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In the future, touchscreens will be obsolete. This lab designs what’s next

The creations veer between the truly inspired and the utterly madcap
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The best gaming phones

We have swiped and tapped our way to countless victories, and even more losses, on several smartphones to find the best gaming phones currently available. There can be only one champion, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is our pick for the best gaming phone you can buy in 2020.  Mobile gaming has a long history that dates back almost 30 years to classic games like "Tetris" and "Snake", but recent advances in processing power and screen technology have elevated it to new heights. With the best...
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Why The Additional $600 Unemployment Insurance Benefit and Extension in 2020 is a BIG Deal

Under the latest Coronavirus stimulus bill unemployment insurance (UI) has been boosted by adding $600 per week for up to four months (until July 2020) on top of what beneficiaries... Read more » Read the rest of the post...
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HD3 dev

Hi, searched around fairly comprehensively and could not find the info I was looking for. Apologies if my searching was subpar. Have gone through the thread "PB6xx/7xx/8xx: root + sshd..." associated source code and walked the dependency tree on GitHub. Looking for some info about PB HD3 wrt development: what's CPU and architecture , ARM-7 ? is there a particular version of Linux that it runs ? I've seen mention of busybox being installed on top of it which is cool, but would love to get m...
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Nancy Pelosi has 'Trump over a barrel' when it comes to potential coronavirus bill

It might be a little while until Congress passes a bipartisan bill to provide relief in the wake of the novel coronavirus spread, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) appears to have all the leverage, Politico reports. In fact, she may have President Trump "over a barrel."Pelosi's plan will be to quickly put together a bill with her Democrats' preferred measures like unemployment insurance, food security, paid sick leave, and free COVID-19 testing.> BREAKING: House Democrats plan to...
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Automate your website testing with no code using this platform

DiffHub is a platform that automates testing for websites in a WYSIWYG format, allowing even for non-coders to check for issues. Setup flows in the browser via UI and get going. The post Automate your website testing with no code using this platform appeared first on NextBigWhat.
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Apple Music put all your different album versions all in one place now

Extended albums, Deluxe Editions, demo tapes and other versions of the same album can all be found on the album page now. Apple Music have updated their album pages with a very welcome addition. No longer will you have to trawl through artist pages to find each version of an album as you can just select the album and scroll down. A new section underneath the track listing on an album page shows ‘Other Versions’ which lists all of the different versions of that album. That includes remas...
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Samsung Galaxy M31 with 64MP rear camera, huge battery launching in India soon

Samsung launched the Galaxy M30s smartphone in India back in September last year. Now the company is gearing up to launch the Galaxy M31 smartphone in the country. This will feature 64MP rear camera, which should use Samsung's own ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor. Based on earlier rumors the phone will come with 64GB internal storage. It is said to feature quad rear cameras that includes a 5MP macro lens, 8MP ultra-wide lens and a 5MP depth sensor along with the 64MP camera. It is said to be power...
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite with 6.7-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED Plus Infinity-O Display, Snapdragon 855, 48MP triple rear cameras launched in India for Rs. 39999

Samsung just launched the Galaxy S10 Lite in India, as it had promised. It packs a 6.7-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED Plus Infinity-O Display, is powered by Snapdragon 855 with 8GB of RAM, runs Android 10 with One UI 2.0 and packs a 48MP main camera with Super Steady Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), gimbal-like hardware that tilts the camera unit to ensure blur free action-focused photos and videos, 12MP ultra-wide and a 5MP macro camera. The Super Steady OIS adds UHD quality to your videos even...
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Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro rugged smartphone with 6.3-inch FHD+ display, dual rear cameras, Android 10 announced

After rumors, Samsung has officially introduced the Galaxy XCover Pro, the company's latest rugged smartphone in the XCover series. It packs a 6.3-inch FHD+ Infinity Display with an enhanced touchscreen able to work in any condition, including rain or snow. Glove mode allows for gloves-on use and the new voice to text message feature provides real-time dictation and messaging for simple, convenient communication. Powered by Exynos 9611, it has 4GB RAM and runs Android 10 with One UI 2.0. Th...
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Eternium Top 10 Android Games

