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Catch&Release raises $14M to help marketers find and license content from across the web

Catch&Release founder and CEO Analisa Goodin told me that she wants to help brands break free from the limitations of stock photography — and that her startup has raised $14 million in Series A funding to achieve that goal. Goodin explained that the company started out as an image research firm before becoming a product-focused, venture-backed startup in 2015. The Series A was led by Accel (with participation from Cervin Ventures and other existing investors), and it brings Catch&Release’s total...
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Cannes Festival to Open With Marion Cotillard, Adam Driver Starrer ‘Annette’

The 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival is set to open with Leos Carax’s anticipated romantic musical film “Annette” with Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard on July 7. The movie will also play in competition. “Annette” will be released simultaneously in theaters in France by UGC. The film marks Carax’s English-language debut. It features […]
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Social Media Organic Reach 2021: Who Actually Sees Your Content

How much value do you currently place on your organic content strategy? What was once the sole focus of social media marketing has nearly become an afterthought as businesses allocate more and more of their budgets into social media advertising. And who can blame them when the networks have forced everyone into a “pay-to-play” world and regularly adjust their algorithms to downplay organic reach. Within the following post, we’re breaking down insights and best practices based on our recent...
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9 Examples of Brilliant Email Marketing Campaigns

What is an Email Marketing Campaign? Email marketing campaign is a set of planned and coordinated individual email messages distributed with the motive of accomplishing a specific goal for any organization. The number of active email users is forecasted to reach 4.3 billion within 2-3 years and the expected ROI is $42 for each dollar spent which makes email the best source connecting with existing customers and the prospects. The different purposes that an email marketing campaign can serve: T...
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Social+ payments: Why fintechs need social features

John S. Kim Contributor Share on Twitter John S. Kim is CEO of Sendbird, makers of a customizable chat and messaging API service for mobile and web applications. Social+ companies are upping the stakes for everyone by giving consumers multiple benefits at once: products that serve a purpose but also meet our need for belonging to a community. But what exactly is a social+ company? One for which social engagement is an inextric...
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Overwolf raises $52.5M for its platform to build, distribute and monetize in-game user-generated content

Roblox, the gaming company that went public this month with a strong debut, changed the game (so to speak) for the role that creative input can play in making a game more loved, more engaging, and even more enterprising. Today, a startup that is taking a version of that model — focused on in-game apps and modifications — is announcing some funding and the launch of a new toolkit to double down on that opportunity. Today, a startup called Overwolf, which has built a popular platform for gaming fa...
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Gamefam aims to be the first big gaming company built on Roblox

Roblox went public yesterday after seeing tremendous growth in 2020, and that’s not just good news for the company’s employees and investors — there are also startups like Gamefam hoping to take advantage of the platform’s success. Roblox has a whole ecosystem of millions of developers and creators building on its game platform, and some are banding together to create their own teams and studios. (We profiled several of those teams earlier this year in an article about the company’s creator acce...
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Comments on the PROMISE Act

Senators Lee, Braun, and Moran introduced the “Promoting Responsibility Over Moderation In the Social-media Environment Act,” the “PROMISE Act.” (It’s a reintroduction of S. 4975 from last session). This is a transparency-focused bill that partially overlaps with last year’s PACT Act, though the PACT Act covers much more ground. Though this bill is not good policy, I see it as a more promising (see what I did there?) angle for Section 230 reform than many of its rivals. Summary of the Bill The ...
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Newen Connect-TF1 Studio, UGC Images Sign International Distribution Deal (EXCLUSIVE)

TF1 Studio, a label of Newen Connect, has signed an exclusive international distribution deal with UGC Images, a subsidiary of Europe’s second-biggest cinema circuit. Under the agreement, TF1 Studio, whose sales team is headed by Sabine Chemaly, handles international sales on new films from UGC Images and its large library of more than 100 titles, […]
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TF1 Studio, UGC Images Sign International Distribution Deal (EXCLUSIVE)

TF1 Studio, the cinema banner owned by powerful French media group Newen Connect, has signed an exclusive international distribution deal with UGC Images, a subsidiary of Europe’s second-biggest cinema circuit. Under the agreement, TF1 Studio, whose sales team is headed by Sabine Chemaly, handles international sales on new films from UGC Images and its large […]
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Are Social Media Services “State Actors” or “Common Carriers”?

