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Musk's SpaceX sues U.S. Air Force over rocket-building contracts - filings

Billionaire Elon Musk's SpaceX accused the U.S. Air Force of breaking contracting rules when it awarded money to three rocket makers but passed on Musk's rival bid, and said the tender should be reopened, according to a court filing unsealed on Wednesday.
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Musk's SpaceX sues U.S. Air Force over rocket-building contracts: filings

In the complaint, Space Exploration Technologies Corp said contracts were awarded for three "unbuilt, unflown" rocket systems that would not be ready to fly under the government's timeline, "defeating the very objectives" outlined by the Air Force's program. SpaceX asked the court to force the Air Force to reopen the $2.3 billion Launch Service Agreements competition and reconsider the Hawthorne, California-based company's proposal. In the watershed race for dominance in the space industry, ne...
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Trump to nominate Barbara Barrett for Secretary of U.S. Air Force, replacing Heather Wilson

Barrett, 68, of Paradise Valley, Arizona is a certified jet pilot and the first civilian woman pilot to land an F-18 fighter on an aircraft carrier.            [Author: Arizona Republic]
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No Cloaking Device Here: F-22 Stealth Fighters Can Be Tracked

“Does the mission require a cloaking device or is it OK if the threat sees it but can’t do anything about it?”State-run Chinese media is claiming that the People’s Liberation Army has been able to track the U.S. Air Force’s Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor stealth fighters over the East China Sea. While the Chinese report might be easily dismissed as propaganda—it is not beyond the realm of possibility. In fact—it’s very possible that China can track the Raptor. Stealth is not a cloak of invisibility...
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It Would Be a Big Mistake: Don't Trade 'New' F-15s for F-35s

If funding falls and the Air Force must choose between non-stealthy F-15Xs and stealthy F-35s, the flying branch might pick the longer-lasting F-15Xs, Duckworth said. That could undermine the F-35 program, she warned.The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee on March 4, 2019 questioned the U.S. Air Force's proposal to buy new F-15Xs from Boeing starting in 2020.Sen. Jim Inhofe, an Oklahoma Republican, and ranking member Sen. Jack Reed, a Rhode Island Democrat, asked how the Air Force could ju...
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Photos: Torrance salutes military at 60th Armed Forces Day march

While Torrance’s  streets filled with camouflage and military blues and greens, the sidewalks were packed with red, white and blue as the Armed Forces Day parade rolled down Crenshaw Boulevard on Saturday afternoon. The 60th annual parade — billed as the nation’s longest-running military procession — drew scores of civilians to ogle at the tanks, cannons and Humvees, the highlight of a weekend-long event. “We’re excited we get to represent our armed forces,” said Col. Vince Krepps, who has been ...
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Death Match: Russia's New Su-35 Fighter vs.America's F-15, F-16 and More

The U.S. Air Force does not use the F-16 primarily as an air superiority fighter—the air-to-air mission is secondary—the AESA is needed to keep the venerable jet relevant. With an AESA, the F-16 could probably hold its own against the Su-35 at longer ranges—but it would still be a challenge.Russia’s Su-35 fighter certainly has western defense outlets buzzing--and for good reason.Moscow, despite heavy sanctions and an economy that has certainly seen better days, keeps pumping out new combat syste...
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Olis Robotics wins $50K from Air Force to study options for satellite-servicing robots

Seattle-based Olis Robotics says it has received a $50,000 grant from the U.S. Air Force to lay out a plan for using its AI-driven software platform to control satellite-servicing robots in orbit. The initial Small Business Innovative Research grant could set the stage for as much as $1.5 million in future Air Force funding, depending on how the plan is received. Olis, formerly known as Bluhaptics, is a five-year-old spinout from the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory. It spec...
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Olis Robotics wins $50K from Air Force to work on software for satellite-servicing robots

Seattle-based Olis Robotics says it has received a $50,000 grant from the U.S. Air Force to lay out a plan for using its AI-driven software platform to control satellite servicing robots in orbit. The initial Small Business Innovative Research grant could set the stage for as much as $1.5 million in future Air Force funding, depending on how the plan is received. Olis, formerly known as Bluhaptics, is a five-year-old spinout from the University of Washington's Applied Physics Laboratory. It ...
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B-52 bomber removed from ‘boneyard’ to return to service

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — A B-52H bomber built in the early 1960s and put into retirement in an U.S. Air Force “boneyard” in the Arizona desert over 10 years ago is returning to service. A crew on Tuesday flew the plane nicknamed “Wise Guy” to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana from Tucson where it […]
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Floyd Mayweather of Fighter Jets: Is the F-15 Really Undefeated in Combat?

