Friday from, surprisingly, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson. “It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Suzanne Israel Tufts, our Assistant Secretary for Administration, has decided to leave HUD to become the Act...
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