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How You Can Maximize Ulysses 22 as a Blogger

The Ulysses 22 is one of the latest cool apps for bloggers. Just a few weeks ago, Ulysses 22 was relaunched with new and exciting features. It is one of the most raved about for Mac and Apple users. The features of Ulysses 22 alone are a good indicator of how useful the app is for bloggers. The Ulysses 22 app is easy to download at the Mac App Store. For only $5.99 per month, all features of the Ulysses app are within reach. Also, the app offers free trials for those who want to migrate their wo...
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Ulysses 22 Brings New Blogging Options and Visual Customizations

Popular writing app Ulysses today received its 22nd major release, introducing new publishing features and additional options for users to customize the visual appearance of their writing environment. As well as providing a focused writing environment, Ulysses offers ways to publish texts from within the app to various blogging platforms. Version 22 adds the ability to publish to, a new social network for independent microblogs. " offers a compelling alternative to the ...
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Surveillance Company Wants To Sell Over 15 Billion Car Locations To the US Military

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: A surveillance contractor that has previously sold services to the U.S. military is advertising a product that it says can locate the real-time locations of specific cars in nearly any country on Earth. It says it does this by using data collected and sent by the cars and their components themselves, according to a document obtained by Motherboard. "Ulysses can provide our clients with the ability to remotely geolocate vehicles in nearly ever...
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This Surveillance Company Claims It Can Track Nearly Any Car in Real-Time

A defense contractor that claims to have access to motor vehicle location data on a global scale says it wants to use that data to help U.S. federal agencies conduct more efficient spying and military operations. Read more...
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Disney’s Live-Action ‘Pinocchio’ Casts Cynthia Erivo as the Blue Fairy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jiminy Cricket

Disney might have wished upon a star to land the cast it got for the live-action Pinocchio remake. Joining a cast led by Tom Hanks as the toy maker Gepetto are Cynthia Erivo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who are adding their star power to the Robert Zemeckis-directed live-action/CGI hybrid film. The Wrap broke the news that Cynthia Erivo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been tapped to star in Disney’s live-action Pinocchio remake, both taking on the roles of two Disney icons. Erivo will be playing ...
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We have a new word for that feeling when travel makes everything new

On a double-decker bus from Dublin airport to Drumcondra early one June morning, a young lad stretched out on the back seat and started to rap. What he lacked in talent he made up for in gusto. I was with a dozen of my students who were travelling from DePaul University in Chicago on a study abroad trip and this was their very first impression of Ireland. I cringed and tried to ignore the atonal reveller. Their response, it turned out, was at odds with mine. 'That's American rap!' one of them ch...
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How All Those Marvel Easter Eggs Made It Into Disney+’s Flora & Ulysses

We talked to director Lena Khan and cast members Ben Schwartz and Matilda Lawler.
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How 'Flora & Ulysses' transformed a squirrel into a superhero while 'keeping it squirrel'

From "Batman" ears to impressive leaps in a single bound, here's how Disney+ created a squirrel superhero for its new family film "Flora & Ulysses."        [Author: USA TODAY]
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‘Flora and Ulysses’ Review: A Young Girl Befriends a CG Squirrel with Superpowers

Over the last 16 months, Disney+ has unleashed a slew of original films and TV shows, but few have felt like throwbacks to the days when Walt Disney Pictures released one low-budget, low-stakes comedy into theaters after another, in the hopes of translating into moderate box-office success. Though Disney+ has had a fair amount of new films, most of them – either because of the pandemic or through sheer luck – feel bigger than their streaming home. Flora & Ulysses , based on the graphic novel ...
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What to stream this weekend: Hulu's 'Nomadland,' Netflix's 'I Care a Lot,' Disney+'s 'Flora & Ulysses'

New films streaming this weekend: Frances McDormand's 'Nomadland' (Hulu), Rosamund Pike's 'I Care a Lot' (Netflix) and 'Flora & Ulysses' (Disney+).        [Author: USA TODAY]
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‘Flora & Ulysses’ Review: A Girl and Her Squirrel Wreak Havoc in Old-School Disney Original

Is there any career more unfairly represented in children’s movies than that of the animal control officer? In the rowdy new Disney Plus original, “Flora & Ulysses,” Flora (Matilda Lawler) is a 10-year-old comic-book savant; Ulysses is her unusually gifted CG squirrel (he can fly, for starters!); and overzealous officer Miller (Danny Pudi) is the […]
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Sweepstakes: Stash Tea and Disney

