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Tumblr – finally – enables HTTPS for all accounts

Better late than never, Tumblr has rolled out HTTPS across its entire site. In a brief post on Tumblr’s engineering page, the company said all Tumblr sites will now have the web encryption setting enabled by default, though it admitted the move was “long-overdue.” Tumblr, which like TechCrunch is owned by Verizon, has 464 million users and at the time of writing ranks in at 44 of the top 100 sites based on Alexa traffic data. Until the HTTPS switchover, it was the highest ranked site that didn’t...
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The new home of K-Pop is on Tumblr

K-Pop is taking the world by storm and Tumblr want to be on the frontline to keep you up with all the latest in Korea’s music culture. South Korea’s music has spread across the globe to become a cultural phenomenon and essentially its own genre. Their unique brand of pop music made up mostly of incredibly pretty people in all-male and all-female groups. Tumbr have created a page that they promise to be the official guide to K-Pop dedicated to putting the spotlight on artists and provi...
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Add Craigslist to the tech platforms Russians used to manipulate the 2016 election

In one of the weirder revelations to come out of the Mueller report released this morning, it seems that Craigslist was yet another tech platform used in Russia’s election influence campaign. Facebook? Sure. Instagram? Yup, that too. YouTube? Twitter? Oh my, yes. Even Tumblr makes an appearance (LOL. Tumblr). But Craigslist? Apparently the Russians used the platform (alongside Facebook and the rest) to facilitate their real-life trolling campaigns. The Russian influence operations included thin...
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Mueller report details the evolution of Russia’s troll farm as it began targeting US politics

BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images On Thursday, Attorney General William Barr released the long-anticipated Mueller report. With it comes a useful overview of how Russia leveraged U.S.-based social media platforms to achieve its political ends. While we’ve yet to find too much in the heavily redacted text that we didn’t already know, Mueller does recap efforts undertaken by Russia’s mysterious Internet Research Agency or “IRA” to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The...
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Insane Motion Design Work from KIDMOGRAPH

Insane Motion Design Work from KIDMOGRAPH AoiroStudioApr 05, 2019 Either that you have a full-time job, contract-based or purely freelance; as designers we should always make room for personal/experimental projects. There's a ton of reasons why it's a great thing to keep that healthy balance with your creativity, your will of making things and finding ways to get away from boredom and eventually burning yourself out. KIDMOGRAPH is a great example of someone w...
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FLASHBACK: Joe Biden’s Yuck Factor ~ Warning Disturbing Groping Video

This Ope-Ed first appeared on AmmoLand News September 4th of 2015 and here we are in 2019 and groper Joe is back on the touchy-feel-you tour. Political observers of all stripes balked earlier this year at photos of the creep veep wrapping himself around the wife of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter — and nearly nibbling off her ear while he deep-massaged her shoulders. Poor Mrs. Carter, helpless in front of the cameras as her husband spoke just inches away, exhibited the body language of a shell...
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Snap CEO’s sister Caroline Spiegel starts a no-visuals porn site

If you took the photos and videos out of pornography, could it appeal to a new audience? Caroline Spiegel’s first startup Quinn aims to bring some imagination to adult entertainment. Her older brother, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, spent years trying to convince people his app wasn’t just for sexy texting. Now Caroline is building a website dedicated to sexy text and audio. The 22-year-old college senior tells TechCrunch that on April 13th she’ll launch Quinn, which she describes as “a much less gr...
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My Top 5: Yes, MySpace Still Exists (oh, wait…)

Image Credit: Jasmeet on Flickr Whoops MySpace For how many years have I and several other industry colleagues stressed the importance of owning your content, and that storing them on someone else’s platform isn’t good enough?  Now we hear the MySpace has accidentally deleted all content prior to 2016. I’ll wait while you go make jokes about how MySpace is irrelevant and all the old content is terrible…. …Ok. people put stuff up there. Especially music, no matter how awful or good. If th...
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How #Article13 is like the Inquisition: John Milton Against the EU #CopyrightDirective

