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Turkey: Rights of Minority Shareholders in Joint Stock Companies - ELIG, Attorneys-at-Law

The "minority shareholder" is defined under Article 411 of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 ("TCC") as the shareholders represent at least 10% of the share capital in joint stock companies and 5% in public joint stock companies.
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Turkey: The Constitutional Court Rejected Application for Partial Annulment of Article 14 of Press Law No. 5187 - ELIG, Attorneys-at-Law

The Constitutional Court, with its decision numbered 2016/165 E, 2017/76 K. and dated 15 March 2017, rejected Istanbul 2nd Criminal Court of First Instance's application for partial annulment of Article 14 of Press Law No. 5187 ("Press Law"), ..
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LGBT Activists Prevented From Assembling in Istanbul

Turkish police stopped activists from gathering for LGBT pride, but smaller groups made statements defying a ban imposed by the governor.
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Turkish police break up gay pride protest in Istanbul

Police thwart LGBT activists’ attempted parade planned in defiance of an official ban from local authoritiesTurkish police have thwarted an attempt by gay pride activists to hold a parade in Istanbul in defiance of an official ban from the local authorities.Police fired rubber bullets at a group of around 40 activists in the country’s largest city, an AFP journalist reported, a day after the city governor’s office banned the march citing safety and public order concerns. Continue reading...
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Erdoğan rejects Saudi demand to pull Turkish troops out of Qatar

Turkey’s president condemns request as a ‘very ugly approach’ and dismisses other demands made of Qatar by Gulf statesTurkey’s president has described as disrespectful a demand by Saudi Arabia and its allies that it withdraw its troops from Qatar as a step towards ending a deepening dispute with the besieged Gulf state. Related: Qatar given 10 days to meet 13 sweeping demands by Saudi Arabia Continue reading...
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Turkey LGBT: Police stifle Istanbul Gay Pride rally

Organisers had vowed to defy authorities in Istanbul, who had banned the rally for a third year.
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Transformers Box Office Reaches $265.3 Million Globally in Five Days

Transformers box office reaches $265.3 million globally in five days Director Michael Bay’s reportedly-last Transformers movie, Transformers: The Last Knight, opened to a franchise low $69.1 million domestically its first five days at 4,069 theaters ($45.3 for the three-day weekend). The debut trails the first Transformers‘ three-day opening of $70.5 million in 2007. The most recent film, Transformers: Age of Extinction, opened to $100 million its first three days in 2014. Made for $217 milli...
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Turkey LGBT: Istanbul's Gay Pride organisers to defy ban

They vow to hold a march in Istanbul which officials have banned for the third year in a row.
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Turkey's Erdogan says Arab demands on Qatar unlawful

By Mehmet Caliskan ISTANBUL (Reuters) - President Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday dismissed calls for Turkey to close a military base in Qatar and said a wider list of demands issued by four Arab states was an unlawful intervention against the Gulf emirate's sovereignty. In his strongest statement of support for Qatar in the nearly three-week-old crisis centered on the Gulf state, Erdogan said the call to withdraw Turkish forces was disrespectful and that Doha - which described the demands as unreaso...
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Liberal Berlin mosque to stay open despite fatwa from Egypt

Seyran Ateş’s Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque allows men and women to pray together and rejects burqa and niqabThe founder of a new liberal mosque in Berlin that allows men and women to pray side by side has vowed to press on with her project even though the institution has been issued with a fatwa from Egypt and attacked by religious authorities in Turkey within a week of its opening.“The pushback I am getting makes me feel that I am doing the right thing,” said Seyran Ateş, a Turkish-born lawyer and w...
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Erdogan rejects Arab demands; Turkish troops stay in Qatar

ISTANBUL (AP) — Turkey’s president says he will not pull Turkish troops from their base in Qatar, rejecting a demand by major Arab states that it do so to end the ongoing crisis with the small Gulf country. Speaking Sunday after Eid prayers in Istanbul, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the demand “disrespectful.” He said […]
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Turkey's Erdogan says fine after feeling unwell in prayers

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday said he was in good health after briefly feeling unwell during morning prayers in Istanbul. The Hurriyet daily said Erdogan received medical attention after "briefly feeling unwell" during morning prayers at the Mimar Sinan mosque in Istanbul.
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Thiem Leads This Week at Inaugural Grasscourt ATP Stop in Turkey

