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Trump administration suggests sending additional troops to build and illegally run migrant camps on border

In a meeting with top national security advisors this week, Donald Trump discussed potentially increasing US military involvement at the United States-Mexico border to build migrant tent camps. As reported by NBC News, President Trump also enquired if the military could run the camps once migrants arrived.This is currently prohibited by law under the Posse Comitatus act, which does not allow direct interaction between the armed forces and migrants, hindering Trump’s continued efforts to be tough...
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New NAFTA deal 'in trouble', bruised by elections, tariff rows

More than six months after the United States, Mexico and Canada agreed a new deal to govern more than $1 trillion in regional trade, the chances of the countries ratifying the pact this year are receding.
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Uncertainty over trade policies not helping Southern California’s economy

A week ago, President Donald Trump threatened to close all points of entry along the U.S.-Mexican border — a prospect that caused businesses across the country to shudder. The president dialed down his threat on Thursday but said he might institute tariffs on Mexican automobiles if Mexico doesn’t start controlling the flow of drugs coming into the U.S. The possibility of closing all points of entry from California to Texas was geared toward halting illegal immigration. But it also could have bot...
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U.S. labour unions say NAFTA replacement does not go far enough for workers

U.S. labour officials on Tuesday pressed lawmakers to strengthen enforcement of the provisions of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) intended to protect workers, the latest sign that the trade deal could face hurdles to passage in the Democrat-led House of Representatives.
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Canada: Motion - Discussing What Matters - United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA): Episode 5 - Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP

The major implication is that it brings certainty to the trade relationship between Canada and the United States.
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Washington state has much at stake in trade deal with Canada, Mexico

Washingtonians — not just big businesses — stand to benefit the most from the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.
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CUSMA/USMCA: The Poison Pills Revisited – a Scorecard

On November 30th, 2018, 16 months after the start of negotiations, the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States signed the Canada United States-Mexico-Agreement (“CUSMA”) or the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (“USMCA”)[1]. Signed on the margins of the G-20 Summit in Buenos Aires, the agreement is made up of 34 chapters and a dozen side letters. Ironically, it does not include the word “trade” in its title. CUSMA/USMCA = NAFTA-Minus In our previous article we addressed the contin...
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Fact-check: Is Trump's NAFTA replacement already creating jobs?

On Thursday, President Donald Trump claimed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, his replacement for the North American Free Trade Agreement, is already bringing back jobs and new investment.
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The Two Venezuelas and Foreign Intervention

Today Venezuela is at an impasse, a term allegedly coined by Voltaire to refer to a situation devoid of exits. It has infinite inflation, four immobilized branches of government, two presidents, and the worst humanitarian crisis to hit the Americas in decades. There is sporadic violence on the streets and in improvised prisons hidden away from YouTube. What today resembles a civil war without weapons could easily escalate into bloodshed. Yet it is foreign powers and not domestic actors that will...
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Butterflies, Bulldozers and Barbed Wire Rally Border Wall Opponents

From peaceful protests to resolutions condemning the fencing, communities along the United States-Mexico border are engaged in acts of resistance.
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From ‘Tom Jones’ to ‘Skyfall’: Actor Albert Finney dies at 82

By GREGORY KATZ | Associated Press LONDON — Albert Finney, the charismatic Academy Award-nominated British actor who starred in films from “Tom Jones” to “Skyfall,” has died. He was 82. Finney’s family said Friday that he “passed away peacefully after a short illness with those closest to him by his side.” He died Thursday from a chest infection at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. Finney was a rare star who managed to avoid the Hollywood limelight for more than five decades after bursting t...
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Trump Administration Says Reuniting All Migrant Children With Families May Be Impossible

A report filed by an internal watchdog released last month claims that thousands more children have been separated from their families at the United States-Mexico border than the 2,737 listed by the government. The Trump administration responded to the court filing by claiming that reuniting the children may not be “within the realm of the possible.”The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) believe that removing children from “sponsor” homes, which are largely close relatives or family fri...
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Worldwide: Key IP Takeaways From The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement - Fenwick & West LLP

On September 30, 2018, the United States, Mexico and Canada reached a trade agreement to supersede the North American Free Trade Agreement.
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Canada: CUSMA / USMCA / T-MEC - Status And Implementation In Canada, The United States, And Mexico - Fasken

As anticipated, the three NAFTA governments signed the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (the USMCA) on Nov 30. The USMCA replaces NAFTA – the countries' historical deal of the '90s.
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The head of Daimler Trucks, one of the biggest truck makers in the world, reveals what he really thinks about Tesla's semi (TSLA)