Yesterday, I did a videoconference with Prof. Eugene Volokh (UCLA Law) discussing if and how legislatures could regulate Internet services. Watch the video. Prof. Volokh and I usually agree on most things, but this time we may reach different conclusions. I think Prof. Volokh might be open to the idea that a legislature could declare social media to be a “common carrier” and impose associated must-carry obligations. In contrast, I’m a hard no, and I hate the question because it only matters if ...
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Comments on the “SAFE TECH” Act

This year’s tsunami of Section 230 “reform” bills includes the “Safeguarding Against Fraud, Exploitation, Threats, Extremism and Consumer Harms (SAFE TECH) Act” from Sens. Warner, Hirono, and Klobuchar. This bill proposes over ten different Section 230 reforms, some of which I believe have never been proposed before, and any one of which could disrupt the Internet we know and love. Together, these reforms would reshape the Internet dramatically, in ways that would stun and anger most Americans....
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User Generated Content: The Community is Full Of Creators!

There’s no denying the power of content. Content is what attracts people to your site and socials. It’s what educates the masses about your products & services. What’s published is what compels individuals to share (and talk) about your brand to others. The problem with content? It’s intensive. You can spend a whole lot of time putting together content. You could dump a bunch of money into content creation. Or… you could explore user generated content. What is User Generated Content (UGC)? Use...
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Häagen-Dazs and Wonder Woman 1984 Team Up on 'Don’t Hold Back' Campaign

Häagen-Dazs has launched a new global creative campaign in partnership with the blockbuster movie Wonder Woman 1984, celebrating female empowerment and encouraging women with an inspiring call to arms: “Don’t Hold Back”. This exclusive global partnership between Warner Bros. and General Mills is the first of its kind for Häagen-Dazs, with activity coordinated across all the brand’s major markets. An integrated campaign created by creative agency Space ties together the Häagen-Dazs brand mes...
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103 Content Ideas to Add to Your Editorial Calendar

if (typeof BingeIframeRan === "undefined") { window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false); function receiveMessage(event) { try { var parsed = JSON.parse( if (parsed.context === "iframe.resize") { var iframes = document.getElementsByClassName("binge-iframe"); for (let i = 0; i Ever feel like you’re in a content rut? Feel like you finall...
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Section 230 Year-in-Review for 2020

Section 230 had such a drama-filled year that I decided to do a separate roundup, in addition to my annual Internet Law wrapup coming soon. (I know 2020 feels like it was a decade ago…) Trigger warning: this post is a shitshow. My list of Top 10 Section 230 developments of 2020: #10: A Tsunami of Reform Bills Were Introduced.  Over two dozen Section 230 reform or repeal bills were introduced in Congress’ 116th session. In general, the bills reflected a partisan divide over Section 230: Democrat...
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Digital Advertising in 2021: Maximizing Your ROI

According to Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2020-2021 , 74% of marketers expect to spend more on digital advertising and 66% on paid search. Nearly 80% of B2C marketers and 69% of B2B marketers say that they’ll invest more in digital advertising in 2021. eMarketer predicts that social video ad spending only will reach $14.89 billion next year , accounting for 30.4% of total video ad spending.  That’s a lot of money to be spent. As digital ad spending will bounce back next year, it’s time fo...
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CDT Lacks Standing to Challenge Trump’s Anti-230 Executive Order

In May, Trump issued an executive order designed to destroy Section 230 (EO 13925). Rather than actually work with Congress, Trump tried to amend 47 USC 230 only within the executive branch, which is largely a dead-end. I’m hoping Pres. Biden will ignore or repeal this terrible EO. Meanwhile, the EO was a pernicious and hateful document that tried to advance and justify government censorship. The world would have been better if it never had been issued. Thus, I was happy to see CDT challenge th...
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10 Holiday Sales & Marketing Tips for Small Businesses to Finish 2020 Strong

If you’re a small business owner or marketing team of one, you may be worried about the COVID-19 pandemic dooming your holiday season sales. After all, how are you supposed to finish the year strong when many people are still unsure about leaving their homes and shopping in crowds? The answer: You learn how to evolve your holiday sales and marketing strategies. Despite another wave of surging cases, consumers are approaching the holidays business as usual. A staggering 82% of consumers...
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Reface grabs $5.5M seed led by A16z to stoke its viral face-swap video app