Potential tough openers for (6) Troicki vs. Berlocq and (7) Coric vs. Mannarino... [Author: [email protected]]
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US Concerned Over Turkey's Actions Against Opposition

The United States is concerned over Turkey's actions against opposition, U.S. State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert has said. When asked to comment on the arrest of main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Istanbul lawmaker Enis Berberoğlu, Nauert said that "they are trying to gather information.
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Turkey LGBT: Istanbul's Gay Pride organisers vow to defy ban

They vow to hold a march in Istanbul which officials have banned for the third year in a row.
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Syria releases hundreds of detainees ahead of Eid

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — The Syrian government released Saturday hundreds of detainees including some who backed the insurgency against President Bashar Assad on the eve of a major Muslim holiday. Hours after the release, a car bomb exploded in a rebel-held northern town near the border with Turkey killing and wounding dozens of people, according […]
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Whisper it, but Europe and Turkey are talking again | Natalie Nougayrède

With so much volatility in the Middle East, a quiet rapprochement is in everyone’s interestRemember how, during the Brexit referendum campaign, voters were told that “millions of Turks” would swamp Europe and Britain if it didn’t get out? Government ministers went on TV to say Turkey’s accession to the EU was just on the horizon, as a result of a refugee deal brokered between Angela Merkel and the Turkish government. Brexiters assured audiences that visa liberalisation for Turks was looming: the...
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Passions flare as Turkey excludes evolution from textbooks

The "controversial" theory is too complex for schoolchildren, an education official says.
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Turkey excludes evolution from textbooks prompting debate

The "controversial" theory is too complex for schoolchildren, an education official says.
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Turkish Military Buildup in Northern Syria Threatens Raqqa Operation

Kurdish activists claim Turkey is building up its military forces in northern Syria for an assault on the Kurdish held district of Afrin, a development that could cause serious setbacks in the ongoing American-backed operation to liberate the defacto capital of ISIS, Raqqa.
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Trump, Putin and Erdogan behave like autocratic rulers: Germany's Schulz

The European Union must become stronger in response to a weakening of democracy in the United States, Russia and Turkey, the leader of Germany's centre-left Social Democrats said in remarks published on Saturday. Martin Schulz, who is also a former president of the European Parliament, said that U.S. President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan behaved like "autocratic rulers". Not only through words but also through concrete policies," Schulz t...
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Turkey to stop teaching evolution in high school

Turkish high school students will no longer be taught the theory of evolution.
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Turkey to cut evolution from high school

Turkish high school students will no longer be taught the theory of evolution.
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Comment on zucchini grilled cheese by Laura Goodman-Bryan

This brings to mind a sandwich I recently had at Turkey and the Wolf in New Orleans. They make a collard melt. That sandwich alone is worth the trip to NOLA.
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Turkey Seizes Assyrian Monastery Property

The St. Gabriel Assyrian Monastery, in Mardin Turkey, was founded in 397 A.D.After Mardin became a Metropolitan Municipality, its villages were officially turned into neighbourhoods as per the law and attached to the provincial administration.
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Sabah House, Venice: The brand finds a permanent home for their colorful leather shoes in California

A sun-dappled pathway from Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice leads to the newest Sabah House. They've filled the small white structure with vibrant, natural leather shoes stacked from floor to ceiling. The atmosphere feels so aptly “California” that...... Continue Reading...
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Evolution Will No Longer Be Taught in Turkish Schools

Claiming that evolution is “debatable, controversial, and too complicated for students,” Turkey’s board of education has decided to stop teaching Darwinian natural selection in its schools. The move has infuriated the country’s secular opposition, but it could embolden other countries to do the same.Read more...
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Turkey Drops Evolution From Curriculum, Angering Secularists

A chapter on evolution will no longer appear in ninth graders’ textbooks because it is considered too “controversial” an idea, an education official said.
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Five electrocuted at water park in Turkey

Three children and two adults who tried to rescue them die after incident in Akyazı, Sakarya province, according to reportsFive people, including two teenagers and a 12-year-old, have been electrocuted in a water park in north-western Turkey.The three children were struck by an electrical current in a swimming pool at the park, in the town of Akyazı, Sakarya province, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported. Continue reading...
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