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Twitter explains how it handles world leaders amid pressure to rein in Trump

Blogpost sheds new light on how tweets will be treated but is unlikely to satisfy those calling for Trump’s censorshipTwitter on Tuesday published additional information about how it plans to act if a world leader tweets something that violates its rules. The update follows the announcement in June of a policy whereby the company would choose not to delete tweets by major political figures that violated the company’s rules if the company decided it was in the public interest.Since the election o...
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Twitter says it will restrict users from retweeting world leaders who break its rules

Twitter said it will restrict how users can interact with tweets from world leaders who break its rules. The social media giant said it will not allow users to like, reply, share or retweet the offending tweets, but instead will let users quote-tweet to allow ordinary users to express their opinions. The company said the move will help its users stay informed about global affairs, but while balancing the need to keep the site’s rules in check. We haven’t used this notice yet, but when we d...
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Eurosport Strikes Content and Ad Deal with Twitter for Tokyo Olympic Games

Discovery-owned Eurosport has inked a content and ad sales deal with Twitter for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Eurosport has rights to the Tokyo Olympics in 16 European markets. Under the deal, Twitter will carry extensive event highlight clips including medal-winning moments during the Olympic Games. Territories covered in the deal include; Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, […]
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5 Ways Social Media Is Changing Communication

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat. YouTube. We live in the age of social media. In her book Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age, Sherry Turkle outlines some of the ways that social media has affected the public square. As presenters, we are concerned with the public square because it’s the place where we do our business. When we speak publicly, we are adding our ideas and our voices to the communal conversation. So we need to be aware of these 5 ways that social medi...
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Disney+ tweets out nostalgic lineup for debut

Disney+ is heading into the streaming wars ready to battle. On Monday morning, Disney+ took to Twitter to announce all the titles it will offer when the service launches on November 12, and it’s clear the video service is zooming in on a powerful marketing tactic: nostalgia.    The Disney+ Twitter account shared a brief video that flashes through a list of more than 600 titles, with a series of posts within the tweet highlighting individual films—starting with Disney classics like 1937’s “Sno...
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Everything We Know About the Mass Shooting Video Screened at Trump's Miami Resort

President Donald Trump’s resort in Miami hosted a conservative political conference this past weekend that included some violent parody videos, according to the New York Times. One of the viral videos, edited from a clip of the 2014 action movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, shows President Trump violently murdering …Read more...
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Facebook should ban campaign ads. End the lies.

Permitting falsehood in political advertising would work if we had a model democracy, but we don’t. Not only are candidates dishonest, but voters aren’t educated, and the media isn’t objective. And now, hyperlinks turn lies into donations and donations into louder lies. The checks don’t balance. What we face is a self-reinforcing disinformation dystopia. That’s why if Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube don’t want to be the arbiters of truth in campaign ads, they should stop selling them....
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Six Flags Magic Mountain closed because of fire-related freeway closures

Six Flags Magic Mountain did not open today, Oct. 11, because of freeway closures related to the Saddleridge fire. Sign up for our Park Life newsletter and find out what’s new and interesting every week at Southern California’s theme parks. Subscribe here. The park, which is currently offering its annual Fright Fest Halloween celebration, announced via Twitter this morning that it would open at 5 p.m. This afternoon, Magic Mountain tweeted that it would not open at all. “Six Flags Magic Mounta...
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Lambda School is Silicon Valley's big bet on reinventing education and making student debt obsolete. But students say it's a 'cult' and they would have been better off learning on their own.

Some of Silicon Valley's best and brightest believe that Lambda School is a new model for vocational education that could make student debt obsolete.  The big innovation: Rather than paying up-front for tuition to its 9-month coding bootcamp program, Lambda School asks most students to sign income sharing agreements — where they pay a portion of their salary for the first two years after getting a job that pays $50,000 or more. However, we spoke to former and current Lambda School student, who...
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A plugin to force Twitter to respect your settings and stop showing you "top" tweets