Censorship before or censorship after? The EU Copyright Directive rekindles the oldest fight in the history of free speech debates, first waged by John Milton in 1644. Then, like now, policy-makers were considering a radical change in censorship law, a switch from censoring material after it was published to requiring a censor's permission to publish in the first place. Fundamentally, policing of speech can happen at one of two points: before content disseminates, or after. Policing con...
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Tumblr’s Porn Ban-Related Pageview Drop Barely Registered Among Ad Buyers

Tumblr's recent ban on pornography and adult content is taking a toll on its pageviews. According to web analytics provider SimilarWeb, Tumblr totaled some 521 million pageviews last December, and that total slipped by over 19 percent in January, to 437 million. Media buyers were largely unfazed by the news. A spokesperson for Periscope said,...
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Tumblr traffic tumbles following ban of adult content

Traffic for the site has dropped a staggering 150 million views since the ban went into effect in December.
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Apple kerfuffles, praise groups, and media layoffs

Lots of news and interesting tidbits to wrap up the week. Apple kerfuffles Apple has been vindicated (for a brief moment anyway) in its long-standing dispute with Qualcomm. From Stephen Nellis at Reuters: A U.S. federal judge has issued a preliminary ruling that Qualcomm Inc owes Apple Inc nearly $1 billion in patent royalty rebate payments, though the decision is unlikely to result in Qualcomm writing a check to Apple because of other developments in the dispute. Judge Gonzalo Curiel of the ...
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Tumblr Loses 100 Million Views a Month After Porn Ban

Radical left-wing blogging site Tumblr has seen a massive loss in traffic since its porn ban earlier this year, with views down by 17% in just one month. Blogging platform and former user-based pornography distributor Tumblr lost 100 million page views in the first full month after its porn ban on the 17th of December […]
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Tumblr traffic dropped by nearly 100M views the month after it banned porn

Tumblr’s ban on adult content is costing it dearly. In December, we reported on news of Tumblr invoking the nuclear option and banning pornography and other adult content from the popular blogging platform. A month later, it had lost more than 100 million views — a 17 percent decline in just 30 days. According to data from web analytics firm SimilarWeb, Tumblr’s problems started, predictably, with its adult content ban. In December, it was flying high, with approximately 521 million pageviews th...
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Front-paged at the NYT: How to eat lunch at your "luxurious" company.

In case this has never occurred to you, snack items can be lunch. Inside, the article is "How to Make Meals From Office Snacks/At start-ups and luxurious companies, the free lunch is for the taking, if you’re bold enough." I look forward to more NYT articles about things that are "free... for the taking, if you’re bold enough."How to Stock Your Home Office... supplies are free, if you're bold enough! For Shoppers at Department Stores: The clothes and makeup you need for your big date are free fo...
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7 Ways to Boost Your Brand Identity Online

Before you can take steps to boost your online brand, you need to know what you want it to be. Your brand identity is akin to your personal identity.   The characteristics and traits that differentiate you from others constitute your personal identity. Your brand identity is made up of the look and feel of how your company presents itself including your:   Logo Tagline Jingle Slogan Typography Packaging Content   Your brand identity includes any visual or audio representations that others rec...
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Two brothers deface worthless baseball cards for fun and profit

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, being juvenile can pay off. Two brothers have proven this. They've been humorously scribbling on baseball cards since they were kids and now it's landed them a book deal. As children of the 80s, Beau and Bryan Abbott spent their allowance on their baseball card only to discover the collection wasn't worth the cardstock it was printed on. Instead of dumping the long boxes full of cards, the then-elementary-aged boys started "enhancing" them with Sharpies in "e...
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Facebook was destroyed by British lawmakers for its disastrous year, but new laws should not be narrowly focused on the social network

British lawmakers published a damning report about Facebook, its many privacy problems, and its monopoly power as part of an inquiry into fake news. Politicians proposed new laws that would force tech companies to take legal responsibility for the content published on their platforms. But the lawmakers are narrowly focused on Facebook, and are in danger of creating sweeping new laws that impact the internet beyond just one big social network. New laws that combat fake online political ads and ...
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SPX 2019 registration opens this week

Hello Everyone! SPX 2019 is our 25th Anniversary Celebration!! So we are on the hunt for extra-amazing Special Guests and putting together other cool events around this amazing milestone!! We've learned a TON over the past few years regarding exhibitor registration by hearing from all of you, and we wa...
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Who Benefited from FOSTA? (Spoiler: Probably No One)

This post rounds up some FOSTA-related links I’ve aggregated over the past few months. There is no good news here. The data points suggest that in FOSTA’s first 9 months, it apparently has failed all of its policy goals while causing substantial collateral harm. Some of the lowlights (with citations): Online sex ads remain prevalent after FOSTA and the Backpage shutdown. : Has the sex-trafficking law eliminated 90 percent of sex-trafficking ads? (spoiler: 3 Pinocchios). : Online sex ads reb...
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Can I Buy A Vowel?

– Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlash In a recent article in The New York Times, John Williams discussed the evolution of our language through the “vowel dropping” trend. He mentions the use of vowel dropping in naming tech companies, as tech companies like Tumblr and Flickr dropped vowels “…both for distinctiveness and because the altered names made it easier to trademark, claim domain names on the internet and conduct other practical business.” In my book The Science of Branding, I noted that the ...
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Nazi content survived Tumblr’s “adult content” purge … but so did X-rated images

If you want XXX content, Tumblr isn't your best choice. But if you want neo-Nazi hatred, step right up!
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The challenges of moderating online content with deep learning

Earlier in December, the internet was abuzz with news of Tumblr’s declaration that it would ban adult content on its platform starting December 17. But aside from the legal, social and ethical aspects of the debate, what’s interesting is how the microblogging platform plans to implement the decision. According to a post by Tumblr support, NSFW content will be flagged using a “mix of machine-learning classification and human moderation.” Which is logical because by some estimates, Tumblr hosts hu...
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Netflix's You Review: Lonely Boy Would Be Proud Of This Twisty Stalker Tale

UPDATE: This story was originally published on September 5 at 11:55 a.m.soIn late December 2018 Netflix released the first season of You, originally a Lifetime-Netflix collaboration, on their service for TV fans everywhere to stream. In the weeks since, the terrifying tale of Joe Golberg ( Gossip Girl alum Benn Badgley) and Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) — which will be a Netflix-only production for the upcoming season 2 and beyond — has become a constant source of Twitter memes and social med...
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Instagram Secret Menus, New Trends Decoded

In this edition of Decoded, our fiends at AWAL look at the trends and hidden tricks shaping entertainment inside the Facebook owned and operated social media crown jewel that is Instagram. _________________________ Guest post from AWAL The sheer scale of Facebook’s owned-and-operated crown jewel makes it a vital endpoint in the content race—an inspiring and overwhelming launchpad for preternaturally gifted yodelers, abnormally adorable dogs, and generational artists who set new sta...
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Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

In 1979, a woman named Marion Stokes started recording live television and didn’t stop for more than 33 years. Director Matt Wolf is making a movie about Stokes and her archive. Marion Stokes was secretly recording television twenty-four hours a day for thirty years. It started in 1979 with the Iranian Hostage Crisis at the dawn of the twenty-four hour news cycle. It ended on December 14, 2012 while the Sandy Hook massacre played on television as Marion passed away. In between, Marion recorde...
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We tested Tumblr's ban on porn. It needs work

Tumblr continues to crack down on adult conduct, but its behind-the-scenes technology still struggles with identifying the difference between what's banned and approved nudity.
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Epiphora’s best and worst sex toys of 2018

Before we give the middle finger to 2018, please come along with me on a romp through the year in my life and sex toys! It was a year of low-key shenanigans: I pulled off a viscous yet glittery April Fools’ prank, attended a few sex parties, started keeping a journal again, took a cute romantic trip, read a lot of smutty fan fiction, watched a ton of CockyBoys, and went to amateur porn film festival HUMP! twice — once with my mom. (She loved it.) I said goodbye to my sweet 17-year-old kitty an...
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Indonesia unblocks Tumblr following its ban on adult content

Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest country by population, has unblocked Tumblr nine months after it blocked the social networking site over pornographic content. Tumblr — which, disclaimer, is owned by Oath Verizon Media Group just like TechCrunch — announced earlier this month that it would remove all “adult content” from its platform. That decision, which angered many in the adult entertainment industry who valued the platform as an increasingly rare outlet that supported erotica, was a res...
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