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The Best and Worst International Airlines for Small Business Travelers in 2018

Consumers choose a brand for a host of different reasons, and the new survey carried out by asked international passengers which airline they would like to fly based just on the logo. And not surprisingly, depending on how you look at it, one of the best airlines in the world, Etihad was first. Remember this was just based on the logo of the company. This result highlights why it is significant for companies to put their best effort into all of their customer-facing products,...
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Watch: Korean Asiana Flight Grazes Turkish Airlines Plane, Slices Jet's Tail

Korean airline Asiana was taxing on a tarmac Sunday on Turkey’s Istanbul Ataturk Airport when one of its wings was damaged after it collided with the tail of a Turkish Airlines flight. The entire incident was caught on CCTV footage: Turkish travel site, Airport Haber, also posted numerous photos of the aftermath of the scene:
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Video: Asiana A330 knocks tail off Turkish A321

Unfortunately collisions between aircraft on the ground are not that uncommon. The most common thing we see is an aircrafts wing tips clip another aircraft while being pushed by a tug. Luckily most of these incidents result in no injuries. Yesterday morning an Asiana Airbus A330-300 (HL7792) which was taxing hit a Turkish Airlines Airbus … The post Video: Asiana A330 knocks tail off Turkish A321 appeared first on Bangalore Aviation. >>> To read the full story click on the headline above.
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Affordable business class airlines

Flying business class is a luxury most of us fantasize about from the time we book our tickets to the time we debark, hurting and exhausted, from the economy cabin. Of course, perks like lounge access and legroom are tempting, but the cost of an upgrade is usually too hard for the average traveler to justify. Luckily, it doesn’t always have to be. Not only can you look out for Z-class fares, business tickets sold at discounted rates, but a number of airlines also consistently offer great price...
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Accounts in Transit

Sharp Communications scoops up 1stdibs... Zapwater Communications checks in with Glenapp Castle... S3 Agency lands Himalayan Natural Mineral Group of Germany flies Turkish Airlines...... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Steve Barnes)]
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Travel News: April 3, 2018

Turkish Airlines Expands Stopover Service Travel Pulse Turkish Airlines has expanded its stopover service for travelers flying from U.S. gateways. Passengers can enjoy Turkish Airlines fantastic service to destinations around the world, including Africa, Eastern Europe and Balkans, South Europe, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Russia, Iran and Kazakhstan and combine any of those places with a quick trip to Istanbul as well.   Carnival Traded a Teen a Free Cruise for His Snapchat Handle Travel & Le...
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Turkish Airlines to buy at least 50 Airbus, Boeing jets

Turkish Airlines has confirmed plans to buy at least 50 wide-body aircraft from Airbus and Boeing as the flag carrier ramps up its ambitions ahead of a move to a new Istanbul airport. The company said in a statement late Friday that it had agreed to buy 25 Boeing B787-9 aircraft, known as the Dreamliner, and 25 Airbus A350-900 aircraft. A statement by Airbus indicated that the catalogue price of the 25 A350s alone would amount to $9.5 billion.
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Video Advertising Puts Super Bowl Campaigns in the Rear View

The weekly Viral Video Chart has shaken off the after-effects of the Super Bowl, with only one campaign from the game remaining in our top 10 most-viewed brand efforts online. (That's the Turkish Airlines ad at No. 2 below.) In the chart a week earlier, populated by data collated by Visible Measures, seven Super Bowlers rook up spots.The chart counts both views for paid ad placements and so-called "organic" views..mfp-fade.mfp-bg { Continue reading at
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Turkish Airlines: 5 Senses with Dr. Oz

Video of Turkish Airlines - 5 Senses with Dr. Oz Part of Collection 60 Ads in this collection.
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Dr. Oz Stars in a Super Bowl Spot for Turkish Airlines, Which Will Air the Game Live During Flights

Turkish Airlines is kicking off a new campaign starring Dr. Oz during the Super Bowl. The airline has released a 10-second teaser for its Big Game ad. It's unclear how long the ad will be, which agencies are behind it or when the ad will appear during the game as a representative for the company...
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Finn Partners Flies for Turkish Airlines

