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Palmdale City Council District 1 candidates focus on homelessness, business options

Palmdale City Council: District 1 Incumbent: Palmdale City Council candidate Austin Bishop. (Courtesy Austin Bishop) Austin Bishop, 33, is unmarried and has a high school diploma and an electrical apprenticeship under his belt. He was first elected to the City Council representing District 1 in 2016. His platform at the time was to protect the quality of life in Palmdale. Challengers: Juan Blanco, 71, is married, has four children, three grandchildren and a large extended family. He is p...
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Audit blasts UC Berkeley, UCLA for admitting rich donor kids over more qualified applicants

The UC system has inappropriately admitted dozens of well-connected students in the last seven years, according to a new state audit. Four of the system’s most elite schools admitted 64 applicants — including 42 at UC Berkeley — between the 2013-14 and 2018-19 academic years based on families’ donations, relationships to campus staffers and other factors. Most of the students were white and came from families making at least $150,000 a year. The bombshell audit report comes a little more than a ...
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Auditor Says UC Wrongly Admitted Well-Connected Students

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A California state audit has found that the University of California wrongly admitted at least 64 wealthy students over the past six years as “favors to donors, family, and friends.” The California State Auditor also found in the audit released Tuesday that campus staff falsely designated 22 of the applicants as student-athlete recruits because of donations from or as favors to well-connected families. One campus, the University of California, Berkeley, admitted 42 applicant...
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The 15 most influential universities in the world

Columbia University was among the most influential colleges on the list. The start of the school year means that for many high school juniors, and some seniors, it's time to decide which colleges to apply to.  Academics and data scientists at school ranking website identified the most influential colleges and universities using a proprietary algorithm that looks at each institution's alumni and professors. Cornell University, Stanford University, and Harvard Univers...
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Proposition 15 will hurt homeowners, too

Of the many propositions that voters must decide this November, one of the most contentious is Proposition 15, also known as the split roll initiative. One of the arguments advanced by the proponents is that it won’t have any impact on homeowners because it just raises property taxes on commercial and industrial properties. Can the proponents be believed? Not likely. On its face, Proposition 15 appears to exempt property that is used for “residential” purposes. But homeowners have good reason to...
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Eviction bans taking a bite out of landlords’ bottom line

Real estate agent Adam Bray-Ali hopes to retire someday off the income from his small portfolio of triplexes and four-plexes. But lately, his side job as a landlord isn’t going so well. Tenants in three of his 20 units stopped paying rent after the coronavirus pandemic hit in March. One tenant moved out owing $6,000. Now Bray-Ali is losing money on two of his five buildings, and he’s thinking about selling one of them. Thanks to forbearance, he’s been able to skip some mortgage payments and abou...
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Jennifer Doudna sees CRISPR gene-editing tech as a Swiss Army knife for COVID-19 and beyond

Jennifer Doudna, one of the pioneers of the gene-editing technique known as CRISPR, thinks the biotech tool could be an essential one for combating COVID-19 and future pandemics. Due to its capacity to be “reprogrammed” like software, CRISPR could eventually be integral to countless tests and treatments. In an interview at Disrupt 2020, Doudna was all optimism for the technique, which has already proven to be extremely useful in less immediately applicable situations. “One thing that’s so int...
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Her fortune came from Hyatt hotels; his came from the Erie Canal. Now, they want the government to tax their millions to fund coronavirus relief.

Liesel Pritzker Simmons received $500 million of the Hyatt hotel fortune after suing her family in 2002. Now, she wants the government to tax her wealth. Robyn Twomey Impact investors Liesel Pritzker Simmons and Ian Simmons are leading the charge for a national wealth tax, despite being multimillionaires themselves. Calls for a tax on the 1% are rising as the coronavirus pandemic exacerbates America's already widening wealth gap. The Simmonses believe such a tax could help fund improvement...
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8 must-read books on the psychedelic experience

Hundreds of millions of dollars are pouring into psychedelics companies right now. With loosening restrictions on clinical research, new therapeutic modalities are being investigated for anxiety, depression, and more. The psychedelic literature is rich with anecdotal accounts and clinical studies. UC Berkeley recently announced the launch of its center for psychedelic research and education, thanks to an anonymous $1.25 million donation. This follows Imperial College London's 2019 founding of ...
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The Life of a Travel Writer with David Farley

