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More Garden

More photos from a beautiful day inthe Tuleries Garden. A sculpture celebrating the author of Puss in Boots, Charles Perrault. I think this is the only cedar tree in the garden. The iris was just starting to bloom. The morning sun tipped the iris in silver. Great color but the tulips were finished.
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Another Look

So far our walks are starting in the same place-at the Musee d’Orsay. I was early meeting our friend so I went into the Tuleries Garden again. A look at one of the smaller ponds. A statue with a dog and some pretty clouds. I’ve never noticed this green scarf behind the sculptures on the Louvre. Seeing the Pyramid at the Louvre through the arch of the Arch de Triumph built by Napoleon, as was the large on on the Champs Elysees. And the Pyramid itself. An op...
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Another Day Another Walk

We met at the Orsay Museum again for another walk. A long boat serenely going by the Orsay Museum. A statue of Thomas Jefferson. He was the ambassador to France before he became president of the USA. The gardens are now open. This was the first day to enter the Tuleries Gardens. It was pretty empty at 8 am but I bet it was really full by the afternoon. The flowers bloomed even though there was no one there to see them.
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Tuleries and Beyond

We did quite a bit of walking looking at the Tuleries Garden and the area around it (with family before having to isolate). A look into the garden just getting ready to have green leaves on the trees. A look at Place Vendome. Pretty Spring window of Goutal Perfume shop. Lauderée is doing a planetary thing right now for some reason. The Village Royal has changed their umbrellas from a mix of bright colors to shades of pink. Here they are from underneath. Th...
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Another Sunny Day

You never know when there is going to be rain in Paris. I’ve learned that if there are showers, there are often clouds, blue skies and brilliant light so I try and get out then. The Seine always looks good in sunlight. The Tuleries Garden is nice. There were piles of leaves everywhere. I’m glad I’m not in charge of cleaning up this garden. The Tuleries Garden also has a nice carousel. Christmas is coming as you can see looking down to Place Vendome. The famous Cr...
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A Sunny Day

Paris had a rare sunny day-it has been dark gray with lots of rain for days-and I went out for a bit to enjoy it. They have the Christmas fair set up in the Tuleries Garden. There are many rides and many Christmas decorations. Another view of the ferris wheel with the Louvre in the background. Crunchy leaves on the ground. Light through a lamp. I had to put my sunglasses on! Shops already have their Christmas windows ready too.
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As I’m often saying, sunny days in Paris in the winter (almost Spring) can be gray and cloudy so when the sun comes out, so do Parisians, and tourists too. Last weekend it rained almost continually but this one turned out to be great with temperatures in the 60’s and I didn’t even need my coat. We walked into the Tuleries Garden. Maurice isn’t fond of the ferris wheel but I find it very photogenic.  Here it is further into the garden. It’s not there all of the time and at Christmas it’s even in...
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