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Picking the Men’s NCAA Tournament Field: February 23rd Edition

Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Updating from last week, various people on the NCAA Tournament Committee have further clarified/walked back the idea of using the Pairwise this year to specify that they meant they’ll use it within each conference to determine the rankings of that conference. Which is terrific, but not entirely helpful since, with an exception or two, that’s already pretty easy to do. The real difficulty in this process is going to be de...
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Picking the Men’s NCAA Tournament Field: February 16th Edition

Matt Christians/SBN College Hockey It moved! Insight into NCAA for selecting the men’s hockey tournament. Basically, the PairWise will be used but there will be a lot of flexibility and subjectivity used. There will be ability to move teams up and down based on strength of schedule. Story on @USCHO shortly.— Jimmy Connelly (@jimmyconnelly) February 16, 2021 Uh.....okay. Teams currently inside the tournament field according to Pairwise: Canisius(as a #1 seed!), Ameri...
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Taking A Guess At the Women’s NCAA Tournament Field: February 1st Edition

Minnesota head coach Brad Frost, seen diagraming the famous ‘Give the puck to Hannah Brandt’ play | Photo By Jerry Holt/Star Tribune via Getty Images Everything we said about the uncertainty in picking a men’s NCAA Tournament field in this strange pandemic season yesterday also holds true on the women’s side this year. The only difference is that on the women’s side, they have two fewer weeks to make a decision. The field for this year’s tournament is set to be announced in j...
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Taking a Guess at the Men’s NCAA Tournament Field: February 1st Edition

These guys are probably fine. We’re now down to just 50 days until the field is supposed to be selected for the 2021 men’s ice hockey tournament. Obviously it’s a weird year and the Pairwise can’t be used with almost zero interconference data points. But if this tournament is going to be played—and even if this year feels like nothing like a normal year and will probably forever carry an asterisk, I still hope it is played for the players’ sake—somebody is somehow going to ha...
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Taking a Guess at the NCAA Tournament Field: February 1st Edition

These guys are probably fine. We’re now down to just 50 days until the field is supposed to be selected for the 2021 men’s ice hockey tournament. Obviously it’s a weird year and the Pairwise can’t be used with almost zero interconference data points. But if this tournament is going to be played—and even if this year feels like nothing like a normal year and will probably forever carry an asterisk, I still hope it is played for the players’ sake—somebody is somehow going to ha...
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Maryland cartoonist Steve Hauk (1954-2021) R.I.P.

from Facebook by Mike Rhode Maryland cartoonist Steve Hauk (pronounced Hawk) passed away sometime this week in Silver Spring. The discovery of his death was on Saturday, January 23rd, but he had not been seen in public since Tuesday, January 19th. His death is considered to be of natural causes, and won't be further investigated. Hauk identified himself on his Facebook page as a type-2 diabetic who needed to self-inject insulin on a daily basis. Hauk was born on August 4, 1954 accor...
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UMD researcher expands plant genome editing with newly engineered variant of CRISPR-Cas9

Recently named a Web of Science 2020 Highly Cited Researcher, Yiping Qi of the University of Maryland already has a new high-profile publication in 2021 introducing SpRY, a newly engineered variant of the famed gene editing tool CRISPR-Cas9. SpRY removes the barriers of what can and can't be targeted for gene editing, making it possible for the first time to target nearly any genomic sequence in plants for potential mutation.
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Minnesota Duluth Tops St. Cloud State in Overtime

Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images The first of six scheduled regular season meetings between two of the top NCHC teams coming out of the league’s Pod in December lived up to expectations, with Minnesota Duluth edging the home Huskies 4-3 in overtime on Saturday night. Here is the final scoring: First Period 1:36 Tanner Laderoute from Koby Bender and Jesse Jacques 1-0 Minnesota Duluth Jacques forced a turnover in the St. Cloud State zone. Bender picked up the puck in the...
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Breaking Down Carter Savoie’s Seven Pod Goals

Photo by Lizzy Barrett/Getty Images One of the surprise standouts in the NCHC’s three-week Pod to open their season was Denver freshman forward Carter Savoie. Savoie was a fourth round draft choice, 100th overall, by the Edmonton Oilers in the 2020 NHL Draft, and had a reputation as a goal-scorer after scoring over 50 goals with Sherwood Park of the AJHL last season. But few could have expected Savoie to perform as well as he did in the Pod. In 10 games, Savoie scored seven g...
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Eye on the Future: Wyatt Kaiser