Daimler Trucks CEO Martin Daum told Business Insider that he thinks Tesla's electric truck is 'fun,' but that he takes competition from them seriously. Daum also said that cracking the market for Tesla will be tough, specifically because to compete in the trucking space, you need to be able to achieve global scale. Daimler Trucks, which sold more than 500,000 trucks in 2018, is a global leader in trucks, and Daum said the company intends to defend that position.  LAS VEGAS — The man who runs ...
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Mexico: USMCA: Implications For Patents And Data Protection In Mexico - Moeller IP Advisors

On November 30, 2018, a new trade agreement called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement was signed by United States President Donald Trump, Mexican former President Enrique Peña Nieto,
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Canada: USMCA: Customs Administration In The 21st Century - Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

This is the latest installment in BLG's series of detailed analyses of key provisions in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).
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US Agents Fire Tear Gas At Migrants Trying To Cross Mexico Border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials say they fired tear gas to deter about 150 Central American migrants from climbing over and under the United States-Mexico border fence. (Image credit: Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP)
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No signed agreement with US on asylum seekers: Mexico

There is no signed agreement allowing third-country migrants to stay in Mexico while their asylum applications are processed in the United States, Mexico's new foreign minister said Friday. Marcelo Ebrard spoke one day after US Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the Donald Trump administration will send migrants who cross the southern US border back to Mexico while their cases are being heard.
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WH Punts On Funding Shutdown Threat: ‘We Wanna See What The Senate Can Pass’

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave little direction to the Congress Tuesday on what the White House wants to come out of negotiations to fund the government, just hours after she indicated that, contrary to his threats, President Donald Trump might not shut down the government over his demands for border wall funding. Asked at a press briefing Tuesday what the White House’s current demands for border wall funding are, Sanders provided little detail: “We’re disappointed in...
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PPC completes Plaskolite buyout

PPC Partners has closed its previously announced of Columbus, Ohio-based Plaskolite, a maker of transparent thermoplastic sheet products. The seller was Charlesbank Capital Partners. No financial terms were disclosed. PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PPC Partners today announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Plaskolite, LLC, North America’s largest provider of transparent thermoplastic sheet products, from an affiliate of Charlesbank Capital Partners. PPC Partners signed a...
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From NAFTA to the CUSMA/USMCA – a New Trade Template?

Part I. The New Deal and Continued Uncertainty On September 30th, after 14 months of difficult talks, Canada and the United States announced the successful completion of their NAFTA re-negotiations. Whether the latest U.S. deadline was “real” or not, it is likely that both the Trump Administration’s threat that it would proceed with a U.S-Mexico agreement without Canada and the risk for the United States that such a bilateral deal would not pass Congressional review spurred both countries to mak...
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Fact Check of the Day: Trump’s Baseless Claim That Mexico Will Pay for the Wall Through the New Nafta

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement does not compel Mexico to pay for the wall, and little in it would divert funds from Mexico to the United States.
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Trump says trade deal pays for border wall, Democrats scoff

The Republican president vowed during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign to build a wall along the border with Mexico to slow the flow of illegal immigration, and he has long pledged that Mexico - not U.S. taxpayers - would fund it. In a Twitter post early on Thursday, Trump said that unspecified savings for the United States as a result of the renegotiated trade deal between the United States, Mexico and Canada would pay for the wall. "Just by the money we save, MEXICO IS PAYING FOR THE WALL...
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Reports: In Private, Trump Renewed Claim That Mexico Will Pay For Border Wall

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told fellow Democrats after meeting with President Donald Trump Tuesday that the President renewed his campaign-era claim that Mexico will pay for his proposed border wall, CNN reported. The Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey had earlier tweeted a corroboration of the story. Politico mentioned it in a report as well. A Mexican official told CNN: “Mexico’s position regarding the so-called wall is the same the previous government had. Mexico WILL NOT pay for it...
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Trump brags to Dems that Mexico will still pay for border wall

President Donald Trump told top Democrats on Tuesday that Mexico would be paying for his southern border wall, thanks to his recently signed United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement, according to a recounting of the meeting by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.
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Trump privately brags to Dems that Mexico will still pay for border wall

President Donald Trump told top Democrats on Tuesday that Mexico would be paying for his southern border wall, thanks to his recently signed United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement, according to a recounting of the meeting by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.
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Factbox: What happens if the U.S. terminates NAFTA

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday he would soon give formal notice to the U.S. Congress to terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), giving lawmakers six months to approve a new trade deal between the United States, Mexico and Canada to replace it.
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Play of the Day: Trump Signs The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

The American president took far longer to write his name than his Mexican or Canadian counterparts.
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The Oxford Place of the Year 2018 is…

Our polls have officially closed, and while it was an exciting race, our Place of the Year for 2018 is Mexico. The country and its people proved their resilience this year by enduring natural disasters, navigating the heightened tensions over immigration and border control, engaging in civic action during an election year, and advancing in the economic sphere. The historic events in Mexico in 2018 have resonated with our followers.Mexico withstood multiple natural disasters in 2018. Using a meas...
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