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California: How the Legislature’s Shutdown Impacts the 2nd Amendment

California Flag Guns Gun Control U.S.A. –-( The California Legislature is away on their summer recess but that doesn’t mean some shifty shenanigans aren’t taking place. They recently used the Governor’s budget as a brazen means to do some 2nd Amendment damage, and now we are facing some new abnormal challenges. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon issued a statement this week that the Assembly is now “closed until further notice” following six confirmed COVID-19 cases among lawmakers...
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If you want to fix policing, then rein in police unions

SACRAMENTO – My Dad and I never agreed on politics given that he was unabashedly liberal in his views. He was a public-school teacher in New Jersey, so one would have expected that, as a proud Democrat, he would have been a champion of one of the Democratic Party’s most-powerful allies, the teachers’ unions. Instead, he refused to join. His rationale was simple: Those unions always protect bad teachers, which harms students. That point seems obvious. Once I was a guest on John Stossel’s TV show,...
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United States: U.S. Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Religious Employers And Trump Administration In Two Important Decisions - Ford & Harrison LLP

Executive Summary: Today, July 8, 2020, the Supreme Court decided two cases – both by a 7 to 2 vote – involving the impact of religion in employment.
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Employers Can Refuse to Provide Birth Control Coverage: U.S Supreme Court

Title: Employers Can Refuse to Provide Birth Control Coverage: U.S Supreme CourtCategory: Health NewsCreated: 7/9/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 7/9/2020 12:00:00 AM
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United States: Supreme Court Saves CFPB, But Subjects Its Director To Removal At The Will Of The President - Holland & Knight

The U.S. Supreme Court on June 29, 2020, issued its decision in Seila Law v. CFPB, a case in which the petitioner challenged the constitutionality of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).
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United States: The U.S. Supreme Court Broadens The TCPA Class Action Trap For Unwary Businesses - Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Seyfarth Synopsis: While many businesses hoped that the U.S. Supreme Court would blow up the ban on autodialed calls in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA")...
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Appeals court pauses lawsuit over Trump hotel profits

Financial records related to President Donald Trump’s Washington hotel can be kept on hold, a federal appeals court said Thursday, while Trump asks the U.S. Supreme Court to hear an appeal in a lawsuit that accuses him of illegally profiting off the presidency. The ruling from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond means the records sought by the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia will likely not be released until after the November election. The two jurisdic...
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Great sentencing pieces in 'New Developments in Public Defense Research" collection in Criminal Justice Policy Review

I just came across this great collection of articles under the title "New Developments in Public Defense Research," which appears in the July 2020, issue of the journal Criminal Justice Policy Review. The volume includes seven original papers and an introduction on a range of topics related to public defenders and public defense.  The whole issue is worth checking out, and sentencing fans might be especially interested in these articles: Including Assets-Based Mitigation in Sentencing by Elizab...
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Supreme Court decision 'not good news' for Trump -Pelosi

"The Supreme Court, including the President's appointees, have declared that he is not above the law," Pelosi said. The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday firmly rejected President Donald Trump's argument for sweeping presidential immunity and ruled that a New York prosecutor can obtain his financial records Both 7-2 rulings were authored by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts. The court made it clear that a sitting president cannot evade a criminal investigation.
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U.S. Supreme Court deems half of Oklahoma a Native American reservation

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday recognized about half of Oklahoma as Native American reservation land and overturned a tribe member's rape conviction because the location where the crime was committed should have been considered outside the reach of state criminal law. The justices ruled 5-4 in favor of a man named Jimcy McGirt and agreed that the site of the rape should have been recognized as part of a reservation based on the historical claim of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation - beyond the ju...
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Thursday round-up

At Bloomberg, Greg Stohr reports that the court “will end its term Thursday morning with historic rulings that will probably determine whether the public sees President Donald Trump’s long-hidden financial records before the November election.” For The New York Times, Adam Liptak looks at the two cases involving the president’s records, “one concerning subpoenas from House committees, the other a subpoena from the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., a Democrat.” Yesterday the court ...
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United States: The Sum Is Greater Than Its Parts: U.S. Supreme Court Holds Is A Protectable Trademark - Jones Day

The combination of a generic word plus ".com" does not necessarily equal a generic term. Instead, in an 8–1 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court held:
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United States: Supreme Court Unanimously Rules That Willfulness Is Not Required To Recover Profits - Davis & Gilbert

The U.S. Supreme Court resolved a circuit split on April 23, 2020, by unanimously holding in Romag Fasteners, Inc. v. Fossil Group...
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United States: A Step Too Far? The IRS Proposes Non-Deductibility Of Disgorgement - Shearman & Sterling LLP

On June 22, in Liu v. SEC, No. 18-1501, the U.S. Supreme Court issued the latest of its opinions reining in the SEC's use of disgorgement in civil cases. Significantly, the Court's rationale...
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United States: Liu v. SEC – Supreme Court Establishes Important Limitations On SEC Disgorgement - Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

On June 22, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court resolved a critical question left unanswered since its decision in Kokesh v. SEC, 137 S. Ct. 1635 (2017)—whether, and to what extent, the U.S...
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Texas completes second US execution in COVID era of a defendant who committed murder at age 18

As reported in this local article, "Texas executed Billy Joe Wardlow on Wednesday night for a 1993 East Texas robbery and murder. It was the state's first execution since the coronavirus swept through the state."  Here is more: In late appeals, Wardlow's lawyers argued that his death should be stopped because of the dangers presented by the rising pandemic and his young age at the the time of the crime. Neuroscientists and a group of Texas lawmakers also raised concerns with sentencing people w...
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U.S. Supreme Court delivers for Christian conservatives in trio of rulings