Want an opportunity to win a Flora and Ulysses Ultimate Premiere Viewing Box stashed with an assortment of Stash Tea and over $300 of goodies to welcome in the premiere of Flora and Ulysses on Disney+? To enter, you’ll need to comment on the designated social media post that will be published on Stash Tea’s Instagram account, @stashtea.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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‘Flora & Ulysses’ Director Lena Khan on the Importance of Superheroes and What It’s Like to Finish a Movie During a Pandemic [Interview]

The new Disney+ film Flora & Ulysses is all about finding hope amidst adversity, and about how acting like a superhero may be challenging, but it’s the kind of challenge worth facing. The film, based on the children’s book of the same name, focuses on a girl named Flora (Matilda Lawler) who befriends a squirrel named Ulysses, who appears to have some superpowers after an accident. As Flora tries to handle life with two parents (Alyson Hannigan and Ben Schwartz) who are struggling through a s...
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‘Flora & Ulysses’ Trailer: A Young Girl Finds a Squirrel Who Happens to Be a Superhero

There are so many superheroes all over movies, TV, video games, and comic books, but there are few as unique as the one at the center of the new Disney+ movie Flora and Ulysses. That’s because Ulysses is a squirrel who just so happens to have superpowes, and he’s about to bring a little adventure and excitement into the life of a young girl obsessed with superheroes. Watch the Flora and Ulysses trailer below to see this squirrel in action. Flora and Ulysses Trailer You gotta love that se...
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Official Trailer for Disney's Squirrel and Girl Movie 'Flora and Ulysses'

"I'm here about the squirrel." Disney has revealed an official full-length trailer for Flora and Ulysses, a cute animal adventure movie for the whole family. Witness the tail of an unexpected hero. Matilda Lawler stars in the film as Flora, a 10-year-old comic book loving girl dealing with her parents recent divorce. She is jolted into action when the neighbor runs over a squirrel with a vacuum cleaner. The squirrel's brush with death causes him to develop superpowers, allowing him to unders...
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Flora And Ulysses Drops Its First Trailer, Here's Why It's Headed Straight To Disney+

Disney is upping its live action game with Flora & Ulysses, which hopes to tie in to Pixar's avid audience.
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Best Writing Apps for Mac: A Collection for a Better 2021

There was a time when writing was just a profession for journalists or fiction writers. Today, the Internet has opened new avenues to writers for both novice and expert in earning a livelihood out of publishing all sorts of content online. We are talking here about blogs, opinion pieces, formal writing, and a lot more in the world of content. Writing applications for Mac users can make a huge difference with their usability.We have compiled a list of 10 Creative Writing Apps for Mac designed ...
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Best Writing Apps for Mac: A Collection for Great 2021

There was a time when writing was just a profession for journalists or fiction writers. Today, the Internet has opened new avenues to writers for both novice and expert in earning a livelihood out of publishing all sorts of content online. We are talking here about blogs, opinion pieces, formal writing, and a lot more in the world of content. Writing applications for Mac users can make a huge difference with their usability.We have compiled a list of 10 Creative Writing Apps for Mac designed ...
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Shivering Dublin bay swimmers slighted for their 'fancy fleeces'

Choppy waters as clash of ‘newbie dryrobe types’ with ‘hardy’ bathers swells into debate on tribes and snobberyJames Joyce opened Ulysses with a reference to the “scrotum tightening” effect of swimming in Dublin bay, but these days there is a secondary, somewhat more visible effect: dryrobe bashing.A boom in the popularity of sea swimming in Ireland has filled Dublin’s bathing spots with people wrapped in fleece-lined hooded robes – and for some of the old-timers it feels like an invasion. Conti...
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Universal Apps for Apple Silicon Macs: Pixelmator Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Darkroom, Ulysses, BBEdit, and More

Following the release of macOS Big Sur this week, a number of apps have received compatibility updates for the latest operating system. Many of the apps have also been updated with native support for Apple Silicon Macs with the M1 chip. Launching on November 19, image editing app Pixelmator Pro 2.0 features an all-new design for macOS Big Sur, ranging from a simplified Effects Browser to new layouts for the sidebars and presets. A new Workspaces feature lets users customize the look of Pixelm...
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Six Quick Links for Tuesday Afternoon

Facebook is banning the QAnon cult from its platforms (FB, Instagram, etc). []Urban design for post-Covid cities, including bike superhighways, garden streets, and multipurpose neighborhoods ("the 15-minute city"). []In the US, women (especially married women) are faring worse in the recession than men. "Married women lost almost 1 million jobs last month. (Single men gained 1.2 million.)" []The full list of 2020 MacArthur Fellows includes some familiar names...
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Ulysses 21 Brings Advanced Grammar and Style Check to iPhone and iPad

