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Democratic bill would suspend Section 230 protections when social networks boost anti-vax conspiracies

Two Democratic senators introduced a bill Thursday that would strip away the liability shield that social media platforms hold dear when those companies boost anti-vaccine conspiracies and other kinds of health misinformation. The Health Misinformation Act, introduced by Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Ben Ray Luján (D-NM), would create a new carve-out in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to hold platforms liable for algorithmically-promoted health misinformation and conspiracies. ...
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Twitter, Facebook take first step to give marketers an audit of brand safety

Both platforms make progress in opening to Media Rating Council scrutiny to satisfy marketers. 
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English soccer stars attack social media’s failure to curb hate

Twitter, Facebook say they removed posts, suspended accounts after a wave of racist abuse—including banana and monkey emoji—was leveled at three Black England players.
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Amazon launches its mobile-first Kindle Vella serialized story platform

Steve Dent Contributor Steve Dent is an associate editor at Engadget. As it promised last month, Amazon has launched its serialized fiction Kindle Vella store that lets you unlock episodic, self-published stories via in-app purchases. The new platform is a way for readers to discover new fiction and a new way for authors to generate revenue from the Kindle Direct Publishing service. While the name might suggest otherwise, Kindle Vella isn’t available on Amazon’s...
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Social networks’ anti-racism policies belied by users’ experience

Analysis: Twitter, Facebook and others condemn hateful speech, so why is it so easy to find on their sites?The world’s biggest social networks say racism isn’t welcome on their platforms, but a combination of poor enforcement and weak rules have allowed hate to flourish.In the hours after England’s loss to Italy in the European Football Championship, both Twitter and Facebook, which owns Instagram, issued statements condemning the swelling racist abuse. Continue reading...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #545

Instagram declares it’s no longer a photo-sharing app In a recent post, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri declared that the platform is “no longer a photo-sharing app”; instead, it will be focusing its efforts on improving the user experience around entertainment and video. Mosseri also detailed some of the new features and experiments that Instagram has been working on – including outlining its four key areas of focus going forwards: Creators, Video, Shopping and Messaging. ...
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John Dean, a key figure in the Watergate scandal, said he'd 'pay to handle' Trump's deposition which he thinks could 'sell tickets'

Former White House counsel John Dean is seen on the left, testifying before the Senate Watergate Committee in June 1973. Then-President Donald Trump is seen on the right in Texas on January 12, 2021. Getty/Getty Trump said he would voluntarily give a deposition in a lawsuit he filed against big tech companies. John Dean, a key Watergate figure said he'd pay to do that deposition, CNN reported. Dean said even though Trump would lie, he'd press him on what he was doing during the C...
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Trump said he was happy to be banned from Twitter because it gave him time to 'read papers that I wouldn't read,' book says

Donald Trump. Getty Trump told The Wall Street Journal's Michael Bender that he was glad to be banned from Twitter. He said the ban allowed him "to make phone calls, and do other things and read papers that I wouldn't read." The ex-president also said he believed the statements his office put out after the ban were "much more elegant." See more stories on Insider's business page. Former President Donald Trump said he was glad to be banned from Twitter because, among other thing...
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What you need to know about Big Tech's Section 230 shield, the internet law that Trump hated and Biden might reform

President Joe Biden. Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images Section 230 is a part of a US law that allows tech companies to moderate content on their services. It also means they are not liable for illegal things that people say on the platforms. Trump hated the law and wanted to revoke it, while Biden supports some sort of Section 230 reform. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Chatter about Section 230, the part of US law that shields tech companies from ...
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Trump’s Social Media Lawsuits Are Full Of Arguments Courts Have Repeatedly Rejected

Trump was kicked off Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for inciting the Jan. 6 riots at the US Capitol.
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Trump Sues Twitter, Facebook CEOs In Theatrical Bid To Get Un-Banned

Ex-President Donald Trump, furious over his ban from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube after inciting a violent insurrection, is launching separate class-action lawsuits against the CEOs of those social media giants, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, respectively, along with Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Google owns YouTube). [Author: Cristina Cabrera]
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Will Trump’s big tech lawsuits succeed? Experts say chances are slim

Legal scholars suggest former president’s complaint may bring the attention he craves but doesn’t present a serious legal argumentDonald Trump may have filed lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, claiming he and other conservatives have been censored – but legal scholars say his case is likely doomed to fail. The former president was suspended from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube following the 6 January Capitol attack over fears he would incite further violence. Trump on Wednesday filed ...
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Trump’s new lawsuits against social media companies are going nowhere fast

Trump’s spicy trio of lawsuits against the social media platforms that he believes wrongfully banned him have succeeded in showering the former president with a flurry of media attention, but that’s likely where the story ends. Like Trump’s quixotic and ultimately empty quest to gut Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act during his presidency, the new lawsuits are all sound and fury with little legal substance to back them up. Going to war with Twitter, Trump threatens critical social m...
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Trump filing class action suits against Twitter, Facebook and Google

The former president was kicked off social media in January following the Capitol riot.
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Trump is suing Twitter, Facebook and YouTube over censorship claims

In his first press event since ignominiously leaving office earlier this year, former President Donald Trump announced that he is launching a volley of class action lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, claiming that the three companies violated his First Amendment rights. The suits also name Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s chief executive Sundar Pichai. “We’re demanding an end to the shadow-banning, a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklistin...
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Trump is suing Twitter, Facebook and Google over censorship claims

In his first press event since ignominiously leaving office earlier this year, former President Donald Trump announced that he is launching a volley of class action lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook, Google and their CEOs, claiming that the three companies violated his First Amendment rights. “We’re demanding an end to the shadow-banning, a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that you know so well,” Trump said at the press conference, held at his Bedmin...
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Trump files suit against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

