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Typing on this vintage Japanese typewriter looks like a lot of work

Behold the Toshiba BW-2112 in action. The first Toshiba typewriter, holding 630 characters in total, was mostly used by the Japanese military during World War II. In total about 2,000 units were produced…The bulk of the machine consists of the type cylinder. — Read the rest
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Supercut of hot typewriter action in TV and movies

Video essayist Ariel Avissar, creator of the wonderful supercut Supermoons below, returns with The Typewriter, a collection of hot typewriter action as seen in movies and TV shows. Can you identify all the clickety-clackety moments? (via Kottke)
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Huge wall art made from old typewriters

Jeremy Mayer is an artist who makes amazing sculptures out of old typewriters — "the more broken the better", as he notes. He's appeared in Boing Boing many many times before, with posts about his sculptures of a chihuahua skeleton, a life-sized nude, a deer and a human head, among others. — Read the rest
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Artist creates gorgeous sketches using an analog typewriter

James Cook is reviving the arcane art of creating images with an analog typewriter, aka the original ASCII art: This is vol. 2 of the production of my typewriter art from various scenes around the Essex countryside in the summer of 2020. The three "typicitions" were drawn from observation at the historic Layer Marney Tower, Tollesbury Marina and Thaxted Parish Church. These drawings were typed on my 73" Silverreed 200 and I managed to get through a couple of ribbons on these pieces of work! ...
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This Guy Turned a 90-Year-Old Typewriter Into a Drum Machine, and It Sounds Fantastic

Aside from nostalgia, or maybe loaning it out to filmmakers as a prop for period pieces, there are not many practical uses for a 90-year-old Remington portable typewriter anymore. Against all odds, William Sun Petrus did manage to find one novel use for the hardware; he turned it into a makeshift drum machine that…Read more...
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Ingenious Cold War keylogger the Russians used to bug Selectric typewriters in the US embassy

In the 1970s, the Soviets managed to intercept top secret communications in the US embassy in Moscow and nobody could figure out how. While an antenna was eventually found hidden in the embassy's chimney, it took years to determine how what data was being collected for transmission and how. As a last resort, all equipment at the embassy was shipped back to the US for analysis. From IEEE Spectrum: After tens of thousands of fruitless X-rays, a technician noticed a small coil of wire inside th...
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Studio Visit: Artist Tim Youd

We visit the workspace of an artist dedicated to literature and classic typewriters In his Hollywood studio, Tim Youd is standing next to a giant sculpture of an Underwood typewriter. His passion for classic manual typewriters is immediately noticeable: they can be found on surfaces everywhere, and there are supplies for them packed to the rafters. There are sculptures of  them, made by piecing together …
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The Hall Typewriter: the world's first 'laptop'

Martin Howard from Antique Typewriter (previously) writes, "In 1881, Thomas Hall, a Brooklyn engineer, invented the first portable typewriter that would enable a person to type with the machine anywhere, even on one’s lap. This was also the first index typewriter, a typewriter with no keyboard that requires one to use a selector. In this case, a black handle is depressed to choose the characters when typing. The Hall, despite its unusual design, proved to be quite successful over the next twent...
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Freewrite Second Generation Smart Typewriter

Writers know the value of being connected to the internet for research, fact-checking and so much more. And yet, connectivity consistently poses problems—from interruption to procrastination. Astrohaus’ Freewrite Smart Typewriter, now in its improved second generation, offers an alternative. There’s a satisfying, high-end mechanical keyboard, weeks of battery life and an e INK screen that looks like ink on paper. Of course, work typed here …
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Pick up some vintage typewriters at this California shop's gone-out-of-business sale

Hey vintage typewriter nerds, there's a store in Carmichael, California (which is outside of Sacramento) that's selling off its machines. The unnamed store went out of business 10 years ago but the family who owns it is just now beginning to liquidate their inventory, according to Richard Polt of Typewriter Revolution. He writes, "There are lots of electrics, especially Selectrics, but also manual standards and portables. A Torpedo 18 in a case is on one of these shelves." Go to Richard's post ...
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This Quirky Folding E-ink Typewriter Strips Away All of Your Fun, Productivity-Killing Distractions

The laptop computer is one of our greatest mobile productivity tools, and at the same time, a fantastic way to procrastinate with endless distractions at your fingertips. For those times when you’re racing a deadline, and can’t trust yourself with easy access to Facebook, King Jim’s new Pomera e-ink typewriter strips…Read more...
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Slightly disturbing typewriter auction photos on ebay

Here's just a few from my searches—in pursuit of the elusive red Canon Typemate—but there are many like them.
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Nine “striking” facts about the history of the typewriter

The first machine known as the typewriter was patented on 23rd June 1868, by printer and journalist Christopher Latham Sholes of Wisconsin. Though it was not the first personal printing machine attempted—a patent was granted to Englishman Henry Mill in 1714, yet no machine appears to have been built—Sholes’ invention was the first to be practical enough for mass production and use by the general public. With the help of machinist Samuel W. Soulé and fellow inventor Carlos Glidden, Sholes had spe...
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"Since 1851, The New York Times has published thousands of obituaries: of heads of state, opera singers, the inventor of Stove Top stuffing and the namer of the Slinky."

