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How much Twitch pays employees in the US in 2021

Nick Bastone/Business Insider Amazon's Twitch has become a giant in the burgeoning livestreaming industry. Insider analyzed public data to get a sense of how much Twitch pays employees in the US. Twitch has offered some US staffers annual salaries between $60,000 and $185,000. See more stories on Insider's business page. Twitch has become a giant in the burgeoning livestreaming industry.The Amazon-owned company is now staffing up in the US for roles including data engineer, softwa...
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Trouble in fandom paradise: Tumblr users lash out against its beta subscription feature

The Tumblr community often refers to itself as the Wild West of the internet, and they’re not wrong. A text post with over 70,000 notes puts it best: “Tumblr is my favorite social media site because this place is literally uninhabitable for celebrities. No verification system, no algorithm that boosts their posts, it’s a completely lawless wasteland for them.” But like any social media company, Tumblr needs to keep itself afloat in order for its users to continue sharing esoteric fan art, incomp...
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D&D's Lead Rule Designer Explains Why Actual Play Has Influenced the Game

Dungeons & Dragons is undergoing a popularity boom unlike anything in its existence lately. More and more people are picking up the game—and even more have turned it into its own kind of show, as the “Actual Play” genre of streamed campaigns has shot to its . So it’s natural that the team…Read more...
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World of Warcraft’s biggest streamer is leading the Final Fantasy XIV charge

Thanks to a popular World of Warcraft streamer, Final Fantasy 14 has seen a startling rise in player numbers.
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YouTube’s newest monetization tool lets viewers tip creators for their uploads

YouTube announced its latest feature, Super Thanks, on Tuesday. This is YouTube’s fourth Paid Digital Good, which is what the platform calls any product that lets fans directly pay creators. So far, these tools include Super Chat, Super Stickers, and channel subscriptions — but Super Thanks is YouTube’s first of these features that allows fans to tip creators for individual uploaded videos, rather than livestreams. If a viewer wants to show extra appreciation for a video, they can pay creators w...
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The Robots Are Coming for the Speedrunners Now That They Can Play Super Mario Bros.

The idea that robots will one day become self-aware and start a war to wipe out humanity is laughable. They’re instead going to slowly take over every last job until the world’s population is unemployed and unable to shop at automated grocery stores, so we all starve and die off. And not even those who eke out a…Read more...
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Streamlabs launches Crossclip, a new tool for sharing Twitch clips to TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

The company behind ubiquitous livestreaming software Streamlabs is introducing a new way for streamers to share their gaming highlights to platforms well beyond Twitch. Streamlabs calls the new tool Crossclip, and it’s available now as an iOS app and as a lightweight web tool. With Crossclip, creators can easily convert Twitch clips into a format friendly to TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and Facebook videos. Adapting a snippet from Twitch that you’d like to share is as simple as puttin...
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Space Jam: A New Legacy Is a Huge Airball

The team behind Space Jam: A New Legacy has pulled off the impossible. They’ve taken two of the most dynamic and entertaining things on the entire planet and made them boring. One of those is , an iconic, generational basketball champion, and the other is the Looney Tunes, a timeless, hilarious, adaptable,…Read more...
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Twitch emotes: Everything to know about Twitch's wildly popular take on emoji

Twitch emotes have a wide variety of meanings and uses. William Antonelli/Insider Twitch emotes are small emoji-like icons that you can use in any Twitch streamer's chat room. Twitch streamers with enough viewers can upload their own custom emotes for subscribers to use. If you download the third-party extension BetterTTV, you can access dozens of new Twitch emotes for free. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. To the untrained eye, reading a Twitch chat can fee...
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A bank for the creator economy, Karat Financial raises $26M in Series A funding

The creator economy is changing the way that people earn a living, whether you’re an Instagram influencer or a freelance graphic designer. But traditional banks haven’t caught up. Take Alexandra Botez for example. The Stanford graduate earns six figures playing chess on Twitch, where she has 877,000 followers. But when she tried to apply for a business credit card, she was rejected twice. Meanwhile, when the creator behind TierZoo, a YouTube channel with 2.7 million subscribers, tried to rent an...
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How will lockdown innovation shape post-pandemic marketing?

After a year in lockdown, getting away from the screen is what 2021 is all about. Executive Creative Director Gareth Leeding takes a look at how brands have the opportunity to make the most of digital acceleration to build stronger relationships with consumers. Over the last year, we’ve spent more time online. People have turned to social and digital channels to fill the void left by a lack of human connection of in-person cultural experiences.  But – thankfully – we won’t be in lockdoom f...
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iOS 15 Could Be the Cure for Your iPhone Addiction

If iOS 14 was a visual overhaul that gave you full control over how your iPhone looks, iOS 15 is a logistical one that gives you full control over how your iPhone behaves, which in turn will change how you use it.Read more...
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iOS 15 Preview: This Could Be the Cure for Your iPhone Addiction

If iOS 14 was a visual overhaul that gave you full control over how your iPhone looks, iOS 15 is a logistical one that gives you full control over how your iPhone behaves, which in turn will change how you use it.Read more...
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Fandom Launches New LGBTQIA+ Guidelines For All Its Wikis

Earlier this year, one of the biggest fan wikias on the internet, Star Wars resource hub Wookieepedia, found itself embroiled in a debate between site admins pushing to make the wiki’s handling of LGBTQIA+ topics and transgender people in particular more inclusive, and retrograde administrators who wouldn’t. The…Read more...
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Happs raises $4.7 million for a multicast livestream platform creator community

Happs, an app that lets creators stream live video simultaneously across social platforms, has raised $4.7 million in a post-seed round. The product originally began as a platform for independent journalists, but expanded its mission last year to offer tools to all online creators while connecting them through a new social network. The funding was led by Bullpen Capital and Crosslink, Goodwater, Corazon, Rob Hayes of First Round Capital and Bangaly Kaba, previously at Instagram and Sequoia, also...
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Messaging social network IRL hits unicorn status with SoftBank-led $170M Series C

Social calendar app IRL has been busy building a messaging-based social network, or what founder and CEO Abraham Shafi calls a “WeChat of the West.” Following its pandemic-fueled growth and further push into the social networking space with group chat and other features, IRL is today announcing a sizable $170 million Series C growth round, led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2. The fundraise also mints IRL as a new unicorn with a $1.17 billion valuation. Besides SoftBank, new investor Dragoneer also p...
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More Rumors About Who's Returning for Star Wars TV (and Who Isn't)

Get a glimpse of Rachel Zegler’s mysterious new Shazam character. Todd McFarlane has moved on from pitching Spawn to pitching Spawn spinoffs. Plus, what’s to come on The Flash and Batwoman, and get a look at Disney+’s new Monsters Inc show. Spoilers get!Read more...
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Critical Role Veterans and Newcomers Lift the Lid on Their New Show, Exandria Unlimited

The adventures of the Mighty Nein might have just recently come to a conclusion, but Critical Role rolls on with a brand new adventure that takes viewers into the future of the smash-hit actual-play tabletop show’s fantastical world. We’ve got the lowdown from veteran game master Matt Mercer, and newcomers Robbie…Read more...
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Binge, a new gaming content service, to be revealed at E3

Binge, a new streaming service featuring original content from gaming franchises, will reveal more information at this year's E3.
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New gaming content service Binge to be revealed at E3

Binge, a new streaming service featuring original content from gaming franchises, will reveal more information at this year's E3.
Tags: Gaming, Trends, Streaming, Binge, Twitch, Streaming Service, E3 2021

Twitch, Pinterest, Reddit and more go down in Fastly CDN outage (Update: Outage resolved after 1 hour)

Countless popular websites including Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, Stack Overflow, GitHub,, Hulu, HBO Max, Quora, PayPal, Vimeo, Shopify, Stripe, and news outlets CNN, The Guardian, The New York Times, BBC and Financial Times are currently facing an outage. A glitch at Fastly, a popular CDN provider, is thought to be the reason, according to a product manager at Financial Times. Fastly has confirmed it’s facing an outage on its status website. “We’re currently investigating potential impact to...
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Huge Chunk of the Internet Goes Offline Thanks to One Company

Large chunks of the internet were offline starting shortly before 6:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, including everything from CNN to the British government, in an outage being blamed on Fastly, a content distribution network used by hundreds of high-profile websites. Gizmodo was also down during this morning’s outage.Read more...
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Twitch on SharePlay and new Game Center widget announced at WWDC 2021

This year's WWDC presentation featured some new updates for iOS designed with gaming in mind.
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Twitch on SharePlay and new Game Center widget unveiled at WWDC 2021

This year's WWDC presentation featured some new updates for iOS designed with gaming in mind.
Tags: Apple, Gaming, News, Trends, Twitch, Apple Arcade, WWDC 2021, Shareplay

Apple introduces SharePlay for co-watching, streaming, and screen sharing over FaceTime

As part of its FaceTime update in iOS 15, Apple introduced a new set of features designed for shared experiences — like co-watching TV shows or TikTok videos, listening to music together, screen sharing and more — while on a FaceTime call. The feature, called SharePlay, enables real-time connections with family and friends while you’re hanging out on FaceTime, Apple explained, by integrating access to apps from within the call itself. Image Credits: Apple Apple demonstrated the new feature dur...
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How to Capture and Share Gaming Footage From Your Windows PC

If you’ve invested in a decent gaming PC, you’ll probably want to capture and share some of the highs and lows of your gaming exploits. If you haven’t gotten started yet, we’re here to introduce a few of the best software options available to you right now.
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Twitch introduces Animated Emotes for their 10th anniversary

Twitch announced today that they will release major updates to their Emotes this month to celebrate their 10th anniversary. These new features will include Animated Emotes, Follower Emotes, and a Library for Emotes.  Since the origin of the live streaming platform for gamers, Emotes – Twitch’s version of emojis – have been a key component of Twitch culture . They’re micro memes, and images like Kappa, TriHard, and PogChamp have come to carry meaning in the greater gaming world, even off th...
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Why I started streaming video games on Twitch at the age of 43

Over lockdown, comedian, mother of two and former games journalist Ellie Gibson took up livestreaming, loved the community – and learned to love playing againLike so many things in my life, it began as a daft experiment. I love learning new stuff, and over the course of my 43 years I’ve tried all sorts. Some things have stuck, like comedy, running, and having kids. Some haven’t, like kung fu, olives and holidays in Germany. To be honest, I thought that livestreaming games on Twitch would fall in...
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Twitch's chief people officer shares how the company took its strong in-office culture virtual amid the pandemic and rapid growth

Insider Lenke Taylor said she's cultivated a collaborative culture at Twitch by fostering a sense of "inclusivity, engagement, and community." Twitch During the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitch almost doubled its daily user base. Lenke Taylor, Twitch's chief people officer, details how the company adjusted its culture virtually. Taylor was named one of Insider's HR Innovator in 2021. This article is part of our "HR Insider" series about HR leaders and their noteworthy str...
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What does AMA mean? Understanding the popular phrase that means 'Ask Me Anything'

If you want to know more about a celebrity, see if they've done an AMA. Alyssa Powell/Insider The acronym "AMA" means "ask me anything," and it's commonly used on social media sites. An AMA is a type of informal interview in which the interviewee is open to questions from the public. AMAs can often be found on Reddit, specifically in the r/AMA subreddit. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. If you've ever seen the acronym "AMA" online, you might've w...
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