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United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) v. Booking.Com B.V. (Supreme Court 2020) [Full Decision PDF] In this trademark case, the USPTO asked the court to implement its “nearly per se” rule that a generic term remains generic even if coupled with a generic top level domain (such as “.com”).  The 4th Circuit sided with BOOKING.COM and the Supreme Court has now affirmed: “[W]e discern no support for the PTO’s current view in trademark law or policy.” Id. According to the majority, the ques...
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United States: USPTO Further Extends Trademark Filing Deadlines - Arnold & Porter

On April 28, 2020, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a notice further extending the time to file certain trademark-related documents and to submit certain fees
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How to Protect Your Brand with a Trademark

You’ve heard the horror stories: Small businesses being sued for trademark infringement and having to rebrand their businesses. That means redoing marketing materials, changing domain names and a myriad of other nightmarish tasks — all because the business owner failed to file for trademark protection. Don’t let this happen to you!   Think of your trademark like planting a tree in your garden. The trademark represents your brand and you need to protect it and maintain it, so it grows and bloom...
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Office Actions per Grant Ratio (OGR): A New Metric for Patent Examiner Activity

By Prof. Sean Tu (WVU) with Chris Holt (VP at LexisNexis IP) Previously, I published a study which set out to determine how examiners issued patent applications. This original study focused only on issued patents, and coded over 1.5 million patents issued January 2001-July 2011. The main limitation on this study was that it focused only on allowed patents. Accordingly it suffered from a “denominator” problem. Specifically, it was difficult to determine how examiners actually behaved without know...
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