Finn Partners has been named agency of record for Turkish Airlines in the Americas. (1 reader comment) [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: [email protected] (Jon Gingerich)]
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Passenger plane skids off runway and gets stuck on cliff edge in Turkey  

A passenger plane skidded off a runway and was left stuck precariously on the side of a cliff in northeast Turkey last night. All 162 passengers and crew on board the Pegasus Airlines' Boeing 737-800 miraculously escaped, with no serious injuries reported, following the incident at Trabzon Airport, on Turkey’s Black Sea coast. Authorities are yet to establish what led to the budget airline plane veering off of the runway shortly after landing, with unverified reports suggesting the incident...
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Chick-fil-A Proves It Can Do 'Viral' Video Too

Chick-fil-A takes an unaccustomed spot on our Viral Video Chart for the most recent week, shouldering its way among the usual tech giants and semi-regulars like Shell and Turkish Airlines with a Christmas campaign.As always, the chart includes both organic views, where consumers sought to watch a video, and views for paid advertising..mfp-fade.mfp-bg { Continue reading at
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Turkish Airlines refuses to check-in passenger with HIV 'in case he's infectious'

Exclusive: Airline staff said he needed a letter to prove he 'didn't pose a risk to other passengers' [Author: Helen Coffey]
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Slovenia Budget Travel Guide: A European gem at a lower price

Slovenia has all of the appeal of its neighbors Italy, Switzerland, and Austria but for a much lower price tag. It’s packed with equal parts natural treasures — think snow-capped mountains, alpine lakes, and unreal underground caverns — and cobblestone streets and castles in charming towns and villages like the capital city Ljubljana. Use this Slovenia budget travel guide, so you can visit without breaking the bank. More budget tips for Europe: • 5 Cheapo alternative destinations in Europe • Air...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 8 December, 2017

The Elefull 10,000 mAh battery pack – my pick of the 18 tested.  See summary story below. Good morning As is always the case, a typical rush to get ready for the 2017 Travel Insider Christmas Cruise saw some projects failed to complete.  But I don’t feel too abjectly guilty at not completing the external battery pack project though, because I have been nonstop continuing to test batteries all the last week. The results have often been so astonishingly bad that I’ve been trying all different typ...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 1 December, 2017

Amadeo’s senior executives celebrating their A380 order back in 2013.  See story, below. Good morning For the last week I’ve been testing portable battery packs.  I’ve got 18 different units (all of which I’ve paid full price for – this is what your annual support of The Travel Insider helps fund), ranging in capacity from 1500 mAh to 26,600 mAh, and have been compiling data on 35 different attributes for each unit, including running multiple charge and discharge tests in a variety of different...
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Needless Panic Over a Wi-FI Network Name

A Turkish Airlines flight made an emergency landing because someone named his wireless network (presumably from his smartphone) "bomb on board." In 2006, I wrote an essay titled "Refuse to be Terrorized." (I am also reminded of my 2007 essay, "The War on the Unexpected." A decade later, it seems that the frequency of incidents like the one above is less, although not zero. Progress, I suppose. [Author: Bruce Schneier]
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Flight Diverts When Passenger Names Their Wifi Network “Bomb On Board”

If you’re on a plane, though, you need to turn off your wireless transmitting devices (use airplane mode) once the door closes, and not name your network "ISIS" or "al Qaeda". A Turkish Airlines flight from Nairobi to Istanbul today when a passenger had a wifi network on called "bomb on board". Continue reading Flight Diverts When Passenger Names Their Wifi Network “Bomb On Board”...
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Asshole Causes Emergency Landing After Naming Wi-Fi Network 'Bomb On Board'

While it’s magnificent that you can connect to the internet while you’re soaring in a metal tube miles above ground, there are still shitheads who are going to use this modern wonder for evil. Most recently, a passenger aboard a flight from Nairobi to Istanbul created a Wi-Fi hotspot and named the network “bomb on…Read more...
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'Bomb on Board' Wi-Fi Network Causes Turkish Airlines Flight To Be Diverted

