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Check Out the Debris That Rained Down on a Colorado Suburb After a Plane's Engine Exploded

On Saturday, residents of a Colorado suburb witnessed a scene straight out of a disaster movie: The sound of an explosion overhead followed by huge chunks of metal raining down from above. Read more...
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Please, Never Use a Portable Generator Indoors

Historic snowfall and frigid temperatures have left millions of Texans without power, and when you’re forced to your own devices to heat your home, using a generator is a common alternative in lieu of your local electrical grid. But while gas-powered portable generators are a viable alternative source of energy when…Read more...
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The arms race in wind turbines is heating up

The size of wind turbines is increasing so dramatically that the industry faces the same issue solar farms have faced, where by the time construction is completed, the whole farm can already be obsolete. The New York Times looks at a massive new GE Haliade-X turbine with a blade span of over 200 meters: The prototype is the first of a generation of new machines that are about a third more powerful than the largest already in commercial service. — Read the rest
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Budweiser's Super Bowl LIII commercial focuses on renewable energy

Millions of fans and spectators around the world are expected to watch Super Bowl LIII this Sunday, and with secured viewers accounted for, Budweiser has gone above and beyond to announce its commitment to renewable energy in the best way possible — a Super Bowl commercial. Last year, the popular beer company announced its commitment to using 100 percent renewable electricity from wind power to brew its beer. Sticking to its promises, the company decided to focus on that effort in this year’s c...
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Pipes under Portland produce power while they deliver water to homes and businesses

Apparently, this story popped up back in 2015, but it's so cool that it's still worth reading about now: the city of Portland, Oregon has water pipes buried underneath of it that not only carry clean drinking water to the locals, but also generate hydroelectric power at the same time! From Fast Company: In Portland, one of the city's main pipelines now uses Lucid's pipes to make power that's sent into the grid. Though the system can't generate enough energy for an entire city, the pipes can p...
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Driving a Chrysler Turbine Car is a view of the future from 1962

Back in the early 1960s, Chrysler produced a unique vehicle that perfectly captured the imagination of the Space Age era. Instead of some sort of six or eight-cylinder engine, this new Chrysler coupe used a powerplant that would have been much more at home under the skin of a helicopter or airplane. I'm talking about a turbine engine, and between... [Author: [email protected] (Jeff Glucker)]
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Scotland Will Soon Get the World's Biggest Floating Offshore Windfarm

Congratulations, kilt-wearers, and descendants of William Wallace! Your country’s seas are about to become the proud guardians of the world’s largest floating wind farm. Read more...
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Why Do Wind Turbines Have Three Blades?

There’s diminishing returns when it comes to adding more blades to a wind turbine and if there were less blades, the turbine would have to spin faster which is apparently not a very good thing when it comes to controlling a turbine. That’s basically why we setled on the three bladed wind turbine system. I think it also looks coolest?Read more...
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