Twitter has a setting that (nominally) allows you to turn off its default of showing you "top" tweets (as selected by its engagement-maximizing, conflict-seeking algorithm), but periodically, Twitter just ignores that setting and starts nonconsensually eyeball-fucking you with inflammatory headlines. Kent Brewster has created a free/open plugin for Chrome and Firefox that undoes this reversion and shows you the Twitter you've expressly asked for.
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Hong Kong lawmaker who relied on the banned HKMap Live app warns Apple from becoming an 'accomplice for Chinese censorship'

  A prominent Hong Kong legislator and IT entrepreneur, Charles Mok, has warned Apple from becoming "an accomplice for Chinese censorship and oppression" in an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apple has come under fire in recent days for withdrawing a map app which showed the location of police during the Hong Kong protests from the App Store. Mok's letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, published on Twitter, said the app's removal "cause problems for normal Hong Kong citizens trying to avoid police ...
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Fatboy Slim mashes up Greta Thunberg's UN speech

Greta Thunberg's Joan of Arc-grade tongue-lashing to the world's leaders at the UN makes for some incredible mashup possibilities: it's not merely that her excellent delivery lent itself to death metal, but also her use of the phrase "right here, right now," was tailor-made for insertion into Fatboy Slim's track of the same name -- hence Fatboy Slim himself playing Twitter user David Scott's remix at a gig in Gateshead. Greta Thunberg's furious UN speech remixed by Fatboy Slim pic.twitt...
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Female Artists Are Being Completely Removed From Their Own Album Covers In Iran

Lady Gaga — Joanne Pop icons are being removed from their own single and album covers in Iran, simply because they are women. Now their stans are reacting to the censored albums on social media. h/t: insider, dailydot The Twitter account Pop Crave, which dishes out all the latest pop culture news for the Twitter-verse, pointed out the censorship in a now-viral tweet. Fan bases on Twitter are... Source
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President Trump's Racist Bullshit Now Available on Twitch

President Donald Trump has joined Twitch, the social media platform for gamers, and already racked up 40,000 followers in less than 24 hours. The president, who’s very popular on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, appears to be expanding his social media footprint after recent complaints that Fox News doesn’t support…Read more...
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Trump gets on Twitch

The reelection campaign will be livestreamed. US president Donald Trump has joined Amazon-owned livestreaming platform Twitch. Twitch is best known as a social video streaming platform for gamers but does host other content, including politics. The verified DonaldTrump Twitch account, spotted earlier by Reuters, has just one video in the recent broadcast section so far: A livestream of a Trump rally which took place in Minneapolis yesterday evening. Alongside the saved video of this broadcast...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 11 October 2020

Yes, an aurora. But this is the Aurora Australis, not the better known Aurora Borealis. Read about our tour to see the Aurora Australis, immediately below. Good morningIt is great to be back, after what has been quite a while since a Travel Insider newsletter appeared in your Friday in-box.  I’ve been busy with the two tours that ran back-to-back in September, but it has been a great sort of being busy, with wonderful experiences and delightful groups in both Scotland and France.I again point ...
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Mary Anne Franks as Constitutional Truth-Teller

For the Symposium on Mary Anne Franks, The Cult of the Constitution (Stanford University Press, 2019).Anupam Chander The Cult of the Constitution exhorts us to see the Constitution, warts and all--to recognize that overzealous interpretation of one important value can diminish other values we hold dear. First Amendment zealotry, for example, often leaves women, minorities, and other vulnerable people at the mercy of the loudest, most profane, and most threatening voices. In sharp and powerful p...
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85 Percent of Americans Don't Know Who This Is and I'm Extremely Jealous

Do you recognize this man? If so, I’m very, very sorry. You are among the select few who, like Thanos, are cursed with knowledge.Read more...
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Ellen DeGeneres is trying to block a video slamming her controversial friendship with George W. Bush but it's gone viral

Ellen DeGeneres defended her friendship with former president George W. Bush in a speech on her show on Tuesday. Activist Rafael Shimunov produced a video satirizing the speech by projecting images of the Iraq War behind DeGeneres. The next day Shimunov said Twitter had removed the video on copyright grounds — but other Twitter users have started re-uploading the video in response. It's an example of the Streisand Effect, in which attempting to censor something online can often end up making i...
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I tried dopamine fasting, the latest trend in Silicon Valley, and it was way more difficult than I expected