In a year with an exceptionally strong freshman class, especially when it comes to high-end defensemen, one of the early standouts has been Minnesota Duluth rookie defenseman Wyatt Kaiser. Kaiser was selected in the third round of the 2020 NHL Draft, 81st overall by the Chicago Blackhawks, so he was certainly considered a talented and promising young prospect. But the extent to which he has excelled so far this season, and so soon after being drafted, is exceeding all expectations. I ...
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All-NCHC Pod Team

The NCHC completed their Pod today playing an incredible 38 games over three weeks at Baxter Arena in Omaha, Nebraska. It was an ambitious plan when the NCHC first announced the Pod, but they managed to pull it off. Two games out of the original 40 scheduled were lost when Colorado College had to shut down prior to the Pod, but once they were able to get all eight teams in Omaha, things went as well as could possibly be expected. It was refreshing, not just to have hockey back, but to...
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UMD finds more West Nile virus-infected mosquitoes in lower-income areas of Baltimore

Researchers at the University of Maryland found higher rates of West Nile virus-infected mosquitoes in lower-income neighborhoods in urban areas of Baltimore, Maryland. Continuing a collaboration with the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, this preliminary data provides another piece of the puzzle pointing to higher risk of mosquito-transmitted diseases in these neighborhoods already struggling with environmental injustices and poorer health outcomes.
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UMD paves the way for growing human organs for transplantation with new proof-of-concept

With the number of people who suffer from organ failures and the growing need for available organs for transplant, finding a new way to provide organs and therapeutic options to transplant patients is a critical need. In a new paper, University of Maryland researchers show for the first time that newly established stem cells from pigs could provide a solution, laying the groundwork for growing transplantable human organs.
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UND vs. UMD gives a glimpse back to March

The Fighting Hawks and Bulldogs likely would have been No. 1 NCAA tournament seeds. Nine months later, they played in the NCHC's Omaha Pod.Here's what happened.
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Second Period Outburst Leads Minnesota Duluth to Win, Sweep of St. Cloud State

St. Cloud State goalie Emma Polusny was able to keep a voracious Minnesota Duluth attack at bay for 25 minutes, but the Bulldogs broke through with four goals in 4:05 in the second period to take a comfortable lead on their way to a 5-1 victory, earning a weekend sweep over the Huskies. Here was the game’s final scoring: Final Scoring First Period None Second Period 5:12 Gabbie Hughes from Naomi Rogge and Anna Klein 1-0 Minnesota Duluth Hughes won a face-off at the right circle back t...
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Third Period Rally Leads Minnesota to 4-2 Win Over Minnesota Duluth

Photo by M. Anthony Nesmith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Minnesota’s extremely talented freshman class was relatively quiet in the Gophers season-opening split with Ohio State weekend, getting just one goal from Josey Dunne and a pair of assists from Anne Cherkowski. And through 50 minutes of Friday night’s game against Minnesota Duluth, their young stars were equally quiet. But they came through in a big way late with freshmen Abbey Murphy and Anne Cherkowski each scorin...
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UMD-led study shows fear and anxiety share same bases in brain

The report by an international team of researchers led by Alexander Shackman, an associate professor of psychology at UMD, and Juyoen Hur, an assistant professor of psychology at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, provides new evidence that fear and anxiety reflect overlapping brain circuits. The findings run counter to popular scientific accounts, highlighting the need for a major theoretical reckoning.
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UMD astronomers find x-rays lingering years after landmark neutron star collision

It's been three years since the landmark detection of a neutron star merger from gravitational waves. Since that day, an international team of researchers led by University of Maryland astronomer Eleonora Troja has been continuously monitoring the subsequent radiation emissions to provide the most complete picture of such an event. Their analysis provides possible explanations for X-rays that continued to radiate from the collision long after models predicted they would stop.
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UMD researchers use artificial intelligence language tools to decode molecular movements

University of Maryland researchers used language processing AI to turn molecular movements into stories that reveal what forms a protein can take and how and when it changes form--key information for understanding disease and developing targeted therapeutics. This research appears in the October 09, 2020, issue of Nature Communications.
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UMD researchers develop tools to sharpen 3D view of large RNA molecules

University of Maryland scientists developed a method for generating high resolution 3D images of RNA, overcoming challenges limiting 3D analysis and imaging of RNA to only small molecules and pieces of RNA for the past 50 years. Published in Science Advances, the new method, which expands the scope of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, will enable researchers to understand the shape and structure of RNA molecules and learn how they interact with other molecules.
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UMD discovers a new role for a well-known molecule as a plant hormone

Researchers at the University of Maryland have discovered a new role for a well-known plant molecule, providing the first clear example of ACC acting as a likely plant hormone. In Nature Communications, researchers show that ACC has a critical role in pollination and seed production by activating proteins similar to those in human and animal nervous systems. Findings could change textbooks and open the door for research to improve plant health and crop yield.
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UMD researchers identify structure of blue whirls

'Blue whirls' -- small, spinning blue flames that produce almost no soot when they burn -- have attracted great interest since their discovery in 2016, in part because they represent a potential new avenue for low-emission combustion. Now, a team of researchers has identified how these intriguing whirls are structured.
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UMD researcher highlights trends in consolidation of US agriculture with 35 years of data

In a new paper published in Applied Economics Perspectives and Policies, University of Maryland researcher Jim MacDonald presents a detailed history of the consolidation of agriculture in the US based on 35 years of data, with implications for all sectors of agriculture moving forward. Data show a steady shift to fewer and larger farming operations across crops, dairy, and livestock.
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UMD addresses African vulture poisoning with global disease and biodiversity implications

In a new paper published in Global Ecology and Conservation, University of Maryland researchers collaborated with international leaders in wildlife conservation to produce recommendations for vulture poisoning control in Southern Africa. Vultures act as nature's most critical scavengers, working as ecosystem garbage disposals and disinfectors to maintain animal, environmental, and human health. Findings highlight the issue from a conservation and criminology perspective, recommending a more coor...
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UMD researchers tap CRISPR technology to connect biology, electronics

In an effort to create first-of-kind microelectronic devices that connect with biological systems, University of Maryland (UMD) researchers are utilizing CRISPR technology in a novel way to electronically turn 'on' and 'off' several genes simultaneously. Their technique, published in Nature Communications, has the potential to further bridge the gap between the electronic and biological worlds, paving the way for new wearable and 'smart' devices.
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UMD researchers seek to reduce food waste and establish the science of food date labeling

Minimizing food waste is top of mind right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the lack of regulation and general understanding of food date labels leads to billions of dollars per year in food waste in the US alone. Researchers at the University of Maryland have come together with the goal of clarifying the lack of science behind food date labels, highlighting the need for interdisciplinary research in their new publication in Food Control.
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UMB and UMD fund cross-campus research projects

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) and the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) are funding new cross-campus research projects as part of a new joint program that seeks to solve big health care challenges through joint research that draws on the institutions world leading expertise in medicine and artificial intelligence.
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UMD professor outlines new theoretical framework for heredity

The common view of heredity is that all information passed down from one generation to the next is stored in an organism's DNA. But Antony Jose, associate professor of cell biology and molecular genetics at the University of Maryland, disagrees.
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Scott Perunovich’s Journey to the Hobey Baker Award

The last couple of years have been a whirlwind for Scott Perunovich, yet the accolades have just continued to roll in. “Growing up from Pee-Wee to Bantams, people told me that I was too small, what I was doing wasn’t going to work at the next level,” Perunovich said in an interview with BTS Hockey back in 2018. “Then from bantams to high school, people said the same thing. Then to juniors same thing, then people in Cedar Rapids told me it wasn’t going to work at the college level. I’ve taken...
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UMD researchers find that incentive-based tariffs aren't the way to control invasive pests

While incentive-based programs have had many success stories in helping to regulate air quality, control pollution, and protect wildlife and fisheries, they may not be the answer to controlling invasive pests. In a new paper published in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, researchers find that in order to see measurable impacts, tariffs would risk diplomacy and cost US consumers about $38 million for each potential invasive pest avoided in fruits and vegetables.
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