In a well-known case from late afternoon of June 9, 1982, a Syrian MiG-21 pilot struck an F-15D with a single R-60/AA-8 Aphid missile. Despite severe damage, the pilot of the big U.S.-made fighter managed to fly it back to Israel for an emergency landing, and his aircraft was subsequently repaired.According to official releases from Boeing and the U.S. Air Force, the F-15 Eagle has a clear-cut win-to-loss ratio of 104 to zero. But in fact, opposing air forces have claimed, in nearly a dozen case...
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How the U.S. Air Force Makes Sure the F-22 Raptor Dominates the Skies

As the Air Force and Lockheed Martin move forward with weapons envelope expansions and enhancements for the F-22, there is of course a commensurate need to upgrade software and its on-board sensors to adjust to emerging future threats, industry developers explained. Ultimately, this effort will lead the Air Force to draft up requirements for new F-22 sensors, Lockheed developers said.(Washington, D.C.) The US Air Force is now integrating new weapons onto 143 F-22s to massively expand their targe...
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Mandatory Streamers: George Clooney Returns to TV for Catch-22

Mandatory Streamers: George Clooney returns to the small screen for Catch-22 Welcome to Mandatory Streamers, our latest column covering the best new streaming content coming your way every week! For the week of May 13, George Clooney returns to the small screen for the first time in a decade (having last starred in the medical TV drama ER) to help bring to life the classic comedy-drama Catch-22. Check out the best shows debuting and returning online this week as well as the latest renewal ann...
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The Beyond

Text by Col. Martin France “Learning space by doing space” is the motto of the Air Force Academy’s unique FalconSAT senior capstone engineering program, a program unlike any other undergraduate space program in the world. “Learning space by doing space” is the motto of the Air Force Academy’s unique FalconSAT senior capstone engineering program, a program unlike any other undergraduate space program in the world....
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US B-52 bombers land in Qatar over unspecified Iran threat

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The B-52 bombers ordered by the White House to deploy to the Persian Gulf to counter unspecified threats from Iran are beginning to arrive at a major American air base in Qatar. Images released by the U.S. Air Force show B-52H Stratofortress bombers arriving at Al Udeid Air Base […]
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APNewsBreak: New Mexico demands closure of Air Force lake

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico’s top prosecutor is demanding that the U.S. Air Force close a publicly accessible lake at Holloman Air Force Base, saying Thursday that the concentration of hazardous chemicals at the site poses a risk to public health and the environment. In a letter obtained by The Associated Press, Attorney General […]
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The Air Force's Big Plan: Stealth UAVs and Drones That Can Launch Other Drones?

California drone-maker Kratos is adding launchers to its main high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle designs.The tube-style launchers can deploy small drones that themselves double as guided missiles. That’s right -- Kratos’s drones could launch other, smaller drones.The launchers are a logical addition as Kratos works with the U.S. Air Force to develop a fighter-like “wingman” drone that the flying branch wants to accompany manned planes into combat.Kratos’s stealthy, 28-feet-long XQ-58 Valkyrie un...
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She's Back: Could America's First Stealth Plane Still Fight?

Additionally, unlike later stealth aircraft, the F-117 was constructed using conventional aerospace aluminum—which made building the jet easier. Lockheed ultimately built a total of fifty-nine F-117As and five YF-117As developmental prototypes.With the U.S. Air Force considering the future makeup of its force structure, it is a good time to look at the evolution of stealth starting with the Lockheed Martin F-117 Nighthawk. That aircraft was retired in 2008, but would the F-117 still be useful to...
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Trevor Paglen’s Orbital Reflector Goes “Unrealized”

On December 3rd, 02018, Trevor Paglen’s Orbital Reflector launched into low orbit as part of the payload on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. The 100-foot-long diamond shaped mylar balloon was intended to be the world’s first space sculpture. It would be visible to the naked eye, appearing as a slowly-moving star in the sky. Paglen saw the project as a “catalyst” for asking what it means to be on this planet. Unfortunately, Paglen’s vision won’t come to pass. Last week, the Nevada Museum of Art (co...
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552 Planes of Fame Air Show

