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Pro gamer Tfue files lawsuit against esports org over ‘grossly oppressive’ contract

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, one of the world’s premier streamers and esports pros, has filed a lawsuit against esports organization Faze Clan over a ‘grossly oppressive, onerous and one-sided’ contract, according to THR. The complaint alleges that Faze Clan’s Gamer Agreement relegates up to 80 percent of the streamer’s earnings from branded content (sponsored videos) to Faze Clan, and that the contract hinders Tfue from pursuing and earning money from sponsorship deals that Faze Clan hasn’t approved. ...
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In-car commerce startup Cargo extends Uber partnership to Brazil

Cargo, the startup that brings the convenience store into ride-hailing vehicles, is making its first international expansion through an exclusive partnership with Uber in Brazil. Uber drivers in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro will now be able to sign up for Cargo and potentially earn additional income by products to passengers during their ride. Cargo, which launched in 2017, provides qualified ridesharing drivers with free boxes filled with the kinds of goods you might find in a convenience...
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Part fund, part accelerator, Contrary Capital invests in student entrepreneurs

First Round Capital has both the Dorm Room Fund and the Graduate Fund. General Catalyst has Rough Draft Ventures. And Prototype Capital and a few other micro-funds focus on investing in student founders, but overall, there’s a shortage of capital set aside for entrepreneurs still making their way through school. Contrary Capital, a soon-to-be San Francisco-based operation led by Eric Tarczynski, is raising $35 million to invest between $50,000 and $200,000 in students and recent college dropo...
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Twitch Prime adds its first non-gaming ‘loot’ with access to anime streaming service Crunchyroll

Twitch Prime, the game streaming service’s version of Amazon Prime, has typically focused on offering subscribers free loot and other game-related perks since . Now, that’s changing. Twitch Prime is today rolling its first-ever non-gaming “loot” — a 30-day subscription to the anime streaming service Crunchyroll Premium. Crunchyroll is a top destination for watching anime online, with over 45 million registered users and 2 million paying subscribers who usually pay $7.99 per month for its ...
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From PSAs to Twitch, Feeding America tries to make non-profit marketing stand out

When Catherine Davis joined the largest U.S. hunger-relief organization, Feeding America, she was struck by the reactions people had to the issue. “I thought: OK, so everybody is going to want to help people that are hungry, and in fact, that’s not true,” says Davis, the non-profit’s chief marketing and communications officer. “People have a lot of biases.” Davis has used her background on the corporate side, both at agencies including Leo Burnett and marketers such as Diageo, to get the i...
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Printify raises $3M to expand its marketplace for custom printing

In Riga, Latvia, an 80-person startup called Printify is reimagining the on-demand printing business. Gone are the days where small merchants have to sell their customized products on platforms like Zazzle, Society6, CafePress, or Teespring . Using Printify, e-commerce business owners can create clothes, accessories and more fixed with their designs, logos, art or photos, then sell them directly on their very own online stores. The “first wave” of on-demand printing companies, Printify f...
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Where top VCs are investing in media, entertainment & gaming

Most of the strategy discussions and news coverage in the media & entertainment industry is concerned with the unfolding corporate mega-mergers and the political implications of social media platforms. These are important conversations, but they’re largely a story of twentieth-century media (and broader society) finally responding to the dominance Web 2.0 companies have achieved. To entrepreneurs and VCs, the more pressing focus is on what the next generation of companies to transform entertainm...
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How to watch the Borderlands 3 livestream gameplay reveal

Gearbox is showing off the first hands-on gameplay of Borderlands 3 in a livestream on May 1 at 10 a.m. PT. Here's how to watch the stream and potentially earn loot ahead of its September 13 launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The post How to watch the Borderlands 3 livestream gameplay reveal appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Watch the ‘Borderlands 3’ Stream Here

Gearbox is ready to show off gameplay in the upcoming “Borderlands 3” in a livestream on Wednesday, and you can watch it all right here on Variety. The “Borderlands 3 Worldwide Gameplay Reveal” stream starts at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) via the official “Borderlands” Twitch channel, embedded below: For a little peek (26 […]
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Microsoft’s Mixer now lets streamers reward fans for participation, not just subscriptions