The U.S. Supreme Court has cemented its reputation as a friend to Christian conservatives with a trio of rulings embracing religious exemptions to certain federal laws and paving the way for public money to go to religious schools. Religious conservatives welcomed the rulings with delight after expressing disappointment last month after the court found that federal civil rights law protects gay and transgender workers from employment discrimination and invalidated a restrictive Louisiana aborti...
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U.S. Supreme Court protects religious schools from employment bias suits

The U.S. Supreme Court, siding with Catholic schools in a legal dispute with teachers who said they were unlawfully dismissed, ruled on Wednesday that religious institutions like churches and schools are shielded from employment discrimination lawsuits. The 7-2 decision embraced a broad interpretation of the "ministerial exception," a legal doctrine recognized by the Supreme Court in a 2012 case that bars ministers or people in similar roles from suing religious institutions for workplace bias....
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U.S. Supreme Court permits broad religious exemption to birth control coverage

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday endorsed a plan by President Donald Trump's administration to give employers broad religious and moral exemptions from a federal mandate that health insurance they provide to their workers includes coverage for women's birth control. The court ruled 7-2 against the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, which challenged the legality of Trump's 2018 rule weakening the so-called contraceptive mandate of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare. ...
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BREAKING: Ministerial Exception Bars Discrimination Claims for Catholic Elementary School Teachers

The U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that the “ministerial exception” that bars some employment discrimination claims against religious institutions, also bars such claims by elementary school teachers as private Catholic schools.  The case further clarifies an exception that came to prominence back in 2012 and expands the reach of the exception.   I noted then that the Court was taking a fairly broad approach. Eight years later, that broad approach is playing out as expected. Thus, the key takeaw...
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Texas to execute man convicted of killing elderly man for his truck

Billy Joe Wardlow, 45, is set to be put to death at 6 p.m. (2300 GMT) at the state's execution chamber in Huntsville for the murder of Carl Cole, 82, in 1993. Texas has executed more prisoners than any other state since the U.S Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976. Wardlow would be the third inmate in Texas and the seventh in the United States to be executed in 2020.
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Texas resumes executions after 5-month delay due to pandemic

A Texas inmate received lethal injection Wednesday evening for fatally shooting an 82-year-old man nearly three decades ago, ending a five-month delay of executions in the nation’s busiest death penalty state because of the coronavirus pandemic. Billy Joe Wardlow was put to death at the state penitentiary in Huntsville for the June 1993 killing of Carl Cole at his home in Cason, about 130 miles (209 kilometers) east of Dallas in the East Texas piney woods, near the Louisiana and Arkansas border...
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Trump’s Still Trying to Kill Obamacare—but He and His Party Have Given Up on Replacing It

By now, congressional Republicans are largely finished with their fruitless, decade-long quest to repeal and replace Obamacare. It, however, is not finished with them.Like a zombie, that effort has lurched forward without the buy-in of congressional Republicans—aided, this time, by the branch of government that sits across the street: the U.S. Supreme Court. A group of GOP state attorneys general, backed by President Donald Trump, are pushing a lawsuit that would repeal the Affordable Care Act. ...
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United States: Supreme Court's Ruling Signals Uptick In Registration Of ‘' Marks - Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

On Tuesday, June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the Fourth Circuit's holding that BOOKING.COM is a protectable trademark.
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Colorado Supreme Court Upholds 2013 Magazine Ban

Colorado Supreme Court upholds unjust 2013 magazine ban. IMG iStock-884190572 U.S.A. -( In 2013, Colorado enacted House Bill 13-1224, which made it a crime, with some exceptions, to sell, transfer, or possess any “large-capacity magazine” after July 1, 2013. A “large-capacity magazine” meant any “fixed or detachable magazine, box, drum, feed strip, or similar device capable of accepting, or that is designed to be readily converted to accept, more than fifteen rounds of ammunition...
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U.S. Supreme Court curbs 'faithless electors' in presidential voting

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to free "faithless electors" in the complex Electoral College system that decides the outcome of presidential elections from state laws that force them to support the candidate who wins the state's popular vote. The justices unanimously rejected the idea that electors, who act on behalf of a state in the Electoral College vote that occurs weeks after voters go the polls, can exercise discretion in the candidate they back. The decision erased a potentia...
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Chief Justice John Roberts’ institutionalist approach to the judiciary

In the last few weeks, Chief Justice Roberts has sided with the liberal U.S. Supreme Court justices in striking down President Trump’s effort to revoke DACA, in protecting victims of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and in preventing Louisiana from restricting access to abortions. In contrast, he sided with the conservatives in prohibiting Montana from excluding religious schools from programs available to private non-religious schools. The middle is a comfortable position for ...
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Monday round-up

Today the Supreme Court will issue decisions in July for the first time since 1996, after the coronavirus pandemic forced the postponement of oral arguments in 10 cases. Greg Stohr reports at Bloomberg that “[t]he U.S. Supreme Court is poised to cap a term like no other with potentially blockbuster decisions covering birth control, religious rights and President Donald Trump’s efforts to keep his financial records private.” At The Hill, Harper Neidig and John Kruzel highlight “the five most-anti...
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United States: U.S. Supreme Court Sides With In Critical Trademark Case - Volpe and Koenig, P.C.

Trademarks function to identify the source or origin of products or services and distinguish them from the products or services of others.
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Dominion Energy and Duke Energy Cancel the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Dominion Energy and Duke Energy announced today the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) project, citing cost uncertainty and ongoing delays. The ACP, initially announced in 2014, is a proposed 600-mile fracked gas transmission line planned to span West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. The decision comes after a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June in […] The post Dominion Energy and Duke Energy Cancel the Atlantic Coast Pipeline appeared first on Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.
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