Popular writing app Ulysses received its 21st major update today, and brings the revision mode that was introduced to Mac this summer to iPad and iPhone. Revision mode, as the name suggests, aims to aid focused text revision by hiding unnecessary features, dimming the editor theme, and highlighting annotations and suggestions. Revision mode also includes an advanced grammar and style check powered by the LanguageTool Plus service, which can analyze texts and provide informed suggestions in c...
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Every new movie you can watch on Disney Plus — from the live-action 'Mulan' to the Broadway musical 'Hamilton'

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Disney+; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Disney Plus subscribers can stream brand-new feature-length films alongside their favorite Disney movies. The current lineup of original films includes titles like the Broadway musical "Hamilton," the live-action "Mulan," and Beyoncé's new visual album "Black Is King."An annual Disney Plus subscription costs $69.99 while a monthly plan is $6.99 a month.For de...
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Sylvia Beach Tells the Story of Founding Shakespeare and Company, Publishing Joyce’s Ulysses, Selling Copies of Hemingway’s First Book & More (1962)

Revisiting Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast a couple of decades after I read it last, I notice a few things right away: I am still moved by the prose and think it’s as impressive as ever; I am less moved by the machismo and alcoholism and more interested in characters like Sylvia Beach, founder of Shakespeare and Company, the bookstore that served as a base of operations for the famed Lost Generation of writers in Paris. “Sylvia had a lively, sharply sculptured face, brown eyes that w...
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Graphic Novels Tell the Story of David Bowie, Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Jean-Michel Basquiat & Other Artists and Thinkers

If you're fascinated by certain artists and thinkers, you can learn about them from books. Anyone who has a significant cultural or intellectual influence on humanity sooner or later gets a biography written about them, and usually more than one. But how many get their own graphic novels? The versatility of the "comic book," long unsuspected by many Western readers, has been more and more widely discussed in recent decades. Some of those readers, however, won't believe what can be done with the...
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16 plutonium-powered space missions shaping our understanding of space — including the NASA rover that will search for alien life on Mars

NASA last week launched its Mars 2020 Perseverance rover to hunt for signs of ancient alien life. Once on Mars, Perseverance will be powered by a radioisotope thermoelectric generator. The nuclear "battery" is fueled by a rare human-made material called plutonium-238. Perseverance is just the latest in a long line of groundbreaking, plutonium-powered spacecraft that have changed our understanding of the solar system. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. NASA's latest car-size ...
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Four Important Rules That Will Help You Stay Organized

One of the most important disciplines for success is being organized. It is increasingly difficult now that we now have tangible things to organize and all of the digital items that are now part of our lives and our business. You also need to arrange your time, which is the most important thing that requires order, which is why we will end on that note. Keep All Things in Their Final Place The very first rule for staying organized is to put everything in its place without fail and without dela...
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App Recap: Glarm, Orbit, Smart NFC and Major App Updates

In this week's App Recap, we've highlighted utilities app "Glarm," business app "Orbit," and utilities app "Smart NFC" as three apps that are worth checking out. We've also compiled a list of apps that received major updates this week. Apps to Check Out Glarm (iOS, Free) - Utilities app Glarm lets users set location-based alarms in a simple manner. Glarm doesn’t track users' location data outside the app. Location data is tracked by iOS when outside the app which helps in keeping battery...
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The Story of Buell Motorcycle Company: 1983 – 2009

Unique Vision Squandered by Harley-Davidson Buell Motorcycle Company is best known for its connection with Harley-Davidson . It’s one of the many things you can point to in Harley’s long history that The Motor Company managed to mess up, but that’s really only part of the story of Buell.  The company’s story spans nearly four decades. During that time, Buell became a household name and worked its way into the very heart of the motorcycle industry. It’s a company that made enough of an imp...
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Writing app Ulysses gets new document dashboard and advanced grammar and style check

Ulysses, a popular writing app for the Mac, iPhone and iPad, is receiving an update with some new features. The user interface has been slightly redesigned with a new right-hand column that acts as a dashboard. There’s also a new grammar and style check feature that goes beyond what’s provided on Apple’s platform by default. Let’s start with the dashboard. The new column is all about consolidating existing elements in a more cohesive interface. Previously, you could click on a button to see docu...
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