Updated: 8/24/20 | August 24th, 2020 When I started in the travel industry, one writer came up often in conversation: David Farley. He was a rock-star writer who taught at NYU and Columbia, wrote for AFAR, National Geographic, the New York Times, and many other publications. I always wondered who this guy was. He was almost mythical. He was never at any events. But, one day, he turned up and, over the years, we became good friends. His writing tips and advice have helped me immensely, and his ...
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UCLA ranked top public university in nation for fourth consecutive year

UCLA has been selected the No. 1 public university in the nation for the fourth year in a row and is the only UC campus to break into the top 20 of an overall national ranking of institutions of higher education by U.S. News & World Report. Among all universities in the country, California Institute of Technology, a private school in Pasadena, came in as the highest-ranked institution in Southern California, at No. 12, followed by UCLA at No. 20. The University of Southern California tied with U...
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California Republicans: Give a call to your GOP cousins in swing states

In 33 years of interviewing California politicians, would-be or incumbent, as they seek the newspaper’s endorsement for office, I sometimes will ask who they themselves are supporting for president. Sometimes. As an aside. Usually, it’s obvious. I didn’t have to ask the late Rep. Carlos Moorhead, one of a tiny handful of House members who wouldn’t vote to impeach President Nixon even after the “smoking gun” Oval Office tape was played, if he still liked Tricky Dick. Of course he did. I never had...
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Waymo's head of lidar explains how the advanced laser tech went from science fiction to being a vital tool for self-driving cars

Simon Verghese is Waymo's head of lidar. The dog is a co-worker's at the Googleplex in California. Waymo Simon Verghese is head of lidar at Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving vehicle startup.Verghese has a doctorate from Berkeley and a background in physics, and he was working at an MIT national lab when Waymo convinced him to return to the Bay Area after more than 20 years on the East coast.Verghese spends his time developing new laser radars to compliment the evolving Waymo suite of h...
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The 2019 TechCrunch Include Report

It’s no secret that the tech industry is historically white, straight and male. Despite promises to examine and reform hiring practices so that tech companies big and small better reflect the world we all live in, diversity reports chart a different path: Black, brown, female and LGBTQIA+ folks aren’t getting their representative seats at the table. And now, in the wake of a national response to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade by police that has seen millions engage ...
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To recreate ancient recipes, check out the vestiges of clay pots

UC Berkeley archaeologists have discovered that unglazed ceramic cookware can retain the residue of not just the last supper cooked, but earlier meals as well, opening a window onto gastronomic practices possibly going back millennia.
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For an effective COVID vaccine, look beyond antibodies to T-cells

Most vaccine developers are aiming solely for a robust antibody response against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, despite evidence that antibodies are not the body's primary protective response to infection by coronaviruses, says Marc Hellerstein of UC Berkeley. The hallmark of a good, long-lasting vaccine is a robust T-cell response. Labelling techniques can quickly measure the longevity of T-cells against the coronavirus, and should be employed to assess vaccines' T-cell responses before approval to ensu...
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What is Proposition 16? Affirmative action back on the ballot, in a more diverse and Democratic California

The fall campaign to repeal California’s ban on affirmative action is a testament to the tectonic shift in the state’s politics since the 1990s — and a test of how far left its voters have swung from their politically purple past. Twenty-four years ago, Republican Gov. Pete Wilson led the successful push for Proposition 209, which prohibited any consideration of race in public college admissions and other government functions, such as hiring and contracting. This year, though, the full weight of...
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Being Selfish Won’t Help Your Career

The evidence is in: Nice guys and gals don’t finish last, and being a selfish jerk doesn’t get you ahead. That’s the clear conclusion from research that tracked disagreeable people—those with selfish, combative, manipulative personalities—from college or graduate school to where they landed in their careers about 14 years later. “I was surprised by the consistency of the findings. No matter the individual or the context, disagreeableness did not give people an advantage in the competition for ...
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California’s energy policies need some rethinking

California used to be the state of unlimited opportunity.  Now, it cannot even keep the lights on.  In August, with temperatures in the 100-degree range, hundreds of thousands of people were without electricity for as much as an hour at a time.  This was not due to an accident.  The state’s power manager ordered the blackouts to prevent an even larger-scale blackout.  This was an admission that the state of California is no longer able to keep the lights on.  And it could have been a lot worse. ...
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How we sleep today may forecast when Alzheimer's disease begins

