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Avon Pulls Advertisement for ‘Smooth Moves’ Anti-Cellulite Gel Amid Criticism

Cosmetics brand Avon has pulled an advertisement for an anti-cellulite product after The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil’s viral criticism. The British actress Jameela Jamil, who plays Tahani on The Good Place, took to Twitter to call attention to the image and its message. The advertisement appeared to be for the United Kingdom-based brand’s Smooth…
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Brexit Boxes and Stockpiling Medicines, Britons Prepare for a No-Deal E.U. Exit

Fears of food and medicine shortages are the top of some people’s concerns in the U.K. as the possibility of a no-deal Brexit increased after a proposed deal by British Prime Minister Theresa May was rejected by the U.K. parliament. Some U.K. citizens and businesses have been making preparations by stocking up on essential necessities…
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‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ Review: ‘Attack the Block’ Director Joe Cornish Returns With a Perfectly Fine Family Adventure

An old-fashioned streak of adventure runs throughout The Kid Who Would Be King , a riff on the King Arthur legend gussied up for modern times. It’s a decent enough family film, largely dependent on the charm of its young cast, that manages to be slightly disappointing only if you recognize the name of its writer/director. That would be Joe Cornish, whose directorial debut Attack the Block was a blast of fresh air back in 2011. Inexplicably, it’s taken Cornish the better part of a decade t...
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British Prime Minister Theresa May Rejects Calls to Delay EU Departure

The EU insists the withdrawal agreement can't be renegotiated
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Little Breakthrough in Sight as Theresa May Set to Unveil Brexit’s ‘Plan B’

British lawmakers are due to vote on May's 'Plan B' on Jan. 29
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Little Breakthrough in Sight as Theresa May Unveils Brexit’s ‘Plan B’

British lawmakers are due to vote on May's 'Plan B' on Jan. 29
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SoundState Festival – Fraser/Ensemble Modern/Kaziboni - Gedizlioğlu, Abbasi, Grütter, Fure, Žuraj, and Saunders, 19 January 2019

Queen Elizabeth Hall Zeynep Gedizlioğlu: Kesik (2010, UK premiere) Anahita Abbasi: Situation II/Dialoge (2016, UK premiere) Martin Grütter: Die Häutung des Himmels (2016, UK premiere) Ashley Fure: Feed Forward (2016, UK premiere) Vito Žuraj: Runaround (2014, UK premiere) Rebecca Saunders: Fury II (2009, UK premiere) Saunders: a visible trace (2006) Saunders: SKIN (2015-16) Paul Cannon (double bass) Juliet Fra...
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The Latest: UK starts program to register EU citizens

LONDON (AP) — The Latest on Britain's exit from the European Union (all times local):10:25 a.m.Britain is rolling out a program to help register an estimated 3.5 million European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom as... [Author: [email protected]]
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Virgin Atlantic and Others Buy Flybe, Delay Its Demise

I don’t know what it is about regional airline acquisitions being so complicated, but we have a new champion. Flybe is a large regional airline based in the United Kingdom, and it has been looking for a good strategy for years. It now thinks it has found one… as Virgin Atlantic. Virgin is teaming up with another regional airline and a hedge fund to save Flybe from the grave. Will it work? It’s an uphill battle. Technically, it’s Connect Airways that will be buying Flybe, but Connect Airw...
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The Latest: Spain and UK mutually guarantee voting rights

LONDON (AP) — The Latest on Britain's exit from the European Union (all times local):9:55 a.m.The governments of Spain and the United Kingdom have signed an agreement to safeguard voting rights in local elections for their citizens... [Author: [email protected]]
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Canada’s Telus says partner Huawei is ‘reliable’: reports

The US-China tension over Huawei is leaving telecommunications companies around the world at a crossroad, but one spoke out last week. Telus, one of Canada’s largest phone companies showed support for its Chinese partner despite a global backlash against Huawei over cybersecurity threats. “Clearly, Huawei remains a viable and reliable participant in the Canadian telecommunications space, bolstered by globally leading innovation, comprehensive security measures, and new software upgrades,” said a...
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Senior Dating Group One Of The Internet Dating Sites

The Senior Dating Group is one of a host of sites for people aged 50 or over to meet and date people of the same generation. The site started in the United Kingdom but has developed a U.S. branch as well. It provides you with a simple and secure way to meet other seniors. The Senior Dating Group is not unique, but it is representative of the type of mature dating sites now available. They say that the site is for those of us who are young enough to want to meet new people and redisco...
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United Kingdom Faces ‘Political Tsunami’ If Brexit Is Halted, British Minister Says

Some lawmakers are pushing for the U.K. to delay its departure from the E.U.
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Esfahani - Rasmussen, Berio, Srnka, Cage, and Abbasi, 17 January 2019

Milton Court Concert Hall Sunleif Rasmussen: Quadroforone no.1 (2018, world premiere) Berio: Rounds (1965) Miroslav Srnka: Triggering (2018) Cage: HPSCHD (1967-9): 'Solo VII' Anahita Abbasi: Intertwined Distances (2018, UK premiere) Mahan Esfahani (harpsichord) Electronic Music Department of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (electronic realisation) Images: Mark Allan/Barbican Now this is what I call a harpsichor...
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Crystal Palace to shelter homeless at Selhurst Park stadium

With temperatures across the United Kingdom set to drop below zero over the next week, English Premier League club Crystal Palace has warmed hearts by agreeing to open its doors to homeless people during extreme weather conditions.
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Proposed carbon tax plan would return proceeds to people once goals are met

