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Protestors Take to the Streets of London Demanding a New Vote on Brexit

The "People's Vote March" ended up at the U.K. Parliament building
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Over 4 Million People Sign Online Petition Imploring the U.K. Government to Cancel Brexit

The record was reached just before midday Saturday
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On The Brink Of Brexit, PM Theresa May Pushes For Extension With EU Support

The European Council President said a delay of three months is possible. But U.K. lawmakers would have to approve terms of separation that May has already unsuccessfully proposed to them.(Image credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
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‘It’s Literally Our Future.’ Here’s What Youth Climate Strikers Around the World Are Planning Next

On March 15, an estimated 1.6 million students protested in over 120 countries
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European Council President Says Brexit Delay Is Only Possible if U.K. Parliament Passes Deal Next Week

Donald Tusk said a short extension 'will be conditional on a positive vote'
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A 3,000-Year-Old Tablet Likely Looted During the Iraq War Is Being Returned by the U.K.

The stone tablet from Babylonia is to be flown home after museum experts verified its provenance
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Pro-Brexit U.K. Ministers Are Plotting to Prevent a Long Delay

The meeting is taking place on Tuesday evening in London in an effort to shape what the prime minister asks the European Union to agree to, people familiar with the matter said. May will travel to Brussels on Thursday for a summit of EU leaders, and is expected to write a letter to the bloc first, asking them to extend the Brexit deadline beyond March 29. Pro-Brexit Tories hate the idea of a long delay because it would mean the U.K. has to take part in European Parliament elections in May. Tha...
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British Lawmakers Prepare to Ask the European Union for a Delay on Brexit

May will send a letter requesting an extension to the European Council president
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UK leader to lawmakers: Back my deal or face lengthy delay

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned that it would be “a potent symbol of Parliament’s collective political failure” if Brexit were to be delayed by so long that the U.K. has to take part in May’s European elections. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, May also said that if lawmakers didn’t back […]
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Are Meghan & Harry Putting A Political Mastermind On Staff To Address Racist & Sexist Attacks On The Duchess?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have finally found the key to dealing with the sexist and racist trolls that have plagued them since beforethey first said “I do” last May. Her name is Sara Latham.Latham has been appointed to head communications for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to a press release from Kensington Palace. And this latest royal hire has got a long history in politics and dealing with high-level trolling.She previously served as a transitional official for then-presi...
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San Fernando considers its own minimum wage law

San Fernando, population 24,000, is considering creating its own minimum-wage law, spurring concerns among business owners. The 2.4-square-mile town’s City Council passed a motion March 4, asking the city to study the feasibility of adopting a minimum-wage ordinance. During the meeting, Assistant City Attorney Richard Padilla told council members that there is no “obvious legal impediment to a general law city like San Fernando” preventing it from adopting its own minimum wage ordinance. RELATED...
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President Trump Claims He Gave Theresa May Ideas on Negotiating Brexit But ‘She Didn’t Listen’

Trump criticized Britain's handling of negotiations over leaving the European Union
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Brextension: U.K. lawmakers vote to seek delay of EU departure

By JILL LAWLESS and DANICA KIRKA LONDON — In a stalemate over Brexit, British politicians have chosen to delay it. After weeks of political gridlock, Parliament voted Thursday to seek to postpone the country’s departure from the European Union, a move that will likely avert a chaotic withdrawal on the scheduled exit date of March 29. With Brexit due in 15 days and no divorce deal yet approved, the House of Commons voted 412-202 to ask the bloc to put off Britain’s exit until at least June 30. Th...
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British Lawmakers Prepare to Vote on Brexit Delay Request

Britain is currently scheduled to leave the EU on March 29
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Breedr raises £2M led by LocalGlobe for its livestock data and trading platform

Breedr, a U.K. startup that wants to help farmers make better use of their livestock data to improve profitability, has raised £2.2 million in funding. The seed round is led by London-based LocalGlobe, with participation from Mons Investment and a number of angel investors. They include Ian Hogarth, Darren Shapland, and Jonathan McKay. The company is previously backed by Forward Partners and Gumtree founder Michael Pennington, which both followed on. Founded in early 2018 by Ian Wheal and later ...
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Students around the world join climate strike on March 15