Eternium was made and distributed by “Making Fun, Inc.” organization, and it is accessible to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS stages. Eternium was made and distributed by “Making Fun, Inc.” organization, and it is accessible to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS stages. This is viewed as one of the best activity RPGs out there right now. They have figured out how to include the key highlights that would put it on the top positioning rundown. It is one of its sort as you can ...
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One Reason Superhuman Is So Much More Effective For Me Than Gmail

I’ve been a Superhuman email fan for a while. I decided a week ago to go try Gmail and see if I still liked Superhuman so much better. After about two hours, I went back to Superhuman. Several days later, I tried Gmail again, deciding that I was just grumpy for some reason. I bounced back to Superhuman within an hour. This time I sat and thought about why I liked Superhuman so much better. It took a little while for it to come to me, but when it did it was painfully obvious. When I’m...
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How Susan Kare applied embroidery skills to create the iconic Macintosh icons

In the early 1980s, Susan Kare joined Apple Computer to design fonts and user interface graphics. A legend of pixel art, Kare created the look of the original Macintosh, from the Chicago typeface to the Trash Can to the Happy Mac icon. She's currently creative director at Pinterest. David Kindy profiles Kare in Smithsonian: Pioneering designer Susan Kare was taught by her mother how to do counted-thread embroidery, which gave her the basic knowledge she needed to create the first icons for t...
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Tiktok's internal policies are both weird and terrible

Tiktok bills itself as , despite the fact that is both a de facto arm of Chinese political propaganda (and, weirdly, for Uyghur human rights activists). Tiktok's internal moderation policies are an unknowable mess (as you'd expect from any for-profit entity that hopes to establish physical sales offices in authoritarian states around the world and doesn't want their in-country execs to be marched off to jail at gunpoint). Leaks have shown how the guidelines in China are used to suppress po...
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Are you a freelance UI/UX designer?

One of our clients has created some mock UIs (currently 5 screens) for demo/testing of their APIs. They want to add a professional UI/UX look and feel to them. They’ve asked us if we can provide a... [[ For the full article, see]]
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When Introducing UCD in an Organization, Technical Capability is Only Half the Story

First published on Cone Trees on Sep 29, 2012. Summary This article is a reproduction of my chapter in the book, UX Storytellers- Connecting the dots, edited by Jan Jursa of IATV. You can download it for free or get it for the Kindle at Amazon. Other contributing authors include Deborah Mayhew (author of Cost-Justifying Usability), Aaron Marcus (author of The Cross- GUI Handbook for Multiplatform User-Interface Design) and Cennydd Bowles (author of Undercover UX).” In this eBook, ‘UX Storytelle...
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Google launches Jetpack Compose, an open-source, Kotlin-based UI development toolkit

Google today announced the first preview of Jetpack Compose, a new open-source UI toolkit for Kotlin developers who want to use a reactive programming model similar to what React Native and Vue.js. Jetpack Compose is an unbundled toolkit that is part of Google’s overall Android Jetpack set of software components for Android developers, but there is no requirement to use any other Jetpack components. With Jetpack Compose, Google is essentially bringing the UI-as-code philosophy to Androi...
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The ONOFF speaker turns a ubiquitous digital interaction into a physical product

The shape of the ONOFF speaker needs literally no introduction if you’ve ever used a gadget in the past 5-10 years. Ever been around a smartphone, a tablet, or even a laptop? Chances are you’ve seen something quite similar. The toggle-switch UI. Found in most Settings areas of apps, websites, and systems, the toggle-switch lets you switch on or off a feature… and is ubiquity makes it a perfect visual metaphor for being on or off. Yongha Yang took that digital UI and turned it literally into the ...
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The Amazon Ecosystem - Winning the Buy Box

The Amazon ecosystem consists of three primary components: owned media, paid media, and earned media. Optimizing each piece of that ecosystem is necessary to run a successful Amazon program. However, there’s a key component that also underlies success on Amazon and doesn’t necessarily fall into any of those three categories: winning the Buy Box. Winning the lucrative Buy Box, or being the seller prominently displayed to customers on an Amazon product page, provides a major competitive edge. Acc...
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Google begins rolling out Android Slices for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other settings