UC Berkeley neuroscientists have found a way to estimate, with some degree of accuracy, a time frame for when Alzheimer's is most likely to strike in a person's lifetime, based on their baseline sleep patterns. Their findings suggest one defense against this virulent form of dementia -- for which no treatment currently exists -- is deep, restorative sleep, and plenty of it.
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From Facebook to Tesla, here are the lesser-known cofounders of some of the biggest tech companies in the world

Apple cofounders Steve Wozniak, left, and Steve Jobs. Kimberly White / REUTERS Most of the world's most famous tech entrepreneurs had help building their companies.And while Mark Zuckerberg's and Steve Job's cofounders didn't all become household names, they're still credited with bringing Facebook and Apple to life.Tesla, for instance, had four cofounders, and none of them was Elon Musk. And Jack Dorsey is one of four people who helped create Twitter.Visit Business Insider's homepage for m...
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Renters vs. landlords vs. banks: Who won California’s eviction compromise?

California renters financially hurt by the pandemic will be protected from eviction until at least next February, while small landlords will be offered some foreclosure protections, under a measure approved by lawmakers and signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom late Monday night. The deal was passed by supermajorities in both state legislative chambers, with both Democrats and a handful of Republican lawmakers supporting the bill while pleading for additional federal intervention. A two-thirds vote of law...
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Why no break on UC tuition despite the move to remote classes? COVID-19 costs are astronomical

Robert Massa, an adjunct professor at USC, had a recent conversation with his neighbor that undoubtedly mirrors discussions unfolding in front yards, living rooms and at kitchen tables across the country. “His daughter is going to be a freshman in college,” Massa recalled, “and he asked me whether it’s worth it to pay full tuition for online learning.” Massa, who has spent more than 40 years as a university executive, including a decade as the dean of enrollment at Johns Hopkins, offered a measu...
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University of California campuses to phase out single-use plastics, including cups and water bottles

While some efforts to restrict the use of single-use plastics have been stalled by the pandemic, the University of California has announced an aggressive policy to phase out such waste at its 10 campuses and five medical centers. The plan calls for an end to the use of plastic bags at UC retail and food establishments by January, an end to plastic straws and utensils by next July, and a switch to reusable plates, cups and food containers by July 2022. The sale and distribution of plastic beverag...
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Meet the startups from Brinc’s first online Demo Day

Like other accelerators, Brinc hasn’t let 2020 get in the way of its program for early-stage startups. The firm is known for focusing on food technology, health tech, clean energy, and hardware, and has a knack for finding some of the most interesting startups in those spaces. Today, we joined Brinc’s first online Demo Day to meet startups from its spring Hong Kong programs, as well as its hardware and IoT program in India. Here are the startups in alphabetical order:  Based in Singapore, Aur...
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UC Berkeley demographers calculate the consequences of U.S. lives lost to COVID-19

With over 170,000 COVID-19 deaths to date, and 1,000 more each day, America's life expectancy may appear to be plummeting.
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LAUSD board votes to make Ethnic Studies a graduation requirement by 2023-24

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s board approved plans on Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 25, to make completion of an Ethnic Studies class a high school graduation requirement by the 2023-24 school year. The vote was unanimous, 7-0. The resolution, introduced by board member Kelly Gonez, requires: That LAUSD superintendent and administrators provide support to educators to integrate Ethnic Studies into the Pre-K-8 curriculum; Each school to offer an Ethnic Studies course by 2022-23; and That e...
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UC Berkeley demographers put COVID-19 death toll into perspective

With over 170,000 COVID-19 deaths to date, and 1,000 more each day, America's life expectancy may appear to be plummeting. But in estimating the magnitude of the pandemic, UC Berkeley demographers have found that COVID-19 is likely to shorten the average US lifespan in 2020 by only about a year.
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A question after George Floyd: What do we want police to do?

Editor’s note: This is the final installment in a four-part series that will examine policing in California following George Floyd’s killing and subsequent protests and calls for widespread reform. Part 1 examined how potential officers are selected. Part 2 explored how police officers are trained. Part 3 looked into the issue of police oversight. Part 4 probes into the calls for changing the police and what that could mean. Americans want something different from the police departments they pay...
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Meadow survives but Maguire and Mehaffey miss AIG Women's Open cut

Leona Maguire of Ireland plays her shot off the 14th tee during Day Two of the AIG Women's Open 2020 at Royal Troon on August 21, 2020 in Troon, Scotland. (Photo R&A via Getty Images) Stephanie Meadow birdied the tough, par-three 17th for the second day running to post a 74 and share 52nd on eight-over at halfway In the AIG Women’s Open at Royal Troon...
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