Dr. Cameron Sepah wrote about dopamine fasting, or abstaining from over-stimulation for a period of time. I interviewed him and learned how it works, and how some people are taking it to extremes. My editor asked me to test dopamine fasting for five days, so I gave it a try. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  In his viral LinkedIn article, Dr. Cameron Sepah proposed dopamine fasting as an "antidote to our overstimulated age." To practice this method, the faster abstains from...
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Sources: Lilium is looking to raise up to $500M for its electric flying taxis

“Flying cars” — airborne vehicles designed for urban and other short-distance commutes to replace conventional private automobiles — are (at best) still years away from being a reality, with significant safety, technology and business model hurdles to clear before they ever hit the sky. Now, sources tell us that one of more promising startups in the field, the German startup Lilium, wants to put itself into pole position, by ramping up its financial position. Lilium has been talking to invest...
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Instagram may finally add DMs to desktop with Messenger-like interface

People don’t really use Instagram on their PCs. The platform is clearly aimed at mobile users, with a relatively sparse desktop UI and small images given the large amount of desktop real estate. Worse, Instagram tends to add new features to the web version months after it hits the mobile app. Heck, you still can’t even upload images from a PC. Still, slowly but surely the web app is becoming more useful. Case in point: Instagram appears to be working on adding DM’s to the web UI. The potential n...
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Twitter Pauses Phone Number Matching After Security Lapse

Twitter has temporarily suspended tools that allow marketers to match phone number lists with Twitter users after disclosing that personal information they'd provided for account security purposes had been used for targeted advertising. The lapse, which Twitter announced Tuesday night, meant advertisers uploading their marketing lists to Twitter's Tailored Audiences tool were able to match...
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Twitter Used Your Phone Number to Send You Ads. Now What?

Talk about being caught between a tweet and a hard place. Twitter, in its infinite wisdom, recently admitted that it messed up and used email addresses and phone numbers—provided by users as part of their account security practices—for advertising purposes.
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Daily Crunch: China pressures Apple

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. China attacks Apple for allowing Hong Kong crowdsourced police activity app Apple’s decision to greenlight an app called HKmaps, which is being used by pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong to crowdsource information about street closures and police presence, is attracting the ire of the Chinese govern...
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Twitter transgression proves why its flawed 2FA system is such a privacy trap (ars technica)

Enlarge (credit: Twitter) If ever there was a surefire way to sour users against a two-factor authentication system that was already highly flawed, Twitter has found it. On Tuesday, the social media site said that it used phone numbers and email addresses provided for 2FA protection to tailor ads to users. Twitter requires users to provide a valid phone number to be eligible for 2FA protection. A working cell phone number is mandatory even when users' 2FA protection is based solely on security...
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Twitter blunder saw it accidentally use personal data for ad targeting

Twitter has apologized for inadvertently allowing some of its users’ phone numbers and email addresses to be used for ad purposes. The company said it blocked the practice last month.
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Active Shooter, Bomb Threat, or Just Rumors

“There’s an active shooter at South Carroll High School!!! God, I hope Eamon is safe! What can we do!!?” That is what I heard through my wife’s sobbing when I picked up the phone at 2.48 on March 20, 2014. As my son had played “Amazing Grace” on violin for the grieving families of the two victims of the Columbia Mall active shooting just two months earlier, my mind went into full alert overdrive, my vision narrowed, and my hands began to sweat. “How do you know there is an active s...
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Twitter says sorry, and Facebook political ads get scrutiny (again): Wednesday Wake-Up Call

Welcome to Ad Age’s Wake-Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. If you're reading this online or in a forwarded email, here's the link to sign up for our daily newsletter. You can also get an audio version of this briefing on your Alexa device. Twitter: Ooops When Twitter users handed over their email and phone numbers for security purposes, they probably didn’t expect Twitter would use that data for ad targeting. Spoiler: It happened anyway.  And now ...
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Millionaire Fox News Host Says Twitter Has Made Some People Rich While Dividing America

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says that Twitter has harmed America by spreading hatred and division in the U.S., something that he insists wasn’t common 10 years ago. Carlson also says that Twitter is making people rich while dividing America. Seriously.Read more...
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