Google back in 2018 had announced the Android Slices at I/O 2018 event and began testing the new UI in the later part of 2018 with third-party apps. Slices are designed to surface the key features of applications in natural places, like Google Search. Now, the Shortcuts for the Settings app on Pixel devices are beginning to roll out.  Google in November 2018 at the Android Developer Conference detailed how it would begin surfacing Slices as part of an Early Access Program with third-party app...
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The promise and peril of "sonification": giving feedback through sound

The majority of applications use "visualization" to give feedback and responses to users: think of graphs, alerts, and other visual cues about what is going on inside a computer, or what the computer has detected in the world. Sonification is the aural equivalent of visualization: communication from computers to humans by means of sound. There's some of this already in the world: alert chimes, system beeps, and talking voice assistants. But in an age of constant earbud use, there is lots of...
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Installing a root certificate should be MUCH scarier

The news that Facebook had spent years paying teens to install a surveillance kit called "Facebook Research" had a key detail: as part of the program, Facebook had its users install a new "root certificate." Root certificates are a key vulnerability in the public key infrastructure (PKI) that is used to protect virtually all of our secure communications, from protecting your privacy when exchanging messages or viewing web-pages, to ensuring that the software updates you install are what the...
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Conducting "evil" computer research, in the name of good

The next CHI (computer-human interaction) conference is being held on May 5 in Glasgow, and will include a workshop called CHI4Evil, "Creative Speculation on the Negative Effects of HCI Research," in which scholars, researchers and practitioners are invited to "anticipate and reflect on the potential downsides of our technology design, research, and implementation" through design fiction, speculative design, and other tools. The call for papers asks submitters to "articulate a negative use ...
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Excuse Me, Sir. Sir! I Am the Original Tweeter

Excuse me, sir. Sir! If you would put down your newspaper forthwith, and grant me your fullest attention for a situation most dire.Read more...
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The Beginner’s Guide to Dynamic Search Ads

Google launched Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) in 2011 and new updates have been rolling out ever since to help improve this campaign strategy. If you’re not familiar with DSA campaigns, this is how they work: Google either crawls your site or a page feed of your site URLs that you provide to index it. It will then use that data to dynamically determine what searches to show your ads for. When it finds a query match, it will generate a headline and match it to the page it finds most relevant to the ...
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An ex-Apple engineer created brilliant new iPhone software that would make Apple jealous — take a look

Former Apple engineer Bob Burrough spent seven years working "under both Steve [Jobs] and Tim [Cook]." Burrough uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel on Tuesday, where he introduces a new kind of iPhone interface that responds to your environment. Apple — or any other phone manufacturer, for that matter — would be keen to try something like this for their own phone software, as it's a very cool visual effect.  To ring in the new year, former Apple engineer Bob Burrough uploaded a new vi...
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Thunderbird team vows faster, easier-to-use, more stable versions in the year to come

In 2015, Mozilla announced that it would turn Thunderbird -- one of the last freestanding, cross-platform email clients -- into a freestanding, independent project, and in 2017, Thunderbird became a community-overseen project with institutional backing from Moz. It was an odd move at the time: the Snowden revelations and the news that Yahoo had provided the NSA with free access to user emails, along with the sputtering out of promising alternatives like Mailpile meant that there was huge, u...
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Inter UI: A free font for "high legibility of small-to-medium sized text on computer screens"

Inter UI is a family of freeware fonts with ""a tall x-height to aid in readability of mixed-case and lower-case text" designed for small screen text. (via Four Short Links)
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In Review: The Mighty Hasselblad X1D

In Review: The Mighty Hasselblad X1D abduzeedo Dec 03, 2018 Before I start anything I just want to get things straight, I am not a professional photographer, although I studied photography and have developed quite a few photographs in a darkroom. By all means, I would describe myself as an enthusiast and through that lens, I want to share my thoughts about my time with the incredible Hasselblad X1D. The great people at Hasselblad sent us the X1D for a ...
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The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui - A stirring wake-up call

Reviewed by Judd Hollander It's easy to draw parallels between Bertolt Brecht’s blistering political satire The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui and the current U.S. presidential administration. Or for that matter, just about any nationalistic (i.e. “strongman”) government in existence. Yet it’s the work's quieter elements which ultimately have the most impact. As evident in the very powerful Off-Broadway production now being presented by Classic Stage Company. In 1930s Chicago, ...
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