Interviews from the 2019 Planes of Fame Air Show and also with Commemorative Air Force support crew. In the news, we look at the AOA Disagree alert on the 737 Max, military pilot training with virtual reality, Airbus A380s being parted out, and the pilot of the fatal Planes of Fame Northrop N9MB Flying Wing crash has been identified. Planes of Fame Air Show The 2019 Planes of Fame Air Show at Chino Airport was dedicated to the memory of David Vopat, the Planes of Fame Air Museum pilot who was...
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Paradigm Shift at Henry Rifles Enter the Model 24 Side Gate

Henry Rifles Model 24 Side Gate Rifle USA – -( It has finally happened, the Henry Repeating Arms new Model H024 side-gate rifle has been announced to the shooting public. I for one have been waiting for almost two years. Have you ever been in on a secret so close-hold that you could not talk about it with anyone to include your spouse? This situation is what happened to me back in 2017 when Andy Wickstrom, the Vice President, and general manager of Henry Repeating Arms told me a...
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Lawsuit filed over display of Bible at veterans hospital

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A Bible on display at a memorial at New Hampshire’s veterans hospital should be removed because it is a violation of the First Amendment, a U.S. Air Force veteran said in a federal lawsuit Tuesday. The Bible was carried by a prisoner of war in World War II and became part […]
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Air Force Says It Has Successfully Shot Down Multiple Missiles Using a Laser Prototype

The U.S. Air Force announced on Friday that it had successfully used a ground-based surrogate for its laser weapons project, the Self-Protect High-Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD), to shoot down multiple air-launched missiles during a test at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.Read more...
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Fighter Jets with Missile-Killing Lasers Take Another Step Toward Reality

U.S. Air Force says a ground-based laser downed multiple test missiles over New Mexico.
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The F-22 Is One Tough Stealth Fighter (But It Has Just 1 Problem)

But in January 1989, the U.S. Air Force put a cap on the cost of the F-22’s avionics at $9 million per aircraft in production. At that time, Lockheed’s paper design had over $16 million of avionics in each aircraft.America’s F-22 Raptor is one of the world’s most advanced warplanes. But it has several weaknesses. For one, it’s blind in the infrared though several of its potential rivals have infrared-search-and-track sensors, effectively allowing them to scan for enemy warplanes’ heat signatures...
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Navy Plans to Document UFO Sightings, But Keep Them Confidential

Extraterrestrials, take note: The U.S. Navy plans to set up an official reporting and investigative system that will monitor reports from its pilots about unidentified flying objects.But while this "X-Files"-worthy operation sounds newsy, don't expect to hear details about it anytime soon. The Navy doesn't intend to make the data public, citing the privileged and classified information that these reports usually include, according to The Washington Post."Military aviation safety organiza...
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The U.S. Air Force Destroyed North Korea (And It Terrifies Kim Jong Un)

Can the United States and North Korea arrive at a deal—any deal—on denuclearization, normalization of relations, or at the very least a nuclear freeze? Given the holding pattern in nuclear diplomacy since the second summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, the prospects don’t appear particularly bright.The hold-up in the talks, however, is not simply the product of personality clashes, maximalist negotiating positions, and incongruent objectives between Washington and Pyongyang. His...
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US Air Force General Tod Wolters sworn in as NATO commander

BRUSSELS (AP) — U.S. Air Force General Tod D. Wolters has been sworn in as the top military officer of the 29-nation NATO military alliance. The former pilot, who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq, became Supreme Allied Commander Europe at a ceremony on Friday at NATO’s military headquarters in Mons, southern Belgium. Wolters, who […]
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Air Force test-launches Minuteman missile from California

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) — A fiery streak lit up the California sky as the U.S. Air Force conducted an early morning test of an unarmed Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile. The Air Force Global Strike Command says the missile was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base northwest of Los Angeles at 2:42 […]
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X-37B Military Space Plane's Latest Mystery Mission Passes 600 Days

The U.S. Air Force's X-37B space plane has now been circling Earth for more than 600 days on its latest mystery mission.The reusable robotic vehicle, which looks like a miniature version of NASA's space shuttle orbiters, launched atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Sept. 7, 2017.As of today (April 30), the space plane has been aloft for 601 days, on a mission known as Orbital Test Vehicle 5 (OTV-5) because it's the fifth flight of the X-37...
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