By JILL COLVIN and MATT O’BRIEN WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Donald Trump has filed suit against three of the country’s biggest tech companies, claiming he and other conservatives have been wrongfully censored. Trump announced the action against Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube, along with the companies’ CEOs, at a press conference in New Jersey on Wednesday. He was joined by other plaintiffs in the suits, which were filed in federal court in Miami. “We’re demanding an end to the sha...
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Judge Blocks Florida Law That Would Punish Social Media Companies for Banning Politicians

"A federal judge on Wednesday blocked for the time being a new Florida law that sought to punish large social media businesses like Facebook and Twitter if they remove content or ban politicians," reports the Associated Press: U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle granted a preliminary injunction stopping the new law from being enforced. The law — which was supposed to take effect on Thursday — enabled the state to fine large social media companies $250,000 a day if they remove an account of a stat...
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Trump allies' new anti-censorship app for conservatives has already been overrun with porn, reports say

A screenshot of GETTR. Apple App Store GETTR, a social media app set up by a former Trump aide, officially launches on July 4. The anti-Twitter platform has already been flooded with pornographic spam comments, reports say. Despite its objection to censorship, GETTR said it reserves the right to "address" lewd content. See more stories on Insider's business page. A new, anti-censorship social media platform set up by Donald Trump's former aides has already been overrun with porn, r...
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Trump's former top aide launches GETTR, a new conservative social media platform

GETTR, a new social media platform launched by former top Trump aide Jason Miller Insider A former Trump aide has started a new conservative social media platform, GETTR. GETTR's format is similar to Twitter's, with trending topics and resharing posts. Trump was booted from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He shut down his blog over low readership. See more stories on Insider's business page. Former President Donald Trump's top aide Jason Miller has launched a new socia...
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Deep reinforcement learning will transform manufacturing as we know it

Chris Nicholson Contributor Share on Twitter Chris Nicholson is the founder and CEO of Pathmind, a company applying deep reinforcement learning to industrial operations and supply chains. More posts by this contributor UPDATED: Machine learning can fix Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even America If you walk down the street shouting out the names of every object you see — garbage truck! bicyclist! syc...
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5 easy ways to protect yourself from being hacked, according to a former NSA hacker

President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met Wednesday at the Geneva summit where they discussed cybersecurity issues between Russia and the US. In a time where companies, celebrities, and even governments are coming under cyber-attacks, getting hacked might seem inevitable. According to former NSA hacker David Kennedy, there are steps you can take to prevent it from happening to you. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Following is a transcript of the video....
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Monday’s Show Info (6/7/21)

Doubling Down with the Derricos Premieres Tuesday, June 1st 10 PM ET/PT on TLC Devil May Care Ice Cream And Frozen Treats Grace Kingdom Beauty Instagram: @thebeautysharkginger Wendy Strgar, Loveologist Emigh Hardware 3555 El Camino Ave. Sacramento (916) 482-1900 Paper Stadiums
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Donald Trump Blog Shuts Down Permanently

Donald Trump’s blog site, designed to give the disgraced former U.S. president an online outlet after he was banned from Twitter, Facebook and other services, has been permanently shuttered about a month after it debuted. The blog, called “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” has been removed from his personal site ( along with […]
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Why India is asking Twitter and Facebook to remove posts mentioning an ‘Indian variant’

The Indian government has asked social media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to remove all posts that refer to one of the new coronavirus strains as the “Indian variant.” In a notice issued on Friday, the country’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) said that posts mentioning “Indian variant” count as false news. The ministry reasoned that the strain is officially known as B.1.617, so there’s no need for attaching a geographical tag to it. The ministry ...
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India has told social-media companies to remove posts that mention the 'Indian variant' of COVID-19, say reports

Family members of a man who died of the coronavirus mourn before his cremation near Bengaluru, India. Samuel Rajkumar/Reuters India's tech ministry reportedly asked social-media companies to remove the term "Indian variant." The demand was sent via a letter on Friday, Reuters and AFP reported. The letter reportedly said the phrase "Indian variant" was "completely FALSE." See more stories on Insider's business page. Members of India's government asked social-media companies to ...
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"Successful start-up social platforms require massive amounts of patience and personal investment, and Trump isn’t really known for either of those."

"Trump’s biggest obstacle is time. He wants the media spotlight back immediately or back by the 2022 midterms, and he can’t build a real social platform by then."Said Nu Wexler, a communications consultant (who's worked for Twitter, Facebook and Democratic campaigns), quoted in "Trump is sliding toward online irrelevance. His new blog isn’t helping. The former president’s aides said his new online presence would ‘redefine the game.’ But his heavily promoted blog is seeing few visitors" (WaPo).Ev...
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Comments On Law Blogs Officially History

“So, from this day forward, LexBlog will not ship any new blogs with comments. Our current clients will receive an email from us in the  near future about our intentions to remove comments from our platforms to provide a better reader experience, boost performance, and be compliant with Google’s new requirements.”This from LexBlog’s Vice-President, Greg Storey, at 99 Park Row. Eighteen years ago, on the advent of LexBlog, I asked a veteran blogger, to the extent there was such a person, if you ...
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DHS Launches Warning System To Find Domestic Terrorism Threats On Public Social Media

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NBC News: The Department of Homeland Security has begun implementing a strategy to gather and analyze intelligence about security threats from public social media posts, DHS officials said. The goal is to build a warning system to detect the sort of posts that appeared to predict an attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 but were missed or ignored by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the officials said. The focus is not on the identity of the poste...
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Facebook Would Also Like to Annoy the Misinformation Out of You

Following the lead of Twitter, Facebook may now also prompt users to double-check whether they have actually read the goddamn article before potentially passing on hoaxes to some of their less discerning friends.Read more...
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