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Why attorneys for Southern California schools blame victims for their own sexual abuse, bullying

When lawyers representing Moreno Valley Unified School District argued that 13-year-old Diego Stolz and his family were partly to blame for his death at the hands of two bullies, it wasn’t the first time such an argument was used — and likely won’t be the last. “I think it’s a disgusting strategy,” said lawyer Morgan Stewart, whose Irvine firm has sued districts whose defense attorneys have responded by blaming his clients for their alleged abuse. “It bothers me at a core level.” Lewis Brisbois ...
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California says seniors 65 and over will get priority on coronavirus vaccine

In an effort to speed the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine to people most at risk of dying, California state officials on Wednesday announced that people 65 and over will be eligible to receive the vaccine sooner than had previously been planned. Under new guidelines from the California Department of Public Health, people in Phase 1A of the state’s tiered system – health care workers and nursing home residents – are still eligible to receive vaccines. After those people are given vaccines, senior...
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Photos: UCLA School of Dentistry gives out dental hygiene kits during food giveaway

The line of masked people stretched from Tyrone Avenue on to Victory Boulevard for the weekly Central Lutheran Church Mobile Pantry LA Food Bank Food Distribution in Van Nuys on Monday, Jan. 11. During this edition of the food giveaway, those in line would also receive information on dental hygiene and dental kits from the UCLA Dental School. “Dental care is under accessed, especially by underserved communities, and we want them to know there are benefits and access for them,” said Dental Hygien...
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Coronavirus vaccination plans begin to take shape in Southern California

Public health officials in Southern California are making a big push this week to speed up COVID-19 vaccinations and make the in-demand vaccines more widely available quickly. To counter the sluggish pace of vaccinations in the region, officials in Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange counties are in the process of setting up “supersites” or “superpods” — large, well-known venues such as Disneyland and Dodger Stadium — where mass vaccinations can take place, some as early as this week. In addition ...
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LA city employees agree to delay pay raises – to stave off layoffs and furloughs

Los Angeles city officials and unions representing more than 18,000 city employees have struck a deal on Tuesday, Jan. 12, that would delay pay increases scheduled this year, to avoid layoffs and furloughs for the next five months. The city faces a $675 million shortfall, amid a recession brought on by closures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. In response, city leaders weighed deep cuts, including hundreds of layoffs. Tuesday’s agreement calls for postponing a pair of 2% raises sc...
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Researchers identify potential new combination therapy to treat head and neck cancer

Researchers at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and UCLA School of Dentistry have identified a potential new combination therapy to treat advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, the most common type of head and neck cancer.
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Researchers discover cellular messengers communicate with bacteria in the mouth

Study authors Dr. David Wong, professor of oral biology and associate dean for research at the UCLA School of Dentistry, and Dr. Wenyuan Shi, chief executive officer and chief science officer at the Forsyth Institute, an oral health research institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, asked the question of whether our RNA -- the cellular messengers -- can communicate with harmful bacteria in the mouth.
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Here’s What You Should Know About Those Mail-In Braces Programs

If you follow any wellness influencers, trainers, or former Bachelor contestants on Instagram, chances are you've seen some of them touting invisible braces or retainers with some sort of promotional code. It's surprising that this orthodontic accessory has become trendy, but people seem to be into the concept, and it's almost impossible to ignore the ads.The business model is more or less what would happen if Warby Parker and Invisalign had a baby. Here's how one popular company, Smile Direct ...
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Why Your Jaw Is So Sore When You Wake Up

For some people, when they wake up in the morning and take a big yawn, they feel a dull, achy pain radiating from their chin to their ear. Or maybe it's difficult to open and close their mouth. If this happens to you, and especially if that pain continues throughout the day, you're probably wondering what the deal is.In most cases, jaw soreness is caused by excessive grinding or clenching of your teeth at night, says Robert Merrill, DDS, clinical professor and residency director for oralfacial ...
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Do You Have To Wear A Retainer As An Adult?

Who among us still actually wears their retainer? Wearing a retainer as an adult is sort of like the dental version of doing a face mask: Set it, forget it, and wake up feeling fresh.For some people, it's a bragging right that their retainer from middle school still fits, but we can't all be such orthodontic overachievers. For the rest of us, retainers go from a watermelon-printed acrylic accessory that won you lunch table credit to a relic that sits in your childhood bathroom. But is it bad fo...
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Nanodiamonds might prevent tooth loss after root canals

People undergoing root canals may have gained a powerful, if tiny, new ally. Researchers from the UCLA School of Dentistry have found that using nanodiamonds to fortify a material used in the procedure could significantly improve outcomes for patients.
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