A bipartisan group of renowned economists has proposed the U.S. implement a carbon tax.The tax would increase until climate goals are met, and all proceeds would be given back to the people in equal lump-sums.Recent research suggests that a majority of people would support a carbon tax policy that redistributes proceeds back to citizens. None A bipartisan group of renowned economists has a plan to help the U.S. cut its emissions and help stop rising global temperatures: Implement a carbon tax th...
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5 Places You Must Visit If You Ever Go To United Kingdom

If you are visiting the United Kingdom for the first time in your life, and you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry; you have come to the right place. Following we are going to mention a few awe-inspiring places you better visit if you ever set foot on English Soil. These are literally the best tourist attractions in the UK. The Stonehenge It is 10 miles North of Salisbury on the Salisbury Plan. This is perhaps Europe’s most treasured prehistoric monument. There are around 250 objects that sho...
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Personal Loans Without Guarantors

Sponsored Tough times call for tough measures and in the highly economic environment that we live in money is a primary element for the handling virtually all situations. Therefore whenever there is the need to take care of emergencies or personal issues which cannot wait and funds are limited, the most viable alternative is taking a loan.  As a borrower that relies on banks and other financial institutions it is never an easy process to get an instant loan given the formal procedures that must ...
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Why the Brexit deadlock cannot be broken

The United Kingdom is a notoriously boring and stable country. England hasn't had a civil war since 1651, and the last time the country was invaded, in 1688, the elite decided to pretend they'd backed the whole thing all along, dubbing it a "glorious revolution" (Scotland and Northern Ireland had far bloodier experiences).
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Portugal promises no visas for Britons in any no-deal Brexit

Britain is due to leave the European Union on March 29 but parliament's rejection this week of Prime Minister Theresa May's withdrawal agreement with Brussels has thrown those plans into chaos and opened up a range of outcomes, from quitting with no agreement on future relations to halting Brexit altogether. "At this moment we do not even know what the United Kingdom wants," Siza Vieira told Reuters in an interview late on Wednesday. "In the absence of an alternative proposal by the United Kin...
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Hitachi shelves $20 billion nuclear power plant in UK

Hitachi has shelved plans for a $20 billion nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom, raising questions over future energy supplies in the country.
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Brexit Hasn’t Hurt the UK’s Tech Industry: What Investors Need To Know

While many industries in the UK have the dark cloud that is Brexit looming over them, tech companies are basking in the light of success. The UK is one of the most tech startup-friendly nations in the world, and it doesn’t seem like the tremulous economic environment has changed that. According to Forbes, more tech firms are operating in the UK now than ever before. This information is a bit surprising considering Companies House reported fewer new businesses launched in 2017 and 2018 than years...
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European Union: Brexit, What Brexit? - Walkers

Following the result in the United Kingdom's EU referendum, a new Brexit vocabulary has been created to explain the many different and complicated arrangements that may result from Brexit
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India’s Ola is adding a monthly billing option for its ride-hailing customers

Ola, the ride-hailing service battling Uber in India, is introducing credit services to its users as it moves closer to a major new funding round. Today the company took the wraps off Ola Money Postpaid, a service that builds on Ola’s existing payment service — which can be used to pay rides and also third-party services — but offering a credit facility without additional charges. Essentially, the postpaid service lets passengers accumulate rides on Ola and then pay for 15-days of charges ...
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Why Your Small Business Should Use Prepaid Cards

Half of the United Kingdom believes that cash is going out, to be replaced by alternative payment methods. Only one in five carry it on a daily basis according to a study by First Bus. Researchers polled 2,000 adults in the UK and found that instead of using cash they choose methods such as chips, pins, and smartphones to pay. Three quarters of the UK’s population expect all retailers to accept alternative forms of payment. First Bus’s study found 44 percent of people were unable to pay for som...
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Austria: Amended Treaty With The UK And New Treaty With Kosovo - Wolf Theiss

On 23 October 2018, an amended double taxation treaty between Austria and the United Kingdom was concluded.
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Automakers Understandably Freaking Out Over ‘No Deal’ Brexit

With Britain’s parliament rejecting Prime Minister Theresa May’s latest Brexit deal, European automakers stand to face some strong headwinds in the near future. As of now, no clear path lies ahead. Many believe the European Union will continue playing hardball, punishing Britain for leaving. But, even if it doesn’t, loads of regulatory and trade issues must […] The post Automakers Understandably Freaking Out Over ‘No Deal’ Brexit appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Governor Newsom’s troubling first act on medications

In one of his first acts, Governor Newsom signed an executive order that will change how medicines are purchased in California. With visions of big-box store discounts dancing in his head, Governor Newsom has established a bulk program that will now purchase drugs for the state’s Medicaid program (Medi-Cal). The Governor believes that his executive order will create significant health care savings for the state, but he will be sorely disappointed. Imposing more government mandates and increasing...
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A map of London's most toxic breathing spots

Dirty air is an invisible killer, but an effective one.More than 9,000 people die prematurely in London each year due to air pollution, a recent study estimates.This map visualizes the worst places to breathe in Central London. The Great Smog of 1952 London used to be famous for its 'pea-soupers': combinations of smoke and fog caused by burning coal for power and heating. All that changed after the Great Smog of 1952, when weather conditions created a particularly dense and persistent layer...
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‘Enough is Enough.’ How European Media Responded to the Brexit Deal Defeat

On Tuesday night, U.K. lawmakers resoundingly rejected the Brexit agreement Prime Minister Theresa May has spent almost two years negotiating with the European Union. It was the biggest parliamentary defeat for a government proposal in the U.K.’s modern history, with 432 lawmakers voting against the deal, and only 202 in favor. As May faces a…
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