Buzzy face-swap video app Reface, which lends users celebrity ‘superpowers’ by turning their selfies into “eerily realistic” famous video clips at the tap of a button, has caught the attention of Andreessen Horowitz. The Silicon Valley venture firm leads a $5.5 million seed round in the deep tech entertainment startup, announced today. Reface tells us its apps (iOS and Android) have been downloaded some 70 million times since it launched in January 2020 — up from 20M when we spoke to one of i...
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Social Media Trends You Need to Know in 2021

if (typeof BingeIframeRan === "undefined") { window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false); function receiveMessage(event) { try { var parsed = JSON.parse( if (parsed.context === "iframe.resize") { var iframes = document.getElementsByClassName("binge-iframe"); for (let i = 0; i It’s that time of year again — time to review the social med...
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India: UGC Issues Guidelines For Re-opening Of Universities And Colleges Post Lockdown Due To COVID-19 Pandemic - Trilegal

The University Grants Commission has issued guidelines for the universities and colleges for reopening of their campuses outside the containment zones.
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#NAMA: Dealing with copyright offences, injunctions, collective licensing under Copyright Act

If we’re going to claim that imprisoning people will have a deterrent effect on copyright infringement, then we need to have data to back that up, declared Nandita Saikia, an independent lawyer. Saikia’s comments came during a contentious debate about whether copyright violations, including piracy, should be decriminalised. She was speaking at MediaNama’s discussion on the proposed amenments to the Copyright Act, for which the Indian government has begun private consultation. The Act was last am...
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UGC is Dead. Now What Are Brand Partners to Do?

Key Insights User-generated content (UGC) has long been the go-to creative solve for brands looking for free social assets. But as the creator economy evolves and even casual fans start to know their worth, the days of cheap brand UGC are over. UGC is dead, and paid content will replace it. In the early days...
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Get in the game: Brands need to pay attention to the Among Us phenomenon

Among Us became Autumn’s biggest meme and one of the most talked-about games in the industry. Our Senior Research & Insight Executive Saad Abukhadra and Senior Editor Brett Phipps explain what it’s all about, and how brands can get involved. Among Us is, quite literally, among us. The prevalence of the indie smash is such that it’s now reached the corridors of US politics. Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has not only jumped on the hype train, but started her own Twitch channel to stre...
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Carter's: Hello Optimism

Carter’s is with parents from the start, and in a new creative spot, Hello Optimism , the brand highlights the emotional juxtaposition between the fear and uncertainty brought on by 2020 with the joy of growing a family. Featuring UGC of babies born in 2020, the creative was inspired by real journeys to parenthood embarked on this year - including the director and others involved who welcomed new babies and experienced this tension firsthand. Emotionally-driven, Carter’s Hello...
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Google: Plan, browse, and buy with a little help from Google

Using Internet fails to win over new shoppers #WithALittleHelp from Google. A campaign that tapped into search behaviour and UGC to showcase how Google can help make the shopping journey more helpful. BACKGROUND Indians are value-conscious and spend a considerable amount of time deal hunting. But it can be a time-consuming process that doesn’t always pay off. CHALLENGE Most people weren’t in the habit of turning to Google for shopping suggestions...
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Kraft’s Latest Campaign, #SendNoods, Put Buzz Before Brand Value

On October 6, 2020, Kraft Mac & Cheese launched matching national campaigns in the U.S. and Canada encouraging audiences to “send noods” as part of a giveaway. Participants were able to send a free box of mac and cheese to a friend, ostensibly to encourage community during the pandemic. The activation launched on National Noodle Day and lasted for six days, during which the company promoted the program on their social channels, through press releases, and with a digital commercial starring ac...
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B2B Marketing News: Digital Ad Spend Grows, LinkedIn’s New Lead Gen & Ad Tools, What Drives Customer Loyalty, & The Success Of Mobile Streaming

75% of people unlikely to use branded hashtags, survey finds A quarter of consumers have engaged with customer reviews over the past 30 days, while 26 percent said they are likely to review a business on a third-party website — two of several finding of interest to digital marketers in recent survey data examining the performance of user-generated content (UGC) for brands. Mobile Marketer Merkle: How Much Loyalty Customers Have Depends On Several Factors When it comes to driving brand loyalty...
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How Unity built a gaming engine for the future

Eric Peckham Contributor Share on Twitter Eric Peckham is the creator of the Monetizing Media newsletter and podcast. He was previously TechCrunch’s media columnist. Last week, Unity Software Inc. filed to go public on the New York Stock Exchange, but the 16-year-old tech company is universally known within the gaming industry and largely unknown outside of it. Unity has expanded beyond gaming, pouring hundreds of millions...
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