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How To Create A Monthly Instagram Report For Your Clients

by Uday Tank Reporting to your client is a crucial step in every marketing job. It gives your client the satisfaction that they have invested their money in the right place. However, many marketers struggle to make a decent monthly report. To give you an idea on how it can be done, here’s an example of Instagram’s monthly reporting procedure through Instagram marketing service Stormlikes. Step 1: Form a Pattern. Forming a pattern is very important when it comes to writing an accurate report. ...
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Scaling Your Company During A Good Economy

by Uday Tank It is the goal and dream of every business to grow and expand. But not every business is ready for expansion. Does it sound strange? Yes, not every business is ready for expansion. Now, here is a question for you. If the number of daily orders you get triples in number, can you still maintain your turnaround time easily? If the answer is an honest yes, then thumbs up to you. Your business may be ready for expansion. It means your business is scalable. Unfortunately, many companies ...
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