"The vast majority chronicled the lives of men, mostly white ones; even in the last two years, just over one in five of our subjects were female. Charlotte Brontë wrote 'Jane Eyre'; Emily Warren Roebling oversaw construction of the Brooklyn Bridge when her husband fell ill; Madhubala transfixed Bollywood; Ida B. Wells campaigned against lynching. Yet all of their deaths went unremarked in our pages, until now...."From "Overlooked/Since 1851, obituaries in The New York Times have been dominated b...
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Tom Hanks changes the ribbon on a vintage typewriter as his 'secret talent'

According to this Vanity Fair video, Tom Hanks has the "secret talent" of changing the ribbon on a circa 1960s (stunning pastel green) Hermes 3000 typewriter. Watch as he does just that. Next up: watching paint dry. Just kidding. This is a cute video. It reminds me of a time, maybe three years ago, when I was at a Digital Detox event at Children's Fairyland in Oakland. The organizers had set up tables of typewriters for people -- milennials -- to play with and I sat nearby watching as the...
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Writing fast or slow.

Robert A. Caro, in a new interview in the New York Review of Books:My first three or four drafts are handwritten on legal pads. For later drafts, I use a typewriter. I write by hand to slow myself down. People don’t believe this about me: I’m a very fast writer, but I want to write slowly.When I was a student at Princeton. I took a creative writing course with the literary critic R.P. Blackmur. Every two weeks, I’d give him a short story I’d produced usually at the last minute. At the end of the...
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The Alexis: a homebrew typewriter from 1890

Martin from Antique Typewriters writes, "The Alexis typewriter is the result of a small town inventor with the desire to design and manufacture his own typewriter. James A. Wallace (1845 - 1906) was born in Alexis, Illinois (pop. 900) where he is now buried. He was a dynamic man with various occupations including bicycle repair, writer, and photographer (see his portrait below). He was also an avid musician. The Alexis is a superb example of a unique typewriter from the 'Wild West' of typewrit...
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The Future Will be Typewritten?

This looks like fun.  It’s a trailer for upcoming documentary on typewriters.  Also Tom Hanks.
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Typewriters transformed into incredible sculptures of machine guns

Montreal artist Eric Nado transforms vintage typewriters into stunning models of machine guns. As a William S. Burroughs fan, I have great appreciation for this intersection of objects. From Galerie COA: Through sculpture-assemblage, Éric Nado transforms and reorganizes certain objects to reveal other possibilities through their forms or intended functions. Using iconic metal objects such as typewriters and sewing machines, Nado materializes concepts such as labor and memory.
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I keep trying to fix my typewriter

There are few possessions I've held on to like my Remington Rand De Luxe Porta 5. I've been trying to fix it, it mostly works kind of/sort of. OK, I give up. (more…)
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Why the Twitter-NFL Deal Is a Hail Mary That Will Work

There’s a sub-genre of videos in which children react to technology relics like rotary phones, Walkmans and typewriters and reveal how foreign such concepts are. When hearing an old-style busy signal, for instance, one kid guesses that it means the phone is “loading or searching.” A good candidate for that list is linear TV. Have you ever had to explain to a child how you used to have to wait to watch your favorite TV program, and if you missed it, you wouldn’t get a chance to see it again? Toda...
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Documentary on the past, present and future of typewriters

Typewriter sculptor Jeremy Meyer sez, "I just got back from Telluride where the feature-length documentary by Doug Nichol called 'California Typewriter' premiered." (more…)
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Tiny lego typewriter

Benjamin Cheh and Jeffrey Kong made this prototype Lego typewriter a couple of years ago: "a perfect example of how LEGO elements can pack so much detail in something so small. A retro creation for both the young and the young at heart – imagine this typewriter on your desk!" Their site's a treasure trove of Lego creations. [more, more]
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A Smart Typewriter Is a Thing and I’m in Love With It

Freewrite is a luxury word processor for writers, with a great mechanical keyboard, cloud-syncing capabilities, and freedom from web-based distractions. The post A Smart Typewriter Is a Thing and I’m in Love With It appeared first on WIRED.
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OverType, a typewriter simulator on the web

OverType simulates, to an undesirable degree of accuracy, the experience of using a mechanical typewriter. You can have three fonts, one of which is IBM's classic Courier, set the degree to which you want your typewriter to be broken, and the state of your ribbon ink. You cannot delete—but there is correction paper! (more…)
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Man selling $100,000 collection of 600 vintage Smith-Corona typewriters

Craiglist has something wonderful on it: a vast collection of more than 600 vintage Smith-Corona typewriters, including accessories and marketing literature. Yours for a hundred grand. My collection consists of over 600 typewriter items including the company's first typewriter in the 1880's to one of the company's last typewriters in 2000's and all models in between, along with all types of items that correspond to the typewriters, including ads, accessories, displays, documents, manuals, pho...
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