A Turkish Airlines flight from Nairobi to Istanbul was diverted after the detection of a wi-fi network called "bomb on board" that alarmed the passengers, the airline said on Thursday. From a report: In a statement, Turkish Airlines said the flight made an emergency landing at the Khartoum airport in Sudan, but the flight was safely resumed after security inspections on all passengers and the aircraft. Individuals can create personal wi-fi networks on devices such as mobile phones and name them ...
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Amazing Business Class Fares US-Europe From $1230 Roundtrip

Turkish Airlines is selling Atlanta - Europe roundtrips from $1230, and they're available most days that flies -- Turkish Atlanta service is 5 days a week. Here's Atlanta - Berlin for just $1230 roundtrip, which is incredible. You can credit the miles to United's MileagePlus if you wish (you'll earn 100% of flown miles). Continue reading Amazing Business Class Fares US-Europe From $1230 Roundtrip...
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476 Synergy Aircraft

The founder and CEO of Synergy Aircraft describes the unique personal airplane he is developing. In the news, we look at airliner nose strikes, new security measures at airports worldwide, the credibility of United Airlines top management, the A330neo maiden flight, and the passing of aviation journalist Ben Sandilands. Guest John McGinnis is founder and CEO of Synergy Aircraft LLC, a seed-stage company developing a quiet, roomy, fuel-efficient aircraft using advanced aeronautical and manufac...
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Slovenia: A budget travel guide to Ljubljana

A college town at heart, Ljubljana is a small capital packed with all of the amenities and little of the expense of similar cities around Europe. It boasts a particularly charming old town, not to mention a castle with its own vineyards in a forested park just a short walk from the center. Food, drink and hotels are all cheap, English is widely spoken, and locals are friendly and eager to help. What’s not to love?! Plan your stay with the help of our Ljubljana budget travel guide. More tips for ...
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Bishkek Fact & Fiction: What You Should Know About Kyrgyzstan’s Capital

Writing about my experiences in Kyrgyzstan has been an intellectual challenge I’ve enjoyed. It’s a challenge because I had to start with the supposition that 1) most people know nothing about Kyrgyzstan and 2) most people don’t have Kyrgyzstan on their travel to-do lists. I say this not to judge, but because it also describes me perfectly until just a few months ago. Like many other writers, bloggers and photographers, I was approached by USAID to participate in a very unique project. The goal ...
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Travel Alert: Turkey and the United States Suspend Visa Services to Citizens of Each Country

If you are American and have plans to travel to Turkey in the near future — or if you are Turkish and have plans to travel to the United States in the near future — you are most likely out of luck and will be forced to indefinitely postpone your travel plans. The arrest of Metin Topuz — a liaison officer of the United States Consulate General who was accused of charges of attempting to disrupt constitutional order; espionage; and attempting to eradicate the Turkish government by allegedly assist...
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Boeing Lands $11 Billion 787 Deal From Resurgent Turkish Air - Bloomberg

Boeing Lands $11 Billion 787 Deal From Resurgent Turkish Air - Bloomberg:"Turkish Airlines said it intends to purchase 40 of Boeing Co.’s 787-9 Dreamliners, a long-awaited deal that signals the carrier’s rebound following a terrorist attack on its Istanbul hub last year.When finalized, the order would be valued at almost $11 billion before the customary discounts for large aircraft purchases. The pact, unveiled during a brief signing ceremony in New York late Thursday, came after years of market...
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Olympic podium: Rose, Stenson and Kuchar set for Turkish Airlines Open

ANTALYA, TURKEY - NOVEMBER 06:  Thorbjorn Olesen of Denmark poses with the trophy following his victory in the Turkish Airlines Open at the Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort on November 6, 2016 in Antalya, Turkey.  Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images The Turkish Airlines Open will boast all three of last year’s Olympic medallists, with Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson and Matt Kuchar ...
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Turkish plane evacuated in Germany after telephone threat

BERLIN (AP) — A Turkish Airlines plane that was taxiing toward takeoff at Cologne-Bonn airport was called back and its passengers evacuated after someone made a telephone threat against the flight. German federal police said officials who received the call to the airport Thursday morning decided to order the aircraft searched. The plane was sent […]
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