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Management hires hitmen to murder workers before they can unionize

From Radio Luxembourg (via Google Translate): Muriel M., at the head for nearly 30 years of a plastics processing company located near Oyonnax, has indeed sponsored a contract on the head of a " troublesome" employee , a member of the CGT. — Read the rest
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Biden’s NLRB to Google: Not So Fast on the Union Busting, Bub

Google maintains it is “very confident” it will face no consequences for firing three workers involved in unionization efforts, despite the acting top counsel of the National Labor Relations Board’s opinion that the tech giant may have violated labor law.Read more...
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Union Moves for Results of Amazon Vote in Alabama to Be Invalidated

A litany of allegations about Amazon’s anti-union offensive today comes from the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU). After Amazon workers in Bessemer chose not to unionize by a 1,798 to 738 vote, the RWDSU has accused the company of offering workers an impossible choice: reject the union or lose…Read more...
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It Doesn't Need to Be This Hard

A few people have asked me when we’re going to hear the results of the Bessemer, Alabama union election. The short answer is maybe next week. The long answer, factoring in appeals and litigation, is maybe months.Read more...
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On The Tonight Show, John Oliver asks Alexa: "How bad are Amazon working conditions?"

Last Monday night, on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, while playing a word guessing game with an Amazon Alexa, guest John Oliver first told the snoopy AI to: "Speak from your heart, Alexa, your rotten heart." Then, he asked it (to the gasps and nervous laughter of the audience): "How bad are Amazon working conditions?" — Read the rest
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Inspired by Alabama Coworkers, Amazon Employees Nationwide Begin Union Talks: Report

A slew of Amazon workers in Baltimore, New Orleans, Portland, Denver, and Southern California are looking into unionizing, emboldened by their Alabama coworkers’ high-profile union campaign, Bloomberg reported Friday. Read more...
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Biden Warns Amazon to Stop Intimidating Warehouse Workers Ahead of Union Vote

Joe Biden has effectively endorsed ongoing unionization efforts at an Amazon facility in the state of Alabama and warned the e-commerce giant that its efforts to shut down the drive must involve “no intimidation, no coercion, no threats, no anti-union propaganda.”Read more...
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Finally Something Amazon Can Be Proud Of: A Unionization Vote

At long last, Amazon has a unionization vote on its hands, the first and only since 2014. Today, 5,800 Alabama warehouse workers have been sent mail-in ballots and can begin voting on whether to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU). If they vote in favor, RWDSU will be the first union to gain…Read more...
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Enjoy this free onboarding kit for organizing laborers in tech

Labor organizing has been on the rise in media and tech. And just this week, Quartz launched a multi-part series investigating how, "a new generation of employee activists is pushing back against their employers, and trying to make companies, and the world, better in the process." — Read the rest
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Amazon is using Pinkertons for union-busting surveillance

Lauren Gurley at Vice's Motherboard has broken the story about the obsessive monitoring of labor and environmental activists at Amazon facilities in Europe by Pinkerton merceneries. From the source: A trove of more than two dozen internal Amazon reports reveal in stark detail the company's obsessive monitoring of organized labor and social and environmental movements in Europe, particularly during Amazon's "peak season" between Black Friday and Christmas. — Read the rest
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A supposedly progressive vegan food company called No Evil Foods was involved in some evil union busting

The North Carolina-based No Evil Foods presents itself as a socially-conscious, values-driven manufacturer of vegan foods. They claim to be the fastest-growing meat alternative in the country, currently available at more than 5,000 retailers. They sell products called "Comrade Cluck" and "El Zapatista." Their website boasts things like: We offer a living wage to our employees and paid-time off for everyone, even our hourly hustlers. We support health and sustainability with our Vegan at Work & F...
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Dozens of Samsung Execs Charged with Union Sabotage: Report

Despite having a domestic workforce of around 200,000 employees, fewer than 300 Samsung employees are part of a union, which seems a little curious. So South Korean regulators decided to dig a little deeper, and after a five-month investigation spurred by officials from South Korea’s Justice party, prosecutors have…Read more...
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Leaked video reveals Amazon's union-busting playbook

As the tide of public opinion turns against monopolism, Amazon has become the poster child for irredeemable, late-stage capitalism; the company's ham-fisted attempts to burnish its reputation have not stemmed the tide. As a result, union drives among Amazon workers -- including those at Amazon subsidiaries like Whole Foods -- have gained steam. Like other giants -- McDonald's, Walmart, etc -- Amazon is staunchly opposed to unionization by its workforce. In a 45-minute video aimed at Amazo...
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Delta Sucks at Anti-Union Propaganda

The International Association of Machinists has an ongoing union organizing campaign for cargo and ramp workers at Delta Airlines. In response, Delta, which made five and a half billion dollars in profit last year, has produced some of the most cartoonish, misleading anti-union propaganda you may ever be lucky enough…Read more...
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Non-Sequiturs: 07.08.16

* Which law firms fared the best in front of the Supreme Court this Term? [Empirical SCOTUS] * Charles Fried, Solicitor General under Ronald Reagan, really, really doesn't like Donald Trump. [Slate] * Even David Boies couldn't stop the shipwreck of the S.S. Theranos. [Law and More] * Here's what you need to know about the "bomb robot" used to take out the Dallas shooting suspect. [Buzzfeed] * Union busters seem to be getting some help from the judiciary. [Lawyers, Guns and Money] * Title IX...
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Boston University Does Not Want to Hear Anything From Union Members

Despite being enlightened centers of learning and freedom and progress, many universities are not fans of unions. In fact, universities may be the foremost genteel anti-labor institutions in America.Read more...
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