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Why New Millennial Marketing Strategies is Exciting for the future of Hotels

What does the Millennial market segment mean for Hotels? When you think about millennials, what do you think you know? For starters, you probably assume that technology is important to this group, and you’d be right. They’re used to it—they’re digital natives after all. They’ve led their whole lives with devices, from laptops to smartphones and tablets. So, when as a marketer, you’re thinking about how to reach millennials, certainly the digital journey has to figure into things. But there is a...
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Marketing Psychology in 2019: Make Your Mark Digitally

As marketing professionals, we do market research, develop buyer personas, conduct thorough keyword research, and track user behavior on and off our websites through automation and technology. One skill set that separates great marketers from good ones is the ability to understand how and the why behind people’s thought processes, which leads to their consuming behavior and habits. There are numerous articles on this topic explaining how to leverage psychology in marketing. However, consumers, e...
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