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Low On Alice Coltrane, Harsh Winters, And Other Inspirations For Their Haunting New Album

Under The Influence is a new revival of a very old Stereogum franchise, in which we ask artists to talk about the inspirations behind their albums. From other music, to film, to novels, to stray notes left behind by friends, and who knows what else, this is what’s on people’s minds when they’re writing the songs we eventually come to know and love.
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Colleen Green On How Dogs, Weed, The Pixies, & More Influenced Her New Album Cool

In the year 2021, being a bona-fide “grownup” has never looked more disjointed. Some 30-somethings are married with mortgages and kids. Others, not so much. If you’re in the latter camp, you definitely aren’t alone (thanks to two recessions and a pandemic), but that doesn’t mean you won’t spin out about where you “should” be from time to time. This strain of millennial existentialism is plenty familiar to lo-fi troubadour Colleen Green — in fact, she released an entire album on the subject in 20...
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Looking for Inspiration: Ambient Advertising

As the world of marketing gets more and more cluttered every day, it's forcing advertisers to get creative. In marketing, the term 'ambient' means placing the ads at unusual places or unconventional places where you wouldn't expect an advertisement. The idea behind ambient advertising is to surprise consumers with its placement at unusual, unexpected or wacky ad spaces. "The first thing that will catch your eye when you are looking at an ambient advertisement would be its unusual location. Th...
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Eman Get Dough – “Pray” (Video)

Catching a wave at the top of 2018 with his previous release, “Digital Dash”. Miami, Florida rising star Eman Get Dough continues to build his stock with the release of his fast cars, fast money, flashy lifestyle new video, titled, “Pray”. “Pray” is lead single off his latest effort, Under the Influence. Linking up with talented director Benny Flash (Dthree & Speedy), Eman takes us through a day in the life filled with valuable lessons about hustling, dealing with life’s hardships, and survi...
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Mom is Caught by Officer Snorting Cocaine at School

Mom is Caught by Officer Snorting Cocaine at School The post Mom is Caught by Officer Snorting Cocaine at School appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Looking for Inspiration: Theatre Rigiblick Plays the News

On 2013 the 28th London International Awards (LIA) judging was held at the Wynn/Encore Hotel in Las Vegas, convening over a ten-day period. The juries, led by their respective Jury Presidents, viewed and scored every entry within their medium ensuring that all the work was judged equally. They concluded with final discussions to determine Grand LIAs, Statue Winners and Finalists.Draftfcb Lowe Zurich, Wallisellen won two Bronze Statues: Bronze – Radio - Campaign for Theatre Rigiblick – Plays t...
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​Stoned-Looking Owl Not Sure You Noticed It's Totally Greening Out

This owl is not high on the marijuana. But if it was, it would totally be wondering if you were even aware of the agonizing internal hell thrashing about in his head. No, right? Be cool, owl. Be cool . Read more...
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