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Management hires hitmen to murder workers before they can unionize

From Radio Luxembourg (via Google Translate): Muriel M., at the head for nearly 30 years of a plastics processing company located near Oyonnax, has indeed sponsored a contract on the head of a " troublesome" employee , a member of the CGT. — Read the rest
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The New York Times explores the radical history of police unions

In March 2021, the New York Times posted an , a former Texas police officer who became a labor organizer and helped to spearhead the growth and influence of police unions across the country. — Read the rest
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Enjoy this free onboarding kit for organizing laborers in tech

Labor organizing has been on the rise in media and tech. And just this week, Quartz launched a multi-part series investigating how, "a new generation of employee activists is pushing back against their employers, and trying to make companies, and the world, better in the process." — Read the rest
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A supposedly progressive vegan food company called No Evil Foods was involved in some evil union busting

The North Carolina-based No Evil Foods presents itself as a socially-conscious, values-driven manufacturer of vegan foods. They claim to be the fastest-growing meat alternative in the country, currently available at more than 5,000 retailers. They sell products called "Comrade Cluck" and "El Zapatista." Their website boasts things like: We offer a living wage to our employees and paid-time off for everyone, even our hourly hustlers. We support health and sustainability with our Vegan at Work & F...
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It's International Worker's Day, so here's a look at a day in the life of a labor organizer

Nastaran Mohit is the organizing director of the NewsGuild of New York, which represents more than 24,000 journalists and media workers in the US and Canada. I've met her through her work with the Wirecutter Union, and she's also helped to organize workers at The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Buzzfeed, and more. Teen Vogue recently published a great piece on Mohit, breaking down a day in her life — which is, as one might imagine, made even more complicated by the coronavirus pandemic. But Na...
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