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The product-led growth behind edtech’s most downloaded app

Duolingo CEO and co-founder Luis von Ahn was tired of the gray and dreary design aesthetic edtech companies used to emulate universities. Instead, he and the company’s early team sought inspiration from games like Angry Birds and Clash Royale, looking to build a class that screamed more cartoon anarchy than lecture hall. From that frenetic creativity came the company’s distinctive mascot: a childish and rebellious evergreen-colored owl named Duo. Duolingo didn’t just throw out the old colors tho...
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The mysterious buyers of Beeple's $69 million crypto art piece revealed their real names: 'these pseudonyms were never meant to be masks'

Business Ins The buyers of Beeple's $69.3 million piece dropped their real names in a blog post. The buyers said they wanted people of color to know they could use crypto as "an equalizing power." Vignesh Sundareson and Anand Venkateswaran have created the world's largest NFT fund. See more stories on Insider's business page. The buyers who spent nearly $70 million on Beeple's crypto art piece revealed their identities in a blog post about a week after the purchase.Earlier...
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61. Kellogg v. Kellogg

Crystal Cox/Business Insider John Harvey Kellogg was a famous American physician. His brother Will was an ingenious businessman. Together, they invented flaked cereal and revolutionized American breakfast. But John Harvey and Will were bitter rivals, and they waged war over the very food that made them famous. So which Kellogg is the one whose name we remember today?  Listen on: Apple Podcasts  |  Stitcher  |  Spotify  | and more.Produced by Sarah Wyman and Julia Press, with Charlie Her...
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60. The Levi's That Came in from the Cold

Crystal Cox/Business Insider At the start of the Cold War, Levi's jeans represented everything communist governments were trying to stamp out. But Levi's kept finding their way behind the Iron Curtain, especially into East Germany. There, people could see what they were missing just over the wall that separated them from the West. East German officials started to worry: Could a pair of pants bring down the government?  Listen on: Apple Podcasts  |  Stitcher  |  Spotify  | and more.Repor...
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59. The Pepski Generation

Crystal Cox/Business Insider In 1990, PepsiCo made a deal with the Soviet Union for submarines, a cruiser, a frigate, and a destroyer. It was the largest agreement ever made between an American company and the USSR. But it wasn't Pepsi's first deal with the Soviets. For decades, one executive had been flying to the Soviet Union to meet foreign trade ministers, politicians, and regular Russians. At the height of the Cold War, he was determined to make a deal and bring two countries locked i...
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56. Pan Am in Vietnam

Crystal Cox/Business Insider During the Vietnam War, Pan Am flew troops in and out of an active war zone on rest and recuperation trips. The flight attendants on those planes didn't get any special training or preparation to deal with some of the horrors they would witness, and when the war was over, they didn't receive recognition from the U.S. government. But their role left a lasting impact, even if their contributions were largely forgotten. Listen on: Apple Podcasts  |  Stitcher  |...
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Spirit FM raises £7k on Local Radio Day

UKRD station Spirit FM in Chichester has hit its £50,000 target to raise money for a local man with disabilities after listeners donated more than £7,000 on Local Radio Day last week. Audiences took a pound to work or school to support the station’s Together for Tyler appeal, with the money going towards building an extension to improve the living conditions for local 21 year old Tyler Murphy. He suffered a brain tumour and stroke during childhood. The fundraising total for the Spirit FM app...
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Dolphins sign LB Danny Lansanah, waive WR Tyler Murphy

The Dolphins signed linebacker Danny Lansanah, who started 11 games for Tampa Bay in 2015, and waived/injured wide receiver Tyler Murphy on Wednesday. Lansanah, undrafted out of Connecticut in 2008, spent his first season with Green Bay and t
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Dolphins announce numbers for Mario Williams, Kiko Alonso, Byron Maxwell (and poor Tyler Murphy)

The Miami Dolphins have announced the new numbers for several players. The Miami Dolphins have begun their 2016 offseason training program, which means players are returning this week to the team facilities for the first time, and they are
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Dolphins press release: Tyler Murphy signed

The Miami Dolphins have issued a press release announcing the signing of wide-receiver Tyler Murphy to a futures contract. Murphy who was previously with the Pittsburgh Steelers joins a crowded group of receivers. A young crowded group. The signing d
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