On Friday, March 15, tens of thousands of high school and middle school students in more than 70 countries plan to walk out of their classrooms and protest at town and city halls. Young people are uniting around the world in a coordinated demand for their leaders to take radical action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and slow down the impacts of climate change. How did the climate strikes start? The international youth climate strike movement began in August 2018 when 16-year-old environmen...
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These marbled Bluetooth speakers are made from non-recyclable plastic waste

This plastic was said to be incapable of being recycled, but U.K.-based company Gomi found a way nonetheless. Each Gomi speaker is made from about 100 non-recyclable plastic bags of multiple colors, creating a unique, individualized look. The sustainable design company won a 10,000-pound grant from the Environment Now Programme in January 2018 to kick-start the project and were funded further by the Santander Big Ideas Competition later that year. Co-founded by Brighton-based sustainable desig...
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Parliament Again Votes Down May’s Brexit Deal

The U.K. Parliament defeated Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit proposal for the second time on Tuesday.Members nixed the proposal in a 391–242 vote, a smaller margin than the 432–202 defeat it suffered in January. The move sets up another crucial vote on Wednesday, in which MPs will decide whether to move forward with Brexit on March 29 despite the lack of a Parliament-approved agreement between the U.K. and the E.U. The outcome of that vote could then prompt a vote to delay Brexit.Conserv...
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U.K. Attorney General Deflates Theresa May’s Hopes for Significant Brexit Deal Changes

The House of Commons is due to vote later on the divorce deal
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Group Calling Itself ‘the IRA’ Claims Responsibility for Letter Bombs Sent to the U.K.

A group calling itself the IRA has claimed responsibility for four parcel bombs sent to busy locations in the U.K. last week, local police forces said Tuesday morning. The IRA, or Irish Republican Army, is an Irish dissident group that violently opposed British rule of Northern Ireland in the 20th Century. It has been in…
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U.K. Jury Convicts Father in Acid Attack on 3-Year-Old Son Amid Custody Battle

The father was convicted of enlisting men to attack his 3-year-old son with a corrosive acid
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Michael Jackson Fans Protest ‘Leaving Neverland’ Broadcast in U.K.

Michael Jackson fans gathered outside Channel 4’s London headquarters Wednesday to protest the broadcaster’s planned airing of “Leaving Neverland,” the controversial documentary about alleged sexual abuse by the late pop superstar. Jackson’s supporters have called the documentary, by HBO and Channel 4, an unjustified smear on the singer’s reputation. Channel 4 issued a strongly worded […]
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London-based Soldo has secured an e-money license from Ireland as a hedge against ‘crazy’ Brexit

Soldo, the London-based fintech startup that offers a multi-user spending account primarily for businesses, has secured an Electronic Money Institution licence from Ireland’s Central Bank, a move the company says is designed to mitigate against the uncertainty of Brexit. The Accel-backed company is currently licensed by U.K. financial regulator the FCA and benefits from so-called “passporting,” European Union regulation that lets a company regulated in one EU country offer financial services acr...
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Outdoor Tech’s Chips ski helmet speakers are a hot mess of security flaws

Sometimes the “smartest” gadgets come with the shoddiest security. Alan Monie, a security researcher at U.K. cybersecurity firm Pen Test Partners, bought and tested a pair of Chips 2.0 wireless speakers, built by California-based Outdoor Tech, only to find they’re a security nightmare. The in-helmet speakers allow users to listen to music on the go, make calls, and talk to your friends through the walkie-talkie — all without having to take your helmet off. The speakers are connected to an app on...
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May Accused of Buying Brexit Votes With $2 Billion for Towns

Theresa May is promising a 1.6 billion-pound ($2.1 billion) boost for poorer areas of the U.K. as she steps up efforts to get her Brexit deal over the line. The Stronger Towns Fund launched Monday was immediately attacked as an attempt by the prime minister to “buy” the support of opposition politicians ahead of crunch House of Commons votes on her unpopular withdrawal agreement.
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U.K.'s May Paves Way for Brexit Delay

Prime Minister Theresa May will allow parliament to vote on delaying the U.K.’s exit from the EU if lawmakers reject her divorce agreement, greatly reducing the possibility of an exit without a deal.
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U.N.’s highest Court Tells the U.K. to End Its ‘Unlawful’ Administration Over the Chagos Islands

Britain took control of the islands when it divided up Mauritius in the 1960s and evicted about 2,000 islanders
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