On game streaming platforms today, there’s really only one way to earn status within a creator’s community: you have to become a subscriber. Microsoft’s game streaming service Mixer is today aiming to offering a third path to status through loyalty and participation. In doing so, it hopes to better differentiate itself from larger rivals like Twitch and YouTube. Channel Progression, as this new feature is called, is a system that rewards community members and a streamer’s fans for more tha...
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After account hacks, Twitch streamers take security into their own hands

Twitch has an account hacking problem. After the breach of popular browser game Town of Salem in January, some 7.8 million stolen passwords quickly became the weakest link not only for the game but gamers’ other accounts. The passwords were stored using a long-deprecated scrambling algorithm, making them easily cracked. It didn’t take long for security researcher and gamer Matthew Jakubowski to see the aftermath. In the weeks following, the main subreddit for Amazon-owned game streaming site ...
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New Twitch extension gives Borderlands 3 stream audiences a chance at loot

Twitch's new Echocast extension gives Borderlands 3 streamers a chance to share the items they're carrying and also give their audience a chance to earn a copy of items found in chests opened during the game. The post New Twitch extension gives Borderlands 3 stream audiences a chance at loot appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Gearbox Accidentally Leaks ‘Borderlands 3’ Footage on Twitch (Watch)

Developer Gearbox Software accidentally leaked a small clip of “Borderlands 3” gameplay ahead of its official worldwide reveal on Wednesday, May 1, according to gaming forum ResetEra. The video (viewable here) was apparently posted by a Gearbox Twitch account and promptly removed. It appears the streamer was testing the game’s new ECHOcast Twitch extension, which […]
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New ‘Borderlands 3’ Twitch Extension Rewards Viewers With In-Game Loot

“Borderlands” 3 developer Gearbox Software and publisher 2K are teaming up with Twitch to launch an official extension that gives viewers the opportunity to score in-game loot by interacting with streamers, they announced on Monday. The Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Twitch Extension launches on Wednesday, May 1 alongside the game’s first worldwide gameplay reveal. Content creators […]
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Avengers: Endgame, Dark Matter, and a Fake Bear Not Named Ron: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

It’s nearly May, and you know what that means: Game of Thrones will be ending, Divination Bot will soon return to haunt your sleep with machine-generated nightmares, and the weather will be much less depressing.Read more...
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Twitch Prime Members Get A Bevy of Free Indie Gems This May

Twitch Prime members will have the chance to play indie favorites “Whispering Willows,” “Stealth Bastard Deluxe,” “The Little Acre,” “Majesty 1,” and “Majesty 2” as part of the Free Games with Prime program this May. Members will also have the chance to claim in-game items from “League of Legends,” “StarCraft 2,” “Call of Duty: Black […]
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Mary Meeker’s new fund, two IPOs from China, and what’s next for Uber and Slack?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week Kate Clark and Alex Wilhelm dug into the latest, namely big news on the fund front from folks you know, two China-based companies going public on domestic exchanges, and what’s next in the long-running sagas of getting Uber and Slack public. First up Kate talked us through the latest at Kleiner Perkins and Mary Meeker’s new growth fund, called Bond ...
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The Gentle Side of Twitch

“Hi! I see you, but I’m focused on the reading right now. I can chat during the next break!” This message popped up on the stream from Ryan Blake Hall, better known as Storyteller Mars on Twitch.Read more...
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Douyu, China’s Twitch backed by Tencent, files for a $500M U.S. IPO

Douyu, a Chinese live streaming service focused on video games, has filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as it prepares to raise up to $500 million on the NYSE less than a year after its archrival floated on the same stock market. Wuhan-based Douyu, whose name translates as “fighting fish”, is the second Twitch -like service backed by Tencent to go public in the United States. Its direct competitor Huya, who has a similarly fierce name “tiger’s teeth” and also counts Tencent ...
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Streaming data reveals Ninja isn’t Twitch king, Fortnite still reigns supreme

Stream Elements and Stream Hatchet teamed up to produce the State of the Stream Q1 2019, a report that reveals a multitude of data. A few takeaways include Ninja not producing the best month of views, and Apex Legends' performance diving. The post Streaming data reveals Ninja isn’t Twitch king, Fortnite still reigns supreme appeared first on Digital Trends.
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‘Fortnite’ Dominates Twitch Again as ‘Apex Legends’ Viewing Wanes

“Fortnite” is back on top in Twitch viewership, yet Ninja didn’t hold the title of most watched streamer in the past few months, according to a report released Thursday from StreamElements. The State of the Stream report from StreamElements detailed the first quarter of 2019 in Twitch and YouTube video game streaming stats. “Fortnite” saw […]
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Amazon's Twitch Takes On TikTok With Karaoke Game and Deals With All The Majors

Amazon online gaming service Twitch has launched Twitch Sings, an interactive karaoke game aimed straight at the wildly popular TickTok app. The huge difference is that Amazon actually bothered to licence all the music it's using. Amazon's Twitch Sings is launching with the deals in place with all the major music publishers, 200 independent publishers and all of the major copyright collecting societies. By contract, TickTok is currently in contentious talks with all of the majors after a...
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Amazon's Twitch Takes On TickTok With Karaoke Game and Deals With All The Majors

Amazon online gaming service Twitch has launched Twitch Sings, an interactive karaoke game aimed straight at the wildly popular TickTok app. The huge difference is that Amazon actually bothered to licence all the music it's using. Amazon's Twitch Sings is launching with the deals in place with all the major music publishers, 200 independent publishers and all of the major copyright collecting societies. By contract, TickTok is currently in contentious talks with all of the majors after alr...
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The best Elgato Stream Deck alternatives

The original Elgato Stream Deck is a great device for managing your content while you stream games on Twitch, but there are plenty of Stream Deck alternatives that can do the job, as well. The post The best Elgato Stream Deck alternatives appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Twitch’s first game, the karaoke-style ‘Twitch Sings,’ launches to public

Amazon-owned game-streaming site Twitch is today publicly launching its first game. But it’s not a traditional video game — like those the site’s creators stream for their fans. Instead, the new game is called “Twitch Sings” and is a free karaoke-style experience designed for live streaming. The game, which was launched into beta last year, includes thousands of karaoke classics that players can sing either alone or in a duet with another person. In addition, streamers can choose to sing as t...
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‘Twitch Sings’ Is the Streaming Platform’s First Video Game

Streaming platform Twitch is launching its first video game, it announced during its first-ever TwitchCon Europe event on Saturday. “Twitch Sings” is a free karaoke-style game developed from the ground up for streaming. It’s launching with thousands of songs in its catalog, and Twitch promises to add more every week. It also has a robust […]
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Twitch PR Guru Named Head of Communications at StreamElements

Former Twitch PR Director Chase has been named head of communications at StreamElements, the company behind what is described as the fastest growing platform for live stream production, monetization, and audience engagement. At StreamElements, Chase will oversee global communications for the brand. This follows six years at Twitch where he was the sole publicist responsible […]
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Twitch Prime Members Get Up to One Year of Nintendo Switch Online

Twitch Prime members can get up to 12 free months of Nintendo Switch Online, Twitch Prime and Nintendo announced Thursday. Beginning March 28, Twitch Prime members can claim three months of Nintendo Switch Online by visiting here. After that initial 60 days, users can come back to receive an additional nine months. Twitch Prime users […]
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Amazon Prime members get a free year of Nintendo Switch Online through Twitch Prime

You may have forgotten about Twitch Prime, but the company is adding an interesting new perk for Nintendo Switch owners. The company is giving out up to one year of Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription service that lets you play online multiplayer games and access NES games. If you’re an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscriber, you automatically become a Twitch Prime member once you link your accounts together — Amazon owns Twitch. Twitch Prime gives you access to free loot, such a in-game sk...
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Twitch copies another community-made feature with Squad Stream

Twitch recently introduced Squad Stream, a way for multiple streamers to stream “together” in the same window. Like lots of Twitch‘s features, it’s an official variant on software streamers have been using for years. By incorporating this into its streaming tools, Twitch legitimizes the community spirit that already existed on the site — though only for its most important members at the moment. Twitch launched the feature earlier this week. It supports up